Now that I have your attention,

As we are all aware, the U.S. has had some major disasters these past few years, natural and man-made, including, but not limited to: Hurricane Katrina, the 2001 terrorist attacks in New York and and elsewhere, and the ongoing Superstorm Sandy diaster affecting New York, New Jersey, and many other areas on the East Coast.

The possibilty of diaster always seems remote until it happens to you or a loved one.

With these things in mind, I urge EVERYONE HERE, to take the time to prepare a plan in case of a disaster of some sort. Find out where the nearest EMERGENCY SHELTER is to you in case you must evacuate your place of residence. Be aware that the federal 2006 PETS Act REQUIRES shelters to accommodate your pets and other animals.

Make a list of emergency phone numbers, and it doesn't hurt to keep a few gallons of bottled water and some canned food (in EASY TO OPEN cans) in an "Emergency Box".

You'll probably never need to evacuate to a shelter and need things such as these, but that is what many of the people in New Orleans and New York thought also.

We live in very unsettling times, from both man-made disasters and natural disasters.



I wish you all PEACE.