The President has failed us

The President has failed us

There are 391264 comments on the Times News story from Jun 9, 2012, titled The President has failed us. In it, Times News reports that:

This week, I decided to list the reasons I would not vote for Barack Obama in the next election.

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Oak Hill, WV

#26128 Sep 20, 2012
Beat Around the Bush wrote:
<quoted text>Yup, Bush let the wrong guy out of jail again.

Al Qaeda, ex-Gitmo detainee involved in consulate attack, intelligence sources say

Qumu, a Libyan, was released from the U.S. prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, in 2007 and transferred into Libyan custody on the condition he be kept in jail.
Obama let this man out of gitmo. Get your facts straight. Obama is to fault. He knew of this strike 3 days before it happened. Guess he was asleep or playing gulf as usual. America is unprotected.

Austin, TX

#26130 Sep 20, 2012
Abominable Sock Puppet wrote:
<quoted text>
Mitt Romney's job history of taking over profitable companies and fking them up seems to be the same strategy he's doing with his own Presidential campaign.
WHAT say you about the MORE important ISSUE?........the man in CHARGE now......43 straight months of record jobs LOST....300,000 at least each month!
Don Joe

Saint Paul, MN

#26131 Sep 20, 2012
Here Is One wrote:
<quoted text>
Take the patriot act for example.........
Bush made it but and oslama made it even worse......Now with out any evidence oslama can order the murder of anyone he wants including US citizens.....
Funny how liberals hated the Patriot act and protested on the street when Bush was prez but now they love the patriot act and defend it......
Any one seen and of the far left loons code pink protesting the war in the last four years????
Where is the moron Cindy she-has-shet-in-her-head....
Wrong wrong wrong. Obama is just another right wing politician. He is not supported by the left. The only reason anyone would vote for him is because he is not as extreme as most of the republicans. Obama is further right wing than Eisenhower, Nixon, Ford, Reagan and bush sr. He is not as extreme and incompetent as bush jr.

As to protesting the war, yes, I see it all the time

I have often said I would not vote for any person or political party who supports the Pat Act. The bush wars should never have started. Only a die hard republican would keep wars, allowing American soldiers to be in harm's way just to keep paying the military industrial complex. I suppose the only way to stay in office is to show obedience to the corporations who paid to put him there.

Texarkana, TX

#26132 Sep 20, 2012
whatthehey wrote:
<quoted text>looks like 20% are the ones who love Obama they DEPEND on him to rob the OTHER 27%.
Not good.... not good!
2012 corrected R/R
Yep, time for R/R!!

Avon, IN

#26133 Sep 20, 2012
NTRPRNR1 wrote:
<quoted text>Oh, for heaven's sake. Mitt is a Republican, he supports the Patriot Act, and buddy, believe you me, he's itching to get into a war somewhere. Who knows what he promised in Israel to get Netenyahu so hot and bothered. I don't think I like it.
Whatever failures you see Obama as having had, economists see real progress out of the recession. We're on the verge. We're going to be in a world of trouble if Mitt Romney is elected and starts keeping promises. Oh, yeah! And, if he doesn't keep his promises, we're in big trouble as he just resumes Bush Policy, Third Edition.
Take a deep breath and look closely at the policies and plans of both candidates. This is NOT an "anybody but Obama" election. That might have been a possibility had the Republicans not resumed trickle down as an approach while concurrently robbing every single regular American of more money for the filthy rich.
Why are we so worried about the filthy rich? I don't get it. I just hate Oligarchies. I don't know why the rest of you don't.
And, Obama wasn't a Socialist when he talked about redistribution via policy. D*mn it, it was policy that redistributed what the middle-class had earned in the first place and gave it to the wealthiest. We have thirty-five years of PROOF. What more do we need. Sometimes seeing IS believing. Been there, done that, and I think it's a tremendous mistake to screw ourselves some more.
Give Obama another look VERSUS what Romney keeps telegraphing he's gonna' do TO you, not FOR you.
u are one seriously CONFUSED person.
IF u ever were a RP supporter, how do u go from Constitutional enforcer to someone that believes IT is flawed? Romney has made NO such statement, EVER, that I know of. do u?
Obama's policies are simply recycled FDR New Deal policies. they failed in the 30s and they failed NOW. repeating failed policies is NOT an answer. that reason ALONE is ebough for most SANE people to fire him. are u a sane person?
neither Rs or Ds screwed our Country and economy. Progressives posing as Rs and Ds did. Wilson, as a phony Dem, started the ball rolling. TR, the first Prog Rep, was denied the Rep nomimation and had the decency to run OPENLY as a Prog. the voters didn't elect a Prog then and would not elect one TODAY.
Progressives, at their core, do NOT respect the Constitution or ITs amend process. three out of four of FDR's New Deal programs were ruled UN-Constitutional. only SS survived because he THREATENED to pack the SC and the sitting Chief Justice blinked. SS was going to be thrown OUT, too. SS was NOT supported by the people, even during the Great Depression. Principles and American Values transcend economic down turns. FDR, like Obama, campaigned AGAINST the very policies he then implemented. Obama campaigned against ur hated Bush policies and then supported most of THEM!
that is NOT to say Bush was right. that IS to say, Bush, too, was MORE Prog than Republican!
the 'radical right' that u supposedly despise is trying to re-capture the GOP. the Dem Party is too far gone so as NOT to exist any longer as the Party of JFK. why do YOU suppose this DEM Pres could not even get ONE DEM vote for his last proposed budget? I think their DEMOCRATIC consciences would NOT allow them to commit collective political suicide and stand with the President.
Romney is the X factor... he could be JFK or Nixon.
he could be Clinton or Reagan.
what he ISN'T is OBama, a KNOWN Prog SCUM FAILURE.
why are YOU stuck on supporting FAILURE?

Austin, TX

#26134 Sep 20, 2012
Freespirit8 wrote:
<quoted text>
I didn't f'in ask you to obligate yourself, I asked you to post honestly. If the only way you can sway opinion is by lying, then I have earned the right to call you a liar, and point out your lies. Now, you got that?
Or do I have to follow your a$$ around Topix playing factchecker?
YOU are HIRED.........."FACTCHECK "... ALL the liberal GARBAGE put on here! MEDIA MATTERS type crap..... known to SPIN the real truth.

Austin, TX

#26135 Sep 20, 2012
Don Joe wrote:
<quoted text>
Wrong wrong wrong. Obama is just another right wing politician. He is not supported by the left. The only reason anyone would vote for him is because he is not as extreme as most of the republicans. Obama is further right wing than Eisenhower, Nixon, Ford, Reagan and bush sr. He is not as extreme and incompetent as bush jr.
As to protesting the war, yes, I see it all the time
I have often said I would not vote for any person or political party who supports the Pat Act. The bush wars should never have started. Only a die hard republican would keep wars, allowing American soldiers to be in harm's way just to keep paying the military industrial complex. I suppose the only way to stay in office is to show obedience to the corporations who paid to put him there.
REALLY.........question....... .43 months and AGAIN 382,000 NEW jobs lost this month-with ALL this debt WHO in the HE$$ WILL pay the bills? The will not be ENOUGH rich people to do it ALL!

Texarkana, TX

#26136 Sep 20, 2012
Terry Buckeye wrote:
<quoted text>
All of your capitalization aside, I think the President has shown a great deal of integrity and a great deal of restraint. With which terrorists has he shown associations? From what I understand, he has shown reverence toward his parents, as most well-reared people do, to his country, as evidenced by his desire to serve, and to his god. Which of these qualities do you consider to be the most "rebelious" to the American spirit? As for bankrupting the country,'tisn't true. He DID keep us from falling off the cliff toward which we had been led, and the recovery from the recession will not happen in four years, no matter who is elected.
Regarding family...he has a brother living in a HUT for goodness sake! You don't really know much about him because he has gone to great links to have his information sealed. Why? Why? Why?

We are closest to the cliff because of excessive debt stacking up, he has places us in a most vulnerable position which at any time is likley to fall apart. He keeps spending, borrowing and spending what we do not have. Has NEVER put a budget together! He is a hater of this country. Bows to leaders of other nations!!

Austin, TX

#26137 Sep 20, 2012

Texarkana, TX

#26138 Sep 20, 2012
Obamanation!..... Worse than Carter. In my opinion he as put this country in a very weak state with over 16 tril in debt, with bail outs for failing companies both in and out of this country, cash 4 clunkers, bowing to leaders of other countries, refused to call Fort Hood terrorism, has made NASA a muslim outreach, is NOT a friend to Israel, apologizes for insults to muslims and calls insults to christians free speech, was negectful during the BP oil spill and the Texas fires, extreme unemployment more than thought because the number do not reflect those not looking anylonger, repealed don't ask don't tell, disrespect our veterans, sell 30 billion of F15 fighter jets to Saudia Arabia, does not think Arizona should be able to protect their borders even when it according to the already established law, Obamacare, Eric Holder, Obamas assistance in letting the muslim brotherhood get control of Egypt, meeting with muslim brotherhood while refusing to met with the leader of Israel, telling the Russian leader to just wait until after the election, NO budget and refuses to budget, denounced tactics used to get Osama but takes all the credit, fast and furious,Timothy Geithner who does not pay taxes but is the Secretary of Treasury .........


Level 9

Since: May 08

Rest well Brother

#26139 Sep 20, 2012
NTRPRNR1 wrote:
<quoted text>
Romney sidesteps specifics on his immigration reform
By Jonathan Easley - 09/19/12
......The forum moderators asked Romney if his permanent solution would result in mass deportations.
“I’m not going to be rounding people up and deporting them,” he said, adding that he like aspects of Sen. Marco Rubio’s (R-Fla.) plan, which would allow those who serve in the military a path to citizenship.
Rubio has not made public any details of his immigration reform plan, but has said he was working on one before Obama’s deferred action directive.
Romney was also asked to address a remark he made during the Republican primaries, when he said he was for the “self-deportation” of illegal immigrants.
“I’m not in favor of a mass deportation,” Romney said.“I believe people make their own choices if they want to go home and that’s what I mean by self-deportation…I love legal immigration…and at the same time to protect legal immigration we have to secure our borders.”
Romney - not ready for prime time.
Go Romney attrition through enforcement.. ;-)

"On Wednesday, Romney said he liked some aspects of the Arizona immigration law, such as a putting the onus on employers to make sure they don’t hire illegal immigrants."

Romney 2012..


Austin, TX

#26140 Sep 20, 2012
NTRPRNR1 wrote:
Treating Benghazi Like Bain
Posted by Amy Davidson
Read more
What was so bad about what Mitt Romney said about Cairo and Benghazi—and with what he keeps saying? On Thursday afternoon, a new mob was around the U.S. Embassy in Yemen, a reminder that this is not just an abstract question. There is no prohibition, at such moments, from criticizing one’s government—and there never should be—but as a major party’s nominee for President, Romney is also, by default, a participant, the leader of the opposition, and at least he had the obligation to treat this as something other than a game. It was striking to see a man who presents “apologizing for America” as the ultimate crime turning on Americans—the President, but also low-level embassy workers—at a moment of crisis.
Yep. Not ready for prime time.
......with the TRUTH out now .... my HOW things CHANGE?
Razors Edge

Palos Hills, IL

#26142 Sep 20, 2012
X -Man- wrote:
<quoted text>
Weak? Pathetic?
At least I can write my posts without plagiarizing another person's work.
I'm well aware of the Soro connection with the media but it's doesn't compare to the evil agenda of the Koch brothers.
You consistently plagiarize articles from hate websites like Vdare.
You are the one who is weak and pathetic.
joe biden taught me!! LOL..

SO WHAT!! You don't copy and paste because it would be impossible to find information to back up you silly ignorant lies and propaganda! Period.
Carla the Dyke

Belle Vernon, PA

#26143 Sep 20, 2012
Swag Juice wrote:
<quoted text>
You angry white conservatives are so funny.
I am a serious scum liberal just like you. I love sitting on my lazy azz just like you collecting welfare and all the other freebies the Obama is entitling to us. Be proud scuzbag, I am.
Razors Edge

Palos Hills, IL

#26144 Sep 20, 2012
Joe Y;All Biden guilty of big time plagarism
in a Speech....

Media gott his Azz of course..Soros at work
covering all Lefty/Marxist the same
time brain washing the serfs of Oblamer!!!

Only Lefty?Marxists are allowed to do this by the

Avon, IN

#26145 Sep 20, 2012
NTRPRNR1 wrote:
<quoted text>Lip Service fears what she sees coming her way. She hates what she is heading toward and remembers the "good times" were under Republicans, believes they will re-emerge if ONLY a Republican is in office again. They won't. The good times were coincidental with the inspiration, good luck and good timing, not the politics.
u inadvertently hit the nail on he head: the Great Society (Prog welfare programs, Big Govt/Big Brother-ism) WAS tolerated as long as the Middle Class as largely UNAFFECTED. well, the social engineering and entitlement costs AND anti-American trade policies have FINALLY wrecked their havoc on our economic system.
we have LOST too many jobs to FREE trade (the Prog move to a Global economy). we have spent too much on illegal wars (the Prog 'nation building' foreign policy). we are still spending too much on entitlement programs (the Prog FAIRNESS and social engineering policies).
the 'fatted calf' is in the process of being slaughtered!
the TP Movement and RP popularity and ur 'radical right' ARE the 'calf' screaming in protest. you just can't or WON'T hear its cries.
IT is saying,'STOP the madness! STOP spending US into oblivion! STOP ignoring the Constitution and ITS limits! STOP KILLING ME!!'.
wake UP... there is NO utopia over the Progressive rainbow... or ANY RAINBOW. Life is NOT fair... everybody suffers its insults and injuries at some time. what matters is HOW one deals with them.
we used to preach suck it up and get on with living. NOW (and for the last 50 years), we, as a society, having been telling our most vunerable folks,'it's NOT ur fault OR responsibility. let those of us that have dealt successfully with Life, CARRY YOU.'.
guess what? the 'carriers' are BROKE. now what?
more of the same?
or, time to change... time for the X factor?
less IS better

Avon, IN

#26147 Sep 20, 2012
NTRPRNR1 wrote:
The average IQ in America has declined to about 98. I think that explains their popularity quite well.<quoted text>
if true, u just proved, AGAIN, that all of that Prog social engineering has had AN effect.
re-read '1984', Big Brohter likes him some stoopid peeps, doubleplusgood!
does that mean that your 110 IQ is now considered duck Genius level?:)
sorry, but it doesn't show in ur posts...
Razors Edge

Palos Hills, IL

#26148 Sep 20, 2012
Hope & Change,After 4 Years of zero effort re the
jobs/economy turned into well it could be worse
and its all GWBs Then I killed OBL,single handed
so theres no more Al Quaeda,Then when Al Quaeda
Strikes,Its (A) all because of a silly DVD,then
(B) Okay we confess it was a organized strike and
we were warned about it...WTF,Is going on people
we allow these Liars (Wassername,Reid,Cutter,Rice
and god knows how many more (Carney) to continue
to control us?? Pandering/pimpin unmercifully the
immigrants,LBGT,unions,Women,F ree Stuff?? Get them
the F out of office Nov Romney Ryan 2012!!

Add all the waste to (Green energy products)
Fast & Furios,Hate Crime bills and protection
taken away from White people,class warfare,the
divide and conquer BS,envy of the successful
Wealth distribution,looting of Medicare and
the Cherry on the cake the Failed Tax on us
Obama Care?? The attempt to topple the 2nd
by sneaking around congress again,and using
the UN,(we are the main funders of it) to
introduce a bill to take away guns in the USA
of course i have not included a lot of evil
schemes,but im sure you will remind me LOL.

Avon, IN

#26149 Sep 20, 2012
Cricket 23 wrote:
<quoted text>
Link?? Or just more of your opinions! LOL!!!
By the way did you buy the book?
You seem to know so much about the book,did you read it??
a book?
wtf u talking about Willus?
pamphlets and posters, only... with symbols and BIG letters, too!:)

Since: Oct 08

Alpharetta, GA

#26150 Sep 20, 2012
So libs, what's worse, Romneys statement in the video about the '47%' or Obamas statement in the video that said ' I believe in redistribution'?

Your answer to this question will give us some input as to your true core beliefs.

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