Black Racists Murdered Hispanic Man i...

Black Racists Murdered Hispanic Man in Hate Crime


United States

#1 Dec 15, 2008
Racist and Anti-Gay Blacks Murdered Hispanic Man in Hate Crime in New York.
Where is the outcry from black leaders?

On Dec 7,2008 an Ecuadorean immigrant, Jose Sucuzhanay, was murdered in Brooklyn, New York, by three men who smashed a beer bottle over his head, hit him in the head with an aluminum baseball bat and kicked him after they had yelled anti-Hispanic and anti-gay slurs at him and his brother just because they were walking arm in arm after attending a church party. Jose's brother was able to escape alive.
The police investigated it as a hate crime. Deplorably, the Associated Press news reporter didn't even have the guts to mention the fact that the attackers were identified as African-Americans.

If this were a hate crime committed by white on black, the AP report would surely have mentioned the race of the attackers and the black leaders would be crying out loud for justice in droves.

However, when the racist hate crime murderers are black, the black leaders all play deaf, dumb and blind as the biased mass media suddenly turned color blind out of fears for blacks. Obama commented on the Shaun Bell case even though Shaun Bell was an ex-drug dealer altercated with the police during the incident. Jose Sucuzhanay was an innocent and decent Hispanic man murdered by black thugs because of their racial hatred and anti-gay hatred based on the presumption that the victim was gay. Why doesn’t Obama comment on this brutal hate crime when he has been parading himself as the one for racial unity? Change! Yes, we can! A More Perfect Union speech! What a load of crap!

Some Hispanics voted for Obama based on the naive idea that the social status of Hispanic would rise side by side with the status of the blacks when Obama becomes President. And some gays voted for Obama because Obama was a crafty double-talker. Now reality hits home.

I have been warning people that under Obama relationship between different races will turn worse, not better as black supremacy under the teaching of the Black Value System , not racial unity, has been the doctrine of Obama’s church which he felt at home for over 20 years.

Well, what do you expect from someone who have “graduated” from the Black Value System and was sponsored into Harvard Law School by a black racist radical Muslim who incited his followers to murder white people sadistically?
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United States

#2 Dec 15, 2008
From the lack of response to this topic, it is apparent that blacks on this forum don't care about a Hispanic man being murdered by blacks in a hate crime at all.

Are there any Hispanic people on this forum?
Don't you care about an innocent man of your own race being murder by blacks in a hate crime?

Pinecrest, CA

#3 Dec 16, 2008
I'm thinking of some possibilities for the total lack of concern on this forum for the hate crime committed by the black racists who murdered the innocent Hispanic man in New York:

1/ The blacks on this forum are racist who would only care if a black man is murdered in a hate crime.

2/ There are no Hispanics on this forum.

3/ There are Hispanics on this forum, but they are just apathetic individuals who care only about themselves.

Actually, people on the forum should express concern about this brutal hate crime regarless of his or her race.

Yes, I am very disappointed at the apathy of the forum members but not as much as at Obama who has deceived the Americans that he is for racial unity.

United States

#4 Mar 18, 2009
The insidious attempt of the liberal media to cover up the real face of racism in the USA is just despicable.

I watched ABC Primetime on March 17 titled "What would you do?". In the show the Hispanic host expressed concern for the rise of hate crimes against Hispanics and reported that recently a Hispanic man Jose was beaten to death by a group of thugs with a baseball bat after they hurled anti-Hispanic slurs at him and the host interviewed his brother Diego who escaped uninjured.

The TV station ABC did an experiment in which a group of what appeared to be young white men acted like beating up a Hispanic man to a bloody mess in a shabby corner of a busy street while insulting him with a barrage of anti-Hispanic slurs as the camera recorded the reaction of the passersby. A black man and some Hispanic females intervened or tried to help the Hispanic man.

To most of the TV watchers the scene of some young white thugs beating up an innocent Hispanic man reflects what happened to the murdered Hispanic man Jose Sucuzhanay and that only black and Hispanic people tried to help leads to the apparent idea that white people don’t care about racial violence.

Little do the TV watchers know that ABC did something even worse than that committed by the Associated Press. The Associated Press only covered up the fact that the thugs who murdered Jose Sucuzhanay were identify by his brother to be BLACK, thus led many people jump to the conclusion that it was a white on Hispanic hate crime.

ABC took it to a more despicable level. Not only that ABC carefully concealed the fact that Jose was murdered by BLACK thugs, it also broadcasted an acted-out scene of what looked like white thugs beating up a Hispanic man including using a baseball bat after reporting the murder of Jose Sucuzhanay by some thug with a baseball bat in a hate crime, thus giving many people the wrong idea that Jose’s murder was a white on Hispanic hate crime.

The ABC Primetime producers are so engrossed in their anti-white-flatter-black agenda that they are willing to deliberately take away viewers’ right, especially the right of Hispanic viewers, to know the very real danger of Hispanic men being murdered in hate crimes by BLACK thugs while walking in the street in Brooklyn, New York or any black dominated city and deceptively instilling the wrong idea that Jose Sucuzhanay was murdered by white thugs. What a bunch of sycophantic media sell-outs.

Of course, white on Hispanic hate crimes, just as Hispanics on white hate crimes, white on black hate crimes and black on white hate crimes do exist in U.S. today. However, ABC station’s promoting hatred against white people with faked white on Hispanic hate crime on a TV show while covering up the black on Hispanic aspect of the real hate crime it is supposed to depict reminds me of why some people called media like that The Liberal Mass Media Whores.

United States

#5 Mar 18, 2009
Yes, I do know that another Hispanic man, Marcello Lucero, was murdered by a group of high school students in a hate crime in Long Island New York a month before the Jose case.

I have seen some false or wrong reports saying that seven "white" students were involved in the attack but the fact is that one of the seven students is "black". Yahoo search "7 teenagers in Long Island plead not guilty to murder" for picture.

Whatever the motive for the attack of Marcello, be it anti-immigrant or anti-Hispanic, it's good to know that those teenage thugs have been arrested and put in jail. But what happened to the black thugs who murdered Jose Sucuzhanay in the hate crime in Brooklyn? None of them have been arrested and ABC has been trying to hide the fact that blacks have been involved in both hate crimes mentioned in the program.

I am not surprised at all if the failure of the Brooklyn police to arrest the black thugs who murdered Jose Sucuzhanay has something to do with black racism.

I challenge ABC to repeat their “What would you do?” experiment by staging “a hate crime with a group of BLACK thugs attacking a HISPANIC man in BROOKLYN” then repeat with “BLACK thugs attacking a WHITE man in BROOKLYN” to see if any good Samaritans will come to the victims’ help.
I don’t think ABC would think it’s a good idea.

Alexandria, VA

#7 Nov 9, 2010
Throughout school black boyscalled me a racial slur based on my hispanic origin all the time. I also know one incident when 3 black teenage boys were doing the hitler salute to a jewish family.
The black racists that we have in this country no-one punishes. I've heard black males make fun of asians with hateful comments/
But what are you going to do? Whine or write your congressman and complain that hate laws need to include punishing black racists.
I know when a white man dates a hot black woman they are harassed by black racist men. I have never seen white guys harass a white guy with a black girl.
gene willis

Milwaukee, WI

#8 Mar 11, 2012
what did you exspect out of jew media.whites will always be protrayed as evil racists.the self hating white liberals make damn sure of it.this has been the norm for the last fifty years.the jewish owned media has a political ajenda,distroy all white christians like hitler did to them.the only differants to hitler as to now is that they,the jews who own the media can propergate anti white sentiments.the adl and the splc is also a fact in this endever.sure there are whites that hate.funny how thats the only news we get from the jewish owned media.only whites are racist.
gene willis

Milwaukee, WI

#9 May 17, 2012
anti racism is code for anti white=genocide.

Roslindale, MA

#10 May 24, 2012
first off all I don't like this generation of black people, they follow trash and become trash, Lil Wayne, tyga and more. Us Latinos are the innocent ones who come here for a better life and picked on and bullied by blacks, some of us don't know English either. We were always more patient then blacks, and have better manners.
gene willis

Kenosha, WI

#11 Dec 16, 2012
hey ricardomaestre,maybe it's because latinos look white on the outside.maybe thats why you'r people are being picked on and bullied.or maybe being latino makes blacks uncomfortable because you look white.or you may be talking in a white language.or latinos look like rich white people.innocent,blacks dont care about innocent,only what they can beat out of a white person.welcome to south aferica america.isnt being white to die for?
gene willis

Kenosha, WI

#12 Jun 4, 2013
hispanic man dies from an attack of hate and violance.whites are attack for the same reason.and how do,s the jewish owned media cover the stories,easy,they ignore who did it and isolate the haters from the story.ergo,the jewish owned media prepares to blame the white man for the death of this hispanic man.and obsolves any wrong doings fom the blacks who comitted the crime.and now,obama and his second term.nice voting youngsters.except for voting while black.they only care about race and nothing else.jjust like obama and the self hating whites in office and in this country.

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