To be gay in Jamaica "to be dead"

To be gay in Jamaica "to be dead"

There are 1336 comments on the PlanetOut story from Apr 17, 2007, titled To be gay in Jamaica "to be dead". In it, PlanetOut reports that:

Amnesty International has publicly condemned recent episodes of violence in Jamaica, the latest at a church on Easter Sunday, against people who are perceived to be gay. via PlanetOut

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Hesperia, CA

#8 Apr 26, 2007
Rem wrote:
<quoted text>
How do you know that person is not from Jamaica. Some of your own people are tired of you and your indifference to others. The issue here is you hate your people, but yet you take offense when it is directed from outside. What can I say you are treated the way you treat opthers.
Rem, I dont care where the person is from, Jamaica or not, the truth is just the truth,I dont HATE, just sick of their behavior when they make a fool of themselves, not just my people either, anyone who can do better but makes fool of themselves. So whomever want to be tired of me,great.Criticism is everywhere. What is your problem?

Kingston, Jamaica

#9 Apr 26, 2007
febie wrote:
<quoted text>
yES, MY jAMAICAN FRIENDS SAY MANY MEN AND WOMEN LIVE LIKE THAT, TO CATCH A MAN OR A WOMAN. If a second hand man or woman is all you can get why not? I hear that it is even lawful for an old man to have a 10 year child as his sexual patrner.
now, now..'Febie' get real will u. When u're 'trying'and I mean really 'trying' to make a point u really do need to get your FACTS straight now! Where on earth did u get your piece of garbage that it is 'lawful' for an old man to have a 10 year old as his sexual partner?? Now, you're probably confusing this with your own customs or what you grew up in. I'll let you know too that where you're from has MUCH more pedophiles than in JA. Another thing... I can bet you're one of the 'second-handers' who is throwing yourself around hoping some desperate Jamaican picks you up, but that's the problem.. it ain't work like that. another man or woman's trash ain't gonna be our treasured possession. word of advice though... if u don't have facts or not sure bout what the hell u saying, keep your trap shut.
PS: please remember the topic up for discussion now!

Springfield, MO

#10 Apr 27, 2007
What seems to be lacking here is an effort to suggest a solution to what most of you seem to percieve as a social ill. If you believe homosexuality is a sin then surely you must believe in numerous other sins such as murder and violence. Rather than hating our brothers and sisters who we may view as having gone astray we should bring them close and show them compassion and teach by example. Shouldnt we focus our energies as finding and solving the social and cultural factors that cause the breakdown of society. Hatred and violence of the persecuter or persecuted dosent help.


Since: Feb 07

Lasalle, Canada

#14 May 18, 2007
Smoody wrote:
i'm speaking for myself and my fellow Jamaicans who hates gays as much as i do, All gays should be sent down to Iraq and wait to be bombed., and i'm guessing they won't have to wait long for it to happen.
WHat the heck have they done to you for you to even think about something like that? They are people like any one else, who do you think you are to judge the others like that.. Homophobia is no different than racism, you condemn one and promote the other? Fairly hoping that it is no the whole area that thinks like you do..

Guelph, Canada

#15 May 22, 2007
im with M-A le Tout Puissant,(a fellow canadian i see) this is bull. I can only hope that there are some non-bigoted Jamaicans out there. Racism, sexism homophobia are all the same. If you really believe god is all powerful, im sure he can punish sinners quite well on his own, and it would be an insult to try and do his job for him. Im a straight white canadian punk, but i fight for equality. Gay Rudeboys Unite! Non bigoted Jamaicans speak up, all i ever hear about is hate. And hey, if Jamaica is all bigoted, move to Canada, we're cool with all types of people, cept nazis like chev an smoody.

United States

#16 May 25, 2007
i do not hate gays, but i do agree with the straight-forward manly view. "gays should go on about there business." i love jam. & when i get there i wanna see (fine) girlies on the beach, not sword fighters. come on fellas, we all know what gays do when they get around straight people? they dont care what they do. some of them will even try staring atcha. i mean, if you are not wanted there, why even bother? an if any man thinks the opposite, he may wanna to take a closer look inside hisself... if you know what i mean.

Panama City, FL

#17 May 25, 2007
This discussion makes me sick. Some of you preach about Jesus, yet your hearts are filled with hate. Jesus loved all people, sinners as well. You talk about God and Jesus, yet you talk about killing as well. I think we need to send some Christian missionaries down to Jamaica to teach them a thing or two. Yes, homosexuality is a sin, but so is pre-marital sex. Should those "sinners" die as well? What man is to say one sin is worse than another? Man is not one to judge, let God worry about that on Judgement Day. I will pray for you and ask God to remove this hatred from your heart so you can concentrate your time on serving HIM.

Bromsgrove, UK

#18 May 25, 2007
What Jamaicans, including gays,don't seem to understand is that the motive behind this call by various FOREIGNERS for "gay freedom" in Jamaica is A VERY SINISTER MOTIVE.These foreigners led of course by the Anglo-Americans, want our country to turn into a SEXUAL PARADISE where they can go and use their foreign currency to buy sex from WOMEN,MEN and even our CHILDREN. This trend is called SEX-TOURISM.This is the REAL MOTIVE of these sick foreigners! The deeply corrupt politicians and their friends in Jamaica are promoting this "anti-gay" backlash of violence to DIVERT the ordinary Jamaicans from confronting the serious problems of corruption and its widescale violence while the "big man" count his money!
Anthony 123


#19 May 28, 2007
All this small island, third world mentality and thinking. I see it's gotten Jamaica really far in the world. Really mature, adult thinking on their parts.


Since: Feb 07

Blainville, Canada

#21 May 28, 2007
Smoody wrote:
Listen up Kevin, i don't care what you think about me. Be reasonable now, you don't think all that stuff is nasty? It's nasty and disgusting and makes me sick to my stomach just writing about it. What comes out of the ANUS? And you're telling me Kevin that it dosen't make you sick even thinking about it...or maybe...? As i said before i don't care what any of yall' responses are.
Of course you don't care, your very goal is to spread hate << Hate such as this should be something that can be prosecuted for.

Peabody, MA

#23 Jun 1, 2007
It does not say anywhere in the bible that gays should be condemned to death, don't you know that Jesus and the bible preaches peace, understanding, and against killing? It also says not to judge others, that is the work of god, nobody has a right to kill gays unless they themselves want to go to hell for committing a mortal sin.

Dewitt, MI

#24 Jun 1, 2007
Hahahaha, Jamaicans are all out wonder you can't get your shit together. I'm gay and when I lived in Jamaica I used to sleep with all you Battymen that said one thing in front of your friends and another thing behind closed doors. Bunch of hipocrites. All of your brothers, sons, fathers, ministers, post workers, bank name it, there are gays there. What is sad is that you sit in judgement while you go spend your money on weed instead of feeding your kids..

Ya'll are the ones who needs jesus, to come down and get your ass a job.....

Peabody, MA

#25 Jun 2, 2007
Those are some good words

Oceanside, NY

#26 Jun 2, 2007
okay, had to step in .Its so funny, that the same individuals who are adamant that we need Jesus and Jamaicans are filled with hatred, on this thread , hate is pouring out of you so much, its unbelievable .Those who oppose homosexuality have remained respectful, yet the self- proclaimed great lovers of mankind, the proponents have now resorted to slaughtering the character of a people without even knowing them .You are the HYPOCRITES, because you love homosexuality because either you are one or you have a close friend or family that is one,however you obviously hate people who disagree with you,first pick the plank out of your eye before you pick the speck out of your brother's eye. So much hatred should not be pouring out of you because of a difference of opinions.Also my fellow jamaicans who are agreeing with their stance.TAKE A LOOK AT THE THREAD AGAIN, THEY DON'T LIKE JAMAICANS INCLUDING YOU, ITS ONLY BECAUSE YOU ARE AGREEING WITH THEM.IF THEY SAW YOU ON THE ROAD THEY WOULD TURN UP THEIR NOSES

Oceanside, NY

#27 Jun 2, 2007
AND FOR AUSSI, I hope you know what you're doing, be careful how you misrepresent GOD.It sounds as if you are possibly a christian, if so you should believe in the judgement, you neither add or subtract from the word of God to suit your own purpose Your sentences as to what God feels about it were so vague , its similar to when people give their miss universe speeches, a bunch of cliches, you didn't even bother to make it clear to other readers who propably have never read the bible what WAS ACTUALLY SAID.EVERYONE READ ROMANS ONE,VERSES 26-32, LEVITICUS 18 VS 22 AND 20 VS 13.Its wrong

Dewitt, MI

#28 Jun 5, 2007
Thank Aussi....


Since: Feb 07

Blainville, Canada

#30 Jun 5, 2007
you do realise that people are born gay, so Jamaica can be their rightful country .. right?

Delson, Canada

#31 Jun 6, 2007
i am not a jamaican but as i listen to all the argruments back and forth i realise how mest up we all are. to show how we were and are still mantally brain washed by the Willie Lynch program which taught us to hate envy and distrust each other.
I dont care who is gay but dont ever bring it to me then we will know who will judge who

Montréal, Canada

#33 Jun 8, 2007
Smoody wrote:
I don't really care what the responses to this text will be, i'm just gonna state the obvious, it was written in the bible and i'm gonna state it again, all gays will be put to death. Whoever take offense to this text i don't care, if you hate what i'm saying, that simply means you hate what god is saying. I didn't pass that law, i'm only repeating it.
The bible also says, "Thou shall not kill". Comitting one sin to avenge another does not make it right. Why not leave it in God"s hands?,He will take care of it.I am not gay but I work in the medical field and must treat all human beings alike. Gays,criminals,straights and every religion, color or creed. All god"s people, good bad or indifferent should be left for him to punish. We must not play god.
mil from ja

Kingston, Jamaica

#38 Jun 9, 2007
Reagan wrote:
This discussion makes me sick. Some of you preach about Jesus, yet your hearts are filled with hate. Jesus loved all people, sinners as well. You talk about God and Jesus, yet you talk about killing as well. I think we need to send some Christian missionaries down to Jamaica to teach them a thing or two. Yes, homosexuality is a sin, but so is pre-marital sex. Should those "sinners" die as well? What man is to say one sin is worse than another? Man is not one to judge, let God worry about that on Judgement Day. I will pray for you and ask God to remove this hatred from your heart so you can concentrate your time on serving HIM.
Keep them there is nothing left to be stolen while we close our eye to pray

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