alert ....*****. i live in south fla. born in u.s.a. and i know a bad weather set up when i see one. we once had a strong cold front swing this far down and it hit all our moist tropical air and well....the two did not shake hands....but tornadoes broke out and lightning and hail and winds....the 2 colliding sytems reaked havic with folk down here with no cellars or basements... and these 2 monsters fought for hours till one shoved the other out to sea.The barametric pressures in the cold front low, almost gave me a heart attack....soooo.whats my point??? YOU ALL ARE GOING TO BE SANDWICHED IN BETWEEN THIS MONSTERVHURRICANES SPINNING WARM MOIST TROPICAL STORMS FILLED WITH RAINBANDS IF TONS OF WATER AND TORNADOES OFF BOTH SYTEMS COLLIDING EVEN IF THE STORM ITSELF SKIRTS PAST. TAKE 2 ASPRINS FOR THE HEART... LIE DOWN IN SAFE ROOM ON THESE TWO SYTEMS.POWER WILL GO OUT. ALOT LOT LOT OF RAIN...ETC...HANG ON TO YOUR HATS FOLKS ITS GONNS BE A BUMPY RIDE...PRAY UP...PSALM 91.:*}