Fayette County fire destroys home of ...

Fayette County fire destroys home of mother and child

There are 20 comments on the WOAY story from Jan 17, 2014, titled Fayette County fire destroys home of mother and child. In it, WOAY reports that:

A home is destroyed in Fayette County this afternoon leaving a mother and her 2-year-old with no place to go.

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james kelly

Charleston, WV

#4 Jan 18, 2014
and our family could use help if anyone has a big enough heart to help my uncles name is on the veteran memorial in smithers he fought for his country and this was his home my two year old daughter lost all her toys and clothes the rude comments in a time of hardship for my family goes to show the pettiness of the community i would not wish this apon anyone we have nothing but the clothes on r backs

Charleston, WV

#5 Jan 18, 2014
It dont make me feel bad at all James Kelly. Everybody knows what kind of person you are. Im just glad you are not in my neighborhood anymore. If we had some good cops they would have got you out of here a long time ago.
the mother

Charleston, WV

#6 Jan 18, 2014
no its a 2 year old that calls that her home now homeless...its a 74 year old navy vet that also worked his whole life as a school teacher is with out the only home he has ever known and even though he is retired he is still substituting through out the county he would give his shirt off his back to anyone that needed it. i know it was not the best looking house in the world but it was still a place we called home and for you to say something like that is wrong i only have one thing to say to you god dont like ugly and i hope karma gets you back 10 times worse my family lost everything and while we are going through all this we have to listen to rumors and the hurtful things people are saying thats not right expecially comming from adults you will get what you deserve god bless you have a good day.....
james kelly

Charleston, WV

#8 Jan 18, 2014
well pam we will be back we still own the property that house will be bull dozed and the new place will be there by july i mean it aint like we going to let someone turn it ion to there yard and the police have not done shit because i dont do shit so have a nice day you old wrinkled nasty cooter smellin ass biatch and i know pam aint your name if your trying to make me think this is pam bowels i know she might not enjoy us being her neighbor but she loves my daughter gets her gifts every year so how about you use ur real name there sweet heart

Hansford, WV

#10 Jan 18, 2014
Tell uncle james to contact his cousins we can help him with clothes the ones that bought the baby clothes yesterday

Melbourne, FL

#11 Jan 19, 2014
Way to go Pam, tell it like it is!
the mother

Charleston, WV

#12 Jan 19, 2014
look.....this will be my last post and last time visting this site....im not really sure what all this talk over a meth lab is about but there was no meth lab we dont even know what the drug meth looks like other than what we have seen in pictures we do not use drugs and ill take a drug screen for any of you to prove it give me your address ill tape it to your door im a good mother and my daughter is well taking care of but its really none of your business pam like i said before dont hide behind the computer give me your real name and i will come talk to you personaly if you knew anything about god you would know that he forgives he dont punish anyone for anything karma has nothing to do with god sweety and like we said in the post before i guess you cant read or something we dont need a tent there is people that is going to pay to get the house tore down and the va is going to do the first down payment for a double wide to be put there your talking about james being a drug dealer then going back and contradicting by saying he prolly dont have 2 pennys to rub together the last time i checked drug dealers have all kinds of money something we would have if he was selling you know nothing about us only what you hear and im sure if we knew excatally who u was there has prolly been things said about u seeing as how smithers is nothing but abunce of people that are so pathetic that they have to talk about others have a good day...god blees you and f*** off.......

Charleston, WV

#14 Jan 19, 2014
Sorry. Its cant put a double wide or trailer in smithers anylonger.

Belle, WV

#19 Jan 20, 2014
Tell Uncle James to get hold of us in Smithers or Fallsview

Charleston, WV

#20 Jan 20, 2014
You people are a joke on here talking about us like u know about our life uncle James has us living there because he is lonley and asked us to stay there with him....me having a kid has nothing to do with him not kicking us out we lived there five years before that James and unk may not be blood but unk loves James just as much as James loves him none of unks other family has anything to do with him they don't call or check on him yall talk about us living there leaching off him if we was not there he could die in that house and not one person in that town would know but u know so much about how we treat him and how we live that town is filled with drug dealers and drug heads that's all it is but James was the cause of it all yea right there's bigger things in that town than James Kelly and another thing you would know if you knew anything at all is James and myself go to the clinic and have been for months not that its any better but we are trying I ask for no help from anyone in that town nor do I care if I ever step foot back in it I can preach and talk about god all I want for none of the shit yall say matters to me only god can judge me and at the end of the day I live my life it don't matter how its mine I do what I want with it..i guess the ones talking nasty have been so perfect there whole lifes now that your old u want to pretend u was but really I'm sure you either drank done drugs or slept with every Man in town..but me and my family are the ones u want to attack I love James and unk..james has made mistakes because of the crowd of people he was hanging with that already lived in your town mind your business or just stay out of mine or look around your perfect town and realize that some of the people working for your town is on drugs people taking care of the elderly on drugs the elderly selling there medication people u would never dream of you know nothing about me nor James nor unk you talk of stuff that went on years ago and things that are un true I've never used or talked out of the way to unk and never will I'm not sure what you people are trying to prove but if you knew anything about god you don't treat and talk about people like u do but I know nothing and should not talk of god please at the end of the day he knows what I do and that's all that matters in the end he decides what I've done wrong not any of you I'm reporting all the nasty things off here and I hope it stops or there can be something done you and you your so called town of smithers is as hopeless and worthless as you say I am..
The fact Jack

United States

#21 Jan 24, 2014
Y'all needs to quit pretending your something and your not!!

Charleston, WV

#22 Jan 24, 2014
I agree. They are trying to make themselves out to be saints. Truth is they are nothing more then crackheads. They both go to the methadone clinic. That child needs taken away. Needs to be given a chance to growup in a good home. CPS needs to do their job and come take it.

Charleston, WV

#23 Jan 24, 2014
lol do u really not have nothing better to do???? wow get a life cps needs to do there job???? if they did there job sweetheart they would have took you from your parents i think they dropped you on your head you retarded asss biittcchh

Charleston, WV

#24 Jan 24, 2014
James you know that you are a worthless POS drug dealer. You both come on here and try to get everybody to feel sorry for yourselves, but everybody knows the kind of people you both are. Drug using, drug dealing, elderly abusive people. I would be ashamed if I was you, Taking advantage of your uncle. You have already burned his house down and taken every cent the poor man has. Making him homeless right with your sorry self. And yes CPS needs to take that kid. Im not sure why they havent. But I think if a few of us on here call and make a complaint they will have to do something. Whats the matter James. Did you not want to talk about you and the baby momma going to the meth clinic? If you was great parents and dont do what everybody is saying. why would you be going to such a place? And how do you afford to go? You dont have a job. I bet your uncle pays for that also. What a loser you are. If the cops would have done their job a long time ago, we would have been rid of your sorry self.

Summersville, WV

#25 Jan 24, 2014
Hi, I was a student of Mr. Kelly. He meant a lot to me. What kind of things or clothes are needed and sizes? Please tell him I said hi. He should know me by being his student, and we would go to eat Mexican after my kids had dance.

United States

#26 Jan 25, 2014
My last comment get a life I can't believe mne is so important to u I am no longer part of your community enjoy cps knows about methadone clinic it is not illegal don't worry bout my money or my daughter my uncle or my babymom yes we gobto the clinic yes we was on drugs yes my uncle helps pay for clinic along with my mother and father yes I am un employed yes I am homeless yes my uncle is to yes my daughter has no place to call home enjoy smiling at my misery u are such a good person u took everything bad about me and made sure everyone knew I wad proud of my self for getting help from clinic instead of using u will find satisfaction in knowing that u some how made me feel less successful with mu treatment I am a drug addict that would not have nothing if not for my uncle he is sitting right beside me and he is not impressed with your slanderous comments think about it u have nothing to gain from taking crap other then mabey some sort of sick self satisfaction I bet I know who u r I am pretty sure if u was as brave in real life as u r on here u would be sure to stop ur car when u drive past us next time and let us know face to face how u feel or better yet tell my uncle see what knd of response he has for u please please stop my uncle and tell him u are the one slandering us on topic I just want u to see what he would have to say to u
The fact Jack

Lancaster, OH

#28 Jan 26, 2014
Jimmy that's not Pam or Roger and the person doing this is most likely and idiot from Athens or Fayetteville. Whoever this is dint have the balls to say your real name imagine that!! Come out and say your name and we can have a talk!!
dope house

Charleston, WV

#29 Jan 29, 2014
It was a known drug house, just like the trailer over the tracks. Hes in jail, u should b 2.

Charleston, WV

#30 Jan 30, 2014
Wow it looks like this Pam has nothing better to do than talk about people she's all over topic talking about everyone hunny you need to get a life it don't look like you do much with your life but set on topic who cares what theses to are doing or what they have done leave them alone and mind your business and leave that poor baby out of your comments cps does not do nothing about parents going to the clinic they are getting help and if all your going to do is go thru topic posting negative things about everyone when you really know nothing but rumors you hear do us all a favor burn your computer and stay off topic get a life your no better your husband needs to put something in your mouth

Charleston, WV

#32 Apr 8, 2014
James Kelly is a piece of shit who does dope cooks dope sells dope. To be honest he probably started the fire himself. He's a loser always has been. And everyone in smithers feels bad for mr. Kelly and the little girl. You can't pick your grandchildren and you can't pick your parents. Oh yeah almost forgot James beats on woman.

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