San Francisco Gay Rights Advocate Ple...

San Francisco Gay Rights Advocate Pleads Not Guilty of Porn

There are 12 comments on the EDGE story from Sep 28, 2012, titled San Francisco Gay Rights Advocate Pleads Not Guilty of Porn. In it, EDGE reports that:

A longtime San Francisco gay rights advocate is pleading not guilty to six counts of possessing and distributing child pornography.

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Manito, IL

#1 Sep 28, 2012
The priest abuse scandal was 80% homosexual in nature and primarily involved homosexual molestation of minor young men.

Fully half of openly homosexual Congressmen have gotten into trouble with underaged pages.
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Philadelphia, PA

#3 Sep 28, 2012
It is literal and absolute known fact, verified, documented, annotated, researched and recorded, that people can be framed for this sort of thing. I actually believe what another poster said in another thread, that he may well have been *framed* by an antigay source -- some rapist or rapists of rights who *have no moral compass whatsoever*, DO NOT care about the children involved, and will stop at *n-o-t-h-i-n-g* in their allegiance to satan and to evil.

If this is the case, I hope the antigay persons responsible are caught and the rest of my sentence cannot stand on this board, for it is extremely, savagely violent and hateful. There is *no one* I hate with literal violence in my heart but people who *deliberately attempt to frame* others, and what I wish upon them, I am sure *EVERYONE* on this board would not wish upon their worst enemy in a thousand years.

Trust me.

Since: Jul 12

Post Falls

#4 Sep 28, 2012
Andrew wrote:
The priest abuse scandal was 80% homosexual in nature and primarily involved homosexual molestation of minor young men.
Fully half of openly homosexual Congressmen have gotten into trouble with underaged pages.
Check the facts, the VAST MAJORITY of sexual abuse of minor boys and girls is done by the straight community, and the fact that you only have problems with boys being abused shows you approve of molesting and raping little girls.
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Philadelphia, PA

#7 Sep 28, 2012
The above post comes from one nasty piece of work, who can *never* see anything but the most virulent negative in gay people -- and then vomits like a goddamn ditch pig over the fact that the pro-gay *have the same reaction in reverse*-- the *IDENTICAL* reaction, but in reverse.

Thus supporting that reaction on two levels:

1. by evincing exactly the nastiness that led to the pro-gay theory;
2. by refusing to admit an unwitting (and vicious) criticism of his/her *own behavior*.

Christ, spare me the goddamn vomit and *show me a single person* who makes antigay arguments in an intelligent fashion, without tripping all over them like a bungling dumbfuck.



“Luke laughs at hypocrites!”

Since: Sep 10

Palm Springs, California

#9 Sep 28, 2012
Andrew wrote:
The priest abuse scandal was 80% homosexual in nature and primarily involved homosexual molestation of minor young men.
Fully half of openly homosexual Congressmen have gotten into trouble with underaged pages.
A full 100% of your names are false and lies, DAVID MOORE of Pekin, Illinois.

The priest abuses were vile indeed, but I note you are giving the 20% of hetero molestations a free pass. Typical hypocrite.
hi hi

Philadelphia, PA

#10 Sep 28, 2012
NoQ wrote:
<quoted text>
The above post is by a flaming IDIOT Fa$$ot,
I am puzzled by the idea that you *do not* see yourself as a bag of infected vomit. It makes no sense. You attack innocent people like a sociopathic rapist on the boards, then behave as if you have any dignity. Makes zero sense.
NoQ wrote:
who rants and raves like a lunatic.
Meaningless internet bullshit; semantically and contextually meaningless. In any debate context or in a court of law, you would be *told* that this is literally meaningless, a non-point.
NoQ wrote:
Should change his Queer name hi hi hi hi hi to TooManyLaws.
Doesn't seem to bother the ditch pigs who LOOOOOOOVE laws if they're *restricting the rights of gay people*, does it? Suddenly, you and they are sucking those laws like satan's engorged member, to be quite honest. Suddenly, you all LOOOOOOOOVE "too many laws" when their purpose is to commit acts of rape against innocents.
NoQ wrote:
They sound like brothers. Probably psycho twins. PS. Are you mad, Fa$$ot ????
The "are you mad" types of questions are almost universally self-referential; *YOU* are annoyed and you want to pretend to be unaffected.

If you're affected, get the fuck off the board and stop harassing other people. You're like a cancer.


You remind me of cancer.


That's your legacy.

U proud, bro?
hi hi

Philadelphia, PA

#11 Sep 28, 2012
Curteese wrote:
<quoted text>A full 100% of your names are false and lies, DAVID MOORE of Pekin, Illinois.
The priest abuses were vile indeed, but I note you are giving the 20% of hetero molestations a free pass. Typical hypocrite.
Moreover, the statistic only serves to point out *how DIFFERENT* from the general populace those situations were.

And then here's NoQ, attempting to literally *FORCE* me to agree with his assessment of the article, and it ain't gonna happen. I have a deeply held suspicion that this man was framed,*since we know in point of fact that this is eminently, eminently possible with computer technology*.
hi hi

Philadelphia, PA

#15 Sep 29, 2012
NoQ wrote:
<quoted text>
I ask you again, without your psychological bull shi+, are you mad????
And I slam you again for your self-referentiality; I can do this for a loooong time, and I *do not* back down whatsoever.

Again, your *self-referentiality* comes from a *CLEAR* context in several ways:

1. your sudden "concern" for another poster, provable by your other posts to be false and misleading;
2. your attempt to divine such information (wishfully) of a stranger you cannot see or hear and do not know, prompting the supposition that you are *projecting*;
3. your refusal to discuss *anything*,*ever*, in sensible terms, instead trolling and attacking *all over the boards* in hundreds of posts which make your objective undeniable.

Gay people anger you. They make you feel impotent and helpless. They frighten you. It is believed quite possible that you are latently gay yourself. Therefore, you react in ways *any* psychiatrist could identify in a heartbeat.
NoQ wrote:
TooManyLaws is the name of another psycho fa$$ot on here Dumb A$$,
Note the way in which you act all the time like a sociopath. appear to have *severe emotional problems* and no one here is hesitating to tell you so.

I think what frightens you most is *seeing evidence* that people don't want to help and don't care about your problems. I can *ASSURE* you I don't care about your problems, your welfare, your damage, or your fears. They have no meaning to me.
NoQ wrote:
sense you're too stupid to realize that.
Nothing you say *will ever* convince me of anything about myself; the *SOURCE* is so damaged that I join the others -- quite easily -- in assessing you as having *severe problems*. You cannot change this a micrometer; no matter how badly it frightens you, I will not budge.
NoQ wrote:
By the way,you don't annoy me one little bit
Absolute and utter lie; Trolling 101 dictates that the troll pretends *NEVER* to be affected by anything going on. And yet you spew ...
NoQ wrote:
... vitriol like this constantly, like an *unrepentant rapist* or a *clinical sociopath*.

You have problems.

The board can see it.

It's *presumed* you have been heavily damaged in psychological or emotional terms. I certainly believe it.
NoQ wrote:
I think you're just a funny lil fruit
You *wish* to believe this because you *cannot know* a thing about my reality or my life; what *I* say about *you* comes from WHAT I SEE ON THE BOARDS -- yet what you say does not; it is *deliberately wishful*.

You're not educated.
hi hi

Philadelphia, PA

#16 Sep 29, 2012
NoQ wrote:
and it's comical
Trolling 101: Pretend to be unaffected. You are lying pointblank, and I know this *because* you assert this so repeatedly.
NoQ wrote:
to watch you rant and rave
You *couldn't know this* without seeing or hearing me; you have no way of knowing this. It is *wishful* on your part; you *want* to believe this BECAUSE it buttresses your "reaction" by comparison -- an assertion that you are "unaffected" by what's going on.

If that's true, why? are? you? here?

Why respond?

Why say anything?

Why lie,*specifically* covering the points that I claim are *not* true and flailing like a mental patient, crying and crying and crying that they ARE true, they ARE true, they ARE true?

That's you, in a nutshell.

Christ, and you think what you say *has any clinical value*.
NoQ wrote:
like a fking lunatic.
Slanderous and meaningless -- but you couldn't stop there. You couldn't stop there.
NoQ wrote:
HaHaHaHaHa. Stupid Fa$$ot. LMFAO
After claiming you don't care, after claiming you're unaffected, after claiming you're laughing, you *advertise the laughing* as if you want to be *sure* everyone sees it, while *spewing vicious, bitter vitriol* at a complete stranger.

You are the goddamn liar of the century if you think I fell for your claims; you *obviate* them with your behavior, and an obvious seething rage. It *drenches your words* and your reactions on the board.

If you're so apoplectic that you cannot fool someone like me, go find someone stupid who will believe what you say. I see *every word* you say as a lie calculated to maintain your hatred and to pretend it's not affecting you.

It rots inside you like cancer. The whole board sees it.

If it bites shit to be you so badly,*get a backbone* and stop the pretense. NO ONE is falling for it, and they can explain *exactly* why -- as I have here, in great detail.

On a public board.

In front of everyone.
hi hi

Philadelphia, PA

#17 Sep 29, 2012
NoQ wrote:
<quoted text>
LMFAO unlike your assumption of me, I suspect you were sexually abused by your father or a much older brother,
Possibly self-referential, since any psychiatrist would take enormous interest in your *seemingly batshit viciousness* and your strain to pretend you are unaffected by people on the board TO WHOM YOU RESPOND REPEATEDLY.
NoQ wrote:
over and over again until you come to like the taste of feces and semen, and thought it was normal.
Nothing the antigay do is convincing *one* pro-gay person that gay people are abnormal; the effect over several years now has been to change the view of the pro-gay so that they see the antigay as *highly abnormal*, and possessed of severe psychological and emotional problems.

How's that working out for all of you? You tell me. I see a lot of antigay rage because you *cannot budge* the opinion of the pro-gay that they are just fine, and that *C-L-E-A-R-L-Y* the damage lies with the antigay -- the *only ones* who keep perpetuating all of this, spewing hatred, and inciting violence.

You think these people were born yesterday?

Christ, you're uneducated.

SHUTTING THE FUCK UP would help you a lot more than REPEATEDLY RESPONDING to people on the boards, and yet you're too stupid to realize that, and you keep flapping your snout.
NoQ wrote:
The perversion you come to know and love,
*shrug* Not a perversion. Sucks to be you if you think it is one, since *you're* the one psychologically affected by that.
NoQ wrote:
became your life.
Yet here you are.
NoQ wrote:
No one had to force you to eat shi+
You'd have no way of knowing whether the poster had, and yet you have committed possibly *HUNDREDS* of acts of slander and libel on these boards.
NoQ wrote:
after a while cause your favorite dessert is Shi+ on a Dick. LMFAO
Note the laughter, a constant, unceasing obsession with pretending you are "unaffected" -- and yet side-by-side with this "laughter," you're spewing such unbelievable hatred that you sound like a member of the KKK.

Yeah, you're really "having fun" here. Tell the board another one, O Lover Of Lies.

Since: Jul 12

Post Falls

#18 Oct 4, 2012
I notice he ran away from the topic. He can't stand to be called out and described so precisely. Good job hi hi.

Nanjing, China

#19 Feb 2, 2013

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