Sportswriters like yourself can continue this vendetta until the hot place freezes over ... You will not change the public perception of Bob Knight. And, the public perception in your small, paranoid world is nowhere near the perception of the sporting public.

Coach Knight has done some bad things. He has even admitted many of them, though not all. But, on the whole, he has done so many more good things than many sportswriters are willing to give him credit for.

Your narrow focus is on retaliation against this man who called you out for your feeble work, your opinions that you swear are the opinions of the entire world, and for your absolute refusal to ever try to understand anything beyond your own not-so-hidden agenda. You, as a group, have made it your life's work.

Well, Mr. Bianchi, you have utterly and completely failed. At the end of the day, Coach Bob Knight is remembered by most people for the wonderful things he has done for his players and his coaches.

You should be as good a man.