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#82 Mar 18, 2008
Lauren? Why would she need help, Applesauce?

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#83 Mar 18, 2008
people at WCA still remember how she ran through the halls screaming.

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#84 Mar 18, 2008
OK, keep going. Why did she run through the halls screaming? When did this happen; how recently? This year, last year? When?

Were you in the halls when she did this? Did you talk to her when it happened or afterwards? What did she say about why she "ran through the halls screaming"?

What would have made her run screaming through the halls at school? Did this happen during the school day or after school?

And what happened then?

Even if she screamed, why would you say you hoped she got help? What kind of help do you think she needed or needs and for what?

Also, why did you remove my comment following benthere's?

Saint Louis, MO

#85 Mar 18, 2008
time doesn't matter. lockdown, "silent scream," etc. read the nine-page letter her family sent to everyone in the school. i hope she gets help for whatever alleged abuse she was victim to at WCA. i believe that abuse usually requires therapy, and anyone who claims abuse so persistently most likely also needs therapy for habitual lying. i was not in the halls, but i was in the building during the lockdown. i don't believe she was a student at the school at the time of the lockdown, but instead, came in after she had already left the school. she's also the one who picketed with her mother outside the school, claiming that WCA abuses children, among other things. remember that? i didn't delete any comments; i don't have the ability to do that.

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#86 Mar 19, 2008
Time and truth do matter applesauce. Did you read the letter you mentioned? Usually when someone writes that much they’re trying to share their experiences and often concerned about others who might be similarly affected by whatever they write about. My last comment was missing and I thought perhaps that was something that could be done by the person who commented afterwards. Apologies.

Abuse takes many forms. Therapy, with or without professional assistance, is working through your problem and resolving it for yourself. It also takes time and distance and sometimes the actions you mentioned. This writer asked questions and received some answers. Lauren and her family were expelled for telling the truth about what was happening at Westminster Christian Academy. She has suffered some irreparable harm from the actions of the administration and staff.

FYI, she was still a student at Westminster Christian Academy that day in November; the Board had expelled her as of the end of the semester but would not provide a letter of expulsion or explanation which caused many problems for her entrance into another high school and kept her out of college for a year.

She endured persecution from fellow students and separation during the week from the receipt of the letter until the day she wore the sign at school, a poem from Emily Dickinson,“I’m nobody, are you nobody, too .” Why? Because she was being shunned and rumors were flying about her being expelled because she “was pregnant”. A lie like others that had been told about her character and integrity and she could take no more silently. Could you have endured those rumors and that treatment, applesauce? Could you go into final exams and walk the halls at WCA with people saying untrue and horrible things about you?

At WCA, Lauren made poor grades in many subjects, especially the core curriculum; her parents never understood how a student who tested so high on Standardized tests could make such poor grades in school. She didn’t apply herself, they were told. That was before they understood how WCA grades as it teaches on an adherence to a specific worldview that is Calvinist and fundamentalist. These were not her family’s religious beliefs or practices; they believed the admissions people who told them the school was a “non denominational Christian school”. Today, she’s attending a good university and making high grades in courses beyond her actual class year. She has several professors who’ve seen her true worth and value her intelligence and abilities.

Did you know the Head of School stated in a written message to teachers and verbally to others there never was a lockdown at Westminster Christian Academy on that day? This writer is very concerned about truth and how administrators and the Board of Westminster Christian Academy have decided their truth, whatever they choose to provide to the people at the school, is what must be believed because of who they are and their positions. Do they stand in the light or in the darkness?

You know parts of the truth, applesauce, keep listening and you’ll hear the rest. There are other Topix areas about WCA including WCA IS CULTIC, WCA AAA SCHOOL OR REAL PROBLEMS and WCA then something following and WWJD, to name a few. This writer believes more of the truth will surface about the girl and others. Habitual liar, hardly; she’s a person who values truth and wanted to protect others who might be harmed in the same way. Keep listening, applesauce, because when you do, you find the truth as it always finds a way to the surface even in the darkest of darkness.

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#87 Mar 21, 2008
Read the comments from wca_alum posted recently in WESTMINSTER CHRISTIAN ACADEMY ST LOUIS AAA SCHOOL OR SEVERE PROBLEMS on that Topix site. The person making the comments graduated in 1997 from WCA. Problems seen and mentioned on this site and others have been verified by yet another voice coming to speak out about Westminster Christian Academy St Louis.

The problems are real. People have experienced emotional abuse, selective discrimination and religious intolerance.

Was it there from the beginning and no one saw it because the school only admitted students from a couple of select denominations?

Is it growing because the school wants to expand and can only expand by adding those people it once "shut out" of the admissions process?

The light must shine into the school. Westminster Christian Academy St Louis prides itself on its middle name. This writer thinks they should either shorten their name to Westminster Academy, live the life fully they claim to support, or openly state fully and completely what they teach, how they teach it and the exact religioius theology and academic practices they follow.

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#88 Mar 27, 2008
What is Westminster Christian Academy St Louis hiding from the people of St Louis County?

Two private schools, Webster University and Westminster Christian Academy St Louis, recently received very generous donations . Webster publicly announced the donor, amount, the purpose for the donation and held a press conference wherein anyone was allowed to ask questions about the donation.

Westminster Christian Academy St Louis received an anonymous donation of a parcel of land owned by Central Presbyterian Church in Clayton, a long time financial supporter of Westminster Christian Academy. A brief announcement went out to the press from the school. This land conveniently attaches to West County Technical School, purchased by Westminster Christian Academy St Louis for $14 million, approx $26 million less than the assessed value in 2002 and worth a great deal more today. WCA was selected over other bidders based on the school’s promise to increase its program for Learning Disabled Students; an increase Special School District of St Louis County saw as a way of relieving some of the cost to the taxpayers of St Louis County educating learning disabled students and therefore made the huge price concession.

Did the benefactor give the money to WCA to purchase the land or did he/she purchase the land and then gift it to WCA? Or, is this simply a way to hide the fact a religious organization was responsible for donating land to a school that does not identify it’s religious supporters in order to foster the belief it is “non denominational” and thereby get more students from various denominations who realize too late the school is Calvinist and Fundamentalist.

Westminster Christian Academy St Louis has submitted plans to Town & Country for zoning and made various announcements to the general public about inclusions but nowhere is there any statement or inclusion for classrooms and facilities for the Learning Disabled students that would provide the type of environment Special School District believed would be put in place by WCA.

WCA could not pay more for the property in 2002 but gets an “anonymous” donation enabling it to obtain the adjacent property valued at $7.5 million? If the school received the money, why not add it to the monies needed to develop the school, which is being estimated at $50 million.

WCA purchases West County Tech for $14 million, valued then at $40+ million, saving $26 million. The anonymous “gift” is valued at $7.5 million. Improvements to the school are stated to be $50 million. For $64 million, this Not For Profit Organization, not a religious organization, not a church, but a business in St Louis County chartered with the State of Missouri as a Not For Profit Organization, will have a facility valued at $97.5 million and SAVED ABOUT 1/3 of the cost with a promise that has not been fulfilled and does not appear to be anywhere near becoming what St Louis County Special School District was led to believe when they chose WCA over other bidders.

INCIDENTALLY. Special School District St Louis County went to the taxpayers in November, 2007 and asked for a tax increase which was granted. Now, all homeowners are paying substantially more because SSDSC was in need of more funding.

WCA can afford to renovate and build a state of the art facility but could not afford to pay the taxpayers of St Louis County what the land and buildings were worth just a few years ago? How does a school who barely raises $750,000 a year for various needs of the school on a yearly basis afford $50 million. And, if it has wealthy benefactors, as they claim, why did it need a concession on the price and why did they agree to expanding their Learning Center when they knew their religious tenants and policies would not allow admissions of enough students to justify the promise made?

school hunting

Ballwin, MO

#89 Mar 30, 2008
Today I am researching the schools my son has been accepted to in more detail before finalizing our decision. I have obviously run across this Topix post. I have read each post. I can see STLCARES is extreamly passionate about this. What I did not see or may have missed at some point is why? Did you attend WCA and experience such things? Was it a loved one? You are more informed than someone with a passive interest.Can you tell us why this is such a calling for you? I want to know for my childs sake what has upset you so much to go to this legnth. I hope it is not to personal for you.I am listening and trying to understand each point carefully as this is a huge decision for our family. Thank you for your time.

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#90 Mar 30, 2008
Schoolhunting, you asked for a response and said you read each post in the Topix, WCA IS ABUSIVE. Have you read the posts in WCA IS CULTIC; WCA AAA SCHOOL OR SEVERE PROBLEMS, WIKIPEDIA, WCA and something about WWJD?

Truth and trust should be passions for anyone considering entrusting their son/daughter to a private school college preparatory education that will affect the student and their family for four to six years and be a major factor in determining the college or university the student attends. Education in the public sector is important, too, and that’s why so many parents move into particular school districts or parts of them. But the public schools in Missouri have built in safeguards and specific laws; private schools are chartered as businesses and there are very few specific laws and no personal protection if you do encounter problems with the school.

St Louis is a big little town and if you live in the area long enough, you hear and witness a great deal of what goes on even behind the closed doors of a private school like Westminster Christian Academy St Louis. Work and play in the communities, have a family, get involved, all are ways you’re exposed to many people with various concerns and experiences. Information is all around you and it’s also amazing what you can find on the internet these days.

Ever read the Post Dispatch, local and national newspapers or watch reports on TV? There are many columns, editorials and programs by people who have had nothing to do with the subject they’re covering or uncovering and some do have personal experience with their subjects. Both types of writers and reporters are passionate about what they do and have amazing knowledge about what they write or discuss.

You’re in the process, as you say, of looking into schools your son has been accepted to in more detail. You didn’t mention what other schools and there could be problems there, as well. Network. Read for content and intent everything the school provides. Check out their stats for yourself; dig deep and don’t just see what you “think” you see. Validate and examine. Schools now have websites and all publish materials meant for prospective parents as well as those distributed in years past to students and parents.

Just like looking for a college, it’s a great idea to ask for several years worth of materials like student yearbooks, handbooks, publications, and, if they can’t be taken from the school, at least take notes, look for trends and information that gives the real character and integrity of the school. Look for generalities and specifics and see where they focus. Critically examine everything you can about the school. And if they won't provide these, why not?

It costs a lot of time to really do your homework but isn’t your son worth the effort?

People are speaking out and yes, it’s personal and they’re passionate; it’s their lives that’ve been affected. They’re still living with problems, as they’ve said in many different ways, and questions remain for them years after leaving Westminster Christian Academy St Louis. Those still attending find ways to sabotage popular websites to let people know there are problems within the school; not this writer’s idea of something to do but understandable as they’re trying to reach out, cry out and draw attention to problems they’re experiencing with Westminster Christian Academy St Louis.

Truth is truth and it always rises above and beyond. Enjoy your search and best of luck in finding the school that’s best for your son.

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#91 Apr 1, 2008
Donna, I hope you have received couseling for both you and Lauren. Our prayers are with you and hope that eventually you can move on.

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#92 Apr 1, 2008
prayers. You're referring to the young girl who was expelled from Westminster Christian Academy St Louis in November of her Junior year after attending since grade 7 and her mother, correct?

Why exactly was Lauren expelled?

Why do you believe they need counseling?

What is there to “move on” from?

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#93 Apr 2, 2008
YOU told us about Lauren in the previous posts. And what had happened to her. It sounds like she is doing really well now and is happy in college. Westminster just wasn't the right school for her. But, many people do like it. And that should be the end of it. Move on and enjoy your life.

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#94 Apr 2, 2008
PRAYERS, Lauren’s abuse by Westminster Christian Academy St Louis is known by many people in St Louis, including the facts this writer included. Were you one of those who was responsible for what happened to Lauren? A School Board Member, Administrator, Guidance Counselor or teacher? If you're a young person, you obviously weren't taught good manners to address the mother by her first name. Or do you just think you know what happened because that’s what you’ve been told to believe?

It was an entry from Applesauce who brought forward a discussion and the mention of the girl’s name,“Lauren”. This writer asked questions and then shared information that was provided to share with Topix readers and contributors. Reading for accuracy is a hallmark of a good college preparatory school education; please reread.

Many people have been made to believe they were alone, the only ones, but they’re not; there are as many who have had problems as there are who “do like it” and these problems are significant and important. Did you or someone else tell them to “move on”, too?

PRAYERS STATEMENT:“It sounds like she is doing really well now and is happy in college.”

QUESTION TO CONSIDER: How exactly did YOU determine Westminster wasn’t the right school for her? According to your analysis, half the class who graduates at Westminster Christian Academy St Louis should also be said to not be attending the right school as their grades are far below what they would be in other schools. Are you then saying, Prayers, Westminster Christian Academy St Louis is not a school for students of high intelligence and abilities?

It’s very important to restate:“Lauren and her family were expelled for telling the truth about what was happening at Westminster Christian Academy. She has suffered some irreparable harm from the actions of the administration and staff.” She was not the first, she won’t be the last unless major changes are made at WCA and the school is completely honest about what it teaches, why it teaches that way and who supports the school, to whom they are indebted and continue to be.

PRAYERS. Why aren’t you willing to use the word “expelled”? Lauren didn’t leave the school voluntarily. When did she leave WCA? Why was she expelled in her Junior year after attending the school since Grade 7, a student who received notes of praise from teachers and others at WCA and never had any disciplinary problems during all of those years including her Junior year?

What was her graduating year from High School? Where did she go after being expelled from WCA? Why did she not attend college for a year? What were the family and the student’s losses caused by Westminster Christian Academy St Louis?

Topix writers are telling the same story as Lauren and her family about Westminster Christian Academy St Louis. The difference is, people are listening and questioning and not accepting the mandates of people like you, prayers, to “move on” and simply “enjoy life”.

Each year Westminster Christian Academy St Louis admits students to grades 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11 – possibly even grade 12. Independent Schools of St Louis, of which WCA is a member, and others advise parents and students to find out all they can about the schools to make their decision. These Topix are providing the way. It’s not the information you and others want shared, but it is the truth about Westminster Christian Academy St Louis.

YOU MENTIONED COUNSELING, PRAYERS: That’s another subject entirely; how counseling by the Guidance Counselor is mishandled and has damaged students at Westminster Christian Academy.
Thank you for reminding this writer what needs to be addressed by those who truly care about WCA.

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#95 Apr 8, 2008
Prayers hasn't answered. Why?

Did this writer "hit a chord" when asking if PRAYERS was one of the people who was responsible for what happened to "Lauren".

As the Guidance Counselor at Westminster Christian Academy St Louis, teachers and administrators often advise students and families, "God answers prayers in many ways; sometimes not in ways we expect or ask for."

Many people are praying for Westminster Christian Academy St Louis and for students who have been harmed by the school over many, many years.

Prayers, this writer will reach out once again to you:

Why do Lauren and her mother need counseling?

What is it that you believe is in their lives that counseling would be beneficial?

And, from what are they supposed to "move on" and what exactly does that mean -- "move on".

MOST IMPORTANTLY: Why was Lauren expelled from Westminster Christian Academy St Louis?

Why shouldn't parents who are considering entrusting their children to Westminster Christian Academy St Louis be knowledgeable about what happened to the family and others who have been expelled or forced to leave Westminster Christian Academy St Louis over the past several years?

What's the big secret, prayers? It's a Christian School, everything should be transparent and totally open for all to see, shouldn't it?

Isn't that what "Lauren" and her parents asked be done when the Board of Directors followed the lead of the Head of School and Guidance Counselor, allowing their false, misleading and deceptive statements and claims about "sexual abuse" and "ongoing" and "narcissm" and "not becoming a woman" be accepted and then classified as "all a misunderstanding";without any proof provided, asked for by the parents,and none, as required, given to the State of Missouri whose laws mandate schools and childcare givers make reports whenever abuse is questioned?

This student's story represents what goes on behind closed doors at Westminster Christian Academy St Louis and so do many others that are beginning to be discussed on this Topix and others and elsewhere on the web.

WHAT PSYCHOLOGICAL EXAMINATIONS HAVE THE HEAD OF SCHOOL, GUIDANCE COUNSELOR, MEMBERS OF THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS AND OTHERS who are entrusted with the daily safety and well being of students at Westminster Christian Academy St Louis undergone?

Questions that bear answering -- in light of how each of them played a role in ensuring the student, at first a child by state law, was shown a movie on a real abortion without the consent or knowledge of her parents, reacted by becoming physically ill and emotionally upset -- much like others who in WCA IS ABUSIVE or WCA IS CULTIC cited their reaction to film/video/movie shown at WCA in years past -- was abused and eventually expelled when she and her family questioned, spoke up and showed how the school was endangering the children in their care.

PRAYERS, why are you silent?

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#96 Apr 16, 2008
QUESTION: Have you read about the FLDS in Texas? When we finally hear more about what the children are taught about their duties and responsibilities will we hear they were taught to obey "cheerfully, immediately and completely" as they are taught at Westminster Christian Academy St Louis?

We've already heard the FLDS mothers respond to questions that what they do for their children and with their children is "out of love" for them. These are the same teachings heard by parents of students at Westminster Christian Academy.

Are there different levels/types of Fundamentalist teaching and beliefs? Experts say there are. Are they beneficial to the individual person? Experts say they're not.

How does the FLDS look at the outside world? How does Westminster Christian Academy look at the ourside world?

What is this "world view" in its entirety taught at Westminster Christian Academy St Louis?

Why is there so much talk about "satan" and "evil" at Westminster Christian Academy which refers to itself as a "college preparatory school" and compares itself to St Louis most prestigious private college prepartory schools, for example: John Burroughs, Whitfield, MICDS, St Louis Priory?

Again, examine everything the school publishes and compare it to other St Louis private college preparatory schools. Read for intent, look for content, ask and the door will be opened -- if not by the administrators and Board of Directors of Westminster Christian Academy, by those who seek to find and use critical thinking skills.
StL Mom

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#97 May 14, 2008

I was just wondering what involvement did you have with WCA? What constitutes a good school? Are not public schools doing the same thing, but on a secular or Atheistic view?

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#98 May 14, 2008
Stlmom asks what constitutes a good school and aren’t public schools doing the same thing but on a secular or Atheistic view. The word “good” is very nebulous, stlmom and so is the word “secular” and the phrase “Atheistic view”.

Academic, environment, curriculum, what basis are you inquiring about “good” and why limit the discussion to public schools? This writer hasn’t limited presented information on comparisons to public schools and has cited very specific facts about private schools and Westminster Christian Academy.

Why do you believe public schools teach from an “Atheistic view”? Did you know public schools present choral programs containing Christian songs and teach the same morals and values as are presented in the Christian Bible? Christianity isn’t absent in public schools but specific Christian dogma and beliefs are not taught as absolute truth that must be practiced and believed because that is how you will be graded and receive placement in activities and leadership positions – a practice at Westminster Christian Academy.

Stlmom, this writer has focused on what other private schools and public schools DO NOT do that Westminster Christian Academy does and there are many who’ve spoken out in WESTMINSTER CHRISTIAN ACADEMY ST LOUIS IS ABUSIVE ... CULTIC ... SEVERE PROBLEMS ... AND WWJD and have shown how they believe Westminster Christian Academy St Louis is abusive, cultic and other terminologies.

Do you classify these practices of WCA as “good”? They’ve been previously discussed and can be examined in depth by reviewing the above Topix: WCA provides a grading scale that provides a false and misleading picture of actual academic achievement. Teachers award “grace points” to students without any formulated basis and the students who receive these the most are those who practice and adhere to specific religious denominational beliefs; over 50% of the graduating class receives academic honors for GPA’s of 3.5 and above; misreporting of achievements on National Tests including National Merit, ACT and SAT. AGAIN, EASILY FOUND IF YOU EXAMINE THE RECORDS PUBLISHED BY THE SCHOOL OVER THE YEARS. SEEK AND YE SHALL FIND.


United States

#99 May 14, 2008
Stlmom, WCA knowingly misrepresents the school as a “non denominational” Christian school when records show extensive financial support from particular churches of the PCA denomination including the latest “gift” of a $7 million piece of property; students receive a grade of “A” for covering textbooks – and an “F” if they don’t, and it’s factored into their academics in the class; WCA reports statistics that are false and misleading: how many teachers with Doctoral degrees – they fail to mention it’s not in their field of teaching but from Divinity School, a PCA Divinity School and that one is not a teacher but an administrator; books used in classrooms that are specifically chosen to represent a “specific world view” and eliminate any other possibilities or information; books used for the specific teaching purpose of tearing apart and tearing down writers and ways of thinking – never read in total because they do not uphold a “specific world view” and have “no value”. SEEK AND YE SHALL FIND THIS INFO IN WCA MATERIALS.

Please show this writer another private school, all girls and all boys included, in the St Louis area that is not calling itself “Christian” that does not have women on its Board of Directors and in positions of authority. Show us another school that removes all the rights and privileges from the students and from the parents – even to eliminating three parental organizations and taking over their treasuries. WCA’s “new” organization – PAWS – can’t even have a woman in a position by herself, she has to have her “husband” share the position. What exactly does this say about how Westminster Christian Academy values women? Subservient and secondary; they’re taught this way – not in other private schools and certainly not in public schools.


United States

#100 May 14, 2008
Stlmom, anyone can get this information if they know where to look and/or someone provides it to you. It’s like a puzzle with pieces laying on a table in no exact order but they’re all there, you just have to want to see the finished piece and work to put the pieces together.

Here’s a new addition from this writer, a new piece of the puzzle:

WCA Board of Directors and Administration purposely and intentionally realigned the school’s Association By Laws to ensure students and parents rights were eliminated even to the point of redesigning what constitutes a “quorum” at their meetings

WCA Board of Directors and Administration purposely removed Association Members rights, given by the founders of the school, to review and vote on the curriculum of the school. He who rules the curriculum obviously rules what is taught, how it is taught, what is believed and what “good” or “evil” is in a school.

Stlmom, you sound like one of many families attending WCA who have been spoon fed information to make you afraid of the outside world and negative about everything that’s in it – especially public schools.

You used the word “secular” when describing public schools; this writer and those who have shared their personally destructive stories about their experiences at Westminster Christian Academy St Louis wonders if you then consider WCA “sacred” as a school since that’s the opposite of “secular”.

Have you had a child in the public school system? Rockwood or Parkway, for example? Actually, you have the same rights regarding those schools and other private schools as practiced by this writer – present the facts as they exist and let your readers make their own decisions about the school regarding whether it’s “good” and especially, whether it’s “safe” and the type of education they want for their child or children. SEEK AND YE SHALL FIND. ASK AND THE DOOR WILL BE OPENED. Basic Christian teaching, stlmom.

Other Biblical passages apply to what this writer and others are doing and they’re the directives for living and practicing a true Christian life where Christians are admonished to follow Him and his ways. Remember when he cast out the moneylenders? How about when he took water from the woman at the well? Did he not accept others and not discard them because of their beliefs, color of their skin, etc? WCA practices discrimination on gender and ethnicity and it’s been shown by this writer several times over – you don’t find that at other private schools or public schools, either.

So, stlmom, this writer will close for now and welcome you to return with other questions and a dialogue disputing statements made by this writer. Please remember to present the facts and truth because you will be held accountable by this writer and others.


United States

#101 Jun 11, 2008

The Guidance Counselor at Westminster Christian Academy St Louis.

This writer mentioned talking about the problems in this department of the school.

Those of you who experienced difficulties at WCA, how much interaction did you have with this person?

Did she provide the "blue algae" pills to you and your family; sell them to you and tell you the profits were going to the school, so it was "all right" to do this? Tell you how much they'd improve your concentration and your ability to work?

Did she recommend counseling? Did she suggest who you should see? Was it Biblical counseling?
Did you know there is no privacy associated with Biblical counseling like there is with other counseling through a certified medical counselor?

Were you recommended for the Learning Center or Special Services?

Were you told getting an ADD diagnosis was beneficial because you'd have more time to take tests?

Parents, were you told there was a significant problem with your child and when you asked for this specific problem to be placed in a letter, word for word, told it "couldn't be put in writing" but you had to comply or leave the school?

Students, did you feel "compelled" to "report" on transgressions or what seemed like problems other students had -- to "save" them -- to the guidance counselor, a teacher or adminstrator?

This counselor, like a handful of teachers, controlled which students were given leadership positions.

No one at Westminster Christian Academy St Louis gets into a Leadership position or can run for an office without the express approval of a handful of people at the school. There are no open nominations, no individual choices to try for a position. Those chosen were and are subjected to evaluation based on specific adherence to religious practices and beliefs -- often through the use of a preprinted form that had and has to be filled out by a recommending teacher

What certifies this guidance counselor to provide medical diagnosis? Prominent in her office is a book used by medical personnel; it's used for diagnosing psychological problems. Did she ever tell you that you had "such and such" problem and needed "help"?

What files does she keep? What notes? Where is her degree that provides her with credibility -- sorry, a Biblical Counseling Certificate, if she has one, does not provide medical ability.

True guidance professionals have recognized standards they adhere to, belong to national organizations and do not diagnose or prescribe, they only suggest or refer, never assigning specific "diagnosis" of a student. She has, she does and she will continue until something significant happens to stop her from damaging more students' lives.

Some of you who are current and past students of Westminster Christian Academy St Louis have been “counseled” to believe YOU have problems. Some of you have developed problems because of what you’ve seen, heard, been taught or told to believe. There are those of you who have carried with you into adulthood the harm caused by teachers and administrators at this school.

Speak up. Speak out. Today’s students can benefit from your experiences. Read about mind control, cults, flashbacks, etc. The internet is a wealth of information. Ask, and the door will be open, seek and you shall find. Then, share. Share in words that inform and show what you’ve learned, what you now see and understand. Go to professional writings on these subjects, not other comment areas. Critical thinking is your way to let the light shine into Westminster Christian Academy St Louis.

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