The President has failed us

The President has failed us

There are 384194 comments on the Times News story from Jun 9, 2012, titled The President has failed us. In it, Times News reports that:

This week, I decided to list the reasons I would not vote for Barack Obama in the next election.

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Brighton, CO

#142386 May 22, 2013
Ghost Rider wrote:
<quoted text>
I have the personal messages and e-mails, FS.. You didn't thow me any bones.. You were trying to give me a bone for you to sit on...
Remember the "turkey lip kisses" you would try to give me..
You can't deny it.. It's in writing, authored by you two...
And Topix has the pm's archived.. As they do with everyone..
I have no problems humiliating you with the truth, FS...
You simply cannot handle being rejected in any kind of relationship.. Your problem, not mine.
I rejected your friendship here on the threads.
YOU came to me in personal messaging.
YOU then wanted to take it to e-mail...
Your advances were rejected...
Ever since, you have bee a bitchy mad woman on wheels...
You just do not know when to leave well enough alone..

She did that to me too! That little Horn Dog.
Ghost Rider

Murrieta, CA

#142387 May 22, 2013
Just An Honest Man wrote:
<quoted text>You just gave the definition (1b)of "hate" in your description then denied hating him. We have seen you express every thing in this definition toward him and others here NTR, these are facts;
Definition of HATE
a : intense hostility and aversion usually deriving from fear, anger, or sense of injury
b : extreme dislike or antipathy : loathing <had a great hate of hard work>
: an object of hatred <a generation whose finest hate had been big business — F. L. Paxson>
She has even bellowed she hated me with a passion in one of her out of control rants..

You are right, she has expressed her hatred for others. I remember she and her friends attacked you, your wife and kids in a merciless manner.. It is deplorable and beneath contempt...

And then they say, family and kids should be kept out of it... Well, the conservatives and moderates never used kids and family... Until provoked to tell the truth about them....
Ghost Rider

Murrieta, CA

#142388 May 22, 2013
Just An Honest Man wrote:
<quoted text>Well then stop paying your taxes.

Now, that was GOOD..........


Brighton, CO

#142389 May 22, 2013
Ghost Rider wrote:
<quoted text>
Yes, it is... Very expensive out here.. Ranges from 16 to 18 bucks a 12 pak...
It goes on sale often and when it does, I will pick it up.. And keep it in my reserve.. haha
It goes good with a steak too... I actually got two glasses that has the emblem on it.
I was at a Texas Roadhouse and ordered a Stella. I liked the glass, the rim was trimmed in gold plate.
I asked the waitress if I could steal it.. She brought me a bag and said, I need to have a pair.. I looked inside the bag, and she wrapped me up two glasses with the Stella Emblem.. She got a good tip....
I actually tried it by accident. The Mexican guy who owned the store had just had his front door shot out the day before and another 2 bullets in the brick wall by the door. He was scared so he was clearing out his stock and did not have my regular brand. So I picked up a 12 pak of bottles Stella.

That's pretty cool of that waitress. lol
Ghost Rider

Murrieta, CA

#142390 May 22, 2013
Just An Honest Man wrote:
Ghost Rider wrote:
<quoted text>
She now denies getting a hefty inheritance that she had bragged about in a liberal way of being blessed and never having to worry about working.. She has never worked a day in her life... She does not know what hard work is, but has been "blessed" by the fruits of the labor of her grandparents.
No, I seriously doubt she has given anything of herself to her community... Or anybody for that matter except sloppy seconds...
<quoted text>"I don't recognize myself in your made-up description of me."
Yet you did or you wouldn't have responded.
Oh, good catch....

fist bump.. hahaha
Un Hun Lo

Brighton, CO

#142391 May 22, 2013
Po Lan Qui wrote:
<quoted text>
Should you not be living fabulous life now? Not wasting good life on topix losers?
Ahhh , the good life.
Ghost Rider

Murrieta, CA

#142392 May 22, 2013
LaKisha wrote:
<quoted text>

Brighton, CO

#142393 May 22, 2013
I was also fixing my Motorcycle in the afternoon. The last couple days. lololol !
Ghost Rider

Murrieta, CA

#142394 May 22, 2013
Bonnie wrote:
<quoted text>Hey Quirk.. Be a good scout and hold my umbrella for me would you. Just in case a rain drop falls somewhere in my vacinity..LOL.
Ghost Rider

Murrieta, CA

#142395 May 22, 2013
positronium wrote:
<quoted text>There isn't a man in the nation that doesn't deserve a drink for one's efforts anytime they wish and you use this fact against him out of pure hate. Are you part of the ladies temperance movement too? btw his son also has the right to drink if he so chooses as it is his right as well, disabled or not. So you just go on and spew your hate which imo is based on just what you want to believe and not what may be true.
Your rollup and history here proves much and clearly shows this to be true
NTR is displacing her family history of alcoholism onto others.. She has reamed everyone for innocent little tidbits of info that we shared and laughed together about, while poor pitiful NTR had to sit in her dark secretive corner, sniffing her champagne cork, as she could not take a drink, as one drink is not enough and one too many..

My son doesn't drink.. But, thanks for the support... Your post is spot on....

Fort Lauderdale, FL

#142396 May 22, 2013
...remember left wingers...
Your fave corrupt party may not be in power next election...
This snake may turn it's ugly head and take a bite out of you.
Defend your neighbors rights (even if you disagree with their thoughts) or I'll be telling you; "I told you so."
--First they came for the conservatives, and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a conservative.
Then they came for the whisleblowers, and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a whistleblower.
Then they came for the journalists, and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a journalist.
Then they came for me, but there was no one left to speak for me.--
Ghost Rider

Murrieta, CA

#142397 May 22, 2013
Sunny wrote:
<quoted text>I do like the elegant way you put them in there place.
Everytime you an like minded people on here talk on here I'm think the samething,just can't type it into word's.
But I'm finding out that all you good people are doing a fine job keeping these libtards in line.
You do okay, Sunny.. Only the weak are bothered by typos, grammatical errors and so forth..

At least, our handicaps got us somewhere in life, like jobs, careers, retirments and a worry free lifestyle. And to think, we are trying to save their kids from them..

Their handicaps have them sitting on the couch wasting their days and nights on Topix. I guess we should be thankful, they aren't out doing senseless drive by shootings that actually hurt and kill others.. Although, at times, I do think I am gonna die from laughter from the stupidity they post here.. hahahahaha
Ghost Rider

Murrieta, CA

#142398 May 22, 2013
---Wild Irish Rose--- wrote:
<quoted text>
Hahhahaha! You're so desperate and pathetic, GR. You just can't come up with anything real or honest, so you resort to juvenile insults hoping you'll actually hurt someone. LOL!
You laughed, Rose.. You saw the sense of humor that I wrote and intended it to be..

If I wanted to hurt you, I would..
Ghost Rider

Murrieta, CA

#142399 May 22, 2013
Freespirit8 wrote:
<quoted text>
Idiot, you don't know my opinion on illegal immigrants.
Gee, I wonder if that is because you never discuss the topic.. You just disrupt the flow of conversation is what you just unknowingly admitted.. Hahahahahahahahahaha

Go toke a joint, FS...
Ghost Rider

Murrieta, CA

#142400 May 22, 2013
Quirky wrote:
<quoted text>
Lol .
Oh, Quirky, show some enthusiam about it... Just think of the fun of it...

HD 1080p "Singin' in the Rain" (Title Song) 1952 ~ Gene Kelly
Ghost Rider

Murrieta, CA

#142401 May 22, 2013
Reality wrote:
USDA to continue to advertise food stamps Mexico.
Are you fckin' serious?

I know they are telling their people to run across the border via the telemundo tv station and others...

“I Luv Carbon Dioxide”

Level 10

Since: Dec 08

Home, sweet home.

#142402 May 22, 2013
Obama's IRS harassed conservatives and leaked some of their tax return records to their allies in the media. Obama's campaign called Romney a tax cheat during the last election campaign.

The real tax cheat is in the White House; appoint a special prosecutor to investigate.
Ghost Rider

Murrieta, CA

#142403 May 22, 2013
Reality wrote:
<quoted text>
Multiple choice
1. Ignorance.
2. Blind.
3. Liberal.
4. All of the above.
I am opting for number 4.
I usually will give ignorance some latitude.

Can we go with stupidity instead.. As, with ignorance, one is lacking information.. I don't see that as being the case.. I see people having the information but are too stupid to comprehend and process it or to effectively utilize that information intelligently...

Brighton, CO

#142404 May 22, 2013
Ghost Rider wrote:
<quoted text>
Oh, Quirky, show some enthusiam about it... Just think of the fun of it...
HD 1080p "Singin' in the Rain" (Title Song) 1952 ~ Gene Kelly =w40ushYAaYAXX
I would do just about anything for Bonnie. She is good people.

Ghost Rider

Murrieta, CA

#142405 May 22, 2013
X -Man- wrote:
<quoted text>
How about "shooting a pregnant illegal alien and watching the blood ooze from her abdomen"?
Remember that?
Was that a commonly known "figuratively speaking" phrase too?
No, Gr, "violence" is YOUR forte. You make that quite clear when you talk about all the "undesirables" in the world.
You weren't part of the discussion..

In time of war, you betcha.. Especially if she has a weapon in hand.. I care about our own than them and theirs..

You don't like it? TFB....

You want to say violence is my forte? Knock yourself out.. I really could careless..

I stand by my original statement in its fullest context... At least I am willing to fight and die for This Country, while others are dying to liberate other countries who have great disdain for us... While you embrace them and kiss their arses upon arrival...

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