Pass a drug test super q caps
Day dude

Indianapolis, IN

#21 Aug 26, 2010
c dot cass wrote:
man super q caps is the shit. point blank period
$50 at gnc and $29 online.... all da rest of dat shit is suspect. smokin till i croak thanx to the good folks at herbal green!!!!!!!!!!
. Was it for p.o.





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Double Dave

Pahrump, NV

#22 Sep 20, 2010
hnd wrote:
i like to no for sure how to bet it. i know someone out there knows how those test strips work and how to beat. come on give us some help its all chemistry
Dude, I beat a test strip the day after I got mega-baked, they are the easiest thing to beat because they test for a relatively high concentration of drugs, as long as your levels are below the level tested for you will pass. It doesn't have to be totally clean, just clean enough. I drank a grande latte and an arizona ice tea "energy" drink on my way to the test. I had to pee like a race horse when I got there and my color was good too. A clear sample will get you another appointment. A little tip, never give them the first pee of the day, like thats possible, and always pee a little before you put the cup in front of the stream. The fatty antibodies that hold the thc are heavy and sit at the bottom of the bladder, they come out first, after that it's all cleaner than the first little bit. I have been passing tests for 15+ years, trust me.





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Macon, GA

#23 Oct 4, 2010
ok i have a drug test and physical tommarow at 10:00 am i have a pack super q caps but i dont know what time i should take them any answers.its 3:30 know.

Macon, GA

#24 Oct 4, 2010
i have a drug test and physical tomarrow at 10 am and i have a pack of super q caps but i dont know what time to take them.

Knoxville, IA

#25 Oct 9, 2010
yes qcaps work i'v used 3 different times and passed all 3 times take them exactly as directed





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Holmen, WI

#26 Oct 20, 2010
do they work 4 real

Brea, CA

#27 Nov 16, 2010
i took super q caps as directed, i took drug test today, will let you know

United States

#28 Dec 21, 2010
I took 4 super q caps 2 hrs before a lab test, I drank too much water (half a gallon) and the test came back dilute. I am about to go back (24 hrs later) after taking another round of q caps and only 36 oz. of water hopefully it will work- let you all know soon.

United States

#29 Dec 22, 2010
To continue from yesterday, the caps do not work! I am very dissapointed. I took less water (36 fl. Oz.) 24 oz as directed and then 12oz more 15 min later. I peed 3 times before the test which was 2.75 hrs after taking the caps. My employer called and said that the results came back dilute again. I am female, active, healthy and blaze regularly for relaxation. I think everyone's body metabolizes cleansers differently. Your best bet is to beat it the old fashioned way and take a break from smoking. Luckily I did not loose my job, don't let the same thing happen to you.

Forest Park, GA

#30 Jan 5, 2011
Mama Bell wrote:
<quoted text>.... maybe you should lay off the drugs and go back to 3 grade English lesson # 7. Theese ...meaning =These? 2. no ...meaning+ know?... 3. super q (?) caps? what do you think ? know what you need to do to piss-clean!
Mama, maybe you should teach english and stay off the site that you can't help anybody with anything. HATER.

I have been smoking everyday since???? can't remember. Smoking now and have a test tomorrow at one p.m. I'll let you know if they work. 4 capsules herbal clean super Q caps. Com'n super Q, don't fail me now!!!

Demotte, IN

#31 Jan 14, 2011
Stoped smoken for 6 days toke super Q CAPS im getting mixed resaults Do they work im not a heavy user and weigh 156 lbs heip eas my nervs
all day ray

Plainfield, IN

#32 Jan 14, 2011
i qiut smoken weed 6 days b4 the test a friend who smoke told me to use super Q caps and i did as directed i toke the test mon around 10 am i havent got any word about my test help eas my mind i have to pass this test i am 156 pounds and wasnt a heavy smoker i have qiut all together because im sick of the stress of not knowing if i will pass does anyone have any positive feed back thanks
i wonder

Mason City, IA

#33 Jan 24, 2011
shit i really hope these work i weigh 130 with no fat all muscle you think im good???? i really hope soooo...... just a piss test
Ho Lee Schitt

Warrington, PA

#34 Jan 26, 2011
What a shame that in 'the land of the free' people have to go to such lengths to prevent their privacy from being violated!
i wonder

Mason City, IA

#35 Jan 28, 2011
well i am about to take 4 q caps hope they work i also took a herbal clean detox drink this mourning before work. and my physical and drug test is at 10:30 am i will keep you informed and for anyone who needs to add color to there piss you need to pick up some vitamin B complex.... well hope to give you good news

Los Angeles, CA

#36 Feb 26, 2011
I have a drug test either Tuesday or Wed. I bought some super q caps. When am I suppose to take them to ensure passing my test?

Dunedin, New Zealand

#37 Mar 1, 2011
i need to do a drug test and pass on thc iv just taken the four pills and need to no if its going to work
Mr Zone 6

Waukegan, IL

#38 Mar 7, 2011
Yes they do work I have used them 5 times or so. Every test was negative but the first was dilute.

You need to boost your creatine levels! I use creatine ethyl ester, take it 24 hours before your test. You can use creatine monohydrate but it takes about 3 days.

Also these turn your urine a greenish color so I take 100mg of Vitamin B2 to turn it yellow.

Good luck.
joe blow

Elkton, VA

#39 Mar 28, 2011
ive stopped for 41 days and im about 280 pounds. do u think ill pass a piss test tomorrow? the test is at 7am what time should i take them?
Miss Miss Miss

Nashville, TN

#40 Apr 8, 2011
I haven't smoked since Tuesday and have been drinking water like crazy, and trying to work out as much as possible. I think I'll have a piss test in a few days from now, if I take the Super Q Caps today and don't smoke anything until after the test will I still pass?


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