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BaneTakesOverLos Angeles

Covina, CA

#638 Feb 7, 2013
Come to think of it, this situation feels like something right out of the Dark Knight Rises movie when UN/Banker funded mercenaries disarm the city -Gotham- and round up the local cops so they can take the city hostage.

In reality, this is one big false flag event -you can tell. America is being destabalized by offshore funded foreign provacateurs (media and mercenary varieties) for some bigger future event.

Americans need to recognize BS when it is so blatent so we can stop it from happening.

It's amazing these globalists/Nazis tell us what they plan to do in their movies to us before they do it.

This whole thing is staged nonsense. They are treating this shooter like he is Bane.

This is fvcking retarded lol...
BaneTakesOverLos Angeles

Covina, CA

#639 Feb 7, 2013
Bane is a psychopathic, manipulative, socialist utopian -the definition of a Nazi.

He wants the general law abiding public disarmed and his well armed criminal class of "wrongley opressed" idiots blindly following his orders. Sound like anoyone you know?

Still think being disarmed with gun control by the UN banker bought/run manipulative federal goverment is a good idea?

If we are disarmed by the bankers we become the new Mexico. It's that simple. Mexico took the bait and disarmed -and look what happened.

Is that how you and your family want to live?
BaneTakesOverLos Angeles

Covina, CA

#640 Feb 7, 2013
This government patsy/shooter will never be allowed to speak if he miraculously survives. What types of prescription drugs he is on will never be fully discolsed as usual. Is he involved in some way with the military? Come on, this is no ordinary ex-cop.

Either way, his handlers will never let him speak.

Odds are this mainstream media worshiped shooter could be a fictional creation used to mask the actions of a bunch of destabalization mercenaries much like the govt false flag movie theater shooting in Aurora Colorado.

Never put anything past this UN banker run federal government. They lie and spin things so so much no one can tell what is real anymore.

These demons are out of control -they need to be crushed now.

Wake up America!
The GreatBaneDjango Psyop

Long Beach, CA

#641 Feb 10, 2013
This So Cal shooter is being financed by some shadowy group to do this stuff for reasons unknown to the general public. Probably to distract people from some bigger issue.

The manifesto is a poorly writter psy-opp -joke. It looks like it was written by some CIA frat boy interns. It's obvious. You don't think the feds have the technology to catch this guy in a minute if they really wanted to? Think about it...

And this guy is not a Django wannabe. His first recorded kills were a Black Guy/Asian Female couple in Irvine. Yeah the gal was related to the guy he said wronged him, but if he were a Django he would have left the black guy alone.

I can't believe Alex Jones thinks this guy is most likely a child-like intellect egomanic on a power trip acting alone -according to his Friday show. BTW, I've noticed Alex dislikes Los Angeles with a passion and thinks almost everyone out here is evil -that's how he comes off lately at least. He has a chip on his shoulder about CA in general. With that, he's still the best out there.

This shooter is being allowed to terrorize the area by our federal government or some shadow entity within it. The media loves him, because they are in on the psy-opp, not because the shooter is a black guy (Django) or an Obama fan. That's the opinion I've had from day one.

I hope they end this psy-op quick. It's obviously coinciding with the assault ban legislation currently being pushed in CA. This shooter agrees with Obama that guns should be taken away from the public -that should give you a clue this whole thing is a made up.

I can't stand the CIA hired KFI hosts gleefully saying to cops in LA -you better watch out cops -this guy is watching you -getting off on it.

I'm no fan of corrupt police but I still think they do more harm than good for the public. And I will always trust them more than the current Feds run by our banker bought government.
The GreatBaneDjango Psyop

Long Beach, CA

#642 Feb 10, 2013
Meant to say

I'm no fan of corrupt police but I still think that most local police are not corrupt around here and do more good than harm for the public. And on average I will always trust local cops more than Feds these days who are run by an out of control banker bought federal government.
TheGreat BaneDjango Psyop

Long Beach, CA

#643 Feb 10, 2013
BTW, in Los Angeles the shooter is mostly referred to as the ex-cop. Only till lately has media in LA brought anything up about his military backround. Till recently they have tried to down play/ignore it. The media is focused on making this a black vs white issue and is also creating racial tensions between cops and african americans.

On Friday they had some ridiculous nonsense all over local radio about how all black men are now being profiled in LA by crazed cops and that if you're black you should probably stay home till they catch this guy. This was on KFI's sister station KTALK. This was sick psy-opp stuff -you could tell they were trying to create paranoia. I felt bad for black people who had to endure this crap.

No doubt the banker bought federal government lackeys are being directed to foment Rodney King style race riots again. This is a destabalization campaign. If you live here in Los Angeles you know this whole situation is manufactured -but the shootings are real. As for who is doing the actual shooting -who knows?
ResultsOfBaneDja ngoPsyop

Long Beach, CA

#644 Feb 10, 2013
Let's see, so far this So Cal shooter incident has helped:

1)Promote CA Gun Ban Legislation as it's being voted on

2)Villanize Ex-cops and military veterans

3)Normalize the militarizatom of Southern California into a police state-drones are ok now...

4)Created racial tensions

5)Created tensions between citizens and police

6)Promoted Fear and paranoia and take our minds off the real important issues of the economy

Hmmm ...Who could possibly benefit from this? This is how globalists roll multiple agendas into a single well planned and executed crisis.

These UN destabalization Nazis are good at their craft -but most people can see through it now. It's too nicely packaged together to be a coincidence.

This tevent has been scripted to the tee by some some entity -they should give up before we find out who.
TheGreat BaneDjango Psyop

Long Beach, CA

#645 Feb 10, 2013
BTW, the police are reopening his firing case to give him the illusion that they understand his pain now. The cops are hoping this will motivate him to turn himself in because he is finally going to be treated fairly and given a fair shake.

Lol ...this is not political correctness -it's a fake out. The cops are going to nail this guy to a cross when they catch up with him if they aren't in on this.

The media is so lame with their storytelling and ratings spin...
TheGreat BaneDjango Psyop

Long Beach, CA

#646 Feb 11, 2013
I've noticed something over the past few days that's bugged me.

When the news media talks about the people that were killed by the this shooter they frame it in a wierd way.

Normally in a typical shooting story the media will report that the shooter -fill in the blank- allegedly shot/killed the victim because it's always "alleged" until there's a conviction.

What they keep saying now regarding the victims in this story is this -the victim(s) was allegedly killed.(period) I don't think they have been saying the victim was allegedly killed by Dorner in many instances.

I'm serious ...go back and listen yourselves The couple was allegedly killed. The cop that was allegedly killed...

Well which is it. If they have been killed then they've been killed. There should be nothing alleged about that fact -if it's true.

It's wierd. I'm not saying the people mentioned were not killed I'm just saying the way it's being reported on in the media is wierd -sounds like semantic games on the part of the mainstream media.

This whole story is a psy-op (some of it is true some of it is fiction). All of it is suspicious based on the timing.

One thing is for sure R.I.P. to the dead and I hope this whole thing is over soon.
TheGreat BaneDjango Psyop

Long Beach, CA

#647 Feb 11, 2013
Is some of this stuff faked to scare people. Who knows with this corrupt banker bought federal government and their collaborator media trying to push for disarming America right now.

The women who were shot up by trigger happy cops in Torrance is real due to all the eyewitnesses -but who were the cops that did the shooting? Are they local cops or corrupt feds from some outside agency possibly with an agenda to destabalize the situation:

We need witnesses to come forward and start telling the public on blogs what they really saw.
Black People In LA

Long Beach, CA

#648 Feb 11, 2013
BTW, Now they have this $1,000,0000 bounty for helping catch the shooter -who is African-American.-

Black people are being psy-opped bigtime in Los Angeles. Now all these media frenzied paranoid TV heads are calling police reporting any black person they see who looks similar to Dorner hoping they will be the one that collects the million dollar bounty put out for his capture. This is sick psy-opp destabalization stuff.

If I were black I'd feel like this is the fvckin Twilight Zone. We need to see this crap for what it is or what it is turning into before it gets out of hand. A great big destabalization psy-opp designed to stir up people.

This is one guy. He's can't be everywhere at once.

He's not going to get you!

This is like the Jaws movie now where people were afraid to go in the water -yes it's that manic in LA right now with the media playing up the paranoia. It's feels stupid...

I hope Dorner -if he is really doing this by himself- realizes how much he hurting his own community by doing this and not turning himself in.
Divide And Conquer

Covina, CA

#650 Feb 12, 2013
Told you yesterday this is designed by the offshore banker interests to foment race riots in America and destabalize the country before they do some big false flag.

Don't fall for it black people -and get your community to stop supporting Obama. The only evil "crakas" are the offshore UN bankers -of all colors/backrounds- orchestrating America's demise Egypt style:

This is designed to get you angry at the cops so the Nazi bankers can get you fighting with the cops. They use divide and conquer strategies to weaken countries before they bring them down.

There are some infultrators high up in the LAPD/law enforcement probably directing the cops to unwitingly look like "racists."

The LAPD needs to recognize this as well and not fall for it.

If riots ever break out, I hope the police remember all the media stations and talk show hosts -especially on KFI and KTALK- that demonized them when these cowardly big mouths demand protection for a situation they created in large part.

I hope this does not happen, but people should know who to point the blame at if it ever does.

Average people are going to need to round up the Nazis acrosss the globe very soon and put them in re-education camps before they put us in re-education camps.
WhereIsFalseFlag Waldo

San Marino, CA

#651 Feb 12, 2013
I see Dorner may have magically defeated death once again -he's indestructable; apparently bullet-proof and fire-proof. He also can't be tracked with infrared heat sensing equipment from helicopters like all other humans.

The authorities will never get this guy because he is part of a government sanctioned psy-op and will not be put to rest till he completes whatever agenda he has been put out there to achieve -namely to fully demonize the second ammendmant.

No one is allowed to get to close to this guy -who is not in on this manufactured reality show- once they corner him because they are not done milking the psy-opp yet. This guy doesn't exist in reality -he seems to be a hollywood scripted actor created by Nazi propagandists. I fear this psy opp the script will intensify with this guy.

Aren't there any whistleblowers out there in police or media who have the courage to say something if they see something? Anyone who isn't blind can see through this BS.
WhereIsFalseFlag Waldo

San Marino, CA

#652 Feb 12, 2013
I hope I'm wrong and they find this guys "alleged" remains in that burnt out log cabin tomorrow.

Maybe the handlers of this BS psy-opp will realize most people know something is fishy about all this and will put it to rest before someone let's the public know what is really going on.

FYI -This is only pushing people to further protect the second ammendment because Americans now know we need arms to protect ourselves from nuts as well as an out of control UN banker run federal government with tyranny on it's mind.

While all these cops are out protecting the family members on Dorner's list who is protecting the average people. If these people fear for their lives move them out of state till this blows over and flip their hotel bill.

It's cheaper, safer for Los Angeles, and more believable.
Meteorite Hits Russia

La Puente, CA

#653 Feb 14, 2013
Why was there no warning?

Lets hope tomorrows 1/2 football field sized asteroid "2012 DA14" doesn't get pulled in by Earth's gravity and hit earth. Pretty wierd this smaller stuff hits in Russia before the big one is supposed to fly under satellites and barely miss us tommorow morning.

I almost said someting earlier, but figured ahhh what are the chances? These are strange times.

Do you think our leaders would give us any heads up before they got into their taxpayer paid for undergound bunkers?

“Legals against Illegals!”

Level 5

Since: Dec 11

Willing to stand and Fight!

#654 Feb 14, 2013
Is Obama A Reverse Hitler wrote:
There are so many ways to impeech Obama out there.
Are Obama's scheming UN handlers really stupid and brazen enough to try to unleash a reverse/affirmative action Hitler on America that wants to round up all the informed (mostly White) people who try to stop a dictatorship from forming in America.
I'm Hispanic and supported Obama initially and even I can what's going on here now.
Seriously? Do they think Americans fear poitical correctness more than we value our freedom?
Go ahaed and kick that hornet's nest guys.
Tyranny is colorblind.
Impeach Obama and any other traitors/usurpers right away if they go after the Constitution like this illegaly using technicalities/semantics. Start impeachment over Fast and Furious and Benghazi to start.
Do not resort to any form of violence -keep it peaceful America.
That's what sepparates U.S. from some crazed fanatical country in the Middle East. We are smarter/craftier than that. It's the American way...
I even have a link to my petition to impeach obama!

Sign petitions to enforce immigration laws,impeach Obama and more!

also check out the forums page and the rant n rave page!
Meteorite Hits Russia

La Puente, CA

#655 Feb 14, 2013
DfwDude wrote:
<quoted text>
I even have a link to my petition to impeach obama!
Sign petitions to enforce immigration laws,impeach Obama and more!
also check out the forums page and the rant n rave page!
Good stuff. Keep it going -we don't have to end up like Nazi Germany by being passive in this current situation. See the tyranny creeping in for what it is and counter it before it gets out of control. What will these illuminati bankers think of next. They always use the same game plan to take down countries -they just tweak things a little bit each time.

I though this was interesting as well relating to the meteor strike that just occured in Russia. I always suspected that the San Bruno pipleline explosion in 2010 could have been a covered up meteor strike as well. Judging from the coverage the Russian meteor strike is getting from Fox, Cnn, etc. I'm startig to wonder.

Why can't we get leveled with ever.

Meteorite Hits Russia

La Puente, CA

#656 Feb 15, 2013
I wonder if our politicians are hiding out in underground bunkers right now just to play it safe. Has anyone seen Obama lately lol...
Is NKorea About To Strike

Covina, CA

#658 Mar 24, 2013
Has a North Korea nuke Attack on Los Angeles now been made public to a mass audience:

Listen to the March 20th, 2013 Coast to Coast show entitled "Omens and Prophetic Signs". Read a snyopsis of the show here:

Now go to the show here and listen between 2:04:59 to 2:08:14:

&li st=PLUtv_L8Rx68bb6IjF5bzlQ8wqR 2wsw6dN&index=4

Towards the end of the show caller named Charles from Los Angeles predicts North Korea will soon nuke Los Angeles between the hours of 7-8 AM in the morning with a black 4 stage nuclear missle that is launched across the pacific.

He said it will hit between Long Beach and Palos Verdes and destroy an area 20-30 miles in radius in Los Angeles killing more than 4 million people. He claims he has tried to contact the government since Feb 15th at the city, state and federal level to have them look into this and they are ignoring hime.

He also claimed to have predicted 9/11 before it happened trying to warn authorities back then as well.

This guy said he got his predictions from "God" so of course he is being ignored. However, think about it. If this guy is some kind of intellegence agent/messenger with inside information he's definitely giving some kind of warning.

Normally I would pass this stuff off as another mentally ill nut calling into Coast to Coast. At first he said a title wave would hit San Francisco at some point in the future and that a meteorite was going to hit Hawaii -the usual crazy stuff.

But then he got more serious and specific all of a sudden with the LA prediction and that prompted me to post this. Tidal waves and the meteorite are things that people have been predicting forever -there's no immenent warning signs.

However North Korea has been warning in a bellacose manner for the last few months that they are going to nuke U.S. interests and our media is mostly not reporting on it.

This is something that really could happen and is very probable and realistic.

It is also the 9/11 type distraction that the New World order bankers would love to have happen to get them off our radars since we are focused on them just like before 9/11 occured.

So then, is this guy "Charles" some kind of inserted intelligence agent putting us on notice of something that is about to happen.

The ellites always let people know what is about to happen before they go through with it, instigate it, or simply allow it to happen. They think this makes them "gentlemen." They justify their murderous psychopathic actions by saying -well we told them and they didn't listen so we can't help it if they were too stupid to take heed.

I don't like the way this sounded. Listen to it yourselves. I am always suspicious of Coast to Coast because it has a lot of CIA disinfo and propaganda projected through many of the guests. I only listen for hints like this kind of stuff.

I don't think the hosts knowingly promote the disinfo however there is disinfo all the same (it is after all on CIA run Clear Channel)-some of the guests no doubt work for the new world order as messengers to a mass audience. I think this was a threat disguised as some random caller that should be taken seriously.

I hope by alerting people this future event can be averted.

These psychopathic bankers are running the planet into the ground right now and if you aren't in a TV/chemtrail induced trance you can tell right now is the calm before the next big storm.
Is NKorea About To Strike

Covina, CA

#659 Mar 24, 2013
How many warnings do we need:

Frankly, I don't know why North Korea would hate So Cal enough to nuke it -it's mostly hard working minorities who have no say in US foreign policy affecting their country.

I'm not into being a victim. If North Korea is threatening us, we need to ask our government why they are not taking it seriously. North Korea is China's little attack dog puppet. I hope my intuition is wrong because of course nobody wants this to happen.

We need to talk about and resolve this so it does not happen.

Do you hear that illuminati/ellites -we in Southern California know what you are up to and don't want this to happen. We reject it and you are now on notice. If you go through with it you are no longer gentlemen, but cursed forever as uncouth, low class, wordly commoners unworthy of your "g"od -who or whatever you worship.

Look elsewhere. Hopefully the real God of the King James bible watches over Los Angeles which translated literally means "the city of angels."

I don't know if there's a literal God but looking at the way the ellites are being guided into their anti-human agenda I know there is something very close to the devil/satan.

By that rationelle I choose God.

Call this superstitous -but it can't hurt.

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