The Ramsey home light evidence
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#61 Aug 16, 2009
WV Sleuth wrote:
WV Sleuth wrote:
WHY do you do this? I ask you very simple questions, and I expect very simple answers, IF you are going to answer them at all. Please let's have it again. You ramble too much.
Are you related to Gary? Yes or No?
Are you friends with Gary? Yes or No?
Why would someone give you detailed information about his crimes if he didn't think he could trust you?
Reread your earlier post. It is past convoluted. Maybe you're on meds, and maybe it takes other people on meds to be able to read this crap. I'm not on meds, so take it down a notch, and give me very simple answers.
Certainly you can understand why someone would question you about these very critical statements you are making re Gary.
Dan in Detroit wrote:
Obviously he thought that he could trust me. He`d talked to me about killing Jane and even showed me how she`d messed up his trunk being inside it. He`d talked some about the child killings and I hadn`t turned him in. He even dumped the hobos body in the dumpster where I worked. He told me lots of things. I`d never turned him in before, why would I now?
-- So now the answer is:
Do you believe this bullshit?
IF you believe what you are saying, then you do a big injustice to those who are hurt AFTER the times that Gary talks to you. Reading your sickening responses to these questions shows how insensitive you are to their plight. Why not stay the hell off of these boards since you are CONTRIBUTING to this man's crimes? How many times do we read these posts to you and see that you STILL have the bloody gloves in THIS case (to hear YOU tell it), and again and again we read where you're looking to get in the limelight because of your association with this sick f*ck. While I think you are simply cuckoo, there's a possibility however slight that you MAY have an association with someone who is hurting people. How can you make light of that on these boards? You are unreal, and I'm done with you. Anyone who acts the way that you do either has a screw loose, has a drug problem, or worse. Look at the posts you've recently made about Gary harassing your daughter. Stay the hell off this board, and take the time that you'd have put toward posting here to following up and making sure that the police KNOW who this Gary is. Unless of course YOU DON'T CARE about the victims in these crimes.
YOU asked ME why Gary trusted me. I told you that he`d told me a lot and that I hadn`t turned him in. THAT`S LOOKING AT IT FROM HIS SIDE.---Now look at it from MY side. Firstly, like I said WHEN I FIRST MET GARY My brother had told me that Gary owned a car identical to one used in the child killings and from the beginning I teased Gary that I KNEW THAT HE WAS THE KILLER. Then he started telling me about murders. I had no idea at first that it wasn`t so much B.S. When he acted weird to my daughter I banned him from my house. When the body appeared in the dumpster the witness wouldn`t say anything. Police couldn`t force him to. Detroit police did nothing when I talked to them.
About 4 years ago I got the Internet and started putting together what Gary had said with names and I`ve chased down anything that I could for the last 4 years. Several on this Forum have worked against me. I`ve found out that a car identical to mine that Gary borrowed once and a car identical to Gary`s match the 2 cars seen at the Michigan child killings. I`ve been to different police several times, we were shot at by Paul`s friends, another drug dealer came to my house with a gun because they tried to tell him that I knew some B.S. about him, so tell me again how this is MY fault. For years people have told me to give it up. Now you want to blame me that I haven`t DONE ENOUGH. I`m glad that God didn`t make you the judge!!!

New Baltimore, MI

#62 Aug 16, 2009
Detriot, why don't you just kill Gary? If anything you have written or said about him is true, then you would saving the lives of many innocent people. I doubt you would even get any prison time. As it stands right now, if you are telling the truth about Gary, you are aiding a murderer. Judges don't like that.
Of course if you are a lying about Gary, killing him would be murder. Judges don't like that either. So what are you going to choose? Stopping a MURDERER? Continue to help a MURDERER? Or continue to lie about an INNOCENT person?
Now that's a great idea and post. Hot damn. Good.

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#63 Aug 16, 2009
Obe wrote:
<quoted text>
I wonder if this "Gary" is either a figment of Detroit's imagination or simply his alter ego...
Jonbenet Ramsey Forum. Jonbenet Ramsey thread #45. Like I said his own sister has also turned him in as a serial killer. Naturally since Gary killed the guy and Gary put the guys pubic hair on the 12 year old Michigan OCCK victim, the guys hair didn`t match Gary or his sisters DNA. LIKE I SAID FROM THE BEGINNING. READ IT. SHE TALKED TO THE HEAD COP. It matches what I`ve been saying. Why does Gary`s OWN SISTER also name him as a child serial killer???

Salmon Arm, Canada

#65 Aug 16, 2009
learnin wrote:
<quoted text>
From Thomas' book, page49:
"A resident directly to the south reported that the light was off in the southeast corner sunroom of the Ramsey home and thought that odd because it was othe only time she was aware in the past few years that it did not burn all night."
1. The light is reported as being inside the sunroom.
2. I think its safe to assume it either burned all the time or it was an electronic light which was on a timer or had an electric eye. I just don't believe the Ramseys turned it on every night.
3. The neighbor states the light, in that room, burned every night for two years except that night. I think this is significant. Again, it's not going to convict anyone, but, it is worth pondering.
As quoted by DETROIT:
(Thomas 2000a:49).
"Diane Brumfitt, another neighbor, told Detective Barry Hartkopp on December 31 that on Christmas night she did not see a light on AT THE SOUTHEAST CORNER OF the Ramseys' HOUSE, though there had been a safety light in that spot for years.(capitals added for emphasis by AK)

This particular quote raises the question is the safety light inside or outside.

Go here:

Look at the right side of the house. See where it says Foyer, Living room, Solarium? This is the FRONT of the house, this is the East side of the house, and this is the street side.

The Solarium is the sun room. The southeast corner is the bottom right-hand corner. On either side of this corner are windows. Almost directly below the S in Solarium you will see a door leading to (or from) the outside. It would make sense for there it be a light outside of this door or immediately inside. It would be unusual for there to be a light inside or outside of the southeast corner.

The Solarium, the Dining room, the Study all face towards the Diane Brumfitt house (as described by Thomas immediately to the south). The Solarium is the southeast corner


Sherman Oaks, CA

#66 Aug 16, 2009
learnin wrote:
<quoted text>

2. I think its safe to assume it either burned all the time or it was an electronic light which was on a timer or had an electric eye. I just don't believe the Ramseys turned it on every night.
I think it's safe to say you are still learnin and making clueless ASSumptions.
Shill it like it is

Sherman Oaks, CA

#67 Aug 16, 2009
DETROIT wrote:
<quoted text>Jonbenet Ramsey Like I said his own sister has also turned him in as a serial killer.\
I think Gary tried to kill you in a car accident to shut you up, and it didn't work.
Instead of a dead witness, you're a rambling psychotic witness.

Way out west, Tiny cowboys, yippe yayah mini sirloin burgers.

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#68 Jan 10, 2014
Started off as a good thread, then it went downSHILL.
Green Envelope

Spring, TX

#70 Sep 17, 2017
DETROIT wrote:
Started off as a good thread, then it went downSHILL.
I don't see a DNR order, so let's give this one some CPR and see what happens.

Tell me when this thread is updated:

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