Reaction grows to gay student's expul...

Reaction grows to gay student's expulsion

There are 111 comments on the Lexington Herald-Leader story from Apr 11, 2006, titled Reaction grows to gay student's expulsion. In it, Lexington Herald-Leader reports that:

The news that his boyfriend, Jason Johnson, was expelled from University of the Cumberlands was still sinking in when Zac Dreyer sat at a computer to spread the news.

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United States

#1 Apr 11, 2006
The bible states that a man and another man saal not lay together and same goes for woman it is the school's right to ouster this person we are getting to liberal
for our own good and they all need to hide this problem they have this is preventable you are not born gay.
They have to chose this lifestyle and it is imoral.
A christian school has the right to remove these students who do imoral acts.

United States

#2 Apr 11, 2006
But some students are publicly questioning the school's values, Kuder said. Many wore shirts yesterday with "God loves my gay friends" printed on them and are waiting for Johnson to let them know the best response to the university.

As for all of the students who wore these shirts..They need some type of punnishment for this also.

This is just showing the loose morals we have anymore.

Tampa, FL

#3 Apr 11, 2006
Perhaps YOUR bible says that ANU, but my bible teaches LOVE and that we should love each other with all our hearts and THAT is how they will know his deciples!

NOT those who stand in judgement!

Tampa, FL

#4 Apr 11, 2006
I just re-read the story and i'm also very sad that this school chose to throw out a student because he declared he was gay on his myspace website.

If you go to the link, you'll seen now that the college may lose state funding because of this discrimination - good! If nothing else, they need to feel the financial consequenses of their decision!

Tho, i'm sure some right-wing bible-thumper will next ask for a speical "waiver" to kick out gays, lesbians and any other "non-godly" person from their school! But, again, i ask: WWJD? Kick him out? NEVER!

“Pithy Epigram Here”

Since: Mar 06

Las Vegas, NV

#5 Apr 11, 2006
anu wrote:
As for all of the students who wore these shirts..They need some type of punnishment for this also.
Yes, anyone not agreeing with the teachings of Christ should be severely punished without question. How dare they think for themselves? It makes me sick.

“Pithy Epigram Here”

Since: Mar 06

Las Vegas, NV

#6 Apr 11, 2006
TampaBob wrote:
But, again, i ask: WWJD? Kick him out? NEVER!
Jesus would so kick him out. He was full of hate to those unrighteous around him. He was so full of hate and disapproval.
Sander Demare

Châtelineau, Belgium

#7 Apr 11, 2006
First, let me introduce myself, my name is Sander and I live in Belgium. I really couldn't believe my eyes when I red the story of Jason.

Let me tell you: Be�ng gay is NOT a choice of lifestyle, how can you even think about it?! If gay people would have a chose they would certainly not choose for be�ng gay, if you see how people respond without any knowledge about the subject.

Jesus was a person who loved everyone, and people who are so focussed on what the bible literally say's surely don't know what be�ng a christian is all about!

I am also on a christian college, but the big difference is that everyone here is accepted as equal, if they're black or white; man or woman; gay of heterosexual.

And I know that people who are against this equality , won't chance their mind but I know one thing and that is that god loves everyone, including me!

I guess that America was the country where everyone is born equal? I wouldn't say so,...

New KY Res

United States

#8 Apr 11, 2006
Is the college going to start kicking out students who have premarital sex? If they booted a student for being homosexual because it is against bible teachings, then anyone who breaks the rules, especially the 10 commandments, should be expelled. So you skip church on a Sunday, you're gone, you take the Lord's name in vain, you're gone, swipe a pack of crackers from the cafeteria, you're gone. But that will never happen.

These bible thumpers make a big deal about "following the Lord's word as it is written" but they only selectively practice what they preach. And the individuals and groups they select are the groups against which they are prejudiced.

God gave us to each other to respect, love, and care for. It's not easy to let go of hate and prejudice, but the world would be a better place if each person focused on improving their own behavior towards their fellow human beings rather than in condeming the behavior of others.
Nate Black

Austin, TX

#9 Apr 11, 2006
Date: Mon, 10 Apr 2006 15:19:56 -0700 (PDT)
From: "Nate Black" <[email protected]>
Subject: Gay student getting expelled
To: [email protected]

HTML Attachment [ Download File | Save to Yahoo! Briefcase ]

Dear Ms. Cox, et. al:

This is the text of an email I have sent to the students, faculty & administration of the University of the Cumberlands.

Also, a gay christian organization that works to end this kind of violence has an active conversation about this situation at .

This is also VERY interesting in light of the Soulforce Equality Ride that has been getting a lot of news coverage across the nation. The Equality Ride bus is visiting religious universities that have policies that discriminate against gay & lesbian students.

I hope this helps you all!
Nate Black

Please stop spiritual violence.


Dear Brother & Sister in Christ,

I just became aware of the story of a young man at your university who was confronted with a printout from his profile that identified him as a gay man. He was summarily expelled from your school.

How does his expulsion fit in with the message of Christ? Does that kind of action rise to the standard of "loving your neighbor?" I don't believe it does.

I believe such an action is tremendously damaging. This young man is now experiencing incredible trauma at the hands of your school's administration, people who SAY they are committed to be like Christ, simply because he is gay.

Don't you believe God loves gay people?

What do you think this young man's response to such a violent action is going to be? Do you think this is going to compel him to become straight? Do you think this action communicates God's love to him?

As someone who has been through a similar violent experience, I am very aware of the possible effects of such trauma.
Fear that God doesn't love him
A stark sense of alone-ness in the world
Grief and depression at the loss of relationships and a sense of one's place in the world
Becoming angry at God, church & anyone who is religious
Greatly diminished self-worth and the subsequent risky behavior... drinking too much, using drugs, promiscuity...

The only result of such an action is to cause harm. My prayer for him is that he will surround himself with people that will speak the truth about who he is and who God created him to be. My prayer is that the impact of the violence your university has inflicted on him will be lessened because of people taking a strong stand of love & support for him.

My prayer for you, as a part of this University, is that you would realize what a great sin has been committed against this child of God in the name of Jesus. My prayer is that you will not be silent in the face of spiritual violence. My prayer is that you will be led by the love of God in spite of your uncertainties and questions about sexuality.

My prayer is for reconciliation. Please join me in this prayer.


Nate Black

mailto:[email protected]
Kentucky Lawyer-Teacher

Windsor, VA

#10 Apr 11, 2006
I worte the following letter to the President and selected members of the faculty and staff. I also verified that Union College which is a small Methodist affiliated college will not be taking the same position as did Cumberland.

As an attorney and an educator, I was shocked, saddened and dismayed to read of the recent expulsion of Mr. Jason Johnson. I do not know Mr. Johnson or his family. I do know and appreciate that your brand of Christianity believes that homosexuality or any non-marital sex is wrong or is a sin. Of course being in my forties and growing up in your area, I remember the days when your brand of Christianity called for the expulsion of students for dancing. I did not understand that your brand of Christianity believes that homosexuals should not be educated. I am trying to figure out why the administration of a SACS accredited institution decided to pick on this one young gay man. If you wanted him gone, surely you could have at least let him finish the semester. If your plan is to clear your institution of all of all fornicators and homosexuals, then you will be losing many fine members of your faculty, staff and student body. I expect those people have not been sleeping well for the past few nights. If your plan is only to “punish” this one young man, then I suggest you re-think this position. I suppose you figured that losing one semester of a young man’s academic career was not too high a price to appease the more blood thirsty elements in your particular brand of Christianity. You can’t just pick and choose which homosexuals or fornicators that you want to keep or send away. To feign shock that this one young man is a homosexual and to cause him to lose a semester of his academic career is hypocrisy clear and simple. I actually expect that by this point you realize how short-sighted your actions were. I can only find humor in the fact that you will have to deal with the ramifications of this academic abortion for much longer than will Mr. Johnson and further that at some point in the not too distant future, your Board of Director’s will be sitting around a beautiful table, each man with a scowl on his face, unanimously voting the settle the lawsuit which will surely be filed on Mr. Johnson’s behalf.

I will pray for young Mr. Johnson and I will pray for you. Only God knows which of you needs the prayers more.

Donald L. Jones


United States

#12 Apr 11, 2006
TampaBob wrote:
Perhaps YOUR bible says that ANU, but my bible teaches LOVE and that we should love each other with all our hearts and THAT is how they will know his deciples!

NOT those who stand in judgement!
look ok mabey it does say this but what did jesus do with gamora? Hum lets see DESTROYED IT.!!!!

look im just trying to show that they have chosen this lifestyle someone said they are born gay? No they are not this is a choice they can be gay or strait. Do
they think this is right to sleep with the same sex as you. That goes against all i was raised on.

Haines City, FL

#13 Apr 11, 2006
Unless you are GAY yourself, you cannot judge what is in another man's heart!

WHY IS IT ALWAYS ABOUT SEX WITH PEOPLE LIKE YOU! Is the concept of LOVE so foreign to you that the only way you can fully comprehend the word is by where one puts one's genitals?

If sexual intercourse is teh issue, clearly str8 folks don't have the market corned on that! Abortions, STD's, couples living toghter w/o being married, 50% divorce rate (with teh number one reason for divorce being INFIDELITY), i think the case can be made that str8 folks have fallen FAR FROM setting a stellar example for the ideal marriage in the US!

Don't EVEN get me started on so-called "men of god" like Jimmy Swaggart who was caught having sex with a prostitute! Gee, he got to have sex with her for YEARS and yet still is married, still is preching to millions!

YOUR GOD may be obsessed with where i put my penis, but MY GOD cares more for the quality of how i love and who i love!
Kentucky Lawyer-Teacher

Windsor, VA

#14 Apr 11, 2006
It appears that Anu is simply a closet protagonist. Even grade school children know better than to believe the vomit he is spewing. Anu, in case you are serious, I hate to inform you that every young person in every college in the world is already going to school with someone gay. It is that now and it will always be that way. You may as well get used to it or maybe you can crawl back into your closet so far that you get insulation stuff between your teeth (assuming it isn't already there), Peace and Love to you.
Kentucky Lawyer-Teacher

Windsor, VA

#15 Apr 11, 2006
Oh and by the way, Anu, Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed in the old testament at least 1000 years before Jesus was born, so check your bible and your spelling before you spew hate. Also, if Sodom and Gomorrah are to be your examples, I suppose you don't work on the Sabbath, don't eat pork or shell fish and you believe that charging interest on a loan is a sin. The list goes on and on. A narrow mind is a limited mind, limited by its ability to learn or love.

Houston, TX

#16 Apr 12, 2006
God does love All, he made All, however just like he loves a murderer he also loves the homosexual. Homosexuals will not enter the kingdom of heaven, every bible says that.being gay is a lifestyle choice and the cross that they choose to bear. We as brothers and sisters in Christ should not judge because we are all sinners and no sin is greater than the next. And for the record being Gay is NOTHING like being Black.
New KY Res

United States

#17 Apr 12, 2006
I'm curious as to which scientific/medical studies you base this statement on:
jim wrote:
... And for the record being Gay is NOTHING like being Black.
Because according to the research I've read, scientists and doctors tend to think that peoples' sexual preferences are genetically predisposed. That means that if someone is gay, then it is because God made them that way. And who are we to question God's work?
KY Lawyer-Teacher

Paintsville, KY

#18 Apr 12, 2006
[Who are we to question God's work? Most of these bigots will never understand that we are not questioning God's wisdom in not discriminating against gays, we are only questioning the bigots' wisdom.

Tampa, FL

#19 Apr 12, 2006
Sander Demare

Clavier, Belgium

#21 Apr 12, 2006
New KY Res wrote:
I'm curious as to which scientific/medical studies you base this statement on:

<quoted text>

Because according to the research I've read, scientists and doctors tend to think that peoples' sexual preferences are genetically predisposed. That means that if someone is gay, then it is because God made them that way. And who are we to question God's work?
Idd, did you know that every ANIMAL type has the same percentage of homosexual behaviours as the human race? And I don't really think they are interested in lifestyle,...

People who don't even acknowledge that, are really BLIND! But if that is your lifestyle, you have chosen for it!

Gr. Sander.

Ann Arbor, MI

#22 Apr 12, 2006
anu wrote:
ok if this is ok with everyone then lets see how you would react if you child went to this school and was transmitted with the aids virus that affects all gay persons and lets sayu they brought it home?
1) AIDS is not spread through casual contact. It's actually a pretty hard disease to get compared to other STDs or the common cold.

2) The AIDS virus does not affect all gay persons, apart from our having to constantly argue with bigots about it. If you in fact meant 'infects all gay persons', then you're even further off base. Most gay people don't have HIV/AIDS and never will. It's a common misconception formed from the fact that gay people have been disproportionately affected on the whole as a demographic.

Big difference between the idea of most AIDS cases being gay people (which they aren't worldwide) vs. thinking that most gay people have AIDS. The gay people who are infected comprise a minority of the gay community, not the majority. I've known literally hundreds of gay people (and no, I don't mean knowing them sexually) and out of that whole group only maybe 4 or 5 were HIV positive or had full blown AIDS.

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