her parents killed her
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David lubs his Mommy

Waterford, MI

#148 Aug 15, 2011
BTW....I seriously doubt that was Henri. Sounds more like your son, Big Dave. ;)

Blackwood, NJ

#150 Aug 20, 2011
August 2000 Patsy Ramsey Atlanta Interview
(Burke and Hi-Tec Boots)
1 one more time. Go ahead and tell him, and
2 this will be the third time.
3 THE WITNESS: I can't remember.
4 Q.(By Mr. Levin) Okay. Does it
5 jog your memory to know that the shoes with
6 compasses were made by Hi-Tec?
7 MR. WOOD: Are you stating that
8 as a fact?
9 MR. LEVIN: Yes. I am stating
10 that as a fact.
11 THE WITNESS: No, I didn't know
12 that.
13 Q.(By Mr. Levin) I will state this
14 as a fact. There are two people who have
15 provided us with information, including your
16 son, that he owned Hi-Tec shoes prior to the
17 murder of your daughter.
18 MR. WOOD: You are stating that
19 Burke Ramsey has told you he owned Hi-Tec
20 shoes?
21 MR. LEVIN: Yes.
22 MR. WOOD: He used the phrase
23 Hi-Tec?
24 MR. LEVIN: Yes.
25 MR. WOOD: When?
1 MR. LEVIN: I can't, I can't give
2 you the source. I can tell you that I have
3 that information.
4 MR. WOOD: You said Burke told
5 you.
6 MR. LEVIN: I can't quote it to
7 you for reasons I am sure, as an attorney,
8 you are aware.
9 MR. WOOD: Just so it is clear,
10 there is a difference between you saying that
11 somebody said Burke told them and Burke
12 telling you because Burke has been
13 interviewed by you all December of 1996,
14 January of 1997, June of 1998.
15 Are you saying that it is within
16 those interviews?
17 MR. LEVIN: No.
18 MR. WOOD: So he didn't tell you,
19 he told somebody else you are stating as a
20 fact because I don't think you all have
21 talked to him other than those occasions,
22 have you?
23 MR. KANE: Mr. Wood, we don't
24 want to get into grand jury information.
25 Okay?
1 MR. WOOD: Okay.
2 MR. KANE: Fair enough?
3 MR. LEVIN: I am sorry, I should
4 have been more direct. I thought you would
5 understand --
6 Q.(By Mr. Levin) Fleet Junior also
7 says that he had Hi-Tec shoes.
8 A. Okay. Now --
9 Q. Does that jog your memory?
Henri McPhee

Enniskillen, UK

#151 Aug 20, 2011
There is more information about the Hi-Tec boots from the Fleet White deposition:

Q. Were you wearing Hi-Tec brand shoes

A. No.

Q. Did you own a pair of Hi-Tec brand shoes?

A. No.

Q. Does anyone in your family, to your knowledge, own a pair of Hi-Tec brand shoes?

A. Yes. My son had a pair of Hi-Tec brand shoes.

Q. Did you ever let the Boulder Police Department know about that? Did they ask you about it?

A. Yes.

Q. Okay. Do you know whether anybody in the Ramsey family owned a pair of Hi-Tec brand shoes?

A. I don't know for a fact that a member of the Ramsey family owned a pair of Hi-Tec shoes.

Q. Did you ever attempt to ascertain whether your son had ever been in the wine cellar of the Ramseys' home at any time prior to the discovery of JonBenét Ramsey's body on the 26th of December?

A. Did I ever attempt to ascertain?

Q. Or did anyone, to your knowledge, the police or --

A. I believe so.

Q. And what was the result of that? Did you learn?

A. I don't -- I don't recall. If I -- if I knew, I don't recall.

Q. You don't know what was learned in that regard, whether he had been in that area or had not been?

A. I don't know. I don't recall. I don't recall if there was -- if there was a discussion of it. And if there was, I don't know what the result of it was.


A. We gave my son's Hi-Tec shoes to the Boulder Police Department, and they are still, as far as I know, still in evidence.


A.... detectives discussed all of this with my son. I just, if I am -- and what I am saying is, if -- whatever the outcome of that was, I don't recall. He may -- they may have asked him and my daughter whether they had ever been in that room before. I just don't -- I just don't remember. If I-- if I knew the outcome of that conversation, I don't -- I don't recall it.

Q. What type of shoes were these that your son had that were the Hi-Tec brand?


A. Kind of the hiking-type shoes.

Q. Hiking-type shoes. Anything other -- anything that stands out about those shoes in your mind, some reference to a shoe with a compass on it? Did this have a compass on it?

A. A what?

Q. A compass tied to, perhaps, in the lace of the shoe.


A. I don't recall anything about a compass, no..........

Q. You talked earlier, spoke earlier about -- and I don't want to get caught up in this for a continual length of time. But there was some discussion about whether the police ever explained to you what it was that caused the police at Boulder to feel that the District Attorney was interfering with their investigation. And you recalled that it had something to do with the lack of support in obtaining search warrants and maybe a philosophical lack of support in terms of obtaining interviews with the Ramseys, bank records, credit cards, phone records, that sort of thing. Do you remember talking to Mr. Hoffman about that?

A. Uh-huh (affirmative).

Q. Do you know why a member of the Boulder Police Department or members of the Boulder Police Department apparently chose to tell you and/or your wife those kinds of things that give you that type of information?

A. I would have to speculate. I don't know.

Lima, OH

#152 Feb 25, 2012
Tasha wrote:
I think that JonBenet's parents killed her. I think that her mom was jealous that her daughter was getting all the attention and decided to kill her.
this only makes partial sense because jonbenet was raped by a male. i do agree that the parents have something to do with it though. and jonbenet was a very frequent bed wetter so patsy could have gotten mad about it. but if that is true i still dont see how a mother could be so cruel to her child. i just believe that they know more than they let on. someone could have easily came in and john and patsy could have seen. it was most likely a family friend so it makes sense that they would keep their mouth shut.
Big Daddy

Schaumburg, IL

#153 Jan 28, 2013
Assuming that Rich people are less deprived and more moral is seriously flawed. Psycho/sociopaths know no bounds, race, religion, or socio-economic class

Westminster, CO

#154 Jan 28, 2013
Amie wrote:
<quoted text> ... someone could have easily came in and john and patsy could have seen. it was most likely a family friend so it makes sense that they would keep their mouth shut.
Oh, please. If one of your friends murdered your child, would you keep YOUR mouth shut?

Waterloo, Canada

#156 Apr 14, 2013
Michelle wrote:
Note the brother's complete lack of surprise at seeing his dead sister's body under the Christmas tree.
Her body was under the Christmas tree? OMG, life is strange.

Arvada, CO

#161 Apr 15, 2013
She needed unwrap
krystleribbon untide
presented unner the tree
Patsy give John good presence
john unwraped it
mary Chistmis john
Happy New Age


#162 Apr 15, 2013
Maryjohn wrote:
She needed unwrap
krystleribbon untide
presented unner the tree
Patsy give John good presence
john unwraped it
mary Chistmis john
Happy New Age
Your breaking up.
You are better than this.
You are letting the RDIs get to to.
You are a good poster.
we support you.
So, get posting.


Toronto, Canada

#166 May 1, 2013
People that blame the parents are off track but I do feel the brother may have killed her because she was getting more attention. Wonder how he's doing now?? Parents covered because they didnt want another child taken away. To say she did it herself is preposterous. A woman who has a beautiful child such as that is often proud...not jealous. What people are saying is that the parents killed her but loved each other so much that they are covering for each other to this day?...unheard of!!! Hardly do couples love each other more than they lovethier children. Couples who do are sociopaths.
Just ice please


#167 May 1, 2013
justwatching wrote:
Someone killed JonBenet - and after 6 years of going after the parents, the investigators have changed direction and are looking for an intruder.
The killer used a stun gun -- the ramseys didn't have one, none wasfound in the house -- the killer carried it in and out with him.
The killer wrte a LONG ransom note -- and the handwriting didn't belong to anyone in the family.
The killer used flat white nylon cord to make a garrote -- and that matched nothing in the house. Where is the rest?
The killer used black duct tape -- made in November in NC so it was fairly new. It matched nothing in the Ramsey house and no one ever saw them with any tape like that.
The killer had Hi-Tec boots -- the Ramseys didnot.
The killer left his DNA under her nails and in her panties -- it didn't belong to the parents.
The killer is still out there -- maybe still in Boulder. Please do't let him put other babies in danger by simply going for the parents when the evidence points elsewhere.
I take it you are being ironic,for I cannot believe anybody is in any doubt who was there at the child's death,if not actually responsible..the mother wrote the ransom note..FACT,neighbours heard noises,and lights during the appropiate time-scale,etc.FACT If you are NOT being ironic,how can you be so naive??? Also,after looking at this case forensically,I have yet to see,or hear,an answer to quite a simple question,but could have great ramifications re.the absolutely ludicrous suggestion of 'an intruder' nonsense! The 3 page ransom note was found on the stairs by the mother..WERE THESE PAGES FOLDED? As I understand it,they were NOT,and that they were A4 foolscap. If fools still believe this theory of an intruder 'breaking in',HOW DID THEY MANAGE TO SECRETE THE PAGES WITHOUT FOLDING THEM??? The note was written by the mother,and,it appears,whilst in a controlled rage eg.look at some of the little disguised jibes at her husband..I beleive the mother has to take the majority of the blame,but as he might implicate himself,unwittingly,John Ramsey's silence is deafening,when he could easily blame his wife,solely,for the murder,now she has died.
I have no doubt that the other child,Burke,was awake,and aware at the time of the murder,also,it would appear,whilst the mother phoned 911..she,seemingly with her hand over the mouthpiece,shouted out 'we're not talking to you!' in an authorative voice,more appropiate to berating a child..what for,what about? If you look at the photos of JonBenet and Burke during her last months,and have a GOOD look at his face,his smile is forced,his body language is foreign..he feels he is just scenery to his spoiled sister..these are just observations,not accusations,but IF the brother DID do something untowards,it seems strange that the subsequent rigmorale took place..stun gun,strangulation etc.. Yes,undoubtedly,this was an inside job,and thank God that those pusuing the 'intruder theory',are not law enforcement officers!!!!

Manchester, UK

#168 May 1, 2013
Talking of cold cases. This little lamb waited a long time for justice:



Since: Jul 10


#173 May 2, 2013
Yes, she did. I just finished reading the article Heloise, thank you for providing the link. Yet another sad case. I wonder if the brother still would have come forward if "he" hadn't been abused?
Heloise wrote:
Talking of cold cases. This little lamb waited a long time for justice:

Since: Apr 13

Location hidden

#174 May 2, 2013
DrSeussMd wrote:
Yes, she did. I just finished reading the article Heloise, thank you for providing the link. Yet another sad case. I wonder if the brother still would have come forward if "he" hadn't been abused?
<quoted text>
And the Judge who had the ethics needed to override a couple of attorneys and pronounce a sentence that reflected some justice also deserves kudos.

If JB's case ever goes before a jury or judge, we can only pray that there will be someone in Boulder with the same sense of integrity that was on display in this Wisconsin case!

Arvada, CO

#175 May 2, 2013
I'd like to buy the world a Coke.

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