Why all the fuss about evolution? Does it upset you that there is a set of evidence clearly showing that we humans evolved from earlier life forms. So what, is this a big-deal? I do not think so. If humans are still here on earth several million years from now do you thinks they will look and act exactly the same as we do now? I would suggest that we may not. We have seen evolution in our life time in England there was a small whit butterfly that would fly around the cith. With the industrial revolution and all the thick black air and particles. in time the birds could not see the butterflies that had some of the black soot on them. Again, in time the majority of the butterflies darker in colour were eaton by birds so they had a chance to reproduce and pass on their genes. Now tell me what your problem is.

Oh I get it the Bible does not say this. Well why are you si sure evertthing in the Bible is true/ How are all the stories proven to be true? Think for yourself.