Catholic Church Waging War on Women and Gays

“Pharmacists must seek to raise people's awareness so that all human beings are protected from conception to natural death, and so that medicines truly play a therapeutic role”

Pope Benedict XVI said Monday that pharmacists have a right to use conscientious objection to avoid dispensing emergency contraception or euthanasia drugs - and told them they should also inform patients of the ... via Fables of the reconstruction

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Prince George, Canada

#247172 Jan 26, 2013
The following are Carl Sagan quotes.

Science is a way of thinking much more than it is a body of knowledge.

The universe is not required to be in perfect harmony with human ambition.

If we long to believe that the stars rise and set for us, that we are the reason there is a Universe, does science do us a disservice in deflating our conceits?

It is far better to grasp the universe as it really is than to persist in delusion, however satisfying and reassuring.

Since: Sep 09

Prince George, Canada

#247173 Jan 26, 2013
When through religion humans are taught that there is a far better place to go than on earth, they come up with the most flamboyant ideas ... such as that a god will be pleased with them if they die for the dogmas created by men of the churches, mosques or synagogues, etc.

The term "martyr" stems from a man named Justine Martyr, who died while having a devout belief in the Catholic dogma of his day.

As occurred with Augustine, Justine studied religious-dogmas that belonged to other cults before he became a Catholic.

The term martyr became the catch-phrase of the Catholic hierarchy as they used it to encourage others to die for their cult.

"Become a MARTYR!!!" they preached ... as they sat on their ever-so-comfortable butts in the vatican and encouraged followers to kill others for their own ambitions.

Since: Sep 09

Prince George, Canada

#247174 Jan 26, 2013
From the book,“The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire,” by Edward Gibbon,(Coyright 1963, by Frank C. Bourne … comes the following…….

Justine Martyr had sought divine knowledge in the schools of Zeno, of Aristotle, of Pythagoras, and of Plato, before he fortunately was accosted by the old man, or rather the angel, who turned his attention to the study of the Jewish prophets.

Since: Sep 09

Prince George, Canada

#247175 Jan 26, 2013
You will find that these same Jews are very "religious."

Religion can't take the brute out of human nature. It's simply not possible!
>>>>>>> >>>>>>> >>>>>>> >>>>>>> >>>>>>> >>>>>>> >>>

UK minister defends making Auschwitz comparison

A member of British parliament on Friday defended comments made on his website over Israel's treatment of the Palestinians, British daily The Guardian reported.

David Ward posted an item on his website accusing the Jewish people of "inflicting atrocities on Palestinians … on a daily basis".

On Ward's website, it stated: "Having visited Auschwitz twice – once with my family and once with local schools – I am saddened that the Jews, who suffered unbelievable levels of persecution during the Holocaust, could within a few years of liberation from the death camps be inflicting atrocities on Palestinians in the new State of Israel and continue to do so on a daily basis in the West Bank and Gaza."

Since: Sep 09

Prince George, Canada

#247176 Jan 26, 2013
Sherlayne wrote:
<quoted text>
I WANT there to be a God.
I'm still pondering on your post of yesterday Sherlayne.

I refuse to believe that a god would create a realm where suffering in all creatures is necessary to fulfill the god's supposed "divine" plan. I would be terribly disappointed in such a god, and would still feel that disappointment in the hereafter.

Would you share the reason why you still want to believe that there is a god?

Since: Sep 09

Prince George, Canada

#247177 Jan 26, 2013
So, if dogs and cats, etc., dream and also have nightmares ... why, other than for reasons of arrogance, would humans believe that the dreams of humans are linked to a god?

Since: Sep 09

Prince George, Canada

#247178 Jan 26, 2013
The centuries of slaughter in the belief that a god demanded human-blood and the blood of other unfortunate animals as sacrifices stemmed from the teaching of human brutes in the guises of gods.

Religion was and is not evil as in a devil promoting anything, but by human culpability ... it is WICKED!
>>>>>>> >>>>>>> >>>>>>> >>>>>>> >>>>>>> >>>>>>> >>>

From the book “Smith’s Bible Dictionary.

Meat Offering.

It was to be composed of the fine flour, seasoned with salt and mixed with oil and frankincense, but without leaven; and it was generally accompanied by a drink offering of wine.

It will be seen that this meaning involves neither sacrifice—the atonement for sin and self-dedication to God.

Since: Sep 09

Prince George, Canada

#247179 Jan 26, 2013
The Jews supposedly put "GOD" on trial and concluded that God deserved death ... yet ended up praying to the same image of a god.

From my perception, humans need to acquire mental strength of their own, and say "There can't be such a nasty god, so I will leave religion behind and free myself from its ongoing bondage."
>>>>>>> >>>>>>> >>>>>>> >>>>>>> >>>>>>> >>>>>>> >>>

From the book,“A History of God,” by Karen Armstrong, published 1993, comes the following …

Yet it is also true that even in Auschwitz some Jews continued to study the Talmud and observe the traditional festivals, not because they hoped that God would rescue them but because it made sense. There is a story that one day in Auschwitz, a group of Jews put God on trial. They charged him with cruelty and betrayal. Like Job, they found no consolation in the usual answers to the problem of evil and suffering in the midst of this current obscenity. They could find no excuse for God, no extenuating circumstances, so they found him guilty and, presumably, worthy of death. The Rabbi pronounced the verdict. Then he looked up and said that the trial was over: it was time for the evening prayers

Since: Sep 09

Prince George, Canada

#247181 Jan 26, 2013
I wonder if dogs and cats also fly while "they" are in dream-"land?"
>>>>>>> >>>>>>> >>>>>>> >>>>>>> >>>>>>> >>>>>>> >>>

History of Religious Ideas, by Mircea Eliade.

The lamas are masters of the atmosphere exactly like the shamans; they fly in the air, etc.

Since: Sep 09

Prince George, Canada

#247182 Jan 26, 2013
Is it possible to be in a sort of dream-like state, while at the same time being awake?

Isn't hypnosis such a state?
>>>>>>> >>>>>>> >>>>>>> >>>>>>> >>>>>>> >>>>>>> >>>>>>>

From the book “Twisted Scriptures,” by Mary Alice Chrnalogar, published in 1997.

Driving Yourself Nuts

Under hypnosis, you can be convinced that a bee is on your nose. You can see it and feel it, even though it isn’t really there. This deception can be so powerful that, if you are told that the bee has stung, a reddening swelling may appear and you will feel pain. Similarly, if someone convinces you that God will give you a command for everything you do in life, even to the tiniest detail, you will imagine that you hear commands from God. That doesn’t mean that God is really directing you. It only means that your mind imagines it to be true.

Since: Sep 09

Prince George, Canada

#247183 Jan 26, 2013
Do they fly, or is it just their imaginations deluding them?
>>>>>>> >>>>>>> >>>>>>> >>>>>>> >>>>>>> >>>>>>> >>

History of Religious Ideas, by Mircea Eliade.

The lamas are masters of the atmosphere exactly like the shamans; they fly in the air, etc.

Since: Sep 09

Prince George, Canada

#247184 Jan 26, 2013
From my perception people in religion are not satisfied with their lot of life on earth.

If that were so, these people would take it as it comes, and stop trying to manipulate the supposed future.

But of course, suffering in the here and now puts up red flags concerning yet MORE and MORE possible suffering in a hereafter.

It is the fear of suffering in a hereafter that leads people to believe in the existence of punishing "gods."

"Please don't punish me GOD. I'll be good, and I'll have complete faith in you ... but PLEASE have mercy on me!"

I have news for you. A god that created punishment, such as a hell where the devil works for the god punishing offenders, will not stop punishing just because you beg for mercy.

Serial killers LOVE those that beg and beg and beg, as it encourages them to torture MORE and MORE and MORE!

I suggest you stop believing in such foolishness and start believing that you are whole and worthy ... just as you are.

If you're not suffering physically now you are fortunate ... and if you are worrying about being punished in a hereafter, you are emotionally suffering because of religion, and the onus is on you if you choose to keep on suffering, or to set such beliefs free ... just the same way you set all other ridiculous beliefs free.

Since: Sep 09

Prince George, Canada

#247185 Jan 26, 2013
I suggest you be careful where you place your faith.

If you have faith that a god will punish others, you may be drawing negative energy to yourself.

Such an analogy is that water finds its own level.

To never wish harm on others is the best assurance that what we send out in vibrations will come back as positive energy.


The following is meant as humor

I must strive harder to stop wishing that the pope in the hereafter burns in his own private hell.


I can't help it if I'm a nasty human.

Since: Sep 09

Prince George, Canada

#247186 Jan 26, 2013
The bullying of homosexuals is for the most part caused by belief in religion.

And cloaked as servants of a god, they are PROUD of their bullying tactics.
>>>>>>> >>>>>>> >>>>>>> >>>>>>> >>>>>>> >>>>>>

‘Propaganda’ by Gays Faces Russian Curbs Amid Unrest

MOSCOW — While Russian lawmakers debated a bill that would outlaw “homosexual propaganda,” nationalist and religious demonstrators on Friday attacked gay rights advocates who had gathered outside the lower house of Parliament to protest the legislation.

The attackers, some singing religious hymns, hurled eggs and paint at the gay rights advocates, and shouted “Moscow is not Sodom!” In response, gay rights advocates shouted:“Fascism will not pass!” and “Moscow is not Iran!” Skirmishes broke out, and the police arrested about 20 people — most them opponents of the bill, who were accused of demonstrating without a permit.

Since: Sep 09

Prince George, Canada

#247187 Jan 26, 2013
It's possible that the next step in Russia will be to take away the rights of homosexuals to live.

And if history repeats itself, as is what usually occurs, the Christians, for the most part, will cheer each other on to the shedding of yet more blood in the name of their "loving" god!

And they will in deed be PROUD!

Since: Sep 09

Prince George, Canada

#247188 Jan 26, 2013
From the book, Eunuchs for the Kingdom of Heaven … Uta Ranke-Heinemann

In his sermons against unchastity that he gave at the French court John Gerson (d. 1429) even invoked a decree of the Christian Emperor Vanentinian from the year 390 that punished homosexuality with burning at the stake (Codex Theodosianus 9, 7, 6). Gerson equates every action that thwarts the fertility of marital sex with homosexuality. He attacks the “inventive indecencies of sinners” in marriage. Such deeds “often deserve death my fire, and are worse than if they had been committed with women who were not the sinners’ wives. May a person have intercourse at all, if he prevents the fruit of marriage from being conceived? I say that such is often a sin that deserves the flames … Every imaginable conduct that hinders the union of a man and woman from producing issue must be condemned”(Sermon against Unchastity, 2nd Sunday in Advent, Works, vol. III, 916).

Since: Sep 09

Prince George, Canada

#247189 Jan 26, 2013
Many in religion are simply killers that are not even paid to kill. They just have a lust to bully and kill, and their "holy books" give them the justification they need FOR those blood-lusts.

Non-human animals are the most innocent of all animals.

Since: Sep 09

Prince George, Canada

#247190 Jan 26, 2013
How many innocent homosexuals were tortured and put to death is anybody's guess, but somewhere, some time, if there happens to be a real sense of justice ... those in religion had better hope they don't have to pay for those crimes.
>>>>>>> >>>>>>> >>>>>>> >>>>>>> >>>>>>> >>>>>>> >>>>>

Sexual orientation is an adult attraction to other adults, adoption expert Carrie Craft explains. Pedophilia is an adult sexual attraction to children. Yet, myths that link gay men with child abuse continue to circulate, especially in the wake of the latest priest-child abuse scandals. ...

Since: Sep 09

Prince George, Canada

#247191 Jan 26, 2013
This pastor is certain he is a fighter against evil. He doesn't even seem to realize or CARE about the harm he causes to homosexuals in the guise of serving a god.
>>>>>>> >>>>>>> >>>>>>> >>>>>>> >>>>>>> >>>>>>> >>

The Letter that Started It All
The Following is the actual letter written by Rev. Stephen Boissoin who was at the time National Chairman of the Concerned Christian Coalition (now Concerned Christians Canada Inc.) It is this letter that has the Rev. Stephen Boissoin and Concerned Christians Canada Inc.,(CCC) appearing before The Alberta Human Rights Commission.

The letter is hard hitting and direct, but is written in love and needed to be said in this time of homosexual activism. What is interesting is that when this letter is read in context is not hateful or untrue like the Chief Commissioner of the Alberta Human Rights Commission says they are.

Homosexual Agenda Wicked

June 17, 2002

The following is not intended for those who are suffering from an unwanted sexual identity crisis. For you, I have understanding, care, compassion and tolerance. I sympathize with you and offer you my love and fellowship. I prayerfully beseech you to seek help, and I assure you that your present enslavement to homosexuality can be remedied. Many outspoken, former homosexuals are free today.

Instead, this is aimed precisely at every individual that in any way supports the homosexual machine that has been mercilessly gaining ground in our society since the 1960s. I cannot pity you any longer and remain inactive. You have caused far too much damage.

My banner has now been raised and war has been declared so as to defend the precious sanctity of our innocent children and youth, that you so eagerly toil, day and night, to consume. With me stand the greatest weapons that you have encountered to date - God and the "Moral Majority." Know this, we will defeat you, then heal the damage that you have caused. Modern society has become dispassionate to the cause of righteousness. Many people are so apathetic and desensitized today that they cannot even accurately define the term "morality."

The masses have dug in and continue to excuse their failure to stand against horrendous atrocities such as the aggressive propagation of homo- and bisexuality. Inexcusable justifications such as, "I'm just not sure where the truth lies," or "If they don't affect me then I don't care what they do," abound from the lips of the quantifiable majority.


Since: Sep 09

Prince George, Canada

#247192 Jan 26, 2013

Face the facts, it is affecting you. Like it or not, every professing heterosexual is have their future aggressively chopped at the roots.

Edmund Burke's observation that, "All that is required for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing," has been confirmed time and time again. From kindergarten class on, our children, your grandchildren are being strategically targeted, psychologically abused and brainwashed by homosexual and pro-homosexual educators.

Our children are being victimized by repugnant and premeditated strategies, aimed at desensitizing and eventually recruiting our young into their camps. Think about it, children as young as five and six years of age are being subjected to psychologically and physiologically damaging pro-homosexual literature and guidance in the public school system; all under the fraudulent guise of equal rights.

Your children are being warped into believing that same-sex families are acceptable; that men kissing men is appropriate.

Your teenagers are being instructed on how to perform so-called safe same gender oral and anal sex and at the same time being told that it is normal, natural and even productive. Will your child be the next victim that tests homosexuality positive?

Come on people, wake up! It's time to stand together and take whatever steps are necessary to reverse the wickedness that our lethargy has authorized to spawn. Where homosexuality flourishes, all manner of wickedness abounds.

Regardless of what you hear, the militant homosexual agenda isn't rooted in protecting homosexuals from "gay bashing." The agenda is clearly about homosexual activists that include, teachers, politicians, lawyers, Supreme Court judges, and God forbid, even so-called ministers, who are all determined to gain complete equality in our nation and even worse, our world.

Don't allow yourself to be deceived any longer. These activists are not morally upright citizens, concerned about the best interests of our society. They are perverse, self-centered and morally deprived individuals who are spreading their psychological disease into every area of our lives. Homosexual rights activists and those that defend them, are just as immoral as the pedophiles, drug dealers and pimps that plague our communities.

The homosexual agenda is not gaining ground because it is morally backed. It is gaining ground simply because you, Mr. and Mrs. Heterosexual, do nothing to stop it. It is only a matter of time before some of these morally bankrupt individuals such as those involved with NAMBLA, the North American Man/Boy Lovers Association, will achieve their goal to have sexual relations with children and assert that it is a matter of free choice and claim that we are intolerant bigots not to accept it.

If you are reading this and think that this is alarmist, then I simply ask you this: how bad do things have to become before you will get involved? It's time to start taking back what the enemy has taken from you. The safety and future of our children is at stake.

Rev Stephen Boissoin

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