Activists pressing Obama, Congress on...

Activists pressing Obama, Congress on immigration reform

There are 106 comments on the New York Daily News story from Jan 27, 2013, titled Activists pressing Obama, Congress on immigration reform. In it, New York Daily News reports that:

Students, clerics and labor movement leaders have been holding rallies, telethons and services urging the President and Congress to 'create a path to citizenship' and 'put an end to deporations that are tearing our families apart.' Immigrant advocates from all segments of society are urging President Obama and Congress to seize the moment and take ... (more)

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“A Nation of Legal Immigrants”

Level 8

Since: Nov 07

Lake City Florida,/ Nebraska

#123 Feb 20, 2013
Illegal parents of legal children fight for the dream

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The young couple's plan was simple: Rather than spend the rest of their
lives as field laborers in Mexico, they would sneak into America, find
better-paying jobs, start a family and give their children a brighter
future. So in January 1989, Esther and Gerardo Gomez hiked over hills, waded
through rivers and evaded immigration agents and desert snakes to get here.

They spent the next two decades working -- first in the fields near Madera,
then in other menial jobs: She sorted mail in warehouses and was a janitor
at Selland Arena and the Save Mart Center. He drove big rigs and worked for
a small construction company. They didn't ask for welfare. Their five
children attended Madera schools.

Then early one morning in September as Gerardo was trying to start his car,
U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents pulled into their
middle-class neighborhood and seized him and his wife.

******"Why? Why are you going to arrest me?" ******

Esther kept asking the agents as they escorted her into a government
vehicle, according to one of the couple's daughters

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“A Nation of Legal Immigrants”

Level 8

Since: Nov 07

Lake City Florida,/ Nebraska

#124 Feb 20, 2013
Education Gap


Without a high-level education, Latin American children will continue to
lack the skills necessary for entering the workforce and participating in
the increasingly competitive global economy.

a.. 50 million people in Latin America cannot read or write.

b.. Latin Americans receive an average of six years of schooling, compared
to nine-and-a-half years in the OECD (Organization of Economic Cooperation
and Development) countries.

c.. Nearly one-third of children in primary school in Latin America repeat
a grade. The additional cost to the region's education systems has been
estimated at $4 billion per year.

d.. Brazil, Chile, Mexico and Peru rank behind Uganda, Zambia, Botswana
and Burundi in the quality of their math and science education.

e.. In Mexico, only 13% of adults receive a high school diploma versus 87%
of American adults.

f.. Over 50% of Mexican and Brazilian 15-year old youth are functionally
illiterate and thus unable to compete in today's economy.



The heart of the problem is the drop-out rate -- children living in poverty
are not staying in school.

a.. 92% of Latin American children begin primary school, but only 32%
continue on to secondary school (the U.S. equivalant of middle/high school).
Even fewer ultimately graduate.

b.. Approximately 40 million children and adolescents in Latin America
drop out of school to live or work on the streets each year.

c.. It is estimated that 95% of children have access to school in Brazil,
but only 59% of them finish the eighth grade.

d.. It is well established that school dropouts have worse outcomes,
including in terms of mental health status, than do those youth who stay in


Unequal societies are less efficient at converting growth into poverty
reduction. In Latin America, the education gap mirrors the income gap
between rich and poor.

a.. Levels of inequality in Latin America are the highest in the world --
at least one in three households and two in five people live below the
poverty line.
a.. 220 million Latin Americans (about 44% of the region's population)
live on less than $2 per day. Over half of them are children.
a.. In Brazil, children in the bottom income quartile complete an average
of four years of school versus over ten years completed by children in the
top income quartile.


Despite increases in past years, spending on elementary education is still
relatively low throughout the region.

a.. Per capita spending on primary education in Latin America still
averages only 15% of U.S. levels.
a.. Latin American universities, which serve less than 10% of the
population, receive a disproportionate share of education dollars compared
to primary education.(In Brazil, public universities have only 2% of all
pupils, but receive 25% of all federal education funds.

Source CIA

“A Nation of Legal Immigrants”

Level 8

Since: Nov 07

Lake City Florida,/ Nebraska

#125 Feb 20, 2013
Below our list are links to other sites with more information on deaths and
crimes attributed to illegal aliens.

Like all crimes, illegal immigration has consequences.

We know this list to be incomplete. If you can provide the name of a victim
that we have not yet listed, please contact us.

(Click on name for news story - a new browser window will open)

Illegal Immigrant Suspected in Murder of Arizona Rancher, , Mar
30, 2010 - Arizona rancher Robert Krentz, pictured here in 2008, was killed
in March on his own property 35 miles outside of the border town of Douglas
a.. Jesus Manuel-Acosta
b.. Saul Lopez-Acosta
c.. Trinidad Castro-Acosta
d.. Adam Allen
e.. Antigone Monique Allen
f.. John R. Barr
g.. Robert Benn
h.. Francisco Bernal
i.. Josie Bluhm
j.. Darness Brown
k.. Jerry Dwane Braswell & Jerry Dwane Braswell Jr.
l.. Josslyn Dinoso-Brooks
m.. Kent Boone
n.. Jennifer Bower
o.. Officer Phoenix Braithwaite
p.. Margaret 'Peggy' Campbell
q.. Jennifer Carter
r.. Cheryl, Ian and Julinna Ceran
s.. Bob Clark, director of "A Christmas Story"
t.. Nayasheika Cooper
u.. Charlie Derrington
v.. Jeremia Reyes Diaz
w.. Breanna Slaughter-Eck Officer Nick Erfle
x.. Araseli Martinez-Fabela
y.. Kelly Frye
z.. Adam Allen-Garcia
aa.. Christine Allen-Garcia
ab.. Joycelyn Gardiner
ac.. Scott Gardiner
ad.. Hester 'Faye' Coleman
ae.. Kristian Allen-Garcia
af.. Officer Hugo Arango
ag.. Deborah Atkinson
ah.. Marc Atkinson
ai.. CHP Officer Gregory Bailey
aj.. Hong Im Ballenger
ak.. Carol Bareis
al.. Cindy Benitez
am.. Dr. Claudia Benton
an.. Kelly Bergen
ao.. Brittany Binger
ap.. Lisa Ann Bourquadez
aq.. Kenneth Bridges
ar.. James L. "Sonny" Buchanan
as.. Audie Burnette
at.. Randy Burris
au.. Officer Lawrence Cadena
av.. Margaret 'Peggy' Campbell
aw.. Joe Cantu
ax.. Melissa Carranza-Contreras
ay.. Ana Cerna
az.. Min Soon Chang
ba.. Pascal Charlot
bb.. Sister Helen Chaska
bc.. Paco Chavez-Tena
bd.. Frank 'Buddy' Cline
be.. Bret Clodfelter
bf.. Hester "Faye" Coleman
bg.. Joey Cornell
bh.. Joseph Crummy
bi.. Officer Vincent D'Anna
bj.. Kimberly Jo Dahmer
bk.. Mariella Deluna
bl.. Jeremia Reyes Diaz
bm.. Lisa Dilks
bn.. Terry Dilks
bo. Charlie Derrington
bp.. Chester Dillahunt
bq.. John Doe
br.. Noemi Dominguez
bs.. Lori Donohue and Kayla Donohue
bt.. Officer Michael Dunman
bu.. Beverly Duffield
bv.. Amanda Jean Duran
bw.. Kris Eggle
bx.. Ernest Elliot
by.. Cosme Encinas-Valenzuela
bz.. Dale Englerth Jose De Jesus Trinidad-Esparza
ca.. Tyler Evans
cb.. Deputy Frank Fabiano Jr.
cc.. Randy Fout
cd.. Luz Maria Franco-Fierros
ce.. Officer Shane Figueroa
cf.. Jose Florino
cg.. Carolyn Frederick
ch.. Deputy Saul Gallegos


“A Nation of Legal Immigrants”

Level 8

Since: Nov 07

Lake City Florida,/ Nebraska

#126 Feb 20, 2013
ci.. Virginia Garcia
cj.. Gabriel Garcia
ck.. Scott Gardner (additional article, family website)
cl.. Jeff Garrett
cm.. Joseph Geller (additional article)
cn.. Infant child of Amanda Gibbs
co.. Officer Gary Gryder
cp.. Officer Daniel Howard Golden
cq.. Raffy Gomez
cr.. Karlo Gonzalez
cs.. Zabdiel Gonzalez
ct.. Justin Goodman
cu.. Ronald Greene
cv.. Tony Grier
cw.. Patricia Guntharp
cx.. Stephen Heiss
cy.. Israel Hernandez
cz.. Vinessa Hoera
da.. Wayne Hughes and Michelle Hughes
db.. Officer Brian Jackson
dc.. Patricia Henneken
dd.. Kimberley Hope
de.. Natalie Housand
df.. Dustin Inman
dg.. Daniel Irwin
dh.. Hunter Javens
di.. Jesse Javens
dj.. Lola Jayne
dk.. Janette Jimenez
dl.. Conrad Johnson
dm.. Officer Rodney Johnson
dn.. Kathryn L. Jones
do.. Peggy Keller
dp.. Cleo Virginia Kint
dq. Dean Knospe
dr.. Amy Marie Kortlang
ds.. Amy Kortlang
dt.. Marten Kudlis
du.. Allison Kunhardt
dv.. Marcus Lassiter
dw.. Jasmine Lawrence
dx.. Emilia Lee
dy.. James Lee
dz.. Felix Leon
ea.. Ben Leonard
eb.. Officer Loren Lilly
ec.. Christina Long
ed.. Daniel D. Longoria
ee.. Laurie Lynn Lorenzen
ef.. Christopher Maier
eg.. Mackenzie Maddox
eh.. Dominic Malegni
ei.. Deputy David March
ej.. Dorothy Marciniszyn
ek.. Miguel Marquez-Vargas
el.. James Martin
em.. Marine Cpl. Brian Mathews
en.. Reginald McEachin
eo.. Daniel McKenzie
ep.. Helen Meghan
eq.. Chief of Police Ernest V. Mendoza
er.. Amber Merkl
es.. Dean Harold Meyers
et.. Michael Mignogna
eu.. Chris Miller
ev.. Arnulfo Morales
ew.. George Morber, Sr.
ex.. Ruben Morfin
ey.. Oscar Mosqueda
ez.. Alex Munoz
fa.. David Nadel
fb.. Ruben Najera
fc.. Mary Nagle
fd.. Tanee Natividad
fe.. Rasheen Newkirk
ff.. Emilee Olson
fg.. Ryan Ostenforf
fh.. Leonarda Dubon Ramos
fi.. Sarah Ramos
fj.. Jose Riascos
fk.. Mary Richey
fl.. Frederick Rickabaugh
fm.. Oscar Rios
fn.. Lori Ann Lewis-Rivera
fo.. Shawn Michael Robinson
fp.. James F. Rogers Jr.
fq.. James and Margie Rook
fr.. Lori and Adrian Roundtree
fs.. Riley Rutherford
ft.. Mary Sadler
fu.. Guadalupe Sanchez
fv.. Emily Sander Michael Seitz
fw.. Gary Selby
fx.. Debra Serecky
fy.. Juan Serrano
fz.. Christopher Shackleford
ga.. Gissela Silvestre
gb.. Dacus Lamont Sims
gc.. Erika Rubi Meza
gd.. Karen Sirnic
ge.. Reverend Norman J. "Skip" Sirnic
gf.. George Smith
gg.. Travis Smith
gh.. Lt. James Lee Sunderland
gi.. Michael Sprinkles
gj.. Reed Stevens
gk.. Michael Stowe
gl.. Andrew Stear
gm.. William Sullo III
gn.. Gary Thureson
go.. Kelly Tracy
gp.. Tessa Tranchant
gq.. Unnamed victim
gr.. Unnamed victim
gs.. Unnamed victim
gt.. Francisco Marquez-Vargas
gu.. Gilberto Garcia Vasques
gv.. Mario Enrique Villanueva
gw.. Wendy VonHuben
gx.. Prem Kumar Walekar
gy.. Paul B. Watry
gz.. Cheryl Williams
ha.. Gail Williams
hb.. Sean and Donna Wilson
hc.. Louella Winton
hd.. Christopher Woodby
he.. Detective Donald Young
hf.. Thomas Youngstafel
hg.. Officer Tony Zeppetella
Links to sites with further information on victims of crimes committed by
illegal aliens
d.. Invasion USA: More Illegal Alien Killers Busted, article by Jim Kouri,
CPP, July 23, 2005

“A Nation of Legal Immigrants”

Level 8

Since: Nov 07

Lake City Florida,/ Nebraska

#127 Feb 22, 2013
Is Obama still on paid Vacation?

The Furloughs Are Coming, the Furloughs are Coming
in: US Government

Most of the higher ranking GS employees will be able to ride this out, but I feel bad for the lower ranking government employees that are really going to get hard in the pocketbook by this:

Most of 800,000 Department of Defense civilian employees will see their workweeks shortened and their pay cut by 20 percent from late April through September, if Congress, as now expected, fails to stop $46 billion in indiscriminate defense budget cuts set to take effect March 1.

Read rest of story below: ...

Atlanta, GA

#131 Feb 27, 2013
Illegal Immigrant Detainees Released as Sequestration Nears

I have not come across
anything else that hits the bullís eye
with such simplicity, accuracy and
irrepressible humour

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