Should homosexuality be illegal?

Philadelphia, PA

#3227 Apr 29, 2010
Homosexuality is not wrong or a sin. If you read the bible there is a homosexual romance, but now-a-days even catholics and cristians read the bible anymore. So religion should not be apart of this because this has notihng to do with spirtiuality

Colorado Springs, CO

#3229 May 5, 2010
Wow, I have so much to say. One: for everyone who stated it should be illegal because it is a sin and against God's will. The USA is NOT a christian nation. Any argument for government action based on religion should be immediatley thrown out. We may have been built on the morals, but we have both freedom of religion and freedom from religion. Also: a person has every right to do any amount of "immoral" things as long as they don't hurt any one else. It's called freedom of expression. Any one who said they are imposing "gayness" on you by holding a festival are simply ridiculous. If they are imposing it on you, then you are imposing straightness on them when you are publicly straight. That's ridiculous, of course you're not! When blacks marched and rallied for their rights, and then women for their rights, they were not imposing "blackness" or "womeness" on you. They were fighting to be given the same rights as others, which under the united states constitution is our right, "We are all equal under the law." For the person who said "Let normalize rapists, incesters, etc..." those actions all harm others. Being gay is unrelatable to that. The government has no right to decide who you get to love. For the disease comment(s). First, do your research. STD's are higher in the straight population than in the gay pop. STD's generally stem from permiscuoity, not your sexuality. If both you and your partner have only been with each other, no diseases will be spread (unless hereditary) whether your partner is a different or same sex. Even if your statement was true, "it should be illegal, it spreads diseases," then would you make it illegal to have a cold? Of course not. Because having a cold spreads diseases, but you would NEVER arrest someone for that. I have much more to say but can't fit it all. Goodnight.

Colorado Springs, CO

#3230 May 5, 2010
Chris wrote:
<quoted text>
Good grief, you can twist anything to rationalize what you want to do.
Christianity is my religion, Homosexuality is your religion. So what right do you have to push that on me? You don't see Christians or heterosexuals going to the supreme court asking for special protections and priviledges. Would you like that if we did? Start thinking logically. Heterosexuality doesn't need to be promoted.
They don't ask for special protections and priveldges, merely for the same protections and privlegdes straight people enjoy.

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Houston, TX

#3231 May 5, 2010
No, not at all. It doesn't hurt those of us who are straight or anyone else for that matter. It's a private thing as any relationship is. Gay people are not criminals. Just people like the rest of us who happen to like the same sex. So what? Live and let live.

Colorado Springs, CO

#3232 May 5, 2010
ricardo maxwell wrote:
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I am not a christian. I am not a member of any organized religion. I do not support the persecution of n homosexuals. However, I do not want my children and grandchildren to be taught the homosexuality is normal. It is, by definition, abnormal behaviour. It does not provide a single benefit to our species. Whether is it caused by genetics (nature) or environment (nurture) or a combination of the two factors, is not important. It exists. We must deal with it. But the disgusting and inappropriate behaviour often associated with it should not be condoned for public display. So also should disgusting and inappropriate heterosexual behaviour be restricted from public display.
I don't want my grandchildren reading "Johnny Has Two Daddies" or seeing his teacher wearing a dress. I also don't want him beating up the effeminate kid wearing fingernail polish.
And the Christian bashing that seems to be widely accepted today is just as wrong and reprehensible as gay bashing. Most religions are not inherently immoral. They arise from a need by humans for some kind of spirituality and often have rules regarding social structure and activities that served to benefit the community, such as the Hebrew (Kosher) food rules.
Hello, I would like to start off by saying you are a very reasonable and kind sounding person. There are many things I agree with but also things I don't. No one would force yoru children and grandchildren to be gay: having it in society would merely teach them tolerence of people different from them and equality for all. Many misinterperet it as "they were recruited into being gay" when this is not the case. Rather when it is "normal" in society, it allows them to be themselves when they are not afraid of being condemned. And you mentioned the Kosher laws, which is a perfect example. While they may be good guidelines for society, they are not FORCED upon anyone, only those who choose to abide by it, do. Same should go for heterosexual normality: only those who want to abide by it should, no one should be forced to conform to society's norms.

Colorado Springs, CO

#3233 May 5, 2010
Eyes Open wrote:
I'm not Anti-gay just a question I do not know if it has been brought up in the past. If a person is born with the inclination to be attracted to the same sex. Then what is to say a person cannot be inclined to be attracted to a different species. I have heard stories of people and farm animals. I'm not mocking, but is that considered un-natural? What if they really love the beast? Or maybe many spouses? is that correct?
Hello. I think that's a good question, and I have thought about it too. My answer is that it would be okay if the animal could without a doubt give their consent. They are a different species and we can't understand them, therefore we are in no position to determine whether the animal is consenting or not. So it would be rape.


#3235 Sep 4, 2010
Im sorry this may sound harsh but if you feel the need to ban homosexuality please just leave go somewhere and preach your views to someone who cares because no one in this day and age cares your a biggot you are making the world a worse place for us and other people im sorry i just do not see why you have to makes peoples lives harder because of what other people think and belive whose realy making the world a worst place to live you or homosexuals

Do you think this is what god realy intended to happen to have a bunch of self loving biggots to complain whine and moan and persecut people for doing nothing wrong well i dont now this is just my opinion and accept your opinion so why cant you accept mine im just trying to make the world a better place for us all?

Im 13 now and i can accept others views and show tolerence why cant you there not affecting us and if you belive they are going to go to hell then whatever maybe there love is all that matters to them and isnt that something we should value not despise?

why dont you try and stop something that matters like murder rape?

Perth, Australia

#3236 Sep 6, 2010
gay people shouldn't be treated any different from us straight people.they are normal people who i think should completely have the right to do what they want and should be able to marry the same gender.they should unconditionally be treated the same as we would treat straight people, US straight people should take control of their life and we shouldn't have the right to make their choices for them
Homosexuals are completely free to choose the gender they are attracted to, just because they may like a different gender it doesn't mean they should be discriminated. they even should be able to marry the same gender as it doesn't harm us and involve us in their life's. Gay or not gay were all human. I am a 13 year old and this is my opinion that i have started writing as a essay for my year 9 teacher.2010

Haslett, MI

#3237 Sep 6, 2010
The fact of the matter is that not allow to people of marriage based on religious beliefs denies religious freedom and freedom in general. As well it possess no real threat. If your against it because they get tax cuts when they probably don't have children, I have a simple answer, give take cuts only if one member of the couple or group has a job. If both have jobs slightly increase there tax. Bring it slightly down if they have one or more children.

United States

#3238 Sep 6, 2010
Yes, homosexual behavior should be re-criminalized.
Uganda is carrying out important legislation in this regard. Long prison sentences for promoting homosexuality, for renting to them, life in prison for repeat offenders.
They are leading the way for the rest of the world with a common-sense, no-nonsense, but humane means of protecting their children and their society.

United States

#3240 Sep 6, 2010
gumhaw wrote:
<quoted text>
Excellent post, thanks for sharing.
Thank you. There's entirely too much baggotry on this forum, full of irrational intolerance and hate for non-worshippers of the homosexual faith and lifestyle.

Willows, CA

#3241 Oct 13, 2010
gayness is a disgrace. the bible reads adam and eve, not adam and steve. man+man does not work, it just simply cant. man+woman, that however works and is the way god intended it.
Robert Hagedorn

Berkeley, CA

#3246 Oct 15, 2010
Anal sodomy? To get the really big surprise google The First Scandal

Metairie, LA

#3247 Nov 17, 2010
Sam Kinison pretty much wrote the gospel on this

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#3249 Aug 5, 2011
Rastus wrote:
A few thoughts..
There ARE gay animals, of almost every breed. Google it and educate yourself.
Oh really.

How can you tell when an anilmal is gay?

“You'll love me!”

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I promise.

#3250 Aug 5, 2011
<quoted text>
Oh really.
How can you tell when an anilmal is gay?
When it's boning someone of the same-sex.

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#3251 Aug 5, 2011
I'm sure that was set up.
Kim Qualls (lesbian)

Pflugerville, TX

#3252 Aug 16, 2011
Gay marriage will be legal. Just not in southern states unfortunately. Only incestuous marriages are allowed here. As sick as it is. I fight for what I believe and that's equality :)

Bagua, Philippines

#3253 Jan 18, 2012
well, speechless!
harleylikestodan ce

Toledo, OH

#3254 Jan 18, 2012
Eyes Open wrote:
I'm not Anti-gay just a question I do not know if it has been brought up in the past. If a person is born with the inclination to be attracted to the same sex. Then what is to say a person cannot be inclined to be attracted to a different species. I have heard stories of people and farm animals. I'm not mocking, but is that considered un-natural? What if they really love the beast? Or maybe many spouses? is that correct?
The difference between human - animal relationships and same sex relationships is a sheep cannot give
consent. If two adult men wish to have sex then it is none of anyone else's business.

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