Biden Urges Immigration Reform At Atl...

Biden Urges Immigration Reform At Atlanta Ceremony

There are 25 comments on the CBS Local story from Nov 14, 2013, titled Biden Urges Immigration Reform At Atlanta Ceremony. In it, CBS Local reports that:

Vice President Joe Biden stressed the need for comprehensive immigration reform with a path to citizenship as he welcomed about 100 new U.S. citizens during a naturalization ceremony in Atlanta.

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Moss Point, MS

#28 Nov 18, 2013
Eric 2016 wrote:
<quoted text>WRONG. They have the world's longest life expectancy because they are a HOMOGENEOUS FIRST WORLD NATION AND AREN'T STUPID ENOUGH TO LET KOSHER SOCIAL ENGINEERS AND THEIR LACKEYS TURN THEIR COUNTRY INTO A TURD WORLD CESSPOOL. Japanese are no doubt laughing at how stupid the United States, Europe, Australia, Canada, and other White nations are for WILLINGLY COMMITTING CULTURAL GENOCIDE IN THEIR OWN LANDS.
What I thought was compelling is that the Japanese actually pay ETHNIC JAPANESE from South America & America to GO BACK to where ever they "came from" & other immigrants -- to leave.

They pay immigrants & refugees to voluntarily self-deport. That should tell you how smart their immigration policies are!

They even refuse refugees who claim to be gay coming from places like Iran....

Moss Point, MS

#29 Nov 18, 2013
Memo From Turner wrote:
<quoted text>
By the way, how long did you live in Japan? Have you ever even been there? Could you find it on a map? You are just an anti-Semitic racist who blame their own shortcomings and things they don't understand on others. How sad. Be glad you do not live in Japan. They are awfully cruel to the stupid.
I'm actually quite the manga fan & Japanophile myself & I know they also are hard on "successful" whites like you as well. As for the old "blame their own shortcomings" type bullsh*t -- yea that's upper class bullsh*t.

Jews are like Indian Americans. They don't own all hotels but they own a large chunk of the industry & generally are a successful people because they look out for each other like family -- the way Jews do. They prop up each other & then help each other out when they need help.

As for my "shortcomings" lol -- who was it again who whined about student loans being expungable in bankruptcy court because blue collar guys like me who were steered into an academic career instead of a trade school like you hustlers couldn't afford your usury.

Not all Jews are bankers but a lot of Jews are bankers & idiots like you who may or may not be Jewish propogate the myths the white separatists types push.

40% of Americans are like me -- they make 20k a year or less. That's before taxes are taken out & before we eat or pay bills so we actually make more like 3-10k a year in actual cash.

53% of Americans make 30k a year or less. That's over half idiot.

The reason unions have been broken & unionization is so low(11% total, 7% private sector, 4% govt workers) is because there are things called SCABS aka illegal aliens busting our unions & stealing work from guys like me.

That's why my paycheck is so low idiot.

I'm all for diversity but I don't want this country to cease to be a white majority nation. That doesn't make me a neo-Nazi like some of the race baiter types claim, it just makes me an average joe who realizes the elites are importing 3rd world scab welfare suckers who are stealing both welfare money(which I might add is a limited resrouce, there's only so much in the budget) & jobs from poor people like me.....

We're talking about illegal immigration here -- not why people are poor.

People are poor because of the stupid neoliberal -- NOT LIBERAL free trade, banking, immigration & labor policies of our current regime that runs everything -- and Obama isn't a "liberal" -- he's a neoliberal & a corporate candidate. He's fine with Wall Street raping this country so long as they donate to his slush fund & so long as they hire a token amount of minorities to make it look like they aren't racist....

Moss Point, MS

#30 Nov 18, 2013
Grob Hahn wrote:
<quoted text>
You read a lot more into this nut's posts than is actually there. I guarantee you he'll just respond by calling you a hillbilly. You can't use logic with leftist loons or trolls like this one.
I still consider myself a liberal. I'm often called "commie" because I rail against corporations, low taxes, police brutality, global warming, you name it.

But its like the "wedge issue" what Howard Dean called "God Gays & Guns" idealogue nuts have taken over the Democratic party. Its like the rich who always controlled everything have allowed the left wing nuts aka the race/gay/feminist baiters take over there & let the crazy non-religious libertarian Ayn Rand type nuts take over the GOP. Where as when I grew up the GOP was a party of Baptists, military types, gun redneck types & small businessmen. Now its a party of Ron Paul nuts & weird ass Ayn Rand types.

I dunno, I give up I guess. They never seem to acknowledge your reply. That's what drives me nuts about these types. You can't reason with them, its pure emotion with them, all or nothing. No compromise.

And they turn on their own people like me when we don't subscribe to their nutty beliefs like expanded sexual assault reporting requirements they're loosening up in the military. Repealing DADT was bad enough. I've always been a "being gay is your private right" sort of person.

These people tell me I'm a hateful bigot because I'm not holding up a sign outside Chic Fil A like they did last year. This is nutty. I'm pro choice, I think they need taxpayer subsidized abortion -- but more so to eliminate suffering & lower welfare costs.

These people want abortion only because "its the woman's right" & they view compassionate access to abortion as eugenics or some kind of racist neo-nazi conspiracy.

Its like they want unwed mothers and welfare children so they can use their sheer numbers to "mob vote."

I actually agree with Anne Coulter strongly on this one thing. If amnesty passes -- the country is finished. The govt is already printing a trillion a year just to buy up MBS & t-bonds to pay for the federal deficit.(yes, they are printing, google Fed. Reserve buys treasury bonds)

We'll be printing the whole budget. Look at what anchor babies are doing in California where it costs like 10-15k PER STUDENT per year to put them thru public school. Each illegal mama has 4 kids on average -- that's 45-50k dollars for each welfare mama with 4 kids.

That doesn't include Section 8, food stamps and all the other welfare that should be going to people like me & you.

When they start imposing higher sales taxes on hispanics & care taxes they'll whine. They like the benefits -- they don't like being on the hook to pay for them.

Eventually we'll print so much you'll have welfare but everything will be so expensive including food & gas that your benefits won't buy anything.

Moss Point, MS

#31 Nov 18, 2013
lighteredknot wrote:
The longer new legal immigrants live here the more wealth they aquire, and the less eager they are to give it to fund some socialist democratic program like Cash for Clunkers or obamacare. So for the democrats to have any power they must strive to import as many new immigrants who are not familiar with the Constitution as they can. This is why democrats welcome illegal immigrants with open arms and provide them with all the freebees they can make the taxpayers provide. It's all about buying votes. Now you understand why obama doesn't like picture ID's for voters.
Half the white population in California will vanish within 30 years as half the population is 45 or older. Younger people are leaving California or not having kids.
The latinos will get what they want, they'll get the state sthe white gringos took from them in the 1840s, but they won't like it when they have hordes of poor that they have to pick up the tab for. And there won't be a bunch young Chinese, Jewish & Indian doctors & scientists to prop up the economy like there is now....

Moss Point, MS

#32 Nov 18, 2013
Eric 2016 wrote:
Thanks to the KOSHER social engineers and their white traitor trash lackeys, we have American troops off protecting Israel's borders in the Middle East. Meanwhile, OUR OWN borders are LEFT WIDE OPEN for any and all turd world malcontents to waltz right on over. The illegal invaders come to not to embrace America but to "reconquista" aka rape America. More DIEversity = more racial conflict, more chaos, more division and balkanization. Don't people in this country know history, didn't they ever read how the Greeks or the Roman Empire fell? Pakis, Muslims, Africans in Europe, and Mexicans and other latino malcontents in the United States. Europe and America will soon resemble Pakistan, or maybe Mexico, or how about Haiti. YOU CAN'T HAVE A FIRST WORLD NATION WITH A THIRD WORLD POPULATION.
What I'm hoping is that the latinos in the rest of the country move to Florida & the SW states & then we can just break them off & give them to Cuba & Mexico & let them run them. They'll be bankrupt within 20 years, if that long...

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