K2 incense provides high for some, sc...

K2 incense provides high for some, scare for others

There are 617 comments on the KYTV Springfield story from Nov 28, 2009, titled K2 incense provides high for some, scare for others. In it, KYTV Springfield reports that:

It knocked a Polk County teenager unconscious for five hours, but those who sell it say it's mild and safe.

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tired of a-holes

Gainesville, VA

#262 Oct 30, 2010
concerned for our future wrote:
How sad that you all have lives so bad that you can't go through it without altering your brains or possibly damaging it. Someday you too will have children and hopefully they don't have disabilities because of your need to feel different for a few minutes on something that you have NO idea what the long term affects are.
So I guess you don't drink, huh? Because if you do, that means you have a bad life. I hope your children get fetal alcohol syndrome, and every time you look at their little warped faces, you are reminded of your selfish need to sacrifice your family's happiness for a few minutes of fun at a bar-b-que or on a Friday night.

United States

#263 Nov 1, 2010
I think maybe everone needs to look at the big picture here. It is coming up on election so everyone is looking for something to point fingers at. K-2 just so happens to be their focus because they dont have anything else that makes them look good.

United States

#264 Nov 2, 2010
Parks and Rec wrote:
<quoted text>
Eat my words that there is nothing on the market to make cannabis more potent or 'dangerous' in some way? Sorry, I know botany and know for a fact that those products don't exist.
I live in Texas and they have it at convenience stores it is potpourri with a cannaboid called jwh-018 and it works so there....

Wilmington, NC

#265 Nov 5, 2010
Sparta Troll wrote:
<quoted text>
im sorry, but how do you get high on Drano?
I think they ment drano cause it is used to make bathtub meth it is on of the ingredients used....so if your drano was missing... u wouldnt go after the manufacturer because ur kid might be or is using meth.....hope that made sense.

Wilmington, NC

#266 Nov 5, 2010
The thing I want to know is my son wanted to try this and I talk to my 3 kids about everything and got alittle afraid. I feel id rather know what their doing then NOT, we are very honesty, but dont know alot about k2. What should not be done taslk to my daught said she try'd it was fine.. but she does the real thing so does the other two...what should my 3 not do while doing this just incase they decide to try it.....Very liberal mom...dont want dead kids this is the only thing any of them are interested in trying...but only the real thing not synthetic stuff...Can someone with open mind tell me pros and con on this k2???????
Smokey Potter

Apopka, FL

#267 Nov 7, 2010
FlipFlop420 wrote:
I live in Central Florida. Where can I get the K@ locally?
The cheapest place online is rocknrollspice.com and their stuff hasn't got anybody sick from it. Good stuff.

Mountain View, AR

#268 Nov 16, 2010
Nick wrote:
Screw that. K2 is only harmful in the hands of dumb kids. It is a great herbal smoke and helps a lot of people with pain and other medicinal problems.
People say the ingredients make it harmful, well shut up. It's the people that don't know what they're doing. I found an ingredients guide and it looks straight to me. http://whatisk2.blogspot.com/2009/11/k2-ingre...
Agree!!! does anyone know where to get it in missouri i recently moved from oklahoma and i am not familiar with the area

Taylors, SC

#270 Nov 18, 2010
scares wrote:
I believe every word of it! I have heard that it is only supposed to be like a marajuana high but some friends of mine and I did it this weekend and it was the worst experience of our lives! One of our friends has done it plenty of times and has no bad experiences. I could not tell the difference between reality. We all thought we were going to die and thought we would never be normal again. I was also vomitting. I will never do anything like that again and will fight for making it illegal!
Thats just stupid just cause one small group had a bad experience doesn't mean they should ruin it for the rest of us. This is just why marijuana is still illegal. If you don't like just say so and leave it at that. I don't like alcohol but I don't think it should illegal.

United States

#272 Nov 20, 2010
steven wrote:
<quoted text>I know but they did a drug test and it came up -

I work at a Karma in Indiana, & we have k2, & k2 doesn't come up on drug tests..

Saint Louis, MO

#273 Nov 20, 2010
I have noticed that most brands are kind of dry and look more like potpouri. What is up with the XXL brand? It's all moist-like and looks like there was some "green" sprayed on it. Which brings me to my next question; are the chemicals in the incense sprayed on the plant before or after it has dried, or is it "naturally there"?
Adult in the know

Morganton, NC

#275 Nov 27, 2010
Word has it that Grace Hospital in Morganton has had 3 folks in just the past week who have been admitted after smoking K2. I am old school and would prefer to smoke pot as it is historically proven to be OK but this new stuff I do not find too much on the www about it and that concerns me. Please consider this before buying and trying this K2 stuff.

Corona, NY

#276 Nov 28, 2010
because these legal herbs are so new, there isn't enough information about it to know the possible long term effects, so at the end of the day, we don't know shit. these can be the new cigarettes, in the sense that nobody really knew about their harmful effects when they were first distributed. but these can also be completely harmless. i have personally smoked it various times, and i loved it. the effects are defenitely more potent than weed, but last shorter. i smoke it because i get drug tested, and apparently it does not come up as positive. the only reason the government can't ban this is because there's no known substance, like THC for instance, that will impair any of your senses more than alcohol or cigarettes will impair your health.

but i personally recommend buying fusion incense or defcon 5.
Big Al

Tulsa, OK

#278 Nov 30, 2010
TOTAL BS wrote:
theres no way K2 alone put someone down for 5 hours
: Trust me, that shit puts you down at least 5 hours. I have done it many times and it is the craziest shit i have ever done. Tops weed by far.
Big Al

Tulsa, OK

#279 Nov 30, 2010
I meant K9 not K2. K2 is weak. K9 absolutely is insane.

United States

#280 Nov 30, 2010
How much alcohol did you drink before you smoked it? All drugs, legal or not, affect different people completely different. Do your research before taking any drug. No reason to outlaw it because some teeny boppers think they are cool and try to prove that they can handle everything. Just another way for Big Brother and rich folks to force you to buy legal items, such as alcohol, so they can continue to line their pretty little pockets.

Dayton, OH

#282 Dec 2, 2010
Ok...Ive tried a few of these...my K2 summit says made in the USA and no where on the package does it say not for human consumption. I just smoked some...felt hi, and was chillin...maybe imitations out there are worse...this stuff was sweet and easy...nice experience...only smoked a few puffs...not a bag or anything...nothing about being made in germany...this stuff wildcat i tried is good too, and for sure does not use acetone...but alcohol. its all about to be illegal anyway...so thats that...but it was a great alternative...I mean people smoke cigs and they have TONS of Chems in them...fiberglass, arsenic...ect...so really WTF is the big deal. I think a lot of bad experiences come from being paranoid of all the rumors...im smokin it now, and feel great, no munchies, no lazy, just a nice body buzz! Our government just wants us locked into their drug market...Pharmies, where they make billions a year off of!!
no way

Simpsonville, SC

#283 Dec 2, 2010
scares wrote:
I believe every word of it! I have heard that it is only supposed to be like a marajuana high but some friends of mine and I did it this weekend and it was the worst experience of our lives! One of our friends has done it plenty of times and has no bad experiences. I could not tell the difference between reality. We all thought we were going to die and thought we would never be normal again. I was also vomitting. I will never do anything like that again and will fight for making it illegal!
you probably agree with having cannabis illegal. alcohol if anything should be what you fight to make illegal
Where do I buy K2

Charlottesville, VA

#284 Dec 2, 2010
There is no way I would use something that I can get 10 40oz bags for $90. If you want something stronger then k2 and green not brown like k2 Swirve is high quaility. I found it on google searching swirve k2. or legal-grower.com

Conneautville, PA

#285 Dec 10, 2010
I've done K2, that was gay. Did nothing. K3, made me laugh, loved that! Now K9... I tripped so bad.
I forgot everything that was happening, past experiences, dreams, my family, and my own freaking name. I thought it was never going to end. And, to be completely honest. It STILL has not ended for me. It triggered Anxiety and now I have panic attacks allot which are similar to me tripping on that! SCREW K9!
The others are okay.

Emmaus, PA

#286 Dec 10, 2010
Tried k2 ultra tonight. Took one big hit, within 5 minutes I felt it and within a minute of that it hit me hard. Everything was in slow motion and my thoughts raced a bit and got a bit scary. Thought myself out of it, put on some cartoons and relaxed. Once I got a grip on the high I was good, I enjoyed it. Reminded me very much of pot, except it comes on real hard and fast. Glad i didnt take 4 hits like my friend told me to.
I'll smoke it again.

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