Hi there,

I don't have a specific prediction, but I do believe that a rupture on the San Andreas is going to happen in the coming years within our lifetime. I have been working on a documentary since July about the earthquake risk in Southern California and the general preparedness of residents.

I interviewed some prominent seismologists in California including Dr. Kate Hutton ("The Earthquake Lady"), Dr. Debi Kilb (University of San Diego) and Dr. Thomas Jordan (Director of the Southern California Earthquake Center). They provided me with a lot of information about the state of the San Andreas and I want to share this in film format.

Please check it out if you can and spread the word if you're interested in seeing it. I can't wait to have this out in the near future.

It will be released on my website Seismicinformation.com for everyone to see.

Kickstarter campaign with movie trailer: http://kck.st/1dA5LOk