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#15884 Jul 24, 2013
wow...I now feel bad for blasting on Helen...I just went to her site and realized she's the only on posting on the site for six years now...I quickly scrolled through every thread that had numerous comments(not many, moslty zeros) and low and behold she was posting to herself ten, twenty, thirty, or more times...sheeeesshhh...

no wonder she's always mucking it up over here...
sorry helen, I feel bad you have to resort to such nonsense...don't worry, I'll still luv and hug ya when Charles Blanchard and my former home is shown to be connected to the OCCK, oops I mean American Legion Serial Killer...TRUST...

Detroit, MI

#15886 Jul 24, 2013
Maybe If I said BUSH was the KILLER It wouldn't get deleted...You might try and silence the messenger, but you cant stop the cause...TRUST...


I used to have one cop suspect, now I have another COP PERP and leader of the PACK!!! So Charles R. Blanchard was a Detroit Cop(thanks bob) whom set up Robert L Anglin for Cynthia Cadieux murder...Why did he do that? Because Robert L. Anlin had a daughter with Denise M Blanchard, Charles' oldest daughter.I".. She was 13 and had Michele Jean Anglin and she's linked as living at &^% Gardendale in the 70's...She's linked as family to Denise M. Patton as that was the name her mother retained after marrying William Pattyn... Michele Jean Angln is still alive and now Michele Jean Plumb...I've tried to contact her and warn her she's now in danger but I've failed in speaking to her by phone...She has a young daughter and husband so hopefully nothhing happens to her or her precious family...PUBLIC RECORD, the feds better not kill another innocent victim of these mountains of lies hiding the real killers..


Oh yeah, the trail might end up at the James Blanchard camp, as he might be family with Charles... James grew up in Ferndale...Once I spoke to Debbie Jarvis the feds have been erasing contacts and leads at public records websites to stop the paper trail leading to redemption...

Current Date: 07/17/2013
Date of Birth: 1971
Address: Gardendale

Detroit, MI

#15889 Jul 24, 2013
Helen Dagner wrote:
<quoted text>Phil Please do not put the family members in a position like you just did-one thing you just can not get through your head-is that anyone having and interest in these cases -be it family or other-will tell you -they do not care who the Occk turns out to be-just as long as it is the right person-so maybe you need to re think your statements...
You really are a wacko...you make as much sense as oak.gov and their never ending cycle of lies and misinformation...If It doesn't matter whom turns out to be the OCCK then why am I finally banned??? Because your pal STC is Sean Callahan and he's only here to refute any claims leading to truth and justice...Heck, I might not be able to post that Charles R Blanchard was the american legion serial killer on here, but I sure as heck can send it to WCPO and all media...

I'll keep on rattling STC and the pig pen...My jah knows one day soon the fattened sows will be done filling the atmosphere with their disgusting pig schtick, as nearly twenty different breeds of pig will be carted off and rinsed clean of their hogwash and be sent off to their just and rightful demise...TRUST...

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#15895 Jul 24, 2013

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#15897 Jul 24, 2013
Reasoning wrote:
<quoted text>
Don't you dare put words in my mouth or make claims for me. I have made perfectly straight where I stand with this and everyone should know it by now.
Hey goof ball where does it say that I said you said anything?
I am just stating what I believe based your behavior.

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#15898 Jul 24, 2013
It is kinda weird but my buddy attended my 13 year old great nephew's funeral of whom drowned in Saginaw Bay in freak storm. We cried together at the funeral. Monday his 13 year old niece drowned in Lake Superior. We sat and cried together. Losing a blood relative young child is a horrible experience. You can call me off topic if you are that simple minded but the constant posting of LOL's is really disrespectful.

Warren, MI

#15903 Jul 25, 2013
Helen, Your posts speak volumes for your mental state of being. What planet are you on? How many light years is your signal traveling? Do I really have to point out how ignorant and off base your comments are?

Sterling Heights, MI

#15904 Jul 25, 2013
Helen Dagner wrote:
<quoted text>Déjà vu all over again,and again-I'm not going to answer your post to Reasoning-
He seems to know everyone's future thoughts before they are made. A futuristic mind reader along with a super human being with super strength, sex appeal with the ladies and genious statistics/engineer all wrapped into one. Also a personal friend/relative with every major murderer in Michigan for the last 40 years. He speaks not only on my behalf but also Lilly, TruthDude and of course Ursula on what they are thinking before the thoughts ever enter their minds. He also knew what the entire Grand Jury was thinking with his so called evidence that he provided personally. Face it anyone with a mind of their own is not going to be correct going against a super being like this in our existence. No use arguing, Les is right about everything. Let him have this board with an average of 1 1/2 readers. His stories are lacking in reality and are more pathetic than his KDOGG collegue, Dan.

Sterling Heights, MI

#15905 Jul 25, 2013
Helen Dagner wrote:
http://catherinebroad.wordpres s.com/ In other current Oakland County Child Murder News~** The DVD The King Family is making to document what they have seen taken place in the investigation since 2006. A professional company has handled the taping and will produce the DVD. There will be limited editing (it’s expensive) and it will be very long. It is not You Tube material. It will probably be 4-5 hours long, if not more. Mr. King has pulled this together and done the lion’s share, but two attorneys, an ex-law enforcement agent, and Cathy also participate. You can get the rest of the story at Cathy's Blog~
Good for Mr. King and the whole King family. I wish them the best with the video. So many unanswered questions on not only Busch and his neighbor but the whole investigation as far as that goes. It seems like no one can provide any answers to even the simple questions.
Charles OCCK Blanchard

Detroit, MI

#15906 Jul 25, 2013
Its a great thing this video is being produced...The best thing about it is the ex law enforcement officer is on my mailing list...touched by the finger of jah, as what better timing is there considering they were all being interviewed this past weekend...

So Cory WIlliams better be protected jah along with Robert L. Anglin, And mos def Michele Jean Anglin Blanchard Pattyn Plumb, now jahs' Michele Jean Plumb...

Dont want them to end up added to the list of people murdered to cover the American Legion Serial Killer Charles Blanchard....
this list includes Bob, the Berkley Cop Flynn, Chris Bush, and the Birmingham Art Dealer...

You might try and silence the messenger, but you cant kill the cause...TRUST

Sterling Heights, MI

#15908 Jul 25, 2013
Charles OCCK Blanchard wrote:
this list includes Bob, the Berkley Cop Flynn, Chris Bush, and the Birmingham Art Dealer...
You might try and silence the messenger, but you cant kill the cause...TRUST
The informative Bob was murdered? Was this before or after his interview with LE from last year? You should take lessons from Les on making stories sound realistic... TRUST
Les the Guardian Angel

Warren, MI

#15909 Jul 25, 2013
Helen Dagner wrote:
<quoted text>You want to post so bad,why don't you do it about the Oakland County Child Murders ,and forget your self for a moment...
You have to be f*cking kidding me. The more I try to fill everyone in on behind the scenes the more you and your butt licking buddy create chaos. Back off b*tch and you may learn something.

Warren, MI

#15911 Jul 25, 2013
Helen, Your asking me for serious dialoge but I don't think you can be civil. But here goes.

Let's suppose Jessica Cooper came out with a news release that they knew the killer drove an orange VW Beetle. That he lived in a green house facing south. That he ate at Taco Bell every Tuesday. That he was a Lutheren church member. Also he had three children.

Now you go and find a man that fits that criteria. Then you go to his house and find he has naked pictures of all of the victims spread out on his dresser. Now you go to the police and they tell you all of the facts they put out were false or plants.

Helen, what do you think is going on? Do you say to the police OK your right. Probably half the population has pictures of the victims. Sorry to bother you. Is it high odds the police don't want the facts made public or is it low odds that this is just one huge coincidence? I can predict your response so surprise me. Don't reference me. This is a completely hypothetical question. Please be the adult you always claim you are before I supposedly step on your last nerve. Show the small crowd that your not always a total ass. Trust me Helen good dialoge may well bring out the truth. That is if you can handle the truth. If you don't want to be civil than just back off my conversations and let someone else walk through this. Like I said, I tried this with Ursula but she could not take the pressure or the truth. Whichever it is.

Warren, MI

#15912 Jul 25, 2013
It's very simple Helen you have in the past turned every civil post I have made into a huge clusterF*CK. If you want my information to flow and allow me to be prove my claims or fall on my face you need to keep your mouth shut or carry on an intelligent conversation. Sadly (proudly to you)you are the person that has prevented the truth from popping his nasty head out. Believe me the truth is so nasty that LE feels the families are better off knowing nothing.

Warren, MI

#15913 Jul 25, 2013
I know you like a book Helen and I know that you know I am telling the truth. I know that nothing will change you from desperately attacking anyone that may have the right suspect. Any voluteers to have a civil dialoge on this forum? I can't promise Helen and Reasoning won't continue to interupt. How about you Rodeo Joe?
Rodeo Joe

Warren, MI

#15914 Jul 25, 2013
Well I just crawled out of bed with my sister. Give me a chance to wake up first.

Sterling Heights, MI

#15915 Jul 25, 2013
Be careful Rodeo! Les has the CNN camera crew on you as you're typing.

Since: Mar 07

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#15920 Jul 25, 2013
New Murder victim at University Of Michigan. Medical Student with no known cause of death as of yet. His name is De WOLFE. Possible Smiley Face victim since over 30 Smiley Face victims are animal related names and all are male.

Warren, MI

#15921 Jul 26, 2013
On my grand jury day after my testimony the assistant prosecuter told me "Les You have got to stop posting that you committed over 3000 felonies". I said "but it's true". He responded "yes I know you have but someday your going to be in a trial and the prosecutor is going to make mincemeat out of you over those posts".
BTW His statements were made based on my posts. Not anything I said in court.
Most of the media people that I worked with at some point in time made references to something that was posted in this forum. In most cases they felt that postings here hurt their ability to follow through with my poly and my story. I blame it more on LE but I believe in some cases it was because of Helen's campaign discredit all of her "challengers". Because anyone that tries to learn something from this forum has to wade through the vicious attacks and they begin to believe that we are all nut cases.
I really feel that if I get the poly, nature will take it's course. Poly first. Find out if I am nuts enough to believe my own lies second. The poly would be a very interesting place to start. There are still enough witnesses alive to verify what the poly reveals.
The painter tells one hell of a story and he knows nothing about the OCCK cases himself. He himself didn't realize the significance of Punky wanting the color changed on the same two vehicles that the task force was seeking. Anyone with a half of brain would realize that in it's self is an incredible coincidence. The painter must have at least realized that both cars had been used in a crime. Now just add that we have eyewitnesses connecting Punky to these crimes. Now add that I have been told by several detectives that they agree my claims are correct. LE does not want to spend another dime or embarrassing moment on these crimes. They also have reasons they don't want the public to know what they know. Some has to do with dignity. Some have to do with $$$$$$.

Warren, MI

#15922 Jul 26, 2013
As a self employed engineering contractor I would be contracted to trouble shoot problems that exist in a production environment that should have been fixed by the regular employees. I was hired by Ligon Brothers in Almont. Amongst many other problems there was one particular process that had to be shut down every few minutes to adjust the alignment of the coil of steel. This problem had been going on for months. The production people were stressed out over it and a $500 an hour press was being tied up and was preventing use by other better running parts. I asked for the die to be placed open on a bench with the strip. I recognized immediately that an error in the design of the die was causing the strip to crimp on every hit. Eventually the strip would be so far off that a ¾ pilot at the end of the die would completely miss and break the pilot. I redesigned the punch and put in a work order to fix it. The supervisor of the tool room, Bob Ledbetter refused to make the change because he did not want to believe(or did not want to admit) that the change was the solution. So I went over his head and the owner ordered him to make the change.
Three months went by and the change was not made. I raised cane that production was being murderized by Bob Ledbetter’s lackadaisical attitude. Bob took a plasma cutter torch to the press and altered the strip to imitate my change.

He called an assembly of employees to witness the results of our test. He brought his strip and my strip in the tool room and placed them both them on the punch. My strip fit perfect. His strip had a huge curvature that made the last pilot hole miss completely. So he simply shoved the strip over to fit. I said “whoa whoa”. You can’t do that while the press is running. Anyway the part is supposed to run 50 SPM. Not stroke every time a worker shoves it over. It was so obvious that I was right that it was mind boggling that no one would call Ledbetter out. The owner told Ledbetter “humor Les and make the change”. The change was made and the production supervisor told me the job went from his worst runner to his best. Many other jobs were similar. I would identify the problem and Ledbetter would refuse to fix it. One change Ledbetter claimed “that will keep breaking in production”. The change worked great and never broke. I walked in the press room late in the day and Ledbetter was pounding the punch (that I changed) with a hammer and it still didn’t break. He got caught sabotaging the tool. Again the production supervisor informed me that the problems went away and the customer was ecstatic with the improved quality.

Believe it or not when Ledbetter was refusing to fix these tools and sabotaging them I thought of Helen Dagner. These problems nagged me throughout my career. Fixing other peoples problems and taking a whipping for it. I learned about human indecency long before I heard of Helen but she takes the cake.

I got a call from a man that wanted to hire Ledbetter. I told him “if you hire that man I will never give you sliver of work again”.

At least in the manufacturing level I am considered a genius. On my coming forward level maybe not a genius but certainly not the nut case that you all are desperately trying to paint me as.

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