DA: Philadelphia abortion doc killed ...

DA: Philadelphia abortion doc killed 7 babies with scissors | The Columbus Dispatch

There are 890 comments on the Columbus Dispatch story from Jan 19, 2011, titled DA: Philadelphia abortion doc killed 7 babies with scissors | The Columbus Dispatch. In it, Columbus Dispatch reports that:

A doctor who gave abortions to minorities, immigrants and poor women in a "house of horrors" clinic was charged with eight counts of murder in the deaths of a patient and seven babies who were born alive and then killed with scissors, prosecutors said Wednesday.

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Randy Crawford

North Liberty, IA

#907 Apr 11, 2011
CherryTheTart wrote:
<quoted text>
I thought that was your job. Keep it.
You think all kinds of weird delusional things.
Randy Crawford

North Liberty, IA

#908 Apr 11, 2011
ConsDem>>Mr. Crawford: over 35 posts of yours to respond to 3 of mine? I can only think of two words to describe this behavior; fanatical zeal.

Crawford>> At least you admit to a limited intellect. Your 3 tedious long rambling posts contained a lot of erroneous blabber, hence required a lot of words to address. Remember, each post is limited to 4000 characters, so when your delusions use up all or most all of the available 4000 word allowance it is necessary to break them up into pieces in order to respond. Don't create a space deficit problem, and then hypocritically criticize anyone else because you yourself haven't left space to respond. P.S.-- if your life were on the line, you wouldn't think efforts to save it were fanatical zeal. Neither do the mothers who listen to us and then come back years later to say: "Thanks for teaching me to turn back from the abortion mill. I don't know what I would have done had I gone ahead and killed my baby." Plenty disregard our advice, kill the kid, and racked by guilt go into deep depression or even get suicidal after. But baby butchers like you don't care who they kill, what blood-money profits they charge, or how devastated women's lives are after the abortion mill has in many cases killed the only baby they could ever have and also left them permanently sterilized.
For more info go to Operation Outcry.

Since: Feb 08

Brookhaven, PA

#909 Apr 11, 2011
Randy Crawford wrote:
<quoted text>
You keep spending time on me, so by your own double-talk you must not think I'm looney. You can never keep your own story straight because you "think" illogically and speak from ignorant emotion rather than a sense of truth and reality. Like most ignoramuses, you can't even agree with yourself, hence your eternal inconsistencies.
Takes no time at all to type "Nuts!" And it feels so good. That is because it is so true.

I am absolutely consistent. There are only two things you can do with a crazy person. 1. Agree with them until you can get away from them. 2. Laugh at them and point to their crazy so nobody gets hurt. Sometimes you can do only one. Sometimes you can do both.

Since: Feb 08

Brookhaven, PA

#910 Apr 11, 2011
Randy Crawford wrote:
<quoted text>
You think all kinds of weird delusional things.

The difference between you and me is that you do the same and you don't know it and/or don't admit it. The evil and the insane are incapable of self examination. They avoid it with a passion.

That is the essential difference between sane and NUTS.
Randy Crawford

Iowa City, IA

#911 Apr 11, 2011
ConsDem>>>I said I wasn’t going to post to you again, but...

Crawford> >And why would anyone who knows you be surprised that you say one thing and do another? Just another illustration of how hypocritical the babykilling pro-aborts habitually are.

ConsDem>> ...I want to address this one in particular, of the plethora of accusations you formulate towards me,....

Crawford>> As in you are unable to rebut the others, and for some bizarre reason have fixated on this one.

ConsDem>> .....and address a minute subject, which you continue to avoid like the proverbial “plague.”

Crawford>> If you actually believe the subject is so minute, why are you so obsessively fixated upon it? As Abraham Lincoln said, "A man's about as big as the things that make him mad."

ConsDem Quotes>>> Randy Crawford wrote:
<quoted text>ConsDem>>I support choice.
Crawford>> That isn't true until the day you support choice as applied to you. When you are willing to choose yourself for vivisection and dismemberment, you have credibility. Until then, you are just an empty puffing babykilling hypocrite who doesn't follow his own standards.
--end quotes and earlier text, new text follows---

ConsDem>>Another example of talking without the benefit of intellect and falling victim to your own fallacy.

Crawford>> No, it's entirely true that you advocate 'choice' for others as victims but you refuse to allow yourself to be a victim of the same 'choice' viz. being chopped into little abortion pieces. Your refusal to abide by your own standards repeatedly re-qualifies you as a hypocrite.

ConsDem>> Vivisection and dismemberment; how trivial.

Crawford>> Really? If they are so trivial, why don't you let them be applied to you to eliminate your continuing rank hypocrisy?

ConsDem>> I had surgery 6 years ago.

Crawford>> Again, you are vainly seeking refuge amongst the failed miasma of an apples and oranges comparison that doesn't even correlate, much less equate. Surgery is voluntary, and designed to cure. Abortion is involuntary, and is designed to slaughter. Surgery involves vivisection under anesthesia where the vivisection is stitched back to normal for restorative and curative purposes. Abortion involves vivisection without anesthesia where the vivisection is a one-way ripping apart for butchery and slaughter purposes.

ConsDem>>I also flew more than 50 combat sorties in Desert Storm. Does that count?

Crawford>> How does flying an aircraft compare to decapitation, dismemberment, and disembowelment? Obviously none of those happened in your experience otherwise you wouldn't be typing your current installment of more irrelevant non sequitur nonsense

ConDem>>“babykilling” Wow,“Doctor;” with your superb “frontal lobe” skills, is this your best attempt at an insult?

Crawford>> People like abortionists and their adherents who kill and advocate for the killing of babies classify themselves as babykillers. It's a fact that those who kill babies are babykillers, and if you can recognize that how you classify yourself by your behavior is insulting, then perhaps you have a scintilla of a conscience that can learn to someday become more civilized and quit arguing for the killing of babies.
Randy Crawford

Iowa City, IA

#912 Apr 11, 2011
ConsDem quotes: Randy Crawford wrote:
,quoted text> ConsDem>>>First, you refuse to answer a direct question, to wit: is it fair to say you’re an ObGyn? In your words; “[t]ry to answer a question for once, OK?”

Crawford>> What difference does it make, and why do you need to worry about it? Equally, is it fair to say you're a lawyer, as you have purported to be? If so, can you document your claim by telling us your law school, year of graduation, class rank, license to practice law source authority with license number, and which branch of Planned Parenthood you work in?--end earlier exchange---

ConsDem new text>>>>>It was you who claimed to have performed breast cancer screenings and pelvic exams, and that you’ve seen abortions performed. So, either you’re a physician, or a promiscuous adulterer, and the women who had the abortions, which you witnessed, were aborting YOUR “child.”

Crawford>> Or else the world contains possibilities that you are too feeble-finded to conceive of. You are responsible for your false assumptions, and no one else is responsible for your false assumptions but you.

ConsDem>>All your admirable vocabulary, yet any 1L can discredit you.

Crawford>> It's doubtful you have the competence of even a 1L (i.e. first year law student) considering you attempted to give me a pompous lesson on mens rea and actus reus last week but you couldn't even spell either basic legal term.

ConsDem>>Medical privacy laws, the physician/patient privilege, and cannons of ethics in the medical profession, forbid anyone in the room when an abortion is performed, unless they’re part of the team performing the procedure, unless the patient provides WRITTEN consent, and then, it’s still the physician’s discretion. Actually, you don’t even need to have graduated law school to know this.

Crawford>> In your narrow little world no doubt that's how things are done, but the world is a much wider place than is your narrow conception of it.

ConsDem>>I asked you whether you are an ObGyn, now in more than two (2) occasions; you continue to refuse to answer.

Crawford>> As usual, the "issue" is an irrelevant distraction you keep attempting to pursue for no rational reason. You are habitually off-topic, as further evidence you know you have lost the argument on the issue of abortion being unjustifiable baby murder.

ConsDem>>Now you ask me to share where I went to law school, what year I graduated, what was my class rank, and you want to know my bar number.

Crawford>> The questions are rhetorical, as even a boiled turnip can discern from the context. To make it so simple even you can understand-- if you refuse to answer corresponding questions about yourself, why should I answer questions about myself? You further refuse to answer dozens of questions that are entirely on topic re the justification or not of abortion, and next you flung along the irrelevant personal questioning when it became obvious you couldn't handle the subject matter. Don't blame me that you sunk to the level of irrelevant personal questions. The fact that you were wrong to insert personal questions is shown by the fact that you don't like the same thing being done to you. Again, you demonstrate yourself to be a repetitive hypocrite with no legitimate basis for your incessant irrelevant blabber.
Randy Crawford

Iowa City, IA

#913 Apr 11, 2011
ConsDem>>Come to think about it, you’re not a hypocrite; you’re a fraud.

Crawford>> At least for once you're half right. Indeed, I'm not a hypocrite. But I'm also not a fraud. The fraud is you, who claims to be a lawyer but who can't speell simple beginner terms like mens rea and actus reus. You also claim to be Jewish, yet you have no regard for the teachings of Hillel, and your 'religious' utterances directly conflict with what Proverbs and Psalms actually say. If you understood either the law or Judaic teachings better, at least you might someday become more adept at your transparent and insufficient attempts at deception.
Randy Crawford

Solon, IA

#914 Apr 12, 2011

Crawford>>> Translation: This front for Planned Parenthood wants us to think he has slipped into casual mode.

ConsDem>>>so you claim you stopped 3 abortions.

Crawford>> Yes, those are the recent ones.

ConsDem>> Big deal.

Crawford>> It is a big deal for the people who have had their lives saved. But Conservative Democrat, as he shows here, is such an abject psychopath he has, as he has just re-revealed, a savage beast's disregard for the rights of anyone other than his selfish self self self.

ConsDem>>How about you give the names of the three women you counseled? You did bother to address them by name; didn’t you?

Crawford>>> When babies are saved, this 'demand for authentication' is a common abortion mill tactic, including its coming from people they infiltrate as spies inside pro-life groups. ConsDem and his buddies at Planned Parenthood want the names of murder-moms converted into normal moms because they want to pester and hound and harass them. It's like Hitler or Stalin or the Mafia want to hunt down anyone who escapes from their vile regime and is likely to speak about how glad they are to escape evil.

ConsDem>>>How about you tell us how many boxes of diapers, or cans of formula have you purchased for those babies? I’ll settle for your word on that.

Crawford>> How about you tell us how many boxes of diapers, or cans of formula have you purchased for my babies. How often do you come over to mow my lawn or wash my dishes? I'll settle for you ever beginning to recognize that people are responsible for what they do, and they have a civilized responsiblity to not impose their selfish demands on other people. Babies are zero percent responsible for their existence or care, while their parents are 100% responsible for them. Maybe your parents weren't very responsible about taking care of you. Perhaps that was the source of your selfish psychopathology.

ConsDem>>If all you’ve done is talk them out of terminating a pregnancy, then you’ve done nothing but quite plausibly advocate for the suffering of a child, and perhaps the birth of the next mass murderer.

Crawford>> Where ConsDem comes from, with his attitude of fronting for the mass murder of babies through abortion, plus his generalized pessimistic psychopathology, it's not too surprising his aspiration is for more mass murderers. It's kind of like pro5titutes can't find normal women who want to associate with them, and even their own customers don't want to be seen with them in public. So, wbores are always hoping to somehow find more like themselves to hang out with so they won't be lonely all the time. It's no surprise that an aspiring murderer like ConsDem is hoping for more company just like himselfselfself, to avoid being so lonely. Misery loves company.

ConsDem>>>Bye, bye "doctor."

Crawford>> Yes, I know you can't answer to the truth on the preceding pages because you and your sponsors at Planned Parenthood have so much to hide about your profiteering on the blood-money of abortion and the misery you inflict on women who were talked into butchering their own kids.

ConsDem>>P.S. From what med school did you graduate?

Crawford>> I never claimed I'm a doctor, you did. Where's the substantiation for your claim you're a lawyer?
operationoutcry.org (personal stories, by murder-moms, about what abortion is really like)
Randy Crawford

Solon, IA

#916 Apr 19, 2011
thissaysit wrote:
This is why more people need to be part of www.thissaysitall.com .
Empty generalized platitudes are commonly relied upon by those who have difficulty dealing with bothersome details like (1) facts, and (2) reality, as demonstrated in the foregoing pages and particularly more recently.
Randy Crawford

Coralville, IA

#918 May 14, 2013
I have already exposed your hypocritical double-talk for the series of murderous lies it is. Your staying alive and not subjecting yourself to your own abortion medicine proves you don't believe in abortion, otherwise you'd we willing to apply abortion's vivisection and dismemberment to yourself. You can't justify abortion, and your failure to appply it to yourself proves you can't justify abortion. The law is not defined by the courts, it is defined by the legislature. Even the U.S. Supreme Court stated they couldn't decide whether a baby in the womb is a person or not. If they state they can't decide whether water is wet or not, that doesn't make water less wet than it is. Your hypocritical doubletalk has failed again. Similarly, Nazis designating Jews as non-persons with no rights, and suitable to be butchered at will, is another lie by hypocrites trying to justify murder to gullible audiences. You are using Hitler's tactics again. The difference is Hitler killed for free, while abortionists charge hundreds or thousands of dollars for each killing. Hitler murdered 6 million in his death camps, while American abortion has already killed over 60 million. And, Hitler had enough of a conscience to admit he was wrong by killing himself. Abortionists are less civilized than even Hitler, and seldom to never apply their own butchery to themselves. For examples of Hitler's generals admitting they were wrong for their mass depersonalization attempts and hypocritical butchery (such as you are too uncivilized to admit to) see the frank confessions of Hitler's generals in http://video.pbs.org/video/2365003946 Very occasionally, abortion proponents admit they were wrong, e.g. Norma McCorvey ( the Jane Roe of Roe v. Wade) http://womenshistory.about.com/od/abortionus/... or even abortion doctors themselves http://www.teenbreaks.com/abortion/abortiondo... If you ever evolve past the savage caveman stage of development, you will realize abortion is unjustifiable also. Until then, you are merely a murderous hypocritical liar who proves by her own continued existence that she doesn't believe in her own lies about promoting abortion. You just want to get the money, at the expese of horrible suffering by innocent children who are being slaughtered precisely because they are human. You also don't have the legitimacy to use your own name. Of course not, since you want to hide in the shadows of your murderous smoke and mirrors and lies.

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