“An earlier report by the Interfax news agency quoted a law enforcement source as saying that the victims apparently blew themselves up accidentally while planting the IED.”

Russia like Europe, America and Australia has an immigrant issue, They have a huge Muslim population in Russia that clashes with the upsurge in Russian Nationalism, a narrow variety of Nationalism a false Nationalism really. In this day and age borders can no longer be implemented. So, the false Nationalists seek to respond by harming the “others” instead of by unifying their fellow Nationalists top protect and supply their needs.

What does unifying mean? To back those fellow members of the group up to ensure their needs and their protection.

The former leads to a return blow bigger than the blow made by the instigator, while the latter protects and guarantees success. Hate is returned by hate and Unity is returned with more Unity a single acting force that is always stronger than intension that divides us.