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#142 Dec 8, 2008
Many contributors to stlcares.com ’s writings believe it's a matter of trust that cannot be placed in Westminster Christian Academy St louis that puts the world before The Word in using the ways of the world to accomplish agendas set by men and not by God.

WCASTL’s decision to support the business of Invisible Children, a charity that does not appear to provide what it promises from the funds it receives, is one example. Last year, IC took in over $3 million but allocated only $1 million to Uganda and that has not been adequately explained or detailed as to if and where the money was spent.

Last year, WCASTL contributed over $20,000 to Invisible Children and “won” two trips to Uganda for a teacher and a student. In total, twelve teachers and twelve students went to Uganda and the charity paid their way. How much of the $20,000 children, parents, friends and families worked so hard to contribute, gave up lunches or other items for, paid for these two trips and the trips of others? Search the web and you’ll find comments by other volunteers who “stole” a few pieces of pizza and other food provided those who WON the FREE trips because their food wasn’t near the quality or quantity and didn’t contain the amount of meat and poultry given those who were “rewarded” for their fund raising efforts.

Other websites detail activities and events for the participants who "won" the trips that didn't include any interaction with the students or schools in Uganda. Was this a glorified travel excursion when it should have been a time to work and make a difference directly in the community?

Why didn’t the teacher sent to Uganda by WCASTL get to teach in the school they’re raising money for? How much time did she actually spend teaching in the schools and with the children?

What about the student who went to Uganda? What did she do while she was there to benefit the children and the community? Did she give back the camera she and the others were “given” to take pictures with while they were there?

Each dollar spent on their trips could have been spent for better food, housing and education and teachers that worked around the year and not just for six short weeks.

This year, the charity is promoting even more FREE trips to Uganda with promotions including buying a copy of their advertising promotional DVD with one copy including a FREE trip inside. Money used for public relations that could have been spent on the children of Uganda. It seems WCASTL has found their match in another business that values PR more than it values the children it serves.

IC is promoting logo merchandise, which WCASTL is actively selling, to raise more money and give more FREE trips to Uganda. What’s the purpose of sending people to Uganda for Invisible Children? To see the poverty and conditions firsthand or to actively be involved in helping to alleviate the poverty through working to build schools like other charities raising far less but investing far more of every dollar raised are doing in Uganda and in other African nations.

If you donated dollars to this endeavor you helped Americans travel to Uganda and a company continue to spend disproportionately and at rates Charity watchdog organizations claim is far below the recommended percentage of 85% and above of their receivables. There are many other dedicated organizations spending almost every dollar they collect all over Africa that could use your donations.

More about WCASTL and their work to date in becoming the highest fund raiser for the Invisible Children fund raising endeavor to follow.

United States

#143 Dec 8, 2008
WCASTL is now hard at work to be the biggest fund raiser for Invisible Children and currently is ranked number 1 in the nation.

Do your homework and you’ll find there are 152 schools in the list of those donating for the school WCASTL is “supporting” with their fund raising.

If WCASTL has contributed $15,586.50 this year and the total contributed by all 152 schools is $39,710.69 don’t you wonder why this is so disproportionate? What do the other schools realize that WCASTL doesn’t or doesn’t care about because they’re focused on the great Public Relations they’ll get from a very small investment.

That’s what it’s all about today at WCASTL and has been for some time. The people in power are determined to create a school that surpasses all the other private schools in the St Louis area even if the information they use and provide is distorted and created in ways that are questionable. They must fill that new school and will one way or another. More about that in a later entry.

WCASTL can’t possibly get the same “bang for the PR buck” and they know they can’t by contributing to local charities and families in need so they’ve focused on putting money into an organization that spends less than $1 out of every $3 it collects for the purpose it advertises, a better education for the children of Uganda.

Check the records on line of Invisible Children and look at three years worth of reports furnished the IRS and you’ll see hundreds of thousands of dollars put into video equipment, computers, traveling around the United States and last year alone,$1,000,000 in salaries.

WCASTL teaches and mandates good stewardship; the Head of School proclaims he’s always practiced good stewardship. Not true.

This isn’t the first time WCASTL has used the children of the school for their own agenda and sold them and their parents on false, misleading and deceptive information. Parents need to speak up and speak out and so does the community and hold the school accountable for the monies they provide in tuition and also in donations to Westminster Christian Academy St Louis.

You can find out the same information by examining the records of the charity, Invisible Children and the writings, publications and other media presentations of Westminster Christian Academy St Louis.

Stlcares contributors have been told they don’t care about WCASTL and have an “agenda”; stlcares believes WCASTL belongs to the people it serves and that includes the community at large.

Schools, private and public, are members of the community in which they reside and those from which they derive their students and families.

WCASTL has an obligation to fully disclose all information about itself; parents and families have the right to know what the character and integrity level of the school is and has been where they’re choosing to entrust their children and their educational hopes and dreams.


Ransomville, NY

#144 Dec 8, 2008
I have read the contents of this board and feel compelled to comment. I am also a former student of Westminster Christian Academy (about 10 years ago) and I also believe that the school is very abusive and only cares about money. Some time ago I read a very scary article about a student that brought a gun to the school. I lost the article and I have been unable to find it on the web.(Please help me find it and post the link here!) I feel that the school does not do enough to safeguard the welfare of the students that attend.

Ransomville, NY

#145 Dec 8, 2008
While I was a student about ten years ago I saw numerous fights and there were many incidences of bullying and assaults based on racial / religious differences.

I even saw several students physically attack a student for saying that God could have used evolution to create man! The students hit the guy because he stated that evolution is possible! There is NO tolerance at Westminster Christian Academy for any views that differ from a very narrow view of Christianity. Further, the school does have some dangerous and cult- like indicators.

I pray for the safety of the students that attend the school. The God I worship now does not hate like the false God of Westminster Christian Academy! Recovery from the Westminster Christian Academy cult is possible, I am living proof!

Saint Louis, MO

#146 Dec 8, 2008
Cults Kill, your comments are so completely polar opposite of every experience I have ever had with anyone associated with the school that they lack any semblance of truth.
nick n

Saint Louis, MO

#147 Dec 11, 2008
Dang you all are freakin idiots! I go to westminster and they don't do any of that crap! Witch Burning? Sex is bad? Are you guys gay or something? And Westminster isn't a cult! Maybe if you went to school and got a brain you'd realize that it is actually a good school. Sorry that you all are too stupid to think for yourselves
it is a cult

Saint Louis, MO

#149 Dec 12, 2008
nick n wrote:
Dang you all are freakin idiots! I go to westminster and they don't do any of that crap! Witch Burning? Sex is bad? Are you guys gay or something? And Westminster isn't a cult! Maybe if you went to school and got a brain you'd realize that it is actually a good school. Sorry that you all are too stupid to think for yourselves
We are able to think for ourselves, that is why we are able to criticize a school that has hurt so many.

Westminster Christian Academy has left long trail of ruined lives in its wake. Are you denying the fact that a student brought a gun to school and the cops had to drag him away? Are you denying the frequent hate crimes that occur at the cult school of Westminster Christian Academy?

United States

#150 Dec 13, 2008
it is a cult: people need more than generalized statements; they need specifics. It's important to write about what you saw, what you heard and even what you experienced at WCASTL. That's the only way to get people to understand.

stlcares knows there are many people over the years in addition to those who are contributing through stlcares who've been hurt and it's important to add to their voices with more truth and specifics about WCASTL.

stlcares seeks to open eyes, hearts and minds to listen to the cries of those who have feared to speak out or who did not have a way to have their voices heard outside the closed doors of WCASTL. Your experiences and those of others are important just as you are important; stlcares refuses to allow WCASTL to hide the truth and that's what our contributors have been providing.

Many will cry out against those who dare to shine a light into the darkness but just as you are able to think for yourself, you are also able to speak for yourself.

Again, speak up, speak out and contact others you know who've been harmed by WCASTL and have them tell their stories on WCA is Abusive, WCA is Cultic, WCA ... Severe Problems and WCA ... WWJD.

You mentioned hate crimes, what did you see, hear or experience? Talk about the teachings and the practices you experienced.

Parsippany, NJ

#151 Dec 13, 2008
Tom D wrote:
...Westminster Christian Academy does not allow any freedom of expression.
Students that dare date are taught that sex is evil.
Come on friend - you expected something other that at that wonderful christo-fascist organization?

United States

#152 Dec 20, 2008
pagan follower, did you attend WCASTL?

If so, how long ago?

Why do you refer to WCASTL as "christo-fascist"?

On the surface, some might find your remarks and your Topix name offensive but stlcares believes if you did go to WCASTL you might have some valuable insights to share.

United States

#154 Dec 26, 2008
September 14, 2006
School Shooting At Westminster Christian Academy
Anthony Bradley

KSDK St. Louis reported:

A senior student was shot at Westminster Christian Academy in Creve Coeur after police say he waved a rifle in their direction.
Police say a student text messaged a friend around 3 p.m. and said he planned to shoot himself. That friend alerted school administrators.

I spoke with several Westminster students last night and one student wondered why this sort of thing could happen at a Christian school and also feared all the gossip about the student and his family that is certainly to follow.

She said that this sort of thing one would expect at a public school but not a Christian school, "it's supposed to be safe."

United States

#155 Dec 27, 2008
westminster, crothersville, in: and your point is?

The total story about that young man will never be told. The school blames the family and problems of a divorce for the young man taking the gun to school.

Question: Why did he go to WCASTL in the first place if it was a "family problem" as the school tried to portray it to be?

Why would he wait until almost everyone had left for the day?

Why didn't the school alert the mother or the father about the absence of the student from the school? Policy. They never contacted parents when students didn't report for classes; they felt it was the parent's resposibility to call the school to check and make sure the student was in attendance. That's what a family was told when they saw a note on their student's attendance report showing the student wasn't "at school" one day.

Of course, there's also the fact the previous Guidance Counselor, Mrs. Blough, even "allowed" one student to "skip" and have a "romantic meeting" outside the school. So, what did she know about the young man and why didn't the school have any idea he might have problems so great that he would take a gun to school?

Ok, Westminster in Indianna, it's time for you to do more than cite a report; we have a feeling you saw problems or experienced problems yourself. WCASTL can't stop you now from talking about what happened although we understand their "teachings" are still ringing in your ears.

WCASTL claims they accept families and work together with the home and the church. Not true.

OK, everyone, you're out now; many of you have seen the light; share with others; help those who need your help to see what WCASTL through your eyes.

Saint Louis, MO

#156 Jan 8, 2009
Hey. i have been a long time lurker on this board and now i feel that i should say somthing about an issue that really bothered me when i attended the school (i am class of 2004). when i was there there was constant talk about how sex must be avoided untill marrage. while this seems good on the surface, the way the teachers talked about it was very strange.

Saint Louis, MO

#157 Jan 8, 2009
conntinued from previous....
The teachers seemed obsessed with purity and morality yet could not stop talking about how bad premarital sex was. It was like they were obsessed with sex far far more than was healthy. They talked and thought about the evils of sex more than porn stars think about it. That seemed to me very strange.

The school also looks at outsiders as evil and urges the students not to get too close to Catholics because they are "idol worshipers". It is strange to have a "Christian" school come down so hard on other Christians. It is things like this that lead me to think that Westminster Christian Academy is more than just a school and a bit of a cult. I had problems adjusting to the "real world" (dating, normal sex life) after I attended Westminster Christian Academy and i suspect other students have also had the same issues i have had.

I think more investigation needs to be done about the cultic nature of this organization.

United States

#158 Jan 10, 2009
Troy, thanks for coming forward; know that must have been difficult.

OK, think again about what you heard and saw that you're now older and away.

What were some of the "teachings" you received that you've found either untrue, prejudicial or perhaps even antagostic towards religions, gender, ethnicities.

Please go to other Topix, read then and comment: google WCA is Cultic, WCA severe problems, WCA WWJD. You are not alone and we have only begun to bring to the surface the many problems at WCASTL.

If you know others, urge them to come to this Topix site and the others. Remember, every day children are being influenced and taught the same prejudices and "worldview" you experienced. It can stop and it must stop; it's abusive.

Your comments are valued as are those of others who might be reading, watching and wondering if they should come forward. The answer is a definite yes, come forward with the truth.

The truth does enlighten and it does overcome even the most demeaning and demoralizing practices.

United States

#159 Jan 17, 2009
2008 has ended and a new school year class is about to form for 2009- 2010 at Westminster Christian Academy St Louis.

Private education is a privilege of choices and good stewardship.

Today, you have the ability to find more information, statistics, facts and truths about WCASTL than ever before.

Read the four Topix from start to finish (WCA is Abusive, WCA is Cultic, WCA ... WWJD, WCA ...severe problems, it's easy when you change the google entries; look for the basis of the comments about WCASTL: concerns, problems, more than a decade of reports.

Some will say "All schools have problems". True, but what are the problems, are they abusive and harmful to the students and families and are they addressed by those in leadership positions or are they avoided, ignored, set aside because of an agenda that must be met at any and all costs?

Points to remember when considering WCASTL:

Independent does not mean the school is non-denominational; it means it's a "private" rather than a "public" school.

If it were "nondenominational" Christian, there could be Lutherans, Methodists, Episcopalians and many other Christian religions that are not admitted based on their religious practices and beliefs.

Religious tolerance is not practiced at WCASTL; students are taught there is only one right way to believe and only one worldview to follow.

WCASTL continues to use broad religious terminologies in its publications and on its website. The school follows selective Calvinist and Fundamentalist teachings, beliefs and practices.

Discrimination continues to be part of a WCASTL education: racial, gender and religious.

Grades and leadership positions are still awarded based on demonstrated adherence to specific religious practices and beliefs as above.

Women have a place and WCASTL teaches them exactly what it is. Men have a place and WCASTL teaches them exactly what it is. If your family does not support specific gender assigned roles as interpreted by a selective religious belief system, WCASTL will be a very difficult environment for you.

WCASTL administrators and Board of Directors have done many unChristian actions. The deed is one thing, the refusal to admit their transgressions, to make right what they have wronged and to learn from their mistakes is not what the school proports is what and who a "Christian" is. If leadership cannot be trusted, should you entrust your student and your family to the school?
WCA former student

Memphis, TN

#160 Jan 20, 2009
I attended WCA and I would not recommend the school to anyone. I agree that there is religious discrimination and do not feel that the education is worth the money. For the people who are upset that we do not agree that Westminster is wonderful, remember everyone has a different experience. We also have the right to freedom of speech and if I want to say that the school sucks I will. IT SUCKS!

United States

#161 Jan 22, 2009
southhaven,ms wca former student, stlcares contributors greatly appreciate your voice about Westminster Christian Academy St Louis.

Freedom of speech is a basic right Westminster Christian Academy St Louis works very hard to control and even eliminate but details about how this is done is greatly important to those considering entrusting their children to a WCASTL education.

Anyone reading this Topix and the others that have been started who has experienced the negative practices of abuse, discrimination, group think or anything you now see as someone "outside the walls", come forward and tell your story.

It's the human side, the personal experiences that are needed to show the problems and practices at Westminster Christian Academy St Louis that have harmed and continue to harm students and families.

Families trust what they read and what they're told and then they're eliminated from any and all communication except what the school wants them to hear and believe.

It's the students who are in the classrooms and the halls and who have been there, who see and question practices, teachings, philosophies and instructions given that need to state what they are, where they happen, when they happen or happened to them or someone they knew.

You don't have to identify yourself by name but if you do give a time frame of a month and year or at least a year, you help others and possibly stop some student or family from suffering at the hands of a school that refuses to recognize how it has harmed and continues to harm children and families.

You are important; your voice needs to be heard; you are not alone; stlcares and so do others.

Downers Grove, IL

#162 Feb 2, 2009
Reply to Tom D
I am also a graduate from WCA and I distinctly remember my Biblical Ethics teacher when I was a sophomore saying "sex is wonderful, sex is great, but sex before marriage ruins the sanctity of marriage that God speaks about in the Bible."
I also have a qualm with the people that say Westminster Students are "stupid". I feel Westminster has prepared me for college and exceeded the current national standard. When I walked into a 500 person lecture hall my 2nd semester of college the prof asked, "How many of you know how to write a five paragraph essay?" and I was shocked to see less than a half of the student raise their hands. Regardless of your personal views of WCA's religious affiliations, I believe that any WCA student will still be academically leaps and bounds above most public high school students in Missouri come graduation day.
I also want to mention that I didn't necessarily LOVE WCA, I actually really did not like the students at WCA and often was hurt by them but I thought the teachers were fantastic and were driven to challenge me and then to see me succeed.
I also feel that when issues arise with the school teachings or a problem with the student the parents of said students need to be an advocate for their children. My mother always put her kids first and made sure we got the most out of WCA. There were 3 kids in my family and my mom's motto was always, "Each child is different, therefore learns differently, therefore needs different things." Fairness isn't always the best solution. Westminster does not always know what is best but the parents should, and they should not just leave their child's education up to the educator. Parent's should always monitor and be aware of the learning that is happening. That is why they pay a lot of money to send their children to an elite private parochial school.

United States

#163 Feb 2, 2009
Tom D was the first poster in a long line of WCASTL is Abusive contributors; his comments date back to almost two years ago. Wca06 apparently read some of the other entries but does not respond to them specifically.

Wca06, do you also remember the abortion movie that was shown of a real abortion in your Biblical Ethics class that sophomore year you refer to above? Or were you in the Biblical Ethics class where the teacher used common sense and didn’t show that movie or the other "X" rated and unrated movies over the course of the year?

stlcares contributors have mentioned this event in previous postings in WCA is Abusive, WCA is Cultic, WCA severe problems and WCA WWJD; easy to google to read the entries for anyone unfamiliar with all the problems people have experienced at WCASTL.

The movie was shown without the prior consent or knowledge of any parents or students; some students asked to be excused, mostly girls, but were told they could not leave the room. They covered their eyes and ears and the teacher smiled and turned up the volume so they wouldn’t miss any of the horrible details being explained about cutting, tearing and ripping the baby out of the womb. How would you have felt if the movie had described an assault on your male organs?

One family spoke up and their daughter ended up being expelled from the school. So much for your “theory” about monitoring, speaking up and how paying for a private school education buys you and your family anything but an expulsion when you do.

Where were your parents and what did they do or say to protect this young woman? Did they turn their backs as so many did? Did they shun the girl and her family? Did they refuse to believe this "elite" and "great" school could abuse and harm anyone and had to blame the family and the girl for what happened as many others did?

Let’s talk about your claims WCASTL “exceeded the national standard” in preparing students for college and your statement about the professor and the five paragraph paper.

You don’t mention the “great” school you attend but if it’s a state school, chances are many of your classmates come from those “public” schools you were always taught at WCASTL aren’t where you’d want to go because of their immorality and their poor academics. Why not share with readers of this Topix the school you attend and your major field of study.


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