Suspect #4-Fleet White did it or he w...

Suspect #4-Fleet White did it or he was involved

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United States

#1 Oct 19, 2006
Fleet White called 911 on the 23rd at the Party. After the murder he came to the house at
6:20 took notes, went into the room where Jonbenet`s body was, claiming that he couldn`t
see the body so he relocked the door. Fleet`s mysterious, he cried at the funeral, started
arguments, spent a month in jail, accused The ramseys. Fleet did it or he was an
accomplice. He`s the most likely suspect. His daughter even hid from him-naked some
say. gary says Fleet asked him to kill Jonbenet in 1995, but he got cold feet Christmas
1995. The newspaper with Ramseys face circled is in fact 14 months old. Was the killing planned that long? After Gary killed the Ramsay in MT in early 1996 Fleet saw Gary was serious. The Ramseys
were at Fleet`s house while Gary broke in. He told gary where to put the body, where the light
switch was, had input on the ransom note, told gary about the $118,000. Fleet lived nearby. He had a key. Jonbenet knew him and he even changed her panties. Fleet did it or he was involved.





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Deer Park, NY

#2 Oct 19, 2006
I am highly suspicious of White as well - but I do have a question. What do you believe his motive to have been?





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United States

#3 Oct 19, 2006
Gigi wrote:
I am highly suspicious of White as well - but I do have a question. What do you believe his motive to have been?
Gary said he hated John Ramsey because he bragged all the time about his wealth. See the newspaper picture that was 14 months old with the heart circling John`s picture shows John was the target. See the way Fleet always called him John reflected in the note. Fleet suddenly realized at the funeral what he`d done and disrupted the service. See how Fleet tries to get the media to target John accusing him of hiding the truth. Fleet secretly hated John. Fleets money was inherited from daddy.


#4 Oct 20, 2006
Sorry, I do not seeing anyone killing because they are jealous of their wealth.
Detroit Breakdown

Lakeland, MI

#5 Oct 20, 2006
deb wrote:
Sorry, I do not seeing anyone killing because they are jealous of their wealth.
Firstly pick up a newspaper. People kill every day because they`re jealous of wealth, but I didn`t say that. I said Gary told me that that Fleet was tired of hearing John Ramsey run his mouth on and on about what a genius he was and how he`s making all this money. He`s not the only Fat Cat around you know. That`s in the ransom note.

Oklahoma City, OK

#6 Oct 20, 2006
deb wrote:
Sorry, I do not seeing anyone killing because they are jealous of their wealth.
People kill over children's sports games......I do see this crime as being more of a JAB at cha!! I know just what will hurt you extremely BAD. You already lost one daughter and was devastated, well....I know how to hurt you badly. But motive could be anything.....and more than likely money....
Henrietta McPhee

Plymouth, UK

#7 Oct 20, 2006
There was quite a high profile murder case in the UK several years ago where a pedophile ring used to abduct little boys from fairgrounds, and then kill them.

I think it was in the court case that one of the murderers said the reason he murdered one of the victims was because "I had to kill him" after they had abducted him.

I think in the Ramsey case that if JonBenet knew who had abducted her then she would have talked about it if she had survived.

I think the JonBenet case was deliberate murder. It had been carefully planned, probably months in advance, for the Ramseys to be wrongly imprisoned for the murder.
nancy drew

Chicago, IL

#8 Oct 20, 2006
I totally agree, Henrietta. I didn't always agree this was planned far in advance. But, after studying the injuries and taking into account the garotte, etc. AND the note....

This murder may have been from jealousy although I don't think jealousy was the only motive.

This murder was not committed by someone who acted out in a momentary fit of rage.


#9 Oct 20, 2006
I agree.... Something was planned in advance the rope, cord, duct tape and stun gun tell us that this offender was there for a specific reason to begin with, but there are also aspects of this crime that show acts of violent rage towards JonBenťt.... The skull fracture and the making of the garrotte at the scene are two very big ones....
nancy drew

Chicago, IL

#10 Oct 20, 2006
Oh, I think the crime was filled with rage. Definitely. If murder was the only goal it could have been done a lot simpler than how it was done. I also think porn was involved.

The blow to the head and the garrotting were both outrageously violent acts.
Detroit Breakdown

Lakeland, MI

#11 Oct 31, 2006
deb wrote:
joeja m wrote:
How long did the Whites and Ramseys know one another...?
The Ramseys moved to Boulder five to six years before the murder. At that time the Whites lived in a rental house close by; so, my guess, is that they knew each other for three to four years...they both had daughters the same age and this could have been their point of connection, especially at first.
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Lakeland, MI

#12 Oct 31, 2006
Autumn wrote:
I have just discovered the Steve Thomas interview with the Fleet White basement window reference on Youtube. It's supposed to be at :

It deosn't seem to do computers any harm.

If that link desn't work then it can be found by going to the YouTube website and typing in John Karr in the box at the top. Click on page 3 and then click on - Steve Thomas speaks
Detroit Breakdown

Lakeland, MI

#13 Oct 31, 2006
Autumn wrote:
Steve Thomas:"Meaning, the suitcase was moved at one point during the day before that photograph was taken."

04-18-2000 Steve Thomas,"JonBenet, Inside the Ramsey Murder Investigation"~

Page 20:"White went downstairs. The lights were on, and shadows danced in the big basement. A small broken window in a large room where a model raiload was laid out caught his attention, and on the floor beneath the window he found a piece of glass, which he placed on the ledge. He dropped to this hands and knees, searching for other pieces, and moved a suitcase in doing so."
Detroit Breakdown

Lakeland, MI

#14 Oct 31, 2006
nancy drew wrote:
Fleet White did annoy the Boulder police chief Mark Beckner with his refusal to cooperate in the Ramsey case. I agree with Autumn that there was some kind of dispute where Fleet demanded to see the statements he had made to the Boulder police.

The Boulder police refused to let Fleet have his police statements in the same way as they refused to let Fleet see all the Nancy Krebs hard documentary evidence against him. Quite rightly in my opinion.

I suppose Fleet wanted his statements to see what lies he had told the police and how he was going to wriggle out of them at the Grand Jury. There is a story that Mark Beckner made some kind of sign saying Fleet White was 'that close' to being arrested over the matter in 1998.

The reason Fleet White went to jail for a month was because he refused to turn up as a witness for the Colorado v Miller Ramsey related court case in 2001. Fleet made some lame excuse that he didn't want to waste time on some "tabloid lawyer"(Tom Miller) and his legal tangles.

This is part of what the judge said when he put Fleet in prison:

THE COURT: Thank you. The facts here in so far as they are relevant to the issue of sentencing include the following: On April 30, 2001, Mr. White was served with a subpoena to appear at a motions hearing in the case of People v. Miller. He did not appear even though service was proper. That subpoena was for a May 3rd hearing. When he did not appear, he was called before Judge Tidball who made it crystal clear to the defendant that he was obliged to respond to subpoenas. Thereafter and on June 3, of 2001, he was subpoenaed to appear at trial. And even after having been strongly admonished by Judge Tidball about the necessity of complying with subpoenas, he failed to appear for Mr. Millerís trial. In his plea of guilty to indirect contempt, Mr. White acknowledges that one of the elements of the crime of indirect contempt to which he has now pled guilty was his willful failure to comply with the subpoena requiring his attendance on June 13, 2001."
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Lakeland, MI

#15 Oct 31, 2006
Autumn wrote:
A DNA report from 2004.
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Lakeland, MI

#16 Oct 31, 2006
nancy drew wrote:
Fleet and Priscilla White were given a key to the Boulder Ramsey house. This is part of a transcript from the Patsy Ramsey interview with the Boulder police in 1997:

PR:(Coughing, response unknown) Excuse me. Uh, my cleaning lady had a key, Linda. The Barnhills I believe actually gave two keys, because I had given her one and she couldnít find it. I think I gave them another one? Uh, Barbara Fernie had one at one time, Iím not sure. I think I might have gotten that back from her. Pricilla had one I believe. Uh ...

ST: Does Pricilla still have that key?

PR: I donít know. I canít remember. It seems like I gave it to her before we went to the lake, because she was going to have a lot of house guest and I thought if she wanted to, you know, use the house for any reason she could have the key.

ST: What is the status of the key or keys that you gave the Barnhills?

PR: The status right now?

ST: Yeah. Have you gotten those back?

PR: I havenít, no, I donít know where they are. I donít know what the status is of those?

ST: Would it be inaccurate if the Barnhills were saying that they returned the key to you? Could that be possible?

PR: Um, it could be possible I guess. I donít remember, and I think, I think I gave it to them and the intent was if I got, anybody got locked out of the house they would have a key. So I donít, I mean, it wasnít like, you know, keep this for two days and then give it back to me or something, you know.
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#17 Oct 31, 2006
Autumn wrote:
The JonBenet fibers in the suitcase were discussed by Ramsey lawyer Lin Wood at the 2001 Steve Thomas deposition:

15 Q. And CBI had at one point come up

16 with a conclusion that there was a

17 consistency between fibers found on a blanket

18 in the suitcase that matched fibers on

19 JonBenet's body or were consistent with, is

20 that the right term?

21 A. I heard Mr. Smit and Mr. DeMuth

22 refer to that but I didn't hear Trujillo ever

23 offer a report or an explanation concerning

24 that.

25 Q. But the FBI disagreed with the


1 CBI, didn't they?

2 A. On what point?

3 Q. On the question of whether there

4 were fibers inside materials found in the

5 suitcase found under the window in the

6 basement consistent with fibers found on

7 JonBenet?

8 A. No, I'm aware of Smit and DeMuth's

9 position or stating this consistency of these

10 fibers, but I'm not aware of a disagreement

11 between the FBI and that finding
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Lakeland, MI

#18 Oct 31, 2006
nancy drew wrote:
This is an interesting posting with regard to Fleet White which cheekysodd made on another JonBenet forum a couple of years ago. I agree with evrything that was written here about Fleet:"Here's something for Nancy naysayers to consider: Forget Nancy. Assume she's a delusional liar and irrelevant to this case.

Fleet still makes a prime suspect for many reasons:*He "accidentally" called 911 on the 23rd while at the Ramsey Christmas party

*According to Patsy, he went to the wine cellar on the 23rd to get wine

*He left the house with a note pad

*He immediately checked the locked wine cellar after he arrived at the house on the 26th

*He failed to comfort John

*He took extensive notes

*He tampered with the crime scene twice, and ignored a police order to protect the crime scene

*He left the living room while everyone else prayed for JonBenet and her parents

*He disrupted the mourning for JonBenet

*He scared Ramsey friends and family. 911 was called because of his behaviour

*He disrupted a private counseling visit between the Ramseys and Hoverstock

*He prevented a memorial service for JonBenet at his church

*He knew the RN by heart, according to Patsy

*He often said John's name when talking to him, like the RN writer

*He spoke about conspiracies and erotic asphyxiation of children before the BCC on August 6 and never mentioned that it was her birthday

*He is obsessed with this case and how it is handled, to the degree that he used the case as an excuse for ignoring 2 supoenas, was convicted of contempt and given the maximum jail sentence

*He wanted Hunter, Wise, and who knows how many other DA's disbarred for talking to the media and not arresting the Ramseys

*At the same time, he frequently breakfasted with the case's biggest blabbermouth, Steve Thomas. That must be OK, since Thomas blames Patsy.*Fleet, who claims a distain for the media, expected them to publish all of his letters

*He was friendly with he who must not be mentioned (Spade) and has a very bad reputation, and who sold many malicious and untruthful stories to the tabs. That must be OK since the unmentionable one blames the Ramseys and Burke in particular.*He basically and literally expects everyone to "follow his instructions to the letter"*He is an expert, champion sailor ,"Victory!", taught John a lot about sail racing, planned their outings,"Don't try to grow a brain"*He raced sailboats at 118.000.00 degrees longitude in Newport Beach, CA

*He was called "morally empty" by the BPD head of police

*Poster "B" said Fleet made JonBenet uncomfortable in Charlevoix

These are reasons why Fleet was,and maybe still is, a suspect in this case, Nancy or no Nancy.

Perhaps there are other reasons that the public is not aware of."
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Lakeland, MI

#19 Oct 31, 2006
Autumn wrote:
This is a bit of background information and biographical details about Fleet from the court case in, I think, August 2001, when Fleet White was jailed for a month for not turning up to the Colorado v Miller court case.

THE COURT: All right. Mr. White, if you would step up to the podium. I need to ask you a couple of questions. How old are you, sir?


THE COURT: What is your educational background?

THE DEFENDANT: I have a Bachelorís Degree.

THE COURT: In what?


THE COURT: From where?

THE DEFENDANT: University of California at Santa Barbara.

THE COURT: And what has your work been during your life?

THE DEFENDANT: I had a number of jobs in my teens Ė

THE COURT: Well, letís just say the last 20 years.

THE DEFENDANT: I own and operate an oil and gas exploration company.

THE COURT: Thank you. Can you give me a little idea of the size of that company, number of employees, annual gross.

THE DEFENDANT: Sorry, gross?

THE COURT: Annual gross, number of employees.

THE DEFENDANT: The business was very profitable and it had Ė in good years we made quite a bit of moneyó

THE COURT: Iím asking for numbers, sir.

THE DEFENDANT: A million dollars annually in certain years. We had anywhere from Ė early in the 1980ís we had as many as 20, 25 employees.
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Lakeland, MI

#20 Oct 31, 2006
nancy drew wrote:
Obituary (Thanks Jameson)
JonBenet Patricia Ramsey of Boulder died Thursday, Dec. 26, 1996, at home, the victim of a homicide. She was 6.
She was born Aug. 6, 1990, in Atlanta, the daughter of John Bennett Ramsey and Patricia Paugh Ramsey. She attended High Peaks Elementary School and was a member of St. John's Episcopal Church of Boulder. She moved from Atlanta to Boulder in 1991.
The funeral service has been held on 30th December at the Peachtree Presbyterian Church in Atlanta. Interment has followed in St. James Episcopal Cemetery in Marietta.
Contributions may be made to St. John's Episcopal Church, 1419 Pine St., Boulder 80302 or to High Peaks Elementary School in care of Christ Mortuary, 3395 Penrose Place, Boulder 80301.

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