The Reasons For Religion
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#61 Apr 21, 2007
us ourYF 22s wrote:
<quoted text>Dennis.please read Hinduim ans see where philosophy is faith..and plase the your from to BOB bogging to m ita ggrsvatingto sy the keast.....all his god hating...maybe he should look spuperriligiousityseems likes I a, om knock off so I domt I woill back...wait waste my time.
I'm tired of bong dismissed or bing pigonholed..yakr care.
hehehe...sometimes the meanings of my posts might be known only to me...:)

sorry about that

“Restore the Republic”

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Since: Jan 07


#62 Apr 21, 2007
The forums asks the reason for religion...there are many thoughts on this
1. Regilions creates cohesion and FAITH that a power wellintention being is behind events. To the extent that reliogion helps society no one can argue, it doesn bring epople together....on the other hand it divides people however all i all religion is a good thin other wise situational ethics would give rise to every notiuon and then the religion of NO GOD wouls emerge.

It's been said that "Commitment to imagined agents does not really relax or suspend ordinary mechanisms of belief formation; indeed it can provide important evidence for their functioning (and therefore should be studied attentively)" some wish to view it as a negative...even our friend Descartes started withis asumption and came to the conclusion thea God does exist. Why? because only a supreme wise God could instilll a thinking brain, one we could trust would seek and find truth.

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#63 Apr 21, 2007
I have the ability but not the desire to argue that ToE is bogus, outside of ^ day creation but I don't because it wouls be merely academic and a losing proposition.

"It could be done however tho its doomed to falure but, that doesnr mean God doesnt exist. So Descartes declaration that I think, therefore I am seeking knowledge and truth holds true but, remember his findings are based on the premise that God does exist or how could he trust his mind to be sound."

Then Rene goes to the existence of many Philosopher do this ?
"Finally, Descartes turns to his idea of God to consider "whether there is anything in the idea which could not have originated from myself." (Cottingham, Pg. 93) Descartes continues:

By 'God', I understand, a substance which is infinite, independent, supremely intelligent, supremely powerful, and which created both myself and everything else (if else there be) that exists. All these attributes are such that, the more carefully I concentrate on them, the less possible it seems that they could have originated from me alone. So, from what has been said it must be concluded that God necessarily exists." Is this faith or reason. I ask as a hymble wuestion.

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#64 Apr 21, 2007
Here is another Philosopher who takes a leap of faith...socrates, given a death sentence was well aware there was a cry for commutation , to be spoared. Socrates said Law , even bad law should be obeyed but revised as soon as possible.

so, Socrates believed all laws of Government held supreme, his sentence of death , in his mind should be administered, and thus suicide. Was this a leap of faith that law is just? and righteous?

Sault Sainte Marie, MI

#65 Sep 14, 2007
Don't judge an entire religion by what a select few people do and label it 'corrupt.' Their abuse of position won't go unjudged and they will get whats coming to them. How can one who truly knows Jesus break his commandments...

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Tulsa, Oklahoma USofA

#69 Sep 15, 2007
Kay wrote:
Don't judge an entire religion by what a select few people do and label it 'corrupt.' Their abuse of position won't go unjudged and they will get whats coming to them. How can one who truly knows Jesus break his commandments...
Judge? It's what humans DO.

YOU have judged others' motives AND you have usurped your god's role by your words: "...and they will get whats coming to them."

I can almost hear the cackell in your voice as you imagine them being tortured by your god.....

Not a nice being, is your version of god.....not nice AT ALL.

Moreover, what ever happened to MERCY?

Don't you imagine an infinite being having INFINITE mercy, then?

Or, is it only YOU that deserves mercy?

Hmmm. Inconsistent, much?
Iam Confused

Jenjarom, Malaysia

#71 Oct 1, 2007
What's a religion? Why do I need or don't need to have a religion on earth?
I have been struggling with my life or spirit as it evolves in this creation.
I am confused but I feel that I need to be close to the Creator, whatever how He looks like, be He looks like a monkey or something unusual. After all, Adam was made of clay but his life recieved the spirit of the Creator. All perish and back to clay but his spirit will be in union with the Creator. Of course bad spirit shall be thrown into the flame! The Creator doesn't need bad spirit.
Anyway, my answer is: I have to be thankful to Him and live as close as possible to the Super Creator, regardless of His appearance. Anything that evolves around me is simply the ways He creates or modifies His creation.
I love Jesus though a Jew he is and I am of the other race in my country. I have faith in Him coz Jesus had shown the believer a way to deal with life in this world. I acknowledge that He is a Super Being, a creator who came down from heaven from a spirit form and existed in flesh/clay and lived among man at the time man was rebellious towards the Creator.

“Restore the Republic”

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Since: Jan 07


#72 Oct 21, 2007
Kay wrote:
Don't judge an entire religion by what a select few people do and label it 'corrupt.' Their abuse of position won't go unjudged and they will get whats coming to them. How can one who truly knows Jesus break his commandments...
"How can one who truly knows Jesus break his commandments"....?

It's jusy mopinion but this statement alone, impkies that one couldnt Sin when really touched by god. Why then, in Corinthians(I think) are letters stating those things I hate, I still do...... and those things I should do, I do not ?

Could it be that we are sinners????

Somehow the idea that once I have been touched by God is going to restore me to perfection is wrong.

I sin because I am a sinner; I dont sin and become a sinner. This just my opinion too.

I believe our paths to perfection is lit but we need to always go back to Grace and will need forgiveness until the day comes that we can shed the flesh.

Brandon, SD

#73 Dec 21, 2010
Not all who read the Bible and live by it's teachings are religious fanatics.Religion can be controlling yes ,such as the Catholic Church is ,but to really be free of OUR fears we have to look at the words in the Bible realisticly .Athiest's have spent years trying to prove the Bible wrong ,and they will spend the next thousand years still trying to prove it wrong.We KNOW a woman at one time could not get pregnant with out a man to help out,then we learned thats not always the case ,test tube babies taught us that ,we KNOW that a man has what is needed to reproduce just as a woman does ,one with out the other and our species may die out ,BUT now we have gene's that can be replicated by science ,so we now know the Biblee may have been wrong about the man/woman only teachings.We are now seeing movies that dispute the greatest story ever told ,and ones that bring tears to our eyes such as the passion of christ .What we don't know yet is WHO really is responsable for the words in the Bible.To me ,religion is a control ,it binds you like iron chains to a specific religion .Christianty to me ,is freedom ,FROM the chains of religion.Its HOW we live ,HOW we treat others ,HOW we understand that not every one is a religious person ,but many still live Christian lives.
They didn't have test tube babies back when Jesus was born;that statement is ridiculous to even compare to. You can not call yourself Christian and then refute the religion. It does not work like that, sorry. If you say religion binds like iron chains and controls then say Christianity is Freedom, how the hell does that work? Those are two contradicting statements. It is like me saying, "Communism is terrible, it controls people and ties you to itself, so you follow it." Then saying, "but Communism is a good way to live by, how to treat others, and many of us are live this way." Why not, Christianity = Communism. Follow me or fear the consequences, I am the only God, blah blah fuckin' blah.
Tell me there isn't similarities between the two.

Blacksburg, VA

#74 Sep 14, 2012
thetruthbringer wrote:
Why is it that science and its theories are always the ones under attack? Because religion is filled with holes and statements throughout the bible that have been disproved. In order to keep evolutionasts and athiests from actually noticing these holes, and completely disproving the entire basis for any religion.
Can you give us examples of these holes and statements which have been disproved?

Wilmington, DE

#75 Oct 22, 2012
Well, there are many holes in the evidence that God exists. I have gotten into a few arguments with people who are trying to force their religious beliefs down my throat, and none have yet convinced me because I have been able to disprove every point they made. When kids are living in families with Christian parents, they don't have a say in the matter, nor could they really have one at a younger age, for believing in God or the Christian faith. Parents never give a solidified reason to believe in God or the faith as a whole, and sometimes not even a reason at all. Christians say that you will be granted acceptance into heaven if you are a "good Christian," but what proof is there that heaven actually exists? There is no way to physically prove that heaven is legitimately real. This, among other things that can't be disproven due to their mysterious and unknowing presence, is going to be the basis on which Christianity stays alive. Since there isn't a way up to know to say "Heaven doesn't exist" with full factual knowledge and support of your claim, there will always be at least one aspect of Christianity that can't be proved wrong, most likely much more parts than that. Like I've read somewhere else, if your goal is to disprove that the ocean exists, just because one water particle in the ocean doesn't exist, doesn't mean that the entire ocean isn't real. This is the same with Christianity. We may be able to show good and factual evidence that pieces of the religion are wrong, but it is next to impossible to prove every single aspect of the religion wrong, because of their claims of heaven, reincarnation, virgin birth, and much more. To us who don't believe in God, it's just a no-brainer that those things don't make sense, but when people are so in depth into the religion, that they don't see what we do, it's very difficult to show them what they're missing. I'm sure that the same could be said about our arguments too...

Fairfield, IA

#76 Oct 23, 2012
Doug wrote:
<quoted text>
Can you give us examples of these holes and statements which have been disproved?
The Bible story of two first human beings, Adam and Eve, is disproved by all that science knows about DNA, etc.(whether you take the Genesis story literally or metaphorically or allegorically).

There WERE no discreet, first members of the human species -- only a gradual evolution from early hominids into today's humanity.

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