K2 incense provides high for some, sc...

K2 incense provides high for some, scare for others

There are 617 comments on the KYTV Springfield story from Nov 28, 2009, titled K2 incense provides high for some, scare for others. In it, KYTV Springfield reports that:

It knocked a Polk County teenager unconscious for five hours, but those who sell it say it's mild and safe.

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Harrison, AR

#439 Sep 29, 2011
Here is the deal folks. I am an adult of 36 years old. Been there, done that kind of thing. LSD, coke, pot, mushrooms, etc. Mostly in my youth and after 24 years old just pot.

Then I had to take drug tests and started smoking K2. Everything was fine, anxiety, etc. but a decent high - I can handle it.

THEN.... I order some shit from k2legalsmoke.com


Right now I am have EXTREME chest pains and can't even walk to my car w/o feeling pain in my chest. I am getting tests on my heart to determine just what the fuck is going on.

here is the problem - You 'may' be fine for a while.. then you 'may' get some bad shit. AND.. if you get some bad shit - it 'may' be the last bad shit you ever get. It has been a week since I last smoked it and I am still fucked up. I am just hoping and praying that I didn't do permanent damage to my heart, lungs, whatever. but SOMETHING is fucked up in my chest. there is NO question that it was from the k2legalsmoke.com shit.

BE CAREFUL!! Dont' be a hard ass and think you are some kind of superman.

And yes.. I was a dumbass for smoking it. I readily admit it. All I can do now is warn others.

Peace out!

Saint Charles, MO

#440 Sep 30, 2011
me and some friends smoked this last night, everyone had smoked it before and one was on probation so we needed to not use our pipes or bong. we packed a cigarette, then when he left smoke from a bubbler. it was all good, until my best friend had the worst trip i have ever scene. she collapsed and started seizing she then got up and through up, i held her hair as this continued for an hour. she has acid reflex so that might explain the throwing up. anyways i agreed with all of you, "this shits awesome, ITS LEGAL!, its cheaper" but be careful, these are chemicals they effect everyones body differently. smoking the real stuff is safer, esp if you dont want to see your friends the way i had.

Saint Charles, MO

#441 Sep 30, 2011
similar shit happened to my best friend, except she went into a seizure. THIS ISNT SAFE
concerned heart wrote:
You people are seriously twisted in the head if you think that just because someone had a bad experience off this crap means that they are just tripping and can't handle it. When this happens to you, you will know what we are saying. THIS SHIT IS DANGEROUS. It can cause you to go into a heart attack, seizures, cardiac arrest, OR DIE. People need to be aware that just because you smoke it for how ever long and nothing happens to you, DOES NOT mean that nothing ever will.
I am a 20 year old female, with no prior health conditions at all. I have been a weed smoker for going on 6 years now. I have been smoking spice for 4 months, give or take. I have never had any problems with any of the spice. Keep in mind i have tried over 100 Different brands. Just the other day I took one pretty decent hit out of a bong, 5 minutes later i don't feel right and my heart is racing. My boyfriend who was there with me layed me down near a fan. The last moment of REALITY that i can remember was lying down and seeing my boyfriend walk away, BUT he never walked away or left my side. i was unresponsive and passing in and out. my heart was beating an excess of 170+. If there would have been a phone around he would have called 911, but he didn't want to leave me.. But all the while he was there i was drifting off not even realizing. I didn't know anything or feel anything, by the time i was finding myself, i noticed that i was seeing all white and i couldn't feel my heart or lungs, or ANYTHING for that fact. All that i could do was talk. I was spouting off my last words when i realized there was nothing left with me at all..... He said my heart was irregular, overly fast, and pounding my chest. Three days later i still feel wrong, i want to go get checked out. My chest is still tight and hurts, i have spells of heart pains that last upto 30 minutes now. I am afraid to raise my heart rate because i don't even know if my heart is strong enough to stand it without failing.
I have read every simgle comment on here, 82% of them are bad. They tell you how bad it is and what is can do to you, but no one believes it until it happens to them. trust me, IT CAN HAPPN TO ANYONE AT ANYTIME when smoking this. YOU HAVE BEEN CAUTIONED.

Spartanburg, SC

#442 Oct 3, 2011
I'm 40 years old and I tried mad hatter for first time over weekend. Literally thought I was going to die. I'm pretty sure I was having a seizure for about 5 minutes and then was foaming at mouth and twitching. could not move or talk. Was trying everything I could to tell my friends to take me to fuckin hospital but couldn't make my lips work. They finally realized something wasn't right and they needed to do something and had to carry me to car and by the time we found a hospital 30 min away I was starting to come down. I was starting to talk. Turned around and went back to where we were camping in woods. Took 2 hours for me to get back to normal and then I was sick for 2 fuckin days. I can't believe this shit is legal. I realize that alot of people don't have same reaction. But if I have a reaction like this I'd hate to think of 16 yr old kids dicking around with this shit.

Peoria, IL

#444 Oct 7, 2011
The mad hatter sent me into hallucinations. had to go to the hospital

Peoria, IL

#445 Oct 7, 2011
the mad hatter caused hallucinations and sent me to the hopsital

Peoria, IL

#446 Oct 7, 2011
the mad hatter is dangerous

Peoria, IL

#447 Oct 7, 2011
i smoked this shit before...but this time i had a very bad reaction.please pass the words so that we dont have deaths that occur that could have been prevented,

Louisville, KY

#448 Oct 11, 2011
Their website sucks. Cant even find the full story. Anyway, this propaganda shit needs to stop. I smoke k2 about every day, with no issues. I expect it to have bad long term effects if you smoke it regularly, but I'm switching back to good ole marijuana once my probation ends. Spice is safe in moderation, weed is safer period.
Lost in Dallas

Garland, TX

#449 Oct 11, 2011
Bcj- wrote:
Also to comment on that Polk County teenager, i've seen the news story and the kids a dipshit, he's an idiot. He gets his 15sec of fame b/c he has an underlying condition or his body is ultrasensitive to certain components, I also don't believe he only took a puff Luke he said he did, and his symptoms sound like epilepsy rather than drug induced unconsciousness.
I've been smoking this stuff for a few months now, and I always recomend it to my other friends that cant smoke the real... and I have to say that I disagree with you here. I've been reading on it to try to learn more, and apparently the dosing of this stuff is eratic, because the chemicals they spray on it, are not sprayed evenly and some of it ends up more potant than the rest ... I do agree with that. Like I said, been smoking this stuff for months, the same stuff every time ( I stick with what I like) and sometimes I DO notice a difference.... and I've seen a difference in my friends... after just ONE hit. I've noticed sometimes if I hit it too hard, even just one hit, I get a little TOO high.. it makes me panic a little, and feel somewhat sick to my stomach it freaked me out the first time it happend, but it always wears off in about 30 minutes. I know when this happens, that I've hit it too hard, and I just need to let it run it's course. What everyone needs to realise, is that even though this stuff is meant to be a legal alternative to weed.... it still isnt quite weed.... It's very potent, and should be treated as such. Hit it slow... easy, and if you're still not high, take another small hit. The key to this stuff, is knowing what it is capabale of doing to you, and knowing what you can handle. But those of you that CAN'T handle it... maybe it's just not for you.... but dont ruin it for the rest of us
Lost in Dallas

Garland, TX

#450 Oct 11, 2011
nkleigh wrote:
I thought we lived in a free country! NOPE we can't do anything. I don't understand why we shouldn't be able to smoke k2 but yet we can all become alcholoics that's legal! Wtf?
I completely agree... it's sad that alcohol is completely an totally legal for anyone over the age of 21, but we cant choose to smoke k2... or real weed for that matter. I dont understand why they dont go ahead and legalize it! There has never once been a reported casualty from weed.... they're safer than a peanut!

Forest City, NC

#451 Oct 13, 2011
hey guys did you know that Pfizer one of the largest drug company's invented the cp series cp47,cp497 they started in the 70s or 80s and if i remember correctly are still testing it

now people really if they have been testing it for 30 - 40 years dont you think they would have talked about cancer seizures brain damage ect in their big ban to scare us
its fine in moderation a Lil addictive but only psychologically because it relieves all stress in 1 puff

just test each pack do not dive in and youll be fine
ps: the stronger ones that last for 2+ days have some side effects of just uncomfortableness cause of duration

Fox Lake, IL

#452 Oct 14, 2011
pube smoke is awesome yay i like it too
Lisa Danielle


#453 Oct 15, 2011
marcus wrote:
Will k2 show up in a drug test for probation?

Nope, K2 & all other forms of synthetic weed don't show up on a drug test

Springfield, MO

#454 Oct 15, 2011
I don't believe that it knocked someone unconscious for five hours, but I've been a paramedic for fifteen years and I can honestly and without any exaggeration say that I think I've worked more K2-related emergency calls in the past couple of years, than I have pretty much all other drugs combined. Those who say that it doesn't make people sick are basing this on their own very limited anecdotal experience. Take it from someone who's worked dozens of K2-related emergency calls: there are a whole lot of people having bad reactions to it.

United States

#455 Oct 18, 2011
DDD wrote:
I smoke pot a lot on a regular basis. I've had K2 before and it was fine. However, the other day I tried this stuff called "Mr Nice Guy" which is like K2 I guess. I had about 3 hits. WORSE EXPERIENCE OF MY LIFE. I could feel my heart beating like crazy and I was shaking uncontrollably. I would lift up my hand and it would just shake. It felt like there were worms crawling under my skin. It felt like a dream, but more like a nightmare I couldn't wake up from. When I finally got home my other friend threw up everywhere. We both agree that we will never touch that shit again, it doesn't seem safe. I thought I was going to have a seizure and die. Do not try this... it isn't just something you can "ignore" or I was "just being paranoid" this shit was fucking painful and NOTHING like being high. It was nothing I thinkg marijuana is even possible of doing. I am pretty sure if I had had anymore I would have passed out. STAY AWAY FROM MR NICE GUY!

I tried cool beanz and it did the same to me. The high was more like a quick acid trip and way too intense. Mad hatter is the best one I have tried so far. It's mellow just like the natural marijuana.

Columbia, MO

#456 Oct 18, 2011
Bobby Swink wrote:
I have tried it and like the high but I would really like to no is side effects before I get into somthing I will regret , I also hear that itis untestable ,and would like to no if that is true to... There so many types of this stuff and it's all strong all hell it fuck your shit up .. what the heel is it LOL
Dont keep smokin it dude I bought 3g's of it a day for like a month and now if I dont have it for like a more than a couple hours my body gets really fuckin weak and I throw up anything I try to eat, maybe it's just me but I never woulda started smokin that shit if I knew that was gonna happen

Providence, RI

#457 Oct 22, 2011
i just took mad monkey, it is simular to k2 but a knockoff, these ones are what give k2 a bad name the shit i had was tainted with something i tripped harder then ever before, vomited several times, had trouble breathing it felt like someone was holding a boot to my lungs, i couldnt "grasp reality" i thought i was dying and i couldnt stop freaking out and spazzing. this stuff is knockoff like some of the supposed "k2" out there, there are knockoffs out there coated with pyschoactive drugs which give a bad high and death like state

Argenton, Australia

#459 Oct 23, 2011
Ive been smoking K2 for months now and a few days ago I noticed a bright green synthetic object in the mix. It wasn't like the normal leaves in the mix. Anyways my friend had some and he's a regular too. 10-15 mins later he was asleep so I went to wake him then bam the seizure happened. His back was arching and he was holding onto me so tight like he wanted to hurt me. 20 mins later after much struggling I got him to bed. He didn't remember a thing. So I decided to try this green material and see what it did. I ended up in my bed literally thinking my mind was splitting and I was going to die. It's the worst experience I've ever had. Since then I've found out a few ppl have had similar.
this guy

United States

#460 Oct 23, 2011
I can tell you this stuff is bad news, it scared me so bad, it made me crazy for about 10 minutes. I didn't know if what I was feeling was Real, and it felt like I was dying for that 20 minutes. Please don't be stupid like I was. DO NOT SMOKE K9.

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