walker is an idiot.

the current legal system of immigration is doing precisely what it is meant to do... regulate the numbers allowed in each year.

no other country in the world allows more legal immigration. the usa grants citizenship to over 1 million new people EACH year.

let me repeat.. no other country in the world beats us.

yet, this idiot - walker - wants to make it EASIER for MORE people to become citizens???

so, just how many foreigners does he want to become citizens each year? 10 million? 50 million? 100+ million?

any dumbass, half-brain, stupid, idiot knows that that would not be good for the country.

hell. there isn't enough jobs to go around as it is. and he wants to allow MORE in???


guys like walker should not be on capitol hill because frankly, they don't represent americans and america. they represent foreigners.