Drug charges authorized for Mure, Mead

Drug charges authorized for Mure, Mead

There are 22 comments on the Jackson Citizen Patriot story from Jul 3, 2007, titled Drug charges authorized for Mure, Mead. In it, Jackson Citizen Patriot reports that:

“We have notified their attorney, and he has agreed to surrender his clients”

A special prosecutor planned to file drug charges today against Jackson City Councilwoman Sarah Mead and her brother, Councilman William Mure. via Jackson Citizen Patriot

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Lansing, MI

#1 Jul 3, 2007
Sarah and bill were set up by Irv Portis, he found out things and used them to destroy there live with the help of the totally corrupt blackman township tool mike jester and ray snell!
tax payer

Jackson, MI

#2 Jul 10, 2007
Its odd how an informant went to Blackman and got jnet to raid two houses with one netting a grand total of what was it 5 grams?

All without Portis knowing...

I think if the defenses looked into this informant more they may learn some interesting things reguarding who knew, what was known and where one was told to go or not go with the complaint.

Its also odd that Portis would say that there is a conflict of intrest with these two dealing with anything reguarding the police department or the investigation of himself, he claimed they are bias, well that works both ways and since the investigation was announced long before any drug raids, the recent citizen pat article did nothing more then cement that Portis is the one trying to derail any attention towards his own bias.

I also find it hard to understand why the pat would call for these two to resign based on charges, last time I checked we live in a free country where one is innocent until proven guilty,I do believe If the Pat felt so compelled to call for them to resign, why isnt the Pat they calling for Portis to do the same using the same logic they used in calling for Mure and Mead to resign?

I'll just wait for the facts to come out in a court of law before I go head hunting myself it would be very premature to do anything otherwise and very undermining to the laws that govern the land. Im still curious to find out if these two are home owners, who else may or may not live with them etc where the sezied drugs theres?

Thats why we have courts and laws in this country, there is no need in premature demands of resignation or condeeming others, if you have faith in the system.

The mindset of this city or whatever gestapo dark cloud is over it needs to change.
Artimus Disaster

Jackson, MI

#3 Aug 6, 2007
Artimus Disaster

Jackson, MI

#4 Aug 6, 2007
That was a check to see if this worked.

While I do not believe that the war on drugs is working I do believe that Mure-Mead & Mure are quite stupid.

We will see when it comes to trial. But I heard that Mure had 5 grams and Mure-Mead had about a quater pound, sacles, and a loaded pistol.

As to the pistol instant felony. OOPS.

Admitted that she smoked marijuana. OOPS.

And having that much and the scales: intent to distribute. OOPS.

As to the war on drugs, it does not work so well unless you are caught w/ some then WOW it really kicks into high gear. Pun intended.

Note that brother was charged w/ a misdemeanor, but sister muitiple felonies. DUMBASS. Why so much, why the pistol, and the scales if you just use it to self medicate why all the surplus.

I am getting at this: she uses it also to define herself. City Counsil Repersenative / gangsta girl. jackson does not need that, no sir.
Old Classmate

Boone, NC

#5 Aug 12, 2007
I'd just like to know how they got their positions when they did this stuff in high school all the time. Somewhere I read on a post that they were "upstanding" citizens. Since when are "upstanding citizens" drug users?
Ignotus Adiutor

Arlington Heights, IL

#6 Aug 13, 2007
She was set up! No doubt about it! Sure, she used a little bit of marijuhana at times, but I bet that every person that has commented on here, and has attaced them have used it before in their own life. They may have done things even worse than what they did. No one has any right to point fingers at them cause everyone is guilty of doing something wrong.

I know for a fact that her gun was for protecton against her ex husband. He is not very stable and he was jealous of her, who knows what he could have done, and everyone knows that the JPD is useless, so why should she rely on them?

And if them using the drugs is such a bad thing, then how did they, mostly Mure-Mead, accompish so much? She has done nothing but good for this community. She did not harm or hurt anyone or anything with the drug use, just helped.

Upstanding citizens my fellow "Old Classmate" is someone who cares for the people in the community, there are many drug users who are outstanding citizens, most of the outstanding citizens are most likely drug users. Look at the president of the U.S. now, hes a drug user but hes considered an outstanding citizen by many, even with that knowledge. Even people within the JPD use drugs, but they are considered outstanding citizens.

This was such an obvious set up that its sickening how people dont see it! It doesnt take a rocket scientist to figure this out. Look at all of the facts, they point right to set up! Wake up people! Time to open your eyes to the truth! Sure, the truth hurts, but I think it is wrong how all of these people are destroying her for something as small as this! Over half of the population of Jackson uses marijuhana!!!! There is a bigger drug problem out there right now and people should be working on that instead of focusing so much on one person!!!! Just go onto Detroit Street and you'll see true drug use. Just walk out into the street and yell "Whos got the weed" or something along those lines and you'll see a gang of different drug dealers run up to you in a second! You'll see little children, ages seven to ten being used as the holders of these drugs so the real drug dealers wont get cought as easily!(I know this because I know someone by Detroit Street who has witnessed this). CHILDREN PEOPLE!!!! Stop focusing on someone that obviously wont do drugs again and focus on the true problem before those little children die from some drug deal gone wrong!!!! THAT is what Jackson doesnt need!!!!
Ignotus Adiutor

Arlington Heights, IL

#8 Aug 16, 2007
Well think about it, she really never used drugs in the first place, just on occassion, it will not be that difficult for her to stop all together. She is a strong person, she will be able to do that with ease, but I will agree, you cant always be 100% sure about that. And how do you know how long she has been using it or has not stopped, are you some kind of stalker? Cause your knowledge of that is just plaining creepy to me, especially when her family had no knowledge of her drug use.
Yes, many you us do have ex-husbands that are violant, but are they also crazy? Have they brocken into the house and threatened to kill the ex-wife if they kick them out again and actually try to when it happens? No, they dont. And, she did call the police before, showed them the markings, and they didnt do anything because he said that she was the one to attack him, when that was the furthest thing from the truth. I know his violence, I myself dont go around him without mase or a screwdriver because of how unstable he is. The gun was her only choice, especially because she has children. Woudldnt you want to protect your children if you wouldnt be able to stop a crazy man from hurting them? I think so, if not, your an idiot. You are not fit to be a parent if you think otherwise.
That is how you think. I dont think pilots should fly drunk, but we are not talking about someone who has the power over keeping people alive or not so you should not be comparing her to a drunk pilot. It was wrong what she did, I will agree with you there, but none of us have a right to go after her this badly, everyone does something very wrong in their life whether or not they get cought. And, as I said before, there are more things of greater importance we need to focus on.
Old Classmate

Boone, NC

#9 Aug 16, 2007
Focus on??????/ Maybe the war on drugs????

Leslie, MI

#10 Aug 16, 2007
blah, blah, blah, blah, blah
Ignotus Adiutor

Arlington Heights, IL

#11 Aug 19, 2007
Yes, the war on drugs, meaning EVERYBODY who does drugs and sells them and uses children as pack mules! Not just one person who was set up and used them once in a blue moon!
stop protecting guilty

Boone, NC

#12 Aug 19, 2007
Why is it a certain poster here, who's obviously a family member, friend, or the person(s) were discussing, want to keep claiming "set up". It's not like these 2 people are SOOO high up the ladder that there are people who want to see them fall. Come on, they aren't the President!! So, only the "other" people should pay for their crimes, not you or your friends/family? Cracking down on the War On Drugs starts with nailing one person at a time. Sometimes it starts with nailing the low man on the totem pole first and working up.

United States

#13 Aug 24, 2007
Ignotus Adiutor wrote:
Yes, the war on drugs, meaning EVERYBODY who does drugs and sells them and uses children as pack mules! Not just one person who was set up and used them once in a blue moon!
WOW. Whether she did it once or one thousand times, the fact remains that she's still guilty. She uses, she admitted to it, now quit whining and accept the consequences for your actions!! As far as her "abusive" ex - get a restraining order, not a loaded gun. You say she has kids to protect? It seems to me, that a high momma playing w/ a loaded gun isn't the best protection for her children. Hmmm, seems that would be a little more dangerous, than the ex. I mean come on, we all have locks on our houses, and comtronics has an excellent security system that anyone can afford, so there's no excuse I can see for her keeping a loaded gun, not to mention the drugs, in any house where there are children living. But that's only my opinion!!

Fowlerville, MI

#15 Sep 5, 2007
momofboys wrote:
THANK YOU, Carly....so much to her story doesn't add up. She, her friends and family (whoever is posting here for her) want the police to crack down on druggies, but don't want it to start with them. Her kids should be taken away, that is abuse doing drugs with kids. Some idiot here said she didn't do it around the kids. Yeah right!! So, she was 100% sober when the kids were around? I doubt that. Her parents didn't get her help in high school like they should have. They can't say they didn't know because I think the whole damn Catholic school knew.
Gee, sounds like you dislike her as much as the others on this post like her. I have to agree with Carly on the kid thing, after all, what kind of mom would keep drugs in her home with her kids living there. But as to your points about her, it almost sounds personal, as well. Since when is it the parents fault for what the kids do. I mean she is an adult after all. Even if she was doing it in school, who's to say her parents even knew. How many things did you do as a teen that you kept from your parents. And as far as the "Catholic School" not doing any thing, it definitely wasn't their responsibility either. Nope, sorry, but on this one, I'd have to say Ms. Mure-Mead should take the blame solo. She has no one to blame but her own stupidity. I only hope for her kids' sake that she learned a much needed lesson. If not, I feel sorry for those kids. I have a feeling they're gonna need it.
Face the Music

Greer, SC

#16 Sep 6, 2007
I don't dislike her and there's nothing personal at all, but everyone should pay for their crime when they put their own kids in harms way.

I didn't keep much from my parents as a kid. My biggest thing hiding from them was blowing my money on candy and cassette tapes and video games at the arcade.

I'm not blaming her parents for the trouble she's in now, I just stated they should've gotten her help. There's no way they didn't know about her drug use. I'd seen her in school and out and one look at her told you she was on something. Either they weren't around or looked the other way. I don't know. I am also not blaming the school either, but they should have at least called the parents and talked to them. You can't tell me most of the school of about 1000 knew she was doing drugs but none of the teachers did. She sat most of the time just "zoning" in class.

I do believe she needs to stand up and face the consequences. She needs to, if anything, be a role model for her kids now. Teach them to be honest.

As for the gun, it's a bunch of bull that she's saying it was for protection from an ex. Is she able to bend the rules and keep a gun instead of like all others and getting legal help?

Leslie, MI

#17 Sep 9, 2007
ALL these people KNEW, including the parents that she used drugs? Makes one question why it wasn't an issue when she was elected, for cripes sake.

United States

#18 Sep 22, 2007
Gee, just heard that the Jackson Mayor asked these to to step down and Sara Mead says she ABSOLUTELY will not..didn't she learn to keep her big mouth shut after her last statements to the media about smoking weed to begin with. What an idiot. If she didn't have such "good, upstanding" parents, she would have never had this position to begin with. All I've been hearing about is how great her parents are. Too bad they raised such Sh**heads. Boy they must be really proud!!!!!!!!

United States

#19 Sep 22, 2007
Oops and before anyone starts Spell and English bashing I meant to write "Jackson Mayor asked these two to step down"

Troy, MI

#20 Sep 26, 2007
You are so full of crap. Do you really know the truth about what is going on with Sarah? What goes on behind closed doors usually stays behind closed doors. So before you go running off at the mouth about this whole situation why don't you get your facts straight! What just because Sarah wants to play oh poor innocent me. Give me a break! An her ex-husband...If he was really a theat to her why were there no reports made in 20 year.
Lovin Jackson

United States

#21 Sep 26, 2007
Do drugs. Get elected to city council. Do more drugs. REPRESENT. Show are kids the stuff we're made of. REPRESENT.
Lovin Jackson

United States

#22 Sep 26, 2007
Dang.. I wanna be a politician I too. I can smoke pot, beat my kids, neglect my animals and shoot my spouse. And still I get to keep my job. Won't get arrested, will be told to stop by the Sheriff's office when I have a minute to give my finger prints, and most likely won't go to jail. Where can I sign up?

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