Chamber Prez: GOP Has No Chance In 20...

Chamber Prez: GOP Has No Chance In 2016 If It Blocks Immigration Reform

There are 140 comments on the Talking Points Memo story from May 12, 2014, titled Chamber Prez: GOP Has No Chance In 2016 If It Blocks Immigration Reform. In it, Talking Points Memo reports that:

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Chuck Pierce

Stuart, FL

#22 May 13, 2014
What the Senate has proposed is not Immigration Reform it is a rehash of the Simpson/Mizzolie bill of 1986. We know how well that worked. I do not oppose immigration reform but the idea that we simply let the 11+M become citizens as we did in 1986 does not solve the problem of people enter this country and staying and expecting us to welcome them as new workers. We have 8M undocumented workers in this country that contribute to the stagnation of the employment picture. People say the immigrants do the work that US citizens will not do, frankly that is carp, they will not do the work at wages that are below what is normal for this country. Less get rid of the 8M illegal workers and see what happens to the jobs they do. Real reform is letting more people with skill, education and desire into this country to better build the tech and other sectors. We give a student visa to a PHD candidate in Applied Math, why not give him the option upon graduation of getting a green card and working to ward citizenship. Why do we have H1B visa, if we need the persons skill lets us give him a green card and a chance to be come a citizen if he wants. Make overstaying you visa or jumping the border a felony and punishment is to be deported and never to be given another visa to enter this country for any reason.

Azusa, CA

#23 May 13, 2014
The Republicans are fools if they think passing a amnesty will get them the Hispanic vote. Hispanics support big government and that's because so many Hispanics use government programs. U.S.-born Hispanic households in California use welfare programs at twice the rate of native-born non-Hispanic households. And that is because nearly one-quarter of all Hispanics are poor in California, compared to a little over one-tenth of non-Hispanics. Nearly seven in ten poor children in the state are Hispanic, and one in three Hispanic children is poor, compared to less than one in six non-Hispanic children. The Hispanic out-of-wedlock birth rate is 53 percent, about twice that of whites.

Voter surveys show that Hispanics have overwhelmingly favored Democrats for decades. It would be really stupid for the Republicans to grant amnesty to illegal aliens because it would just create more Democratic voters!


Eugene, OR

#24 May 13, 2014
Deport them all. If they know how many there are, then why are they still here?

Kansas City, MO

#25 May 13, 2014
I see Yafool had further degraded itself by letting another liberal rag on their site. My in laws are Hispanic as are my daughter in law. Thy have nothing good to say about illegals who are knocking the bottom out of the wage market and stealing jobs.
YEH Ling-Ling

Concord, CA

#26 May 13, 2014
Americans, including President Obama, should read the following dire facts before pushing for immigration "reform":
According to , the estimated total fertility rate for the United States in 2013 is 2.06, much higher than China’s 1.55. Additionally, our international net migration is estimated to well exceed 1 million a year, without counting U.S.-born children of foreign-born newcomers.

Please note: Despite China’s draconian one-child policy adopted in 1979 and the negative international migration it has experienced, some 350 million people have since been added to China’s population. Worse: China’s population is projected to grow until 2030 even if it maintains its one-child policy.

Based on the above trends and considering that half of U.S. residents are 35 or under, the population of the United States — currently at 315 million — is likely to continue to swell even if our fertility rate were to drop drastically to China’s and international net migration plunged to zero. U.S. population has more than doubled since 1950. Another doubling of our current population equals half of India’s. This can happen within the lifetimes of today’s children if recent population growth trends continue.


Alliance to Stabilize Our Population ( ) which I head is the only NGO in the U.S. which offers a comprehensive approach to effectively address myriad problems facing all of us. I used to prepare various immigration applications and have one child intentionally.

I urge all Americans to read this article,

YEH Ling-Ling

Bellaire, TX

#27 May 13, 2014
Yahoo is bringing all this amnesty propaganda forward in order to make everyone think it is inevitable. It isn't - if the Republicans take the Senate, there will be very impetus for it. The Republicans know they will lose their conservative base if they push amnesty through.

Los Angeles, CA

#28 May 13, 2014
It's time we start talking to the members of the Chamber of Commerce.
Let them know that if they continue to push policies that are harmful to
America just so they can boost the next quarter's profits that we will
stop using their services and stop buying their products in favor of
companies that are not doing so.

This is all about them being able to hire H1B workers to depress the
salaries of the techies. There is no shortage of qualified Americans for
the vast majority of the jobs. There is only a lack of will to pay them
a fair salary, thus allowing the upper management to get a larger bonus.

If you have a shortage of any kind, here's an idea, start using the college students as lower paid interns and then hire them once they graduate. There was a time when this kind of program was the norm.

East Peoria, IL

#29 May 13, 2014
Well Chamber president, they have won over this democrats vote with their stance against Amnesty for illegals.

Athens, TN

#30 May 13, 2014
It is America that does not have a chance to survive if any amnesty or legalization passes it does not matter what party allows it to happen.

Crawfordsville, IN

#31 May 13, 2014
Unkown wrote:
If thier Christian they have the RIGHT! to stay.
If they were truly Christians they would obey the laws of the land and would have came here legally.
truth be told

Highland, CA

#32 May 13, 2014
Best way to handle illegal immigrants is to vote Democrat .
That way they can continue to screw up the US economy so bad that Mexico will have to beef up its Border patrol to keep out Americans lookng for a better life. Wages in Mexico are going up while they are going down in the USA. thank you Obama
Steve J

Bakersfield, CA

#33 May 13, 2014
Americans of all kinds are ready to get back to the rule of law. Bush ballooned the debt and Obama EXPLODED it. We are ready for a REAL leader who is looking to save us from our out of control Federal Gov't beauacracy. Professional politicians have to go. Egomaniacs have caused all the problems of this world. Give me 1 man with true character and we can make America great again.

United States

#34 May 13, 2014
South America is Hispanic
Central America is Hispanic
GOD WILLING North America will soon be HISPANIC

United States

#35 May 13, 2014
South America is Hispanic
Central America is Hispanic
GOD WILLING North America will soon be Hispanic too

Clermont, FL

#37 May 13, 2014
Illegal aliens do not vote. American citizens do.

Cibolo, TX

#38 May 13, 2014
San Antonio is sanctuary city. They protect illegals and don't enforce immigration laws.I have heard several times over the past 20 years that if a SAPD officer stops an illegal in a traffic stop who has no ID, no drivers license and no insurance, the police officer will just let this unidentified person go. They don't want to get ICE involved. Even if they are apprehended, they will be let go and not show up for court anyway. If they are apprehended again later, they will be let go again and not show up for court. If they are deported by some slim chance, they will just return in a few days.

Ridgewood, NJ

#39 May 13, 2014
That's why there's "Executive Action"
Shinichiro Takizawa

Sendai, Japan

#40 May 13, 2014
We found another traitor!!!
He too is getting money from Wall-Street and top1%.

“No Chance In 2016 If It accepts Illegal-Aliens as newcomer-immigrants” is the truth!
We American-99% are against the acceptance of Illegal-Aliens as newcomer-immigrants.

We American-99% need another subprime-mortgage-crisis.
We American-99% had a chance to change at subprime-mortgage-crisis (bankruptcy of Lehman-Brothers) in 2008.
We American-99% had wasted the chance.
Another subprime-mortgage-crisis will solve all the problems which the U.S. now has.

Wars, nuclear-power-plant-disasters, huge-earth-quakes and huge-natural-disasters must occur in Japan, China, Taiwan, South-Korea, German and Russia now!

Wars, nuclear-power-plant-disasters, huge-earth-quakes and huge-natural-disasters in Japan, China, Taiwan, South-Korea, German and Russia
will cause reconstruction-demands in Japan, China, Taiwan, South-Korea, German and Russia!

Wars, nuclear-power-plant-disasters, huge-earth-quakes and huge-natural-disasters in Japan, China, Taiwan, South-Korea, German and Russia
will increase Japan's, China's, Taiwan's, South-Korea's, German's and Russia's domestic-demands!

Wars, nuclear-power-plant-disasters, huge-earth-quakes and huge-natural-disasters in Japan, China, Taiwan, South-Korea, German and Russia
will decrease supplies from Japan, China, Taiwan, South-Korea, German and Russia!

Japan must have military-draft-system of Japan in Japan now!
Japan, South-Korea, Taiwan and Germany must increase their military-budgets and military-forces now!
Japan, South-Korea, Taiwan, British, Italy and Germany must protect Japan, South-Korea, Taiwan, British, Italy and Germany by themselves now!

We are American-99%!
I love the U.S.! I love American-99%!

Remember Pearl Harbor!
Finally, Japan will be destrtoyed!
China, Taiwan, Japan, South-Korea, Germany and Russia are evil-fascism-communism-empires !

Redmond, OR

#41 May 13, 2014
OUR government is aiding and abetting illegal immigrants. And every day they are here they are committing a felony offense by using fake or stolen ID. So they are also aiding and abetting criminals. We have every right to take legal action against them. If we do not stop this administration and it's lawlessness now, we are just encouraging more of it until America dies a political death.

“Rico's Are Everywhere”

Level 5

Since: Dec 09

Gangland, North America

#43 May 13, 2014
Kevin wrote:
Forget about 2016. The GOP will have no chance in 2014 if they pass amnesty legislation
GOP has no chance at anything as demonstrated by the last 50 yrs.

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