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#1669 Apr 15, 2014
Quirky wrote:
because they are rude, vulgar, and think they are entitled to something that they are not!
I think the rest of the world would probably opine that this is the description of the stereotypical, "Ugly American" that visits their countries and which they all know and despise.

San Diego, CA

#1670 Apr 16, 2014
Mexico is a horrible place bc Mexicans are horrible people. They're are horrible and dirty and lazy thieves in Mexico and in the USA. Everyone says the problem in Mexico is bc they're poor and uneducated. But in this day and age, being uneducated is a choice. What no one wants to say out loud is that they aren't civilized nor do they have the mental capacity for living any other way. I would guess The same goes for other third world countries, but I've been to Mexico and saw it first hand. The men are disgusting and sweaty and the girls there walk around all dressed up primed and ready to start breeding at 12 years old! They don't think twice about stealing from Americans..they even pride themselves on that! Do kids still go there to party?? There is absolutely nothing to party over there..you WILL be robbed and/or raped. They seriously pride themselves on what crimes they commit against Americans. Even the Americans that have moved there are just as shady! It's just not a good place to go AT ALL. Look around, if you insist on going for the love of god walk over, don't drive!, all the cars are wrecked or all dented, car rental places charge outrageous insurance fees to drive there bc they know those people can't drive there.

San Diego, CA

#1671 Apr 16, 2014
Look at the way mexicans act towards Americans in the state, I'm currently being harassed by these idiot mexican kids throwing rocks at my car all the time. Their breeder parents tell them to do it! As soon as I get it on film..and I will....all those filthy mexicans will be in jail and their nappy headed idiot kids will be taken from them and either deported or raised in an orphanage. I cant stand mexicans!

San Diego, CA

#1672 Apr 16, 2014
Sorry it took you that long to realize how worthless the mexican men are. I learned the same lesson the hard way myself. They are completely useless and most are closet fags, so you might wana get check if you haven't already. One that I knew actually had a sexual relationship with his f-ing brother! He stole from me and was always acting all depressed and just brought me so down it was crazy why I even spent time with him. Another one I was involved with was a leech, but he was genuinely crazy, never worked, smoked pot everyday-the other one did too, was violent with me on numerous occasions. I know I was stupid for staying with either, but I was in love, or so I thought. That type of behavior is very common in mexican "value systems".

Wow. I've been married to my "Mexican Sweetheart" 13 years. I have protected him from all forms of racial slights. I feel like the most stupid person on this planet. He has not been home in months. Apparently I am not "skinny" enough for him now. I'm 5'11" and weigh 150 lbs. He is not so tall, shall we say. I speak 7 languages. He couldn't speak English when I got him his papers here (Canada). He wants me to go out and work for him, even though I supported him for the first 6 years of our relationship. He is a boar. Arrogant. Now worth a shitload because my dad got him into his industry (metal processing). He tried to take me "back" to my parents. Sense of entitlement like I have NEVER seen on this this planet (I had very wealthy/well positioned friends in Mexico, but chose him because I swore that I would never marry into wealth, as it was mentally disturbing. I don't know much more what to say. I accepted his family, sexual deviants (kids) and everything because I thought he was honest and a good person. What a huge pair of blinders I had on. Absolutely disgusted. I come from a family of hard working European immigrants. I've worked my butt off for him. At least I still have my parents (grandmom just died). I've now, also, begun to rethink my position in terms of not being racist.

Salt Lake City, UT

#1673 Apr 19, 2014
The take over of my people has started there is you can do to stop nothing give us 10 years and you will have nothing left but memories
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#1674 Apr 19, 2014
Mexica Movement wrote:
<quoted text>
We have the right to derive "material sustenance" from anything derived from this continent, our continent.
That's the right we have as Indigenous People. And asking whites fEor permission is not even in the equation.
Do you live off the land? Probably not. Your argument would make sense if you only took out what you bartered for or hunted/gathered. Everything else requires currency. I'd hate to see what your balance sheet looks like.


Salt Lake City, UT

#1675 Apr 21, 2014
usa today wrote:
They will never learn English
they would rather make us learn spanish
I think all Spanish outside the home should be outlawed
In all govt papers , ballots , schools , everywhere should be English only
If they want to jabber in spanish at home , thats fine
AH, truth, pure truth. Hispanics in America that don't speak English should not be allowed in America, in the U.S. we speak American English, not Spanish. Their arrogance has been obviously shown andhow they complain about the u.s. "sucking D*ck" is all the more reason to ship their wet backs back to their own country. Let's send 'em back to their bad country before they make our country bad.

Jackson Heights, NY

#1676 Apr 24, 2014
German_Mann wrote:
<quoted text>
AH, truth, pure truth. Hispanics in America that don't speak English should not be allowed in America, in the U.S. we speak American English, not Spanish. Their arrogance has been obviously shown andhow they complain about the u.s. "sucking D*ck" is all the more reason to ship their wet backs back to their own country. Let's send 'em back to their bad country before they make our country bad.
I am American. Born and raised. My mother is from Colombia and came here when she was 14 years old. She came here llegaly. She works in finance and has since she was 22 years old.
She gets mad sometimes at the stuff i say. I get annoyed when orher hispanics cant even speak any english and have been here for more than 20 years. Its pathetic.
Nothing annoys me more then illegal mexicans though thats for sure. Other hispanics tend to look down on them.
They are horrible looking. We get the 4"3 midget looking ones here in ny. I cant stand them. They are perverted and disgusting drunks. I curse them out on a daily basis. There women are so ugly, they get desperate when they see tall beautiful women of other ethnicities.
The women have like 8 kids. Living off welfare.
Just picking up my daughter from school is an issue because they come with huge strollers and 3 toddlers. I have to push my way through.
I went to Arizona a few years ago and was treated horrible by a business owner. He probably thought i was Mexican. Its sad that in other states they think every hispanic is mexican. They are giving us a bad name.
They are taking over.
All my female friends gave been sexually harrassed by one of these midgets at least once in there life.

El Paso, TX

#1677 Apr 28, 2014

Lansdale, PA

#1678 Apr 29, 2014
Send all Illegals back to Mexico.

Reno, NV

#1680 May 6, 2014
That's right Americans rule America. LOL

Reno, NV

#1681 May 6, 2014
Henry wrote:
Send all Illegals back to Mexico.
Hell yes! Amen

Visalia, CA

#1682 May 16, 2014
Save America wrote:
<quoted text>
What you said is very true.
Yes, there are some good Americans of hispanic decent (one of my friends is hispanic)
While some of them are nice it´s really hard not to dislike them generally when the vast majority of them are arrogant and racist.
Besides.. how are we ever going to be able to communicate with them if they refuse to learn English?
I think that is one of the real problems every day I see more and more Spanish everywhere it's getting annoying
stupid people

Killeen, TX

#1683 May 17, 2014
white america is high on meth,coke,prescription medication, heroin and good ol' marijuana. they freely give their money to drug cartels and fund terrorist organizations with their addictions, which employ criminals that are getting paid so you can keep getting stoned like a teenager long after your childhood should have ended. you'd like to think that there aren't Mexicans who enjoy a much better life than you without government assistance, but you provide the demand that buys the houses and cars and guns. your attempts at genocide of the native blood of this continent failed, be it mixed or pure it doesn't matter it's still here.so, go on and be your own damn scapegoat pinky.

Astoria, NY

#1684 May 25, 2014
Ur the suppliers shut up about being native. True native Americans hate Mexicans fact.
mexicans suck

Fort Worth, TX

#1685 May 25, 2014
I hate how entitled and rude mexicans are. Get to go angry with real Americans because we don't speak Spanish they are not tax payers considering mist are here illegally. But then want to bitch about rights they are not entitled to while collecting every government welfare available . They have 15 kids and counting a piece they can't afford and all the while real Americans are denied assistance they should all go back to where ever they came from
Jodetes Cholos

Long Beach, CA

#1686 Jun 6, 2014
The mexicans in California wasted the state away. Why do you think companies and businesses are leaving? Why do you think taxes and crime are high? Thank the idiot mexicans. there are over 40 gangs alone of hispanics in CA. Black, Asian, Caucasian gangs don't even equal the combined number of hispanic gangs.

The cholo mexicans are worse than Al Quada and the Taliban combined. I would never live in a mexican neighborhood. Period.

Hopefully the idiot cholo mexicans get exterminated.

Only educated mexicans should be allowed to have children.

El Macero, CA

#1687 Jun 6, 2014
The govt is supposed to protect us from foreign invasions, but it isn't. It is being encouraged. Our so-called govt represents everyone but Americans.
AnImmigrantNotan Invader

Las Vegas, NV

#1688 Jun 6, 2014
This is all nice, but the problem is that Americans aren't speaking up and aren't confront Mexicans offline.

-We need to refuse to patronize restaurants that don't hire Americans.
-Don't patronize stores with signs in Spanish.
-Complain and complain some more when your Mexican neighbors act like third world slum rats.
- Call the cops whenever they get out of hand.
- Refuse to deal with anyone not speaking English(who isn't a tourist or going through the process of learning the language). Banks, hospitals, schools, etc should not utilize Spanish.
- Openly show them they're not welcome here.
- Don't elect politicians who pander to them, on the local level.

United States

#1689 Jun 22, 2014
Vianey Rios wrote:
Latinos have clearly demonstrated that their loyalties lie with criminal their brethren to the South. Lets look at the facts:
1. Hispanics despise all things not latino. Racism is rampant amongst their culture.
Point taken...racism is rampant?...to a certain point. The US is used to having alot of different culture. Latin American isn't. It takes some time to adapt and assimilate.
2. Latino communities across the country are providing massive support to their hispanic brethren to the south. Supporting the invasion of a country by citizens who are not legally authorized to be there is better defined as 'TREASON'.
That's the reason many of them come here illegally, so they can help their families back home. What's so bad about that?
3. Latinos refuse to learn the English language. They continue to display their arrogance through their refusal to assimilate into the American melting pot.
-They don't "refuse", some of them just can't because they are illiterate, some don't even speak spanish and you expect them to learn a completly different language from one day to the other?
4. Latinos hold no allegiance to the US or what it stands for. They worship the American dollar and nothing else.
I have family in the US that celebrate 4th of July and the 16th of Sept. Can you not accept two different cultures?
6. They destroy every community they move into. Within no time, these once peaceful, law abiding multi-cultural communities become crime infested, violent havens for foriegn invaders.
-That's way to much exageration
7. They utilize social services payed for by hard working legal American citizens at an alarming rate. Thus creating havoc with the social fabric of our society.
-They also pay taxes. They can't claim welfare because they are...well.. illegals. I'd say what they use and give back is probably equal.
8. Latino children are destroying our public school system. Every school that becomes majority latino falls off the map from a performance standpoint.
I studied in the US for a while. American born kids aren't perfect either. Most of the ones that I met were really rude to teachers. No respect. If they can't respect their teachers how are they going to learn?
9. They have children at a rate disproportionate to other American demographics. The majority of these poor children are raised in 3rd world conditions of squalor and poverty.
It's not like they are having babies on purpose. You also have to remember that most of Latin America is really religious. Contraceptive and use of condoms is something the church is against. It's a religious and cultural issue.
10. Hispanics dwell on ancient history. They feel entitled to parts of the U.S., regardless of international recognition of our country's borders.
Ancient?? it wasn't that long ago, a little over a 150 years. It's like how Jewish people still can't forgive about what happend in WWII (which I think some will never do) and the same way some Americans will never forgive the Middle East for 9-11. It's what mexicans have been taught in school, that the US took parts of Mexico, mix that with some Mexican pride and you get a grudge that will not be forgotten easily.
I'm not trying to be confrontational here, just saying that some things are stuff people always generalize.
These are the kind of half assed liberal ideas that are the root of the problem. You want to live here conform to American lifestyles and ideals. The vast majority of the Mexicans do not and will not. I'm an electrician of 24 years and based on what I see daily...ALL your retorts are BULLSHIT...including blaming religion for having cockroach sized families. As for historical rights...throughout history people have conquered and taken from others. The US is the only one to ever rehabilitate or aid them after we have kicked their ass. Mexicans had their chance...the next logical step is to sterilize them!!!

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