Triggers vital for path to citizenshi...

Triggers vital for path to citizenship, Rubio says

There are 58 comments on the story from Apr 14, 2013, titled Triggers vital for path to citizenship, Rubio says. In it, reports that:

A bipartisan bill revamping America's immigration system, set to be unveiled later this week, will contain three policy steps that must be taken before undocumented workers currently in the United States are allowed to apply for legal status, one of the measure's architects said Sunday.

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#1 Apr 14, 2013
and the idiocy continues...

Los Angeles, CA

#2 Apr 14, 2013
Those so called triggers are laughable with these times,they are only going to work to create a new second class citizens,and We will wont have changed anything.I think Rubio is smoking too much mota...

Williamston, SC

#3 Apr 14, 2013
Hes name is coward, he is fake, he just want be elect president, way 13 years to citizen, he is cuban, this is the problem, if the time he father and mather came to usa, and dont have eny acord whit usa , he still illigal
And sofer the probem we have now, but he is lock .he need if he make eny hard time to illigal , next election dont gonna win noten.
Sterkfontein Swartkrans

Richmond, IN

#4 Apr 14, 2013
But is he a real Cuban or just a Dominican in a Cuban wrapper?

Los Angeles, CA

#5 Apr 14, 2013
carey529 wrote:
and the idiocy continues...
yes instead of plain legalizing,which is the right thing to do,they are trying to mix oil with water,always trying to drop the poison pill,they don't understand yet..

Los Angeles, CA

#6 Apr 14, 2013
Sterkfontein Swartkrans wrote:
But is he a real Cuban or just a Dominican in a Cuban wrapper?
he is a right wing bigot wrapped up in a "2016 election convenient"foil with an Spanish label for sale..

Austin, TX

#7 Apr 14, 2013
Is all a joke, to become a citizen one must prove good moral character and be free of crime. Illegal aliens are all criminals by their very presence. Add in not paying hospital and other bills, illegally working in this country, not paying taxes other than local sales taxes, filing fraud tax returns with ITNs or identity theft by using SS# of someone else are also all crimes and show poor moral character.
In any event like under the last amnesty with Reagan millions more will follow and the ones with the amnesty will be allowed to bring in millions of their "family" and they too will be given citizenship and be able to work, collect welfare, Social security, unemployment, and all that.
Do you think an employer paying an illegal alien 10 an hour for a 20 an hour job is going to pay that now citizen the 20? No way, they will can the citizen and hire the next illegal alien for 10 and the cycle starts all over, again.

Houston, TX

#8 Apr 14, 2013
We are against Illegals getting amnesty as a point of violating our constitutional rights, Ie-treason. Join the crowd: Read This sign: Send it in and fax to your elected rep. No More Unions and Afl-cio making decisions Americans should be more Gang of 8 , NO AMNESTY:
I don't think any family should get first dibs at their families coming over unless ALL do....I mean ALL, from the inception, from before we were the USA. Our families should come first, NOT LAST! Plans are being made by our elected officials to put a stake in your heart and drain you of all your body fluids ...for their own political machine.

All illegals should go home and all cuts should be to any illegal . And if you are a Citizen and don't like the fact that we seem to be melting and the taxation is getting hotter and hotter for you and your family, well, look at this, no matter what race, heritage or party; we need to make sure that we aren't supporting the rest of the world who slip in unnoticed before we start taking away the Social Security and medicare, and especially in this down economy. We need policies that actually favor, not tax us to death to support the rest of the world..

Unless We take Charge the Illegals are going to take more of us and we will eventually disappear...We don't like that Idea. We like the idea of opening Mexico's Border with more American Ambassadors and Diplomacy, a seemingly scarce commodity in the recent electees...SO here, until the US Govt can stop taxing us to death, let's say something for USA. See this, post and print and sign and share all you want....before we think we need to stop the illegals with force. Which we really don't want.
No one is telling you that the amnesty is VERY UNPOPULAR ACROSS THE USA. AND SO IT SHOULD BE.

Houston, TX

#9 Apr 14, 2013
We are asking you to pass this along and post this same message all over the USA...
1) We believe our most precious right is citizenship and borders
2) We believe we elected our President to do the sole purpose of Protecting the USA from Invasion, Ie, to protect Us and our Lands, money, etc from foreign invasion, influences and political takeover or adverse infiltration of foreigners, especially in an orchestrated and persistent manner akin to an army invasion across our country
3) We believe any attempts to circumvent the majority of people's wishes to Stop ANY MORE Amnesty is in fact a point of treason of an elected official by violating his oath and his decree to uphold our laws, constitution, and DUTY to the USA. As the Highest Official this applies to Obama.
4) We believe the issue of Amnesty as a topic in our Congress to define use of our tax as a point of Treason of an elected official, as their role, oath of office and DUTY is to preserve and protect our borders, citizens and our rights of taxation to be used for our purposes, not the foreign invasion of illegals, nor the support of illegals who can easily walk across the border and petition for help from their own government as they often do.
5) We believe the parties asking the American citizens to be subject to UNDUE TAXATION which is not meant for American Citizens is a sign of fiscal and political corruption we the Taxpayers of America will not tolerate. We see this as a Treason against the American People and as a wrong issue of Taxation, robbing American Citizens for NO JUSTIFIABLE REASON. We see this as a TREASON TAX by corrupt and tainted officials who should be recalled for their step over the boundaries of their described elected duties. This on a city, county, suburb, state and federally level.

Houston, TX

#10 Apr 14, 2013
6) We believe our elected officials have the RIGHT AND DUTY to ask for treason charges to be called for in applying quick and speedy removal of these elected officials who would tax Americans to death as well as give our country away to people who have a country, entered our country illegally and laugh in our faces as they demand rights and Amnesty. We demand they go home very, very soon.
7) We believe that Americans , by virtue of our constitution, have the Right and Duty to recall any elected official from the school board head providing education, city mayor, prosecutor, state Representative, governor, congressional leader to the elected official or food stamp people giving them food stamps, and certainly the President for trying to circumvent his Oath of office to protect and provide for the citizens of trhe USA.
8)We believe the constitution is something the American people should be voting on changes, not the Congressional leaders. We believe the political power of the congress should be in taking to task the orders the citizens remand them to, and as well, the President...not the other way around.
9) We believe that the emissaries that started the good deeds to give care to people of other countries should do this in the other countries. We believe they should be stopped by aiding and abetting illegals to come here just because they have family here. Anyone that comes to The USA would have family elsewhere as so do we all , and this should not be an enticement or a right for any one person or group coming to the USA as an illegal or legal immigrant.
10) We believe that it is our right and duty to prevent congress allowing any amnesty, granting any special privileges or any SPECIFIC rights to ANY foreigner here for any reason. We believe that Congress is acting in a manner of High Treason to give amnesty to anyone who has broken our laws. The only amnesty we should ever allow is perhaps in the form of forgiveness of indebtedness or crimes or such for being here illegally so they can commence to progress home where they are sending their money. We Believe Amnesty given to foreigner-birthed children should be removed, and they should be expelled with their parents to their own homeland.
11) Specifically we believe the Churches are embellishing their ways to get parishioners to support their church, an act against God and their country...since God elects for us to follow the laws and the ways set out by our elected officials--IE, our constitution. The Citizens of the USA should be the ones enacting laws, not the Churches.
12) We believe it is Treason to allow any non=profit Organization to uphold the demise of our laws or our borders or our government to aid and abet illegal entry into our country to circumvent our laws...down to the food stamps and the education. We believe no nonprofit status shall be given to a foreign person or one who promotes illegals or amnesty.

Houston, TX

#11 Apr 14, 2013
13).We believe the choice of illegals to enter the USA is strictly their choice to commit a crime against the citizens of the USA, that they traveled great lengths to cross our borders expecting that we will ignore their entry as millions have broadcast they can do. We believe these People aiding and abetting illegals from their own countries should be stopped and anyone crossing our border illegally given 5 years of jail time, probation if they return to their own country not to return. We believ the costs of removal should be assigned to their own country.
14) We believe that Taxpayers, Citizens of the United States have been harmed by the decisions and indecision's of our government. We believe all our governments, city, state, county, federal, should be stopped from providing ANY MONIES FROM BIRTH to every item our government has provided for the illegals.
15) We do not believe children born to those here illegally should be provide anything except a free ride out of our country. The presence and occupation of specifically and predominantly Mexico should be seen by our elected officials, Government , Congress,. Governors and the President as an invitation to a domestic war with processes and acts as well as financial and domestic efforts made to end the Mexican idea of dominating our landscape as they have professed for years.

Houston, TX

#12 Apr 14, 2013
16) We believe our Congress should attend to only political agendas as authorized by their oath of office--to provide and protect the citizens with diligence and loyalty, a sense of right vs wrong, and as a Duty of office- with the punishment of not doing this the same as in any country--a role of specific treason for which they should be identified, removed, or perhaps imprisoned for acts against their citizens.
17) We believe the role of the US Government and the Congress especially as it pertains to the issues before Congress should not contain the words amnesty as a purchased vote from the illegals and their families but as a staunch relay against these factions trying to undermine our governemnt and take away our voices as citizens. Granting amnesty is, as we see it, not the right issues our Congresss should be considering, but " what to do to punish and remove the illegals" and "how to stop the mass illegal migration supported by the Mexican goverment. They should be considering all methods and means to stop the illegals and send them home an d anyone caught committing crimes here should spend time in Mexico's prisons..
18) We believe the American Citizenship , made of predominantly Euro Ancestry is the very heart of the American System, laws, ideologies and in fact wealth. We believe the idea of amnesty, which we see as Treason, supported by a vagrant President as we see him, is an illicit attempt to undermine the strength of ties with our Euro ancesters and historical family and political ties, as well as financial institutional families( Our Wealth by affiliation and ancestry)
19)We think these attempts to block our ancestral ties and financial markets with an ever increasing South and Central American and Mexican financial Bleed will destroy our American Political and Financial powers and undermine the value of our dollar which we all know might become the strength of the Peso if the current illegal migratory entry is not resolved at the border. Because this is an inherent need for Survival of American families to remain in the financial picture created we realize the influx of Illegals rewards the USA with financial bankruptcy and only a sliver of sovereignty if we continue our land giveaway.

Houston, TX

#13 Apr 14, 2013
20) We vow to end the illegal migration into our cities by stopping and preventing use of our Taxpayers money for the use of any illegal in any form.
21) We vow not to support our Congress or our President or any elected offical in the illegal use of Taxpayers money, which includes use for illegal foreigners in our country, but support the idea of limits on their acts with Treason as an end result of subjecting our citizens to UNDUE TAxation or any other ACt which could be construed as Treason should be treated AS Treason.
/ˈtrēz&# 601;n/
The crime of betraying one's country, esp. by attempting to kill the sovereign or overthrow the government.
The action of betraying someone or something.
treachery - betrayal - perfidy - disloyalty - sellout
/ˈtrizən/ Show Spelled [tree-zuhn] Show IPA
the offense of acting to overthrow one's government or to harm or kill its sovereign.
a violation of allegiance to one's sovereign or to one's state.
the betrayal of a trust or confidence; breach of faith; treachery.
1175--1225; Middle English tre ( i ) so ( u ) n < Anglo-French; Old French traïson < Latin tr&#257;diti&#333;n-(s tem of tr&#257;diti&#333; ) a handing over, betrayal. See tradition
Related forms
su·per·trea·son, noun
1. T reason , sedition mean disloyalty or treachery to one's country or its government. T reason is any attempt to overthrow the government or impair the well-being of a state to which one owes allegiance; the crime of giving aid or comfort to the enemies of one's government. S edition is any act, writing, speech, etc., directed unlawfully against state authority, the government, or constitution, or calculated to bring it into contempt or to incite others to hostility, ill will or disaffection; it does not amount to treason and therefore is not a capital offense. 2. See disloyalty. Unabridged
Based on the Random House Dictionary,© Random House, Inc. 2013.
Who declares the punishment of treason?
In: Law & Legal Issues [Edit categories]
It depends on the country. In the United States, the punishment for treason is set forth in Title 18, USC § 2381:
Whoever, owing allegiance to the United States, levies war against them or adheres to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort within the United States or elsewhere, is guilty of treason and shall suffer death, or shall be imprisoned not less than five years and fined under this title but not less than $10,000; and shall be incapable of holding any office under the United States.

Houston, TX

#14 Apr 14, 2013
22) We vow to make known to Congress and all elected officals this is our position on their jobs, rank and role in our Country. That their decisons to allow illegal entry must stop as well as any promise of citizenship to any illegal forsaken.
23) We are supporting our constitution by government , we are upholding our rights as citizens to define the role of our elected officials and what is to be done with our tax monies, as well as defining what we will and will not tolerate when it comes to the security and sovereignty of our country, our borders and especially the protection of our OWN people. We define the role and the duties of the President...not the President. We define the role of Congress, not Congress. We are the people, not the illegals. ADHERE TO US.
24) We demand of the Elected officials to remove any and all laws which aid and abet foreigners to enter our country illegally for assets we are taxed for. WE want Congress to end millions of legal immigrants also, as too many entering our country.
25) As the Citizens of the USA we believe the laws should be equitable for all American Citizens. Our Constitution does not discuss others, only citizens. We want that interpretation defined and limited to citizens. This means any money or priviledge given an illegal shall not be performed. No education for an illegal when there is an AMerican that should be there at all costs. No monies shall be given for illegal to be educuated here, only for all states, cities, counties and colleges. ANy Person , elected offical, any legisator, any congressional leader or governor implementing such monies shall be removed for treason.

Houston, TX

#15 Apr 14, 2013
26) English shall be the required OFFICIAL language of our country.
27) No foreigner by birth or from illegal parents shall be allowed to hold a political or elected office since this alone compromises the integrity of our cities and system of government, and has already .
28) No person shall be able to use laws from any other country to define or defend their position in our Courts.
29) We , as the USA Citizens of __________State or City) do not recognize Amnesty as a right of the President or Congress to implement, authorize or subject the American citizens to . Neither do they have a constitutional right to authorize the USA Citizenship to be subject to or recognize such authorizations, positions, implementations or such. We do not authorize our Congress, Presideet nor the Judiciary system to waiver or trail away from the essential provisions of our constitution which states we, the people, are the sovereign, and you the elected officials are subject to our constitution to protect and uphold our rights--not to dilute or take away or give away our lands, our monies, or our rights.
30) We, as the Citizens of the USA, reserve the right to end the idea and discussion of Amnesty with this letter, and demand that the President's presumed right to give amnesty shall be eliminated as of today. As well as any Congressional act, or committee to end the discussion and reprimands be given or the elected offcials promoting amnesty be removed for high treason to their USA Citizens and the constitution which gives us the right to demand this as well as gives USA CITIZENS the right to demand this now.
31) We demand any illegal or any citizen demanding rights for any foreigner over the exisiting laws be reprimanded and their lobbying, promoting, broadcasting, aiding or abetting, providing financial relief or monies to enter the USA, or to provide ways for illegals to stay, are acts against the Americfan People and shall be regulated and the rule of law followed with punishments and expulsion demanded by the American people, as Treason.
32) We the USA Citizens of __________state or city demand that any and all attempts SHALL BE made by our Federal government, as well as our local and state government, city and county officals ,to catch, impound, expell and prevent any and all illegals from entering our local cities, counties and states. ANy action which prevents the Soveriegn from expelling any Illegal foreigner shall be considered an act of treason on any level.
33) We the USa citizens demand to have control of our local cities and counties, that no federal law shall supercede any local regulation or law enforcement efforts to arrest, stop, apprehend, jail, expell or remove to their own country, any illegal on our local soil. We also demand to know of any entry, arrest, jailing, expulsion, and immigration status of any illegal in our presence. We oppose the Homeland security making decisions which affect our local govenrments and police officials from protecting our cities and citizens from ANY illegal occupation. We believe the DHLS officials should be prosecuted for Treason for the release of illegals into our neighnorhoods, and their failure to follow the laws by Obama's direction.

Houston, TX

#16 Apr 14, 2013
34) We the USA citizens of __________state or county shall decide what Taxes shall be used where. No Union, Chamber of Commerce or any other political body or party shall make the decisons on regualtion and taxation which should be left up to the American Citizens and their elected officials. ANy use of Tax money on any level levied for any use by or for illegals except to remove them shall constitute treason , and as an act against the American People and their Sovereignty. This shall include the taxation of citizens for the education of illegals, which here we disallow as an act of treason against the citizens of the USA as an Illegally forced taxation since it does not meet the use by an Ameircan citizen.

35) Additionally, No Federal laws which aid or abett or cause taxation for any illegal use or promtoion shall be allowed , and these shall be seen as an act of treason by our federal elected officials. Unions , organizations, anyone who promotes the act of illegally entering, employing, paying, giving shelter to
, hiding, aiding or abeting , shall be served as committing treason against the American People.

36) No illegal shall have the right to enter or stand upon any local city ground, and soil of the USA, or any area of the US Territories without incarceration. No pregnant foreigners will be allowed to birth in the USa. If Illegal and pressured into birth by undue reasons or emergency , the mother shall be forced to have their child in a designated Embassy suite in the hospital designated for her country so that her child shall not be an American Citizen by birth but a foreign child birthed at ther embassy in the USA, and subsequently removed from American Soil with prosecution to the mother for her illegal status. Since it is a Federal law not to enter illegally, the entire are of the USA is prohibited for their use and shall not be tolerated.

37) Since the preservation of our governemnts on a local level is especially important to the US citizens, we declare any monies given to persuade illegals to enter an area shall constitute a crime . This being, any monies offered for the employ of any illegal shall be considered a crime. Punishment shall constitue of penalities, and the loss of the right to do business in an area or city or county, loss of the right to do interstate commerce, and especially the loss of the right to own a business in any city or county of any state. This same act shall be considered treason against the USA Citizens and penalized for such. It shall also constitute fraud and be penalized as such locally, county, and state wide. ANy business which is prosecuted shall forfeit any and all profits up to half for each year they employed any illegal.

38) As it is a Federal crime to enter the USA illegally it shall also be illegal to enter any part of the USA without Legal status, nor to remain as an illegal in any city, state, or county with each Jurisdiction able to prosecute or aid in the prosecution of the one here illegally.

Houston, TX

#17 Apr 14, 2013
39) Additionally it shall be illegal for any illegal to apply for work here in the USA without being here legally.

40) We the Ciizens of __________county or state, as signed below demand these to be implemented as laws this Year, as well as any additional laws written in below: We demand that any acts ,legislation, laws, appropriations etc, for or in favor of illegal foreigners occupying our country shall constitute treason and that you as an elected official shall make your agenda only to suffice for American Citizens under our laws, never for any foreigners to occupy our lands illegally.

41) We demand that you innact Treason laws to encompass these above ,and act immediately to fuilfill these obligations we see as inherent by our constitution and that you specifically end any and all discussions which would allow foreigners to take control of, give away or even to be present in our country as we do not believe you have the constitutional right to do so without our Citizens authority whcih we have not given you. We demand you act to supercede and eliminate any idea that President has any right to give away our country to people here illegally , that any illegal entry eliminates any possibility of anything except arrest and expulsion according to our laws, that the President does not have the constitutional or any other authority to act against the American people in any capacity of his office.

42) We demand our Congress take immediate action to reign in any and all acts by our President as well as our Judicial system which could be conveyed as treason.

43) We believe the financial as well as world position of the USA is imminently in danger should the President provide amnesty for millions, up to 40 million illegals in the USa, that the unknowns of these numbers as well as the backgrounds demand that we take action now to preserve our financial heritage as well as our ancestral wealth of laws, ideas and beliefs,financial wealth and ties, not to be lost on those who would take and change all of America to fit the barrio ideaolgy many, many illegals have brought with them .That the cultural and financial disparity we are indeed facing should the President make by giving amnesty , who has and is abdicating his position to protect us, is most likely to tip the USa into financial ruin and chaos as we are left to the peso valuation as we lose our heritage and ties to our European well as lose our place in leadership of the world.

Houston, TX

#18 Apr 14, 2013
44) WE believe the most imperative acts of our elEcted officals are the preservation of our laws and constitution and sovereignty of the American people. We demand our requests be enacted as laws, because Congress, as well as city, state and local governments and the President have lost sight of our USA Citizens as the voice and lawmakers of our country. We , the Sovereign demand the above shall be implemented as laws immediately to take precedent over any conflicting laws in existence.

45) We believe the failure of our Federal government and the position of our Judicial system, specifically Eric Holder and our President are in actuality points of Treason against the American People, and without merit or standing in our laws. We believe acts by the leaders and head of Homeland security to circumvent prosecution and upholding our laws against illegals is also treason and subject to the same.

46) We believe the acts of certain Congressional leaders as well as acts by certain City MAyors are in actuality points of treason against the American People, subject to prosecuton, removal and punishment.

47) We believe the failure of our Federal governemnt, Judicial head, President, Congressional leaders including the GAng of 8 , to systematically remove illegals as well as implement our laws and their failure to uphold these laws of immigration are just that--acts of treason against the American people, subject to prosecution, removal and punishment for upholding a foreign entities right to occupy our soveriegn land as described in our constitution. We believe we not only have the right but duty to stop these actions permitting illegal occupation of our country as well as reign in any and all elected or government officials seeking to ignore our laws.

49) We demand these officials be prosecuted for illegally permitting the occupation of the USa by illegals as well as persistently ignoring our laws they vowed to uphold, meaning Any and all who support these illegal acts permitting the illegal entry and occupation and taxation for illegals, all acts we see as treason against USA American Citizens and unconstitutional by our view.

Cincinnati, OH

#19 Apr 14, 2013
Austinite wrote:
Is all a joke, to become a citizen one must prove good moral character and be free of crime. Illegal aliens are all criminals by their very presence. Add in not paying hospital and other bills, illegally working in this country, not paying taxes other than local sales taxes, filing fraud tax returns with ITNs or identity theft by using SS# of someone else are also all crimes and show poor moral character.
In any event like under the last amnesty with Reagan millions more will follow and the ones with the amnesty will be allowed to bring in millions of their "family" and they too will be given citizenship and be able to work, collect welfare, Social security, unemployment, and all that.
Do you think an employer paying an illegal alien 10 an hour for a 20 an hour job is going to pay that now citizen the 20? No way, they will can the citizen and hire the next illegal alien for 10 and the cycle starts all over, again.
Yes, granting amnesty and giving citizenship to undocumented workers would just force our job creators to import new slave labor for harvest work on their plantations. It would accomplish nothing and cause job creators unnecessary expense associated with such importing. They deserve better.

Houston, TX

#20 Apr 14, 2013

SIgned__________ American Citizen __________Identify yourself with an email or chose a number,with any alpha numeric numbers you can prove as well as a semblance of your name.... considering you are one of 360 million.

We suggest you be counted as your name, city state zip phone...street address. This is important.

Specifically we are using this instrument to make known our demands in the area of National , state and local, as well as federal Govenrment.

This DAte of __________ 2013.

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