Why is evolution right?
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Fairfield, IA

#411 Oct 27, 2012
macumazahn wrote:
<quoted text>Bizackly.
"Macro" is "micro" over enough time.
Yes, It's like they are saying "you can add up a few small numbers, and there are some big numbers, but you cannot add 1 + 1 + 1... a million times and get a sum of 1 million."

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#412 Oct 27, 2012
Gillette wrote:
<quoted text>
Yes, It's like they are saying "you can add up a few small numbers, and there are some big numbers, but you cannot add 1 + 1 + 1... a million times and get a sum of 1 million."
Just so.

I take it to be an indication of limited thinking.
The Dude

Macclesfield, UK

#413 Oct 28, 2012
MazHere wrote:
<quoted text>
Microevolution has been observed. Macroevolution has been extrapolated from an organisms requirement to have adaptive ability to survive.
Hey Maz, I notice this post utterly ignores all the evidence presented on the very same page.

Oh, and ignores all the mistakes you made and not been able to address yet.

As usual.

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#414 Oct 29, 2012
JPr wrote:
I'm new here, but I want to try and discuss evolution and creationism. If someone will start with something where we can built from?
I would say how the universe began, but if there is some other topic we can start from then just say it.
Evolution is observable and scientifically provable, the theory explains the proof.
JPr wrote:
1/ Because evolutionists donít know the answer does not mean that creationist are right, it just means that they both donít know the answer. Saying evolution is not fact because you donít now the answer is a copout, it simply highlights unwillingness to learn. Tell me do you know how god started it? So by the same rules faith in creationism is a copout too. Because people donít (yet) know the answer opens the path to manipulation, religion depend on this susceptibility of the human race. Depending where you live in the world dictates the nature of that manipulation.

How the first natural living cells occurred we cannot yet duplicate but in 2010 science produced synthetic self replicating living cells and it is estimated to be less than 10 years before science can duplicate the process naturally.

2/ Same argument applies with the creation of the universe, science does not know, and neither do creationists. Again difference is that creationists guess based on a bronze age book and science admit they donít know but are actively seeking an answer. Science knows how the universe itself has evolved. Projection from itís present state back to 10^-34th of a second after the event (thatís millions of times shorter than the duration of a single clock tick on the fastest computer currently known to mankind. That 10^-34th of a second was the moment when the laws that govern this universe were created. Before that no one knows.

However the recent works of Dr Param Singh has given science the ability to consider what happened prior to that previous limit and science is now considering the unthinkable and openly discussing their views of what happened ďbeforeĒ the big bang and how it acutely could have happened. Try visiting www.perimeterinstitute.ca/ to learn the latest information on cosmology and quantum physics.

3/ say what you want, itís just guesswork. Science knows how the planets, solar systems, galaxies black holes etc formed. Any of the major science sites will tell you Ė nasa, cern etc.

4/ What a crazy figure, where did you misunderstand that one? The farthest planet in our solar system is around 4,500,000,000 million kilometres away from the sun. The CHZ (habitable zone) is around 300,000,000 kms wide. Thatís a one in 15 chance, With 9 planets our solar system has a 1 in 1.6.(60%) chance of having at least one planet in the CHZ.

Look at it another way, when you consider that there are about 500 billion suns in our galaxy alone, recent discoveries indicate that the majority of them have solar systems. Of the 100 or so now discovered I believe that 3 have planets in the goldilocks zone (and astronomers have only been searching for a few years) so thatís an estimated 15 billion planets in our own galaxy that are theoretically capable of sustaining life.

Now consider that there are around 500 billion galaxies.

Rough guess over both sets of figures between 7,500 billion and 150 thousand billion billion possible life sustaining planets in the universe.

5/ see 4

6/ go to school, basic kindergarten science

7/ Yes and without that evolution would not be on the tacks it now follows.

8/ Donít know, neither do you, that is not excuse to guess that goddidt. Learn a bit about evolution, stem cell research and the adaptability of cells. No.

9/ Not all evolutionary tracts follow the human reproduction method, there are 2 methods on earth and the utilisation of those methods is diverse among different species.

10/ You call guesswork and ignorance common sense, OK

Pretoria, South Africa

#415 Mar 21, 2014
JPr wrote:
Actually, I'm going to put my thoughts first. Sorry for bad english, not like if is my first language but anyways.
I don't believe in evolution for different reasons.
1. There is no explanation in "Evolution" on how life began.
2. Since the universe is expanding is believed that it all began with an explosion; however, if it did, then what caused it?
3. So let's say that whatever happened, the big bang came out of nothing. How then all the stars, planets, galaxies, black holes, worms etc got created?(Luck?)
4.So, let's narrow it down to earth. I think is 10,000,000,000,000 the possibility of earth being in this exact place to substain life. That's a huge number isn't it?
5. Now multiply that number times the thousand of different species and things on the planet.
6. How did the atmosphere, and the whole system in which the earth works come to being?
7. Earth even "recycles" itslef. Look at the process of rain. And also how if a volcano explodes all the smoke and rest of the explosions equalizes around the earth.
8. So how did the first animal came to being? Did the heart evolved first, then the blood, the arms, liver, kidney whatever...? Would not they all had to appeared at the same time for it to live?
9. Not just that, but then consider that a female had to be evolved. The two where so lucky that somehow one had half and the other one had half to make a baby.
10. Well, these are just my common sense thoughts. If you want to laugh then do it, but I would love to hear some explanations.
Dear Jpr,(and all interested) i'm not sure where i have to reply, but above 10 points made me laugh very much. Not because he's wrong, because he's bloody right! Some people think they're brilliant, but they're blind. God is the original designer. We have no proof of life on other planets, but look at life here on earth. Do we even know how many things must be exactly right, for life here on earth to be possible? Somebody must have made it; and you and me. Big bang????...if we all had a competition to see who could be the most rediculous(and fking crazy) we would still not get anywhere near the BIG BANG! And yet some people believe in it and evolution. This is not because they're clever and logical and all that !"£$%!...no; it's because they don't want to believe. Something doesn't want them(and most people) to know the truth. Who could that be? There's Scripture saying, you will know the truth and the truth will set you free. Who wants you free and who wants you in chains?
God is the One(3in1)...and Satan is the other.
The Dude

Wallasey, UK

#416 Mar 21, 2014
Why must it be designed?

And why must it be your god?

Can you provide some objectively verifiable evidence that such a being exists that passes the scientific method? Thanks in advance.

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