Why would someone who has not much of ownings, want to burn there home down, I think there was more involved to frame him, and I think there should be more investigation on this because why send a man off to prison or long jail time for something he had nothing to do with. Maybe a check up can be made on others surrounding things as, girlfriend or,, and why not see who had seen him to do this. I fill lots of things should be checked into befor someone who could be innocent but be fined guilty on charges thats not true. Its a shame a lie test cant be taken to prove somes innocence, but the cost of them stops ones who is innocenc to be fined guilty. Find out the arguements, things that might had happen, or ask around the trailer place to see who had it out for him, or, who might know something.. Please dont send a man away for something if he did not do it, and myself I think he is innocent. I hope the Law and the Investigation find out all befor this man has to spend a lot of time in jail. Im for you Greg, hold in there. PRAYERS ARE WITH YOU