Obama says he wants to create jobs fo...

Obama says he wants to create jobs for Ohio

There are 190 comments on the Akron Beacon Journal story from Feb 23, 2008, titled Obama says he wants to create jobs for Ohio. In it, Akron Beacon Journal reports that:

U.S. Sen. Barack Obama promises that if he is elected president, he will take steps to create more jobs for Ohioans.

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United States

#93 Feb 24, 2008

United States

#94 Feb 24, 2008
I have been following Hillary's political career since the early 90's, and she has always inspired me. I remember telling everyone back then, that I believed Hillary could actually be the first female president if she ever decided to run, and most people thought that I was crazy. A woman president? I was interested in the Universal Health Care Plan she had created back in 1993, but it was brought down by the Insurance Industry and small businesses who did not want to cover their employees. She has a great deal of experience. Her attendance record is great, and she has done really well in the senate.
I see the position of Commander and Chief as a job. A huge job, and I know that whenever you apply for a job, the person with the most experience, and the best track record usually gets the job. This country is in a complete mess and cannot afford for someone to learn on the job. We are at war and our economy is on the brink of recession. The foreclosure situation is terrible.
On the other hand, Barack Hussein Obama, is a newcomer, with very little experience, a horrible attendance record. I think the whole media secrecy surrounding Barack Obama and his radical muslim and anti-american ties is pretty scary.
One of Senator Obama's books "The Audacity of Hope" is based on the preaching of his pastor, Jeremiah Wright, whose close ties with Louis Farrakhan, whom he honored as a "Great Man" is unnerving. He had a 17 year relationship with Tony Rezko, a Syrian slumlord (now in jail), who caused poor people to live in squalor on the south side of Chicago, without heat in the dead of winter. Then there is the campaign funding he received and ties to Nadhmi Auchi, a billionaire Iraqi terrorist funder and Rashid Khalid, a Pakistani terrorist, and the Kenyan terrorist, Raila Odinga. I also don't want to leave out the Weathermen, William Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn. Were they Timothy McVey's inspiration?
Then there is the Exelon Corporation nuclear plant in Illinois that had not disclosed radioactive leaks that contaminated the drinking water at one of their plants. Senator Obama lied about how he did something about preventing this situation from happening again.
Now down to his Elmer Gantry character.
He is not truthful, and he tells the American people just what they want to hear, but he doesn't really say anything about how he will "Change" things. I watched the debate, and the hard questions were asked of Hillary first, then his answer would be "I agree". Hillary really did shine in the end.

Saturday Night Live really did a good impression of the whole Obamamania thing.
PT Barnum said it best "You will never go broke underestimating the American Public." It seems that Senator Obama is bulletproof from the media really revealing any of his dirt. But then again the media does not care about anything but their bottom line I also believe is a Republican ploy, in part, to gain a running mate for McCain. They knew that McCain was in the bag, in the primaries, so why not vote for his running mate? The question will come down to the general election, and who will come out to vote, and for whom.
In the end, who really knows what will happen?
I hope this explains why I support Hillary, and why I think it would be in the best interest of this country for her to win. If she doesn't win the nomination, then who else is there to vote for? Ralph Nader?

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#95 Feb 24, 2008
If you think Obama doesn't accept money from Lobbyist, think again.

No free lunch

Henderson, NV

#96 Feb 24, 2008
Jobs4Us wrote:
This guy runs the smoothest, most well-organized campaign and has policy plans in place, that include everyone. He's sincere, capable and has the guts to make changes happen. He handles criticism and challenges with collected calm. He's also got the confidence it takes to run the show and knows how to deal with the other side to boot. He has a rare ability to make people pay attention and that will work well for our country in every regard. He'll be a welcome change from the lazy Bush administration, who accomplished nothing more than losing us mega money and precious lives. He'll bring the jobs back to us and keep the money where it belongs. Count me in for Obama 2008.
Reality check: Jobs don't come back.

Reality check: To fund his programs he will need to increase taxes.

Reality check: We are an increasingly interconnected world and part of a global economy. Reverting to isolationism will devastate the economy and American workers. Check out Smoot-Hawley for a brief history lesson.
No free lunch

Henderson, NV

#97 Feb 24, 2008
BWG wrote:
The more you see of Obama, the more you hear the stump speech, the more you really listen to him, you realize two things:
1. His wispy notion of change isn’t linked to anything except socialist policies he’s dressing prettily in rhetorical gauze.
2. He tends to drone on. When you dip into one of these speeches and listen for a moment or two, he blows you away. When you stay for the whole thing and really listen, you realize the emperor doesn’t have many clothes.
Hillary Clinton is no speaker. She’s no Natural. And she doesn’t have his “O”mentum. But she has one final shot to expose the man behind the curtain. He’s not the Great and Powerful Oz. He’s a politician with some major weaknesses.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v =sVeFVtcdSYYXX
And that's the sad thing: I am no Hillary supporter but she knows her stuff, she has real ideas about how to implement her plans. Obama has not explained HOW he will accomplish his goals.

Sure he talks about WHAT his goals are but at some point, action will be needed to turn those goals into more than words.

So what ACTION will he take to make his goals a reality? What is the process?
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Henderson, NV

#98 Feb 24, 2008
Obama This wrote:
"....he wants to create jobs for Ohio."
(I heard they asked Obama what he thought of
Beirut, and he said he thought he was the
greatest baseball player of all time.)
HOW? What's the plan? the process? how much money will he need? Who will be in charge of this?


“make mine a double, please”

Since: Sep 07


#99 Feb 24, 2008
Go Figure wrote:
In October, Obama told Iowa television station KCRG that he decided to stop wearing a U.S. flag lapel pin during the run-up to the Iraq war because it had become "a substitute for, I think, true patriotism."
Sen. Barack Obama's refusal to wear an American flag lapel pin along with a photo of him not putting his hand over his heart during the National Anthem led conservatives on Internet and in the media to question his patriotism.
Do you want this guy in charge of the US?
no i don't, and those 2 are the least of my reasons...
No free lunch

Henderson, NV

#100 Feb 24, 2008
Obama This wrote:
Obama's Top 10 Campaign Promises -
"To keep the budget balanced, I'll rent the situation room for
sweet sixteens."
"I'll double your tax money at the craps table."
"I'll appoint (Republican pres. contender) Mitt Romney secretary of lookin' good."
"If you bring a gator to the White House, I'll wrassle it."
"I'll put Regis on the nickel"
"I'll rename the 10th month of the year 'Barack-tober,'"
"I won't let Apple release the new and improved iPod the day after you
bought the previous model."
"I'll find money in the budget to buy Letterman a decent hairpiece."
"Pronounce the word nuclear, new-clee-ur."
"Three words: Vice President Oprah."
Here ares some more reasons:


Half of them have nothing to do with Obama at all.

Here are some more from Obama's website that have slightly more substance:


A few more with (style? is this a fashion show?)


And yet more (do people really base their votes on what newspapers write about?)


From a supporter's MySpace Page (love #10 about the US being MORE politically involved in Iraq. Yeah, that'll turn around the world's image of the US)

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Henderson, NV

#101 Feb 24, 2008
Does Obama care about stopping torture via waterboarding?

From Mother Jones:

Barack Obama's New Hampshire press secretary, Reid Cherlin, told the Monitor in an email that Obama believes torture is not effective,“because those being tortured may lie to stop pain,” and that it causes hostility against Americans and puts U.S. troops at risk if captured.“Senator Obama believes this is not about them; it's about us," Cherlin went on. "Torture is just un-American. It's not who we are.”

And yet he did not bother to show up to vote on the bill to ban waterboarding. If using torture (waterboarding) actually puts troops at risk, why would Obama NOT vote at all on a measure that if it had a veto proof majority would reduce that risk?

Here's what he said re the Mukasey nomination:

"I have been consistent in my strong belief that no Administration should allow the use of torture, including so-called 'enhanced interrogation techniques' like water-boarding, head-slapping, and extreme temperatures. It's time that we had a Department of Justice that upholds the rule of law and American values, instead of finding ways to enable the President to subvert them. No more political parsing or legal loopholes. I cannot support Judge Mukasey unless he clearly and unequivocally rejects techniques like water-boarding."


“Dragon Slayer”

Since: Jul 07

Antonito Colorado

#102 Feb 24, 2008
just had lunch wrote:
<quoted text>
you sound like a nice little sheep....
do you have a clue WHAT the policy plans are?
IF you do, why not share them with the rest of us, because your fearless leader sure as hell hasn't. all we've heard is a s#itpot full of promises ...(he sounds exactly like a ...... politician!)
Why don't you make that a triple or a quadruple 'shot of ethanol' and shut your drunk @ss up.

At least he's honest and cares about people. He's got to be better than what's on the table now. What, a hundred year War for what? Add to that a colapsing economy and more division and bad blood than a sane man can tolerate. If he is short on specifics now he's not short on good attitude. Just wait and see. He is the clear choice.

Hide and watch!! Go Obama in 2008!!
No free lunch

Henderson, NV

#103 Feb 24, 2008
damskippy wrote:
The government sets max interest rates on cc and really the only thing that the goverment can do to alleviate debt is make to dramatically lower max interest rate on cc but it wont wipe out past debt. As far as people signing and not reading or asking questions for all other loans or even cc agreesments, there isn't alot the government can do with dingbats there. I know the taxpayer certainly shouldn't have to bail out these people that were too lazy to ask questions or read the fine print. One can call predatory lending preditory lending all they want but unless the lender breaks the law, changes or breaks the contract then it is all perfectly legal.
The best way to alleviate debt or not even have debt is to LIVE within your means. Taxpayers are not responsible for the stupid decisions of others. I have over 100k in debt but you will never hear me complain that the government should do something.

I made bad decisions with my eyes open. I am the ONLY person responsible for my financial situation.

If the government can come in and start bossing the credit card companies around, get ready for the banks to issue credit to FEWER people.

I do not believe your statement about the government capping interest rates is accurate. I believe STATE governments have taken some action, but I do not think the US congress has even passed a bill.
No free lunch

Henderson, NV

#104 Feb 24, 2008
Jonathan from Denmark wrote:
Clinton said how she would create jobs i herd Obama say he would create jobs, but how?
With their magic wands. Duh.
No free lunch

Henderson, NV

#105 Feb 24, 2008
TN Vol wrote:
Since the networks cut it off, here's the text of Hillary's new speech delivered in Youngstown, Ohio last night.
It seems to me the most prominent issue in the campaigns is now NAFTA and that it will be as important in Ohio as it was in Wisconsin.
Obama has gained an edge on the issue by bashing Hillary because Bill Clinton pushed for NAFTA.
Last night, Hillary released a four point specific plan to fix the problems of NAFTA. It's in her speech and reprinted below and my questions are, what is Obama's specific plan, how does it differ from Hillary's and do they really differ on the issue?[More...]
Let's get real about NAFTA - it simply isn't working for all Americans. I'm not just going to talk about what's wrong with NAFTA, I'm going to fix it and I have a four-point plan to do exactly that.
First we'll have the strongest possible labor and environmental standards in the core NAFTA agreement.
Second, we wont let foreign countries undermine worker protection as they do right now. These companies can challenge American regulation intended to protect American workers and the environment. That is not acceptable and I will change that.
I will strengthen NAFTA's enforcement mechanisms to remove trade barriers and better protect American jobs.
And finally, we'll review this agreement and every other trade agreement regularly. If it's not raising living standards right here in America and protecting American workers, then we're not going to have it be a race to the bottom. We will never again let fourteen years go by without updating and modernizing our trade agreements.
My opponent has taken to attacking me on NAFTA. The fact is neither of us were in the Senate at the time and I've long been a critic of the shortcomings of NAFTA.
Again, my questions are: What is Obama's specific plan, how does it differ from Hillary's and do they really differ on the issue?
The NAFTA issue, I think, will prove pointless. To change anything will require Mexico and Canada to agree. Reps of both countries have made it crystal clear that their respective countries are just fine with the way NAFTA works now.

What will Obama or Hillary do should one of them win in November? Pulling out of the treaty completely will only hurt our economy more as well hurting workers here.

People seem to think that jobs that went to Canada and Mexico will come back. Come on, that won't happen. If you understand economics you will understand why.

And some of those jobs that went to Mexico and Canada are now in China, which isn't a party to NAFTA.
No free lunch

Henderson, NV

#106 Feb 24, 2008
Marie wrote:
Before you vote for Obama,
Additionally, as you read/hear about his NAFTA pitch, bear in mind that he was just in Texas wooing Texas voters, many Hispanic with Mexican ties and heritage, and there was NO mention of Nafta! He says whatever is necessary to be elected. But what is really important is this article. PLEASE read it! After you do, you will understand why I cast my vote for Hillary Clinton. She does not claim to be, but is, a champion for ALL Americans.
This is because businesses in Texas have benefited from NAFTA.

When Hillary was in Texas she recently mentioned how she would change NAFTA to bring jobs, protect the environment and so on. It did not go over well with the crowd of Hispanic voters many who run businesses that have benefited from NAFTA.

But that's okay right? They're just part of the evil greedy right-wing corporate power structure.
No free lunch

Henderson, NV

#107 Feb 24, 2008
Zippy wrote:
<quoted text>
You mean our elected legislators who determine usury laws? Except that they all voted those laws out of existence some time ago? If credit card companies were limited to, say, 8% max interest, how many credit card companies would bother issuing cards? Do you think it's a good thing to dry credit up entirely? As far as predatory lending is concerned--did the banks hold guns to these people's heads, FORCING them to borrow money?? Aren't people supposed to be responsible enough to not borrow more than they KNOW they can repay? Why should I have to bail them out?? When we bought our house, we borrowed what we could comfortably afford to repay, because we knew the cost of living always goes up, property taxes, property insurance, utilities, etc., all of those things increase over time.
If bankers lent money to people, KNOWING the people could not afford to repay, they deserve to go under. If people sign up for loans for a house they have no business buying because it is WAY beyond their means--I'm sorry, but they shouldn't have lied on their paperwork, and they deserve to lose their house. They tried to steal it in the first place.
RE housing: Some of these suffering "homeowners" put nothing down on the house and have made NO payments on the mortgage.

From where I stand, it doesn't look they are going to lose anything.

Repton, AL

#108 Feb 24, 2008
Edward Brewster wrote:
<quoted text>
Why don't you make that a triple or a quadruple 'shot of ethanol' and shut your drunk @ss up.
At least he's honest and cares about people. He's got to be better than what's on the table now. What, a hundred year War for what? Add to that a colapsing economy and more division and bad blood than a sane man can tolerate. If he is short on specifics now he's not short on good attitude. Just wait and see. He is the clear choice.
Hide and watch!! Go Obama in 2008!!
You've got to be kidding. Honest and cares about people? There are no honest politicians running for president in '08. I'm not sure that there are any honest politicians, period. Say he has tremendous appeal, or that he is a great speaker, but don't say he's honest and cares about people. Other folks might get the impression you don't know what you're talking about.
Greg Neubeck

United States

#110 Feb 24, 2008
Interesting that Hillary is fond of claiming to have been a key player in the formulation of Clinton Foreign Policy: 9/11 was a direct result of the Clinton Administration’s feckless responses to the numerous Al-Qaida provocations and terrorist assaults against our national interests; as well as, Clinton’s inexplicable temerity in refusing to take Osama bin Laden into captivity when offered several times by the Sudanese. Clinton then exercised little more than his jawbone as bin Laden trained literally thousands of terrorists in his Afghan camps. All of which, convinced bin Laden that he could strike our homeland with relative impunity. The potential for success in bin Laden’s planned assault on our homeland was significantly enhanced by the infamous Gorelick memo which the Clinton Administration promulgated to prohibit any terrorist information exchange between our FBI and CIA intelligence operatives. However, history will record the most heinous assault on America's national security interests by a U.S. president as Clinton's transfer of our most advanced missile guidance technology to the CHICOM for a few campaign shekels. Does any rational person really want to return the Clinton cabal/scandals to the White House?

Greg Neubeck

Canton, OH

#111 Feb 24, 2008
Duke for Mayor wrote:
<quoted text>
And you are a media whacked drone.
Try reading from more varied sources once in a while.
black racist


Canton, OH

#112 Feb 24, 2008
Duke for Mayor wrote:
<quoted text>
And you are a media whacked drone.
Try reading from more varied sources once in a while.


little brain for a LITTLE man
Done Zero for Illinois


#113 Feb 24, 2008
I did a poll on this site for local Illinois people and asked them to share what one thing Barack did for our state while acting as very very very Junior Senator (before campaigning and doing nothing altogether). Guess what? NOT ONE person could enter anything that has improved for them personally. NOT ONE. I said they couldnt' google, or researc for ideas, it had to be something they perosonally experienced. ZERO...hopefully that tells the rest of America something. DON'T BE LEMMINGS AND FALL FOR THE POLITICO DU JOUR...

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