What can May polls say about November?

What can May polls say about November?

There are 172 comments on the CBS News story from May 25, 2012, titled What can May polls say about November?. In it, CBS News reports that:

General election campaigning between Mitt Romney and President Obama is underway, and if history is a guide, polls conducted in the month of May aren't necessarily a predictor of where the race will be in late October.

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“Truth to Power!”

Since: Apr 07

Lubbock, TX

#1 May 25, 2012

The Polls show Romney steadily rising to take the leadership position which Obama has never understood coming from a the Worst Congress (Senate) in history.

Romney is focused on Attacking the Problems.
Obama is slinging mud against the People. He's even Assassinated American citizens.

Romney is someone we can be proud of and won't make apologies for American Exceptionalism.
The Obama's, on the other hand, have never been proud of our country.

The choice if clear. Romney 2012.

Since: Feb 07

Location hidden

#2 May 25, 2012
The 4th estate, protected by the US Constitution is on vacation or holding out for an invitation to a WH dinner.

“Truth to Power!”

Since: Apr 07

Lubbock, TX

#3 May 25, 2012

As the Economy suffers and people are working harder than ever to make ends meet, Obama is gleefully laughing as GAS Prices and even many Food Prices are Twice what they were when that dumbarse took office less than 4 years ago.

Remember the interview where Obama said he "Wanted Higher Gas Prices to make Alternative fuels appear affordable" even though they would be detrimental to the normal household. You have to understand that Obama has been living in a Mansion and sucking off the government for a long time. He's used to caviar luncheons with Wall Street execs and thinks your income situation is not his problem. He's out to save the planet or something. LMAO!

Anyway to slice it, Obama simply sucks.

“Truth to Power!”

Since: Apr 07

Lubbock, TX

#4 May 25, 2012

Obama is Condescending to Women

Published: May 19, 2012

WHEN I listen to President Obama speak to and about women, he sometimes sounds too paternalistic for my taste. In numerous appearances over the years — most recently at the Barnard graduation — he has made reference to how women are smarter than men. It’s all so tired, the kind of fake praise showered upon those one views as easy to impress. As I listen, I am always bracing for the old go-to cliché:“Behind every great man is a great woman.”

My bigger concern is that in courting women, Mr. Obama’s campaign so far has seemed maddeningly off point. His message to the Barnard graduates was that they should fight for a “seat at the table”— the head seat, he made sure to add. He conceded that it’s a tough economy, but he told the grads,“I am convinced you are tougher” and “things will get better — they always do.”

Hardly reassuring words when you look at the reality. According to the Center for Labor Market Studies at Northeastern University, about 53.6 percent of men and women under the age of 25 who hold bachelor’s degrees were jobless or underemployed last year, the most in at least 11 years. According to the Pew Research Center, if we broaden the age group to 18- to 29-year-olds, an estimated 37 percent are unemployed or out of the work force, the highest share in more than three decades.

The human faces shouldn’t get lost amid the statistics. I spent last weekend with a friend who attended excellent private schools and graduated from Tufts University two years ago. She’s intelligent, impressive and still looking for a full-time job.

The women I know who are struggling in this economy couldn’t be further from the fictional character of Julia, presented in Mr. Obama’s Web ad,“The Life of Julia,” a silly and embarrassing caricature based on the assumption that women look to government at every meaningful phase of their lives for help.

My cousin in Louisiana started a small company with a little savings, renovating houses. A single mom, she saved enough to buy a home and provide child care for her son. When the economy went belly up, so did her company. She was forced to sell her home and move in with her parents. She has found another job, but doesn’t make enough to move out. Family, not government, has been everything to her at this time of crisis. She, and they, wouldn’t have it any other way.

America Is Not The Same

Miami Beach, FL

#5 May 25, 2012
The poll shows that 89% of America think that the country is headed in the wrong direction.

Odumbo is out. He's already packing his bags

“Truth to Power!”

Since: Apr 07

Lubbock, TX

#6 May 25, 2012
Here's what you have to look forward to under Obama:

Obama has defeated himself with damaging policy after policy leading to:

1) High Unemployment,

2) World Record National Debt,

3) Record Deficits,

4) Record Poverty,

5) Massive increases in Food Stamps,

6) UnConstitutional Obamacare

7) Solyndra Scandals

8) Killing of US Agent with Guns His Admin SOLD TO DRUG LORDS!

9) Assassinating American Citizens Without Any Due Process!

10) Dividing the Country by Race and by Class

11) Illegal Wars


13) Signing off on the Lockerbie Bombers Release to Libya

14) Signing off on AIG Bonuses

15) Bailing Out Union Cronies w/taxpayer funds

16) Putting SS into Permanent Deficits

17) Calling on Americans to "Punish His Enemies" which are the American People!

18) Cutting Backroom Deals with the Drug Lobby to keep Less Expensive Medical Drugs out of our reach!

19) Constantly Lying about every subject

20) Threatening the Supreme Court and acting like a real Azz hole dictator wannbe at SoTU addresses.

21) Obama signing the NDAA for Indefinite Detention of US Citizens which is Unconstitutional

This isn't even half the list of Obama F*** Ups!

What Filth!

drinK the Hive

Anonymous Proxy

#7 May 25, 2012
Are U Talking About Within Day-2-Day Life - Or The Human Condition Under Mr Twitter?...


“Truth to Power!”

Since: Apr 07

Lubbock, TX

#8 May 25, 2012

Our Country can be Great Again if we choose Wisely

May 25, 2012

Noonan: Mitt Romney's Moment

The GOP nominee explains why he thinks America is at an 'inflection point.'

...What about historic parallelism—the people who say, "This election is 1980 all over again," or, "No, it's 1996"? What year is it?

"It's 2012." He laughs. History sometimes repeats "its lessons," but "history does not repeat itself identically. This is a different time than any other time before it."

"I think there have been inflection points in American history where the course of the nation has changed, where culture, industry, even military strategy have changed." The Civil War was one such time, the turn of the last century another.

He believes we are in one now: "I think America is going to decide whether we will put ourself on a path toward Europe—whether we will become another nation dominated by government, where citizens are dependent on government for the things they want in life, where opportunity is sacrificed, where military strength is depleted to pay for government promises, where unemployment is chronically high and wage growth chronically low. That, in my view, is the course the president has put us upon." If Barack Obama is re-elected, "it will be very difficult to get off that path. If I'm elected, I will usher in a period of economic vitality" that will leave the world "surprised."

Not only the world: "America is going to see a vitality we had not expected."


“i hope we can change this!”

Since: Aug 08


#9 May 25, 2012
as long as obama continues to frantically attack romney with half-truths, disinformation and out right lies, and romney keeps his cool and continues to outline his plans and goals, obama has ZERO chance of winning...

the election is romneys to win...or lose.

“Truth to Power!”

Since: Apr 07

Lubbock, TX

#10 May 25, 2012

Obama, A Bush League President

Republicans are aggravated by Obama. They should cheer up. So is everyone else.

April 27, 2012

There is every reason to be deeply skeptical of President Obama's prospects in November.

Republicans feel an understandable anxiety about Mr. Obama's coming campaign: It will be all slice and dice, divide and conquer, break the country into little pieces and pick up as many as you can. He'll try to pick up college students one day and solidify environmentalist support the next, he'll valorize this group and demonize the other. He means to gather in and hold onto all the pieces he needs, and turn them into a jagged, jangly coalition that will win it for him in November and not begin making individual demands until December.

But it still matters that the president doesn't have a coherent agenda, or a political philosophy that is really clear to people. To the extent he has a philosophy, it tends to pop up furtively in stray comments and then go away. This is to a unique degree a presidency of inference, its overall meaning never vividly declared. In some eras, that may be a plus. In this one?

Republicans are worried about the power of incumbency, and it is a real power. Presidents command the airwaves, as they used to say. If they want to make something the focus of national discussion, they usually can, at least for a while. And this president is always out there, talking.

But—and forgive me, because what I'm about to say is rude—has anyone noticed how boring he is? Plonking platitude after plonking platitude. To see Mr. Obama on the stump is to see a man at the podium who's constantly dribbling away the punch line. He looks pleasant but lacks joy; he's cool but lacks vigor. A lot of what he says could have been said by a president 12 or 20 years ago, little is anchored to the moment. As he makes his points he often seems distracted, as if he's holding a private conversation in his head, noticing crowd size, for instance, and wishing the front row would start fainting again, like they used to.

I listen to him closely and find myself daydreaming: This is the best-tailored president since JFK. His suits, shirts and ties are beautifully cut from fine material. This is an elegant man. But I shouldn't be thinking about that, I should be thinking about what a powerful case he's making for his leadership. I'm not because he's not.

It is still so surprising that a person who seems bored by politicking has risen to the highest political office in the land. Politics is a fleshly profession, it's all hugging, kissing, arm twisting, shaking hands. It involves contact. When you see politicians on C-Span, in the well of the House or the Senate after a vote, they're always touching each other's arms and shoulders. They touch each other more than actors! Bill Clinton was fleshly, and LBJ. How odd to have a Democratic president who doesn't seem to like humans all that much.


“Truth to Power!”

Since: Apr 07

Lubbock, TX

#11 May 25, 2012

It's interesting that the Obama campaign isn't using what incumbent presidents always sooner or later use, either straight out or subliminally. And that is "You know me. I've been president for almost four years, you don't know that other guy. In a high-stakes world do you really want someone new?"

You know why they're not using "You know me"? Because we know him, and it's not a plus.

Here's one reason why.

There is a growing air of incompetence around Mr. Obama's White House. It was seen again this week in Supreme Court arguments over the administration's challenge to Arizona's attempted crackdown on illegal immigration. As Greg Stohr of Bloomberg News wrote, the court seemed to be disagreeing with the administration's understanding of federal power: "Solicitor General Donald Verrilli ... met resistance across ideological lines.... Even Justice Sonia Sotomayor, the court's only Hispanic and an Obama appointee, told Verrilli his argument is 'not selling very well.'" This follows last month's embarrassing showing over the constitutionality of parts of ObamaCare.

All of this looks so bush league, so scattered. Add it to the General Services Administration, to Solyndra, to the other scandals, and you get a growing sense that no one's in charge, that the administration is paying attention to politics but not day-to-day governance.

The two most public cabinet members are Eric Holder at Justice and Janet Napolitano at Homeland Security. He is overseeing the administration's Supreme Court cases. She is in charge of being unmoved by the daily stories of Transportation Security Administration incompetence and even cruelty at our airports. Those incidents and stories continue, but if you go to the Homeland Security website, there is no mention of them. It's as if they don't even exist.

Maybe the 2012 election is simpler than we think.

It will be about Mr. Obama.

Did you like the past four years? Good, you can get four more.

Do the president and his people strike you as competent? If so, you can renew his contract, and he will renew theirs.

If you don't want to rehire him, you will look at the other guy. Does he strike you as credible, a possible president? Then you can hire him.

Republicans (Americans all over) should cheer up.


“Truth to Power!”

Since: Apr 07

Lubbock, TX

#12 May 25, 2012
America Is Not The Same wrote:
The poll shows that 89% of America think that the country is headed in the wrong direction.
Odumbo is out. He's already packing his bags

Agree. Americans now know Obama is an Incompetent Amateur. We've had enough.

“Truth to Power!”

Since: Apr 07

Oak Brook, IL

#13 May 25, 2012

Obama the Hypocrite, Again...

Former Denver Mayor Federico Pena, currently a western US campaign co-chair for Obama 2012, "has been a partner at private equity firm Vestar Capital since 2000." The significance, of course, is that Romney's Bain Capital background is, in the words of the president, "part of the debate that we’re going to be having in this election campaign."

Obviously I have nothing against "vulture" capitalists, but let's debate:

Is it unacceptable for a corporate turnaround artist to be president of the United States but perfectly fine if he just shills for some useful idiot to hold the office on his behalf?

If the President intends to make this election about Romney's record at Bain, then Mr. Peña and James Kelley must come clean about layoffs at Del Monte, Solo Cup Company, and Birdseye foods. If not, Mr. Peña might not be available to stand on the campaign stage with the President at his next Colorado rally.

Americans are sick & tired of Azzhats like Obama. It's time for real change!

“Truth to Power!”

Since: Apr 07

Oak Brook, IL

#14 May 25, 2012

Obama Fundraises With Vulture Capitalist Same Day as Attacking Romney as Capitalist

May 16, 2012

Blackstone is profiting from Obama’s failed economic policies. Vulture capitalist Tony James is profiting from the collapse of America by investing over $7.5 BILLION in the collapsed real estate market. He stands to make billions. No wonder he is fundraising for Obama. He is making money when people go broke.

Another Obama administration is sure to keep that going.

Obama chides Romney’s ties to Bain Capital and then puts his hand out to vulture capitalist Tony James.

Ya gotta love it! Can we afford four more years of economic suicide? HELL NO!

In Obama’s ad, Mitt Romney wasn’t even at Bain when the men in Obama’s ad had their alleged problems, which was 2 years later. So, Obama’s a liar too… but, who didn’t know that?

A similar ad was debunked during the time of the GOP debates.

“Truth to Power!”

Since: Apr 07

Oak Brook, IL

#15 May 25, 2012

Vulture Capitalism? Try Obama's Version

A profit-driven economy is preferable to one run by political favoritism.

May 24, 2012

President Obama is no fan of Mitt Romney-style "vulture" capitalism. So what's his alternative?

All those Republicans grousing about the president's attacks on private equity might instead be seizing on this beautiful point of contrast. Mr. Obama, after all, is no mere mortal president. Even as he's been busy with the day job, he's found time to moonlight as CEO-in-Chief of half the nation's industry. Detroit, the energy sector, health care—he's all over these guys like a cheap spreadsheet.

Like Mr. Romney, Mr. Obama has presided over bankruptcies, layoffs, lost pensions, run-ups in debt. Yet unlike Mr. Romney, Mr. Obama's C-suite required billions in taxpayer dollars and subsidies, as well as mandates, regulations, union payoffs and moral hazard. Don't like "vulture" capitalism? Check out the form the president's had on offer these past three years: "crony" capitalism.

The case study is the solar-panel maker Solyndra, which was part of a green-energy sector that even by 2009 was flailing. The president took one look at the industry's utter lack of both profits and sellable products, and yelled "that's my baby!"

The stimulus bill shipped tens of billions of dollars to the Energy Department to pour into green companies via grants and loans. It promised five million jobs.

The Energy Department's nuclear physicists were admittedly a bit flummoxed by the whole P&L thing, but they got their venture-capitalism groove on and in 2009 handed Solyndra a $535 million loan guarantee.

Even prior to disbursement, government accountants were warning that Solyndra was a lemon, but the White House didn't worry. After all, the IRS had only recently and conveniently tripled the tax credit (to 30%) for buyers of Solyndra products, which the government figured would help grease their start-up's skids.

Didn't work. A Typical Obama policy.

Need more?


“Truth to Power!”

Since: Apr 07

Oak Brook, IL

#16 May 25, 2012

Unfortunately, the physicist-CFOs overlooked that whole "global energy market" factor—easy mistake! Foreign competitors were already piling into Solyndra's niche. Unable to compete, the firm went bankrupt last year. And, oh, the carnage!

It was kind of like ... GST Steel! Only worse. Solyndra laid off 1,100 employees.

It provided no severance, not even back pay due for vacation credits. But a bankruptcy judge would later approve $370,000 in bonuses for 20 employees.

Mr. Obama railed against the high-dollar Silicon Valley investors who lined up in front of government to "suck" the remaining "life" out of the bankrupt firm, even as employees were left to ... Oh, wait.

He said no such thing.

He was probably too busy doing damage control on his other government-subsidized energy bankruptcies, from Beacon to Ener1. Or running down the latest report of a government-funded, instantaneously combusting electric car.(Karma, anyone? Now at the low, low price of $103,000. Fire extinguisher included.)!!



“Truth to Power!”

Since: Apr 07

Oak Brook, IL

#17 May 25, 2012

0'blunder contin:

Speaking of cars, Detroit is the business venture Mr. Obama's team has been most flogging as a success. True, General Motors and Chrysler are still turning their lights on, though they'd have arguably been doing the same had they been left to go through normal, orderly bankruptcies like those that helped the steel and airline industries restructure to become more competitive.

To get to the same place, Mr. Obama's crony capitalism handed $82 billion in taxpayer dollars to the two firms. That bailout money went to make sure the unions that helped drive GM to bankruptcy (and helped elect Mr. Obama) did not have to give up pay or pension benefits for current workers.

They were instead rewarded with a share of the new firm. The UAW at GM meanwhile used the government-run bankruptcy to bar some 2,500 nonunion workers who had been laid off from transferring to other plants. How truly vulture-like.

Contract law was shredded, as unions were given preference over other creditors, such as pension funds for retired teachers and police officers. Congressmen used political sway to keep open their weak auto dealerships, forcing layoffs at stronger ones (vulture ... vulture ... vulture). Political masters obliged the industry to pour resources into unpopular green cars. The political masters were obliged to offer $10,000 tax credits to convince Americans to buy them.(They still won't.) And the message to every big industry? Go ahead, run your business into the ground. The Capitalist-in-Chief has your back (especially if you are unionized).

So, take your pick. Mr. Obama's knock on free enterprise is that it is driven by "profit," and that this experience makes Mr. Romney too heartless to be president. The alternative is an Obama capitalism that is driven by political favoritism, government subsidies, mandates, and billions in taxpayer underwriting—and that really is a path to bankruptcies and layoffs.


Since: Jan 12

Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

#18 May 25, 2012
Mitt Romney is finished. No way in hell America will vote in a Mormon cultist as president.

“Truth to Power!”

Since: Apr 07

Oak Brook, IL

#19 May 25, 2012
Wat the Tyler wrote:
Mitt Romney is finished. No way in hell America will vote in a Mormon cultist as president.

Child Please!

The same voted for a Muslim Marxist with a wife that "has never been proud of her country."

“Truth to Power!”

Since: Apr 07

Oak Brook, IL

#20 May 25, 2012

President DOWNGRADE:

"I long for a AAA President for a AAA Country."

-(D) Billionaire Mort Zuckerman disgusted with Obama

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