Duarte doctor arrested for alleged dr...

Duarte doctor arrested for alleged drug dealing

There are 1170 comments on the Pasadena Star-News story from Feb 10, 2009, titled Duarte doctor arrested for alleged drug dealing. In it, Pasadena Star-News reports that:

Federal drug agents Tuesday arrested a Duarte physician accused in a criminal complaint of essentially using his practice as a drug-dealing operation.

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grew up w healys

Chino, CA

#1183 May 4, 2010
i grew up with the healys and went to Dr. Healy from the time i was a small child. first of all, from the time i was a kid we all knew Dr. Healy was not a very good physician. we would only go to him for colds or basic things, never anything major, only quick fixes. bless their hearts, that whole family has always been kind of messed up, and DR. HEALY HAS BEEN UNDER WATCH FOR ABOUT A DECADE WITH THE AUTHORITIES HENCE TURNING THE PRACTICE INTO A WEIGHT LOSS CLINIC. i truly feel bad for his kids, bc he was the only real parent to them and they have been done wrong by both their parents. so sad. Healy is really a pushover, a huge nerd and while he knew what he was doing, i can imagine addicts getting crazy and pushing him for pills, if u knew him you would totally agree. despite his malpractice, anyone who knew him had respect for him and his family. they were the rich kids in school but never flaunted it. i heard they lost the ranch over a decade ago so why do people act like they were living the life.

about 8 years ago i went in for toe fungus and DID notice that there was a few ratty street looking people in there, the only reason i recall that bc it was a family practice as well as weight loss and the people looked out of place and gave me the creeps which i remember today.

his son Daniel Healy Jr. is soon to graduate as an MD from UCLA. please Daniel Jr. please dont fall in your dads footsteps. you are just like him, mild mannered and soft spoken. please let your fathers transgressions be a lesson to your own practice. GOD BLESS THE HEALYS.

Chino, CA

#1184 May 4, 2010
alot of the stuff posted here from "patients" family and addicts...are a bunch of lies. How terrible that people are making up such lies about him, its hard to sift through the truth. Once an addict always an addict and someone you should never trust. Everyone knows an addict lies even if theyre clean. Alot of these people need to grow up and have a sense of accountability. Dr. Healy is doing his time after a fair trial, when is it your turn to pay for mis using him?
theres alot of people here defending him bc they ACTUALLY knew him and used his services. all the Healy complaints come from irresponsible lying addicts. ONCE AN ADDICT ALWAYS AN ADDICT. they are the scum of the earth and will stop at nothing to do the drug.
diving in

Los Angeles, CA

#1185 May 6, 2010
He didn't have a trial, He plea bargained his way out of the hole he deserved to be put in, He probably paid his way to the light sentence he received. That man was as crooked as you are stupid. The facts speak for themselves. A CRIMINAL ALWAYS A CRIMINAL. Get your head out.

Chino, CA

#1186 May 7, 2010
i dont know who you are, but i am entitled to my opinion and do not have to be called stupid.

i have been reading ALL of the posts, and know that you have some tie to the case so i frankly dont care what YOUR opinion is 'diving in'.

this is a forum to express opinions, not have others shut people down because they are tied emotionally to the case.

in fact, im glad he plea bargained, just because it pisses you off.

why dont you go back to your drugs diving in. take a ALOT so us tax payers dont have to pay for your irresponsibility. i would ask that you get your head out of your ass, but its not there, its probably doped up.

oh diving in, your hilarious.

Chino, CA

#1187 May 7, 2010

thats you 'diving in'

Chino, CA

#1188 May 7, 2010
lol criminals can change, theres no criminal 'disease'
... but apparently addicts have a 'disease'
(in my mind a crock of SHIT its all behavioral accountability and choices NOT DISEASE) so they will always be the scum of the earth.

a criminal can change, an addict 'cannot' ha ha ha

...lol asking me to get my head out...fucking druggies....
diving in

Los Angeles, CA

#1189 May 11, 2010
Most people aren’t as accepting of a drug dealer in their neighborhood as you are, but I guess living across the street from the crack house that you probably frequent has desensitized you. Double your dosage and you’ll be fine.

Long Beach, CA

#1190 Jul 8, 2010
I went back to Dr. Healy's this year to find he is no longer there! What a surpise!
From reading all these posts.. wow.. I had no idea that you could get meds from him so easily. I am glad I didn't know-- I would have most likely taken advantage!
Don't bother with Las Encinas-- unless your a richie-rich type and even then they don't have good program because you can buy your way out of going to meetings.
-If you are a woman, call Casa De Las Amigas-- and beg them to take you in. If your insurance doesn't cover it, they will get you a bed from the state (but you might be on a waiting list), no one can afford to pay cash- thats nuts. its like $7,000!
-If you are a guy-- I would try Impact in Pasadena with the same strategy. You know a good program because they insist you go to meetings AND if you are persistent and call when they tell you to call, follow all directions they give you to get in-- THEY WILL GET YOU IN.(Speaking from someone who has been on both sides)
-Don't wait to get arrested (like I did) before being able to be "sent" to rehab.
-YOu can ALWAYS go to meetings at the rehab you are looking at and get a "feel" for the place. Talk to people.
-Dr. Healy was a sweetheart. I did know that there was something wrong when I had to sign a waver that said that I understood I could not sue him. He claimed insurance prices had gone up so high he couldn't afford it. I didn't care
** Hey-- whats up with the dr who took Healy's place at the duarte location?

United States

#1191 Jul 8, 2010
The Real Story wrote:
<quoted text>
Like I said before, I KNOW Dr. Healy better than anyone.
In bringing up the "previous run in with the medical board", you obviously THINK that you know more than I do. I'd venture to guess that you have NO idea why he was involved with the medical board in the FIRST place.(I'll give you a hint: disgruntled ex-employee who was caught embezzling thousands of dollars and who was calling in/approving prescriptions without Dr. Healy's permission. Dr. Healy never pressed charges... again). So, if you are under the impression that Dr. Healy's practices were "shady" on the basis of his previous "run in" with the medical board, now you KNOW WHY he was even brought to the attention of the medical board. It's actually fairly similar to what the current situation is...
Furthermore, why EXACTLY would Dr. Healy plead guilty to "KNOWINGLY" "selling" "drugs" to "drug dealers"? As opposed to "prescribing" "medications" to "patients"?
Did YOU TELL him that YOU were SELLING YOUR MEDICATIONS and did he subsequently "sell" YOU more? I don't know about you, but to me it seems like that would make YOU the DRUG DEALER and Dr. Healy would be the doctor that you deceived/manipulated in order to get your "drug stash". Is that about right?
You say YOU KNOW him better than anyone else? Who are you? His son?

Pasadena, CA

#1192 Jan 20, 2011
I was seeing DR.Healy for over 15 yrs.what happened to the girl at the front desk, what was her part.
Iv been sober for 3 yrs, it was hard gettig off tramadol, im to blame not him.
let me know what happened to the dr. staff
Addicted Patient

Monrovia, CA

#1193 Jan 20, 2011
In addition to SURPRISED's comment, The Gooden House across from Casa has an excellent program for guys. Like Casa, it also has Sober Living which also requires mtgs. Ridgeview Ranch in Altadena has a great program and is a smaller facility so there is more one on one counseling as well as gropus and meeting.

Personally I had a great start at Las Encinas, I am not a richie rich type, but was desperate. That was 3 years ago and I haven't had a drink or drug since and am very active in 2 12-Step Fellowships.

Some don't even have to go to treatment, they can get and STAY sober through AA, CA, NA, CMA, etc. This wasn't my case, I needed the strong structure away from the drugs and alcohol.

Rancho Cucamonga, CA

#1194 Jan 20, 2011
It's good to see people start to offer real help on this thread, instead of spewing hate.

Hemet, CA

#1195 Feb 9, 2011
Dr. Healy was our family GP for awhile. I remember my brother calling him Dr. Feel Good. Who could have imagined that it would be so true in the end. It was easy to get meds from him. And also cheaper than stores. I am not and have never been an addict but I do know how easy it would have been. Come on asking if you wanted a "Family Size" or "Party Size" bottle of pills. I cant see him asking but could see the others. THat other Dr. in the office creaped me out. I wouldnt see him if he was the only one there. Who knows where all the patient files went I never got mine.......I gotta look into that.
son of healy

Roseville, CA

#1196 Apr 22, 2011
my father had too many hispanics working for him including his girlfriend Alma and they preyed off of him like a hyena eating a lion. quite pathetic... he is still great and I look forward to the day he is released! love you pops!
son of healy

Roseville, CA

#1197 Apr 22, 2011
This was a ploy and I knew it all along. Cops still follow me around to this day harassing me and they are the worst domestic terrorists of all! alma is a cop and the one who actually ordered the mass quantities of pills.
son of healy

Roseville, CA

#1198 Apr 22, 2011
he is not the "Candy Man" you bastards!
son of healy

Roseville, CA

#1199 Apr 22, 2011
as for the jewish media.. u can go to hell in the desert where u belong
duarte rez

Azusa, CA

#1200 Apr 23, 2011
I am with you, Dr. Healy was our doc for many years, and the day I step in his office and saw Alma behind the desk, I knew something was going to happen. I never went back, there was to many changes in his office after Alma got there. I have known her for awhile. I loved your Dad, and can't imagine him saying all these things, that all these people are saying about him. I wish him well and your family also.
Addicted Patient

Pasadena, CA

#1201 May 7, 2011
My heart goes out to everyone involved in this.

Dr. Healy was my first "big kid" doctor. I saw him from age 12 until my early 30's. I became addicted to pain pills. I never had to "doctor shop" as he would give me paper prescriptions for everything. Or call in refills. I had to start going out of the area to get them filled, however, as the pharmacies would no longer fill prescriptions for narcotics with Dr. Healy's name on it. I know people who did by large quantities of pills from him.

I first heard Healy referred to as Dr. Feelgood in the early-mid 90's. BEFORE Alma was ever there.

I can't, and will not, blame Healy for my addiction. He certainly enabled me. I had seizures from the meds he was prescribing me. I was told this by the very hospitals he was no longer *allowed* to be staffed at.

Healy knew what was going on in his office, for well over TEN YEARS. Through all the different staff, what is the only common denominator?? Dr. Daniel J. Healy himself.

I trusted him. I felt that my doctor knew what he was doing. I was in pain. I argued when I went to rehab that I wasn't an addict because my doctor prescribed my dope to me. I got to look at myself. This is why I can't blame Healy. I was a pretty "honest" addict. He let me fill up my own syringes of pain meds. It never once occurred to me to fill up more of the mixture, or to just take the stuff altogether. I knew where and what he had that could kill my pain, and it wasn't locked up. Then again, it never occurred to me that it was wrong to be able to have access and permission to fill my own syringes. I still don't know how that even came about, I know I didn't ask, I am terrified of needles! Still got shots until I had so much scar tissue and abscesses that he had to order that I get them IV.

I'm so grateful to be sober... I don't have to go through that stuff anymore. I got a new doctor 2.5 years ago, I told him I was an addict in Recovery. He knows not to give me anything that is even questionably addictive.
Long time patient

Duarte, CA

#1202 Jun 30, 2011
Dr. Healy is a good person, he just allowed himself to get involved with the wrong person (Alma). If she did all the ordering of drugs... why didn't she question the quantities? She was trouble the moment she stepped into that office & took over. I'm sure that's why Jessie left!

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