Why Americans are starting to really ...

Los Angeles, CA

#1610 Dec 7, 2013
the good think im mexican i dont have to worry about jobs hehehe

Los Angeles, CA

#1615 Jan 5, 2014
lynn wrote:
I think that the main reason that Americans are starting to hate Mexicans is because they are so arrogant and think they are better than the american in all senses. that includes mexican men and women. i'm not saying that all mexicans are like that but the majority of them are. I am married to one and i'm american. He is a very hard worker and when he isn't around other mexicans he's fine. but when he gets around a lot of macho men and his family members he changes. Like at home, sometimes he'll help with stuff and he won't demand me to kiss his butt all the time. but once he's around other mexicans, like at a party, i have to get up and serve him his food, get him his drink, usually beer, and not really have a say so in what goes on, like for instance, family matters. then if he does something I don't like and i try to talk to him about it, he'll get angry , macho, and sarcastic. the women are bad sometimes too. the godmother to our son is the best woman I know and so is her family. they are mexican. but boy, if you are an american woman like me, a lot of mexican women think that you aren't good enough for their men and are always on your back about how well you cook, clean,and take care of the kids, not buy how nice of a person you are or your values,(like how a guy should also respect his woman). plus, i don't see how they think they're so elite, most of them aren't clean anyway.
Exactly, those ppl think they can just come in our country and think they can rule over us? Thats not right

Los Angeles, CA

#1616 Jan 5, 2014
uuq wrote:
the good think im mexican i dont have to worry about jobs hehehe
You are bs cuz u think u can just crash my country and not work, people like u are why us americans dont like u

San Gabriel, CA

#1619 Jan 9, 2014
cause most people essential kids need to find jobs early they dont have the privelge to study in become educated

San Gabriel, CA

#1620 Jan 9, 2014
sorry what i said really but igonrant people just make me mad

Lewis Center, OH

#1621 Jan 12, 2014
usa today wrote:
This country does not need millions of 3rd world toilet cleaners
A few that want to assimulate is fine but the hoards that are rushing in here now are unexceptional
Americans will be dealing with them and they really need to feel the fear
When the knock comes in the middle of the night , be ready amigo
You're forgetting that immigrants built this country. This country was ment to be diverse. The problems here in America are nothing compared to those of 3rd world countries.

Lewis Center, OH

#1622 Jan 12, 2014
Mexicans are cr3p wrote:
Mexicans have like 15 babies, and they think it is too little. Then those babies has more babies. They are eating up the econemy financially, watch there would be a rise in food prices, there won't be enough food to go around. If Mexicans think they are better than us, why don't they go back to Mexico and brag about it there? Anyway Mexico is having problems, so why run away to America? What cowards they are to illegally leave your country to escape reality. They can't even handle their own country's problems so they come here to make more problems for us.
Mexico's problems are greater than America's. Almost everywhere you go, you have to worry about wether or not your child got to school or came home safe. And you could get broken into easily at night. Also all of the drug cartels and bad gangs. Anyone could be in them. And you could easily be kidnapped by them. I don't see people in America being allert every single time they have to take out the trash.

Your just white pieces of shit that think your better than anyone else that's not white. That's not true. White people are arrogant, selfish, mindless, and they are white trash. Immigrants built this country! This country was meant to be diverse. There is no real American culture.

North Las Vegas, NV

#1624 Jan 18, 2014
Racing Zombie wrote:
Latinos are getting what they deserve. That macho in your face culture is coming back to haunt them in a big way. The reasons why have nothing to do with racism or zenophobia. It's all about behavior. Latinos have clearly demonstrated that their loyalties lie with criminal their brethren to the South. Lets look at the facts:
1. Hispanics despise all things not latino. Racism is rampant amongst their culture.
2. Latino communities across the country are providing massive support to their hispanic brethren to the south. Supporting the invasion of a country by citizens who are not legally authorized to be there is better defined as 'TREASON'.
3. Latinos refuse to learn the English language. They continue to display their arrogance through their refusal to assimilate into the American melting pot.
4. Latinos hold no allegiance to the US or what it stands for. They worship the American dollar and nothing else.
6. They destroy every community they move into. Within no time, these once peaceful, law abiding multi-cultural communities become crime infested, violent havens for foriegn invaders.
7. They utilize social services payed for by hard working legal American citizens at an alarming rate. Thus creating havoc with the social fabric of our society.
8. Latino children are destroying our public school system. Every school that becomes majority latino falls off the map from a performance standpoint.
9. They have children at a rate disproportionate to other American demographics. The majority of these poor children are raised in 3rd world conditions of squalor and poverty.
10. Hispanics dwell on ancient history. They feel entitled to parts of the U.S., regardless of international recognition of our country's borders.
So the question remains: Are latinos a clear and present danger to the U.S?
They answer supported by factual data is a resounding YES!
I dare anyone to refute my assertions through a factual point-counterpoint debate.
Note: Try and do so without using tired terms such as 'racists' and 'zenophobe'.
every time I see a bum by the freeway or any stop light begging for money he or she 9 times out of 10 is white. While Mexicans are actually trying to WORK either cleaning toilets or standing outside Home Depot

Burbank, CA

#1626 Jan 20, 2014
usa today wrote:
<quoted text>
Don't count on it
This country is for Americans , not mexicans or latinos
Wow really? Then get out! This country was founded by immigrants until the Europeans came and decided to take over. Honestly how about all the so called "Americans" leave and go take over some other country. It about time you go mess up a perfectly well off country and screw it up with the retarded system you have here.

Burbank, CA

#1627 Jan 20, 2014
Black wrote:
<quoted text>
You are bs cuz u think u can just crash my country and not work, people like u are why us americans dont like u
You don't own the damn country.

Burbank, CA

#1628 Jan 20, 2014
Italiansauce wrote:
<quoted text>
You're forgetting that immigrants built this country. This country was ment to be diverse. The problems here in America are nothing compared to those of 3rd world countries.
Finally a person with knowledge!

Pittsburgh, PA

#1629 Jan 20, 2014
youtube.com/watch... …………Poop Gettin Deep on this Thread

Los Angeles, CA

#1630 Jan 22, 2014
yes i do
Claudio a Hispanic person

Shirley, NY

#1631 Jan 24, 2014
I am a Hispanic person Thank GOD not mexican. I am not an inmigrant.I do not write English very well, but I try hard to do it. I want to say that this is a very but very complex subject. The powerful people have to do with the mexican that come here. I know this due to I am a day labor and deal with mexicans and everything that have to do with...... I have been in very wealthy places here in USA and have seen who keep those places running. I used to deliver hay to places that are so wonderful mansion huge property and guess what all mexican workers some even live in the property. Like I said I am not a good writer so making this short my point is THE RICHES are to blame. they are the one that bring mexican to this country I even know history about the "Patron" big boss paying for the coyote" the guy that bring the mexican I also want to say that I am agree with the person that say mexicans has no values I proved that myself they are crooked they have no honor the majority of mexicans I know are thieves Please believe me I do not hate them is just my experience with them and it it like a 90 to 95% are like that....

Lilburn, GA

#1633 Jan 26, 2014
I guess Americans do hate Mexicans. I don't. I have many reasons why. First they are great people. Hardworking too, and caring. I'm white but have many Mexican friends and family.They treat me very well just like they do to everyone . I'm not sure about the ghetto parts like L.A but in Georgia or Chicago my family/friends are some of the greatest people I know. Many of my friends marry Mexican girls. I've met them and are really nice and caring and always make sure you are comfy in their house. But I've met some from the ghetto and are no different. They just typically want respect and kindness. The only reason why they join gangs is because their family members are too busy for them , working hard and trying to support their family , while the young ones are hanging out with the bad people. I've had friends like these but they quit the gang life and realize that this is what America wants them to do . Kill each other and start chaos , so they could bring all type if Hatred to every Hispanic. I'm not against illegals because I know they are trying to live a better life in America then in Mexico. I've been in Mexico and its pretty poor and dangerous with all the violence.. I even asked some of my family members why they came and they all said to work hard and send money to their family's stuck in poverty in Mexico. But most of you fucktards are just being really racist to the people who are willing to help us . I know white people wouldn't want to clean houses or build houses. They wanna be doctors and own businesses . But who are going to build them? Who are going to support them ? Mexicans and other Hispanic races . So fuck all you little whining piece of shit dirt bags.

Rosemead, CA

#1634 Jan 27, 2014
oh ok i ratter be in the losing side then the wining

Rosemead, CA

#1636 Jan 27, 2014
im kidding i dont hate anyone just got me mad

Rosemead, CA

#1637 Jan 27, 2014
we are all equal

New York, NY

#1638 Jan 29, 2014
Anglos can kiss my Mexican culo! Our anchor kids are ALL US citizens!!
your amigo

Long Beach, CA

#1639 Jan 30, 2014
Any Mexican who cheats, is a criminal, writes graffiti, causes trouble in school, is in a gang, supports drug dealers, or is violent needs to be hung at the highest tree. And, subsequently, have the Vietnamese immigrants throw rocks and stones at these people. In effect, they can acquire their vengeance upon these mexicans terrorists who killed an innocent girl at The Crosby Club in Santa Ana, CA. Make these mexicans who did this crime accountable. Let the innocent people judge them, as they see fit.

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