My uncle was the victim in this CO case and after his death was when emergency officials responded to knocking on residence doors and offering detectors. Why didn't anyone offer assistance in April when five people were found dead in a residence near his home? Why wasn't officials and hospital staff on high alert when the elderly couple were transferred multiple times to the hospital? Even though homeowners a responsible for the proper installment of detectors, CO is the last thing victims think about when they are feeling flu-like symptoms. I think that if five people were killed in April in a home near the residence to where the couple is being transported on multiple occasions for the same symptoms, emergency and health officials should've been more alert to their conditions and I also hold them responsible! I have also been told that work was done on the furnace approximately a week prior to my uncle's death and if so, I would like to hold them accountable for their negligence as well! The couple and my uncle were living in this house for quite a while and clearly someone did not do their job correctly by making sure the equipment was functionalble! I would like for you to continue to notify the public about this silent killer... It will not bring my uncle back, but it may save lives for others who have love ones! Thanks in advance!