Dont you just LOVE climate mode#3

It changed from #2 (classic fixed seasonal monsoonal) to #3 (W-E travelling monsoonal flows not fixed not seasonal) in April 2012 in response to the increased insolation following the solar minimum of 2009 to 2011.

Now got a weak El Nino on the way and weather in UK now getting rather lively.

Now that Mode#3 has wrapped around, will now be able to use butterfly effect to produce wierd weather almost everywhere;{in mode#3 butterfly effect will not hit central Antarctica, central Arctic ocean and the rain shadow immediately E. of the Karakoram range (tibet)}, but will be able to affect anywhere else if wings flapped in right place & right time.

Will keep watching that space.

Am currently lobbying for the installation of a pond in Glasgow green. Also rather intereested in raining on Damien Mc.Bride (chief slander wallah for Gordon Brown in the commons), but hiswhereabouts currently not forthcoming. It is his own stupid fault for slandering people and also giving then bloody stupid nicknames such as the one I was landed with when I left a wage thief calling itself a temp agency and looked for a job related to my education & skills.
Will rain on his parede (& Gordon Brown) when I find him,(some insults are mortal and unforgiveable as a result of the vigilante attacks that followed).

Have a nice day: Ag