Children's Home Society provides refu...

Children's Home Society provides refuge for abused, neglected c...

There are 12 comments on the Orlando Sentinel story from Nov 25, 2007, titled Children's Home Society provides refuge for abused, neglected c.... In it, Orlando Sentinel reports that:

The new kid shows up in the middle of an Elmer Fudd cartoon. A slim, frightened, 6-year-old boy, he stands with arms folded across his chest outside the semicircle of couches facing a television in the Crisis ...

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Kissimmee, FL

#1 Nov 25, 2007
I have heard nothing but bad things about these so called nurseries from DCF workers in Lake County. They say the kids are climbing all over the furniture with little supervision. They say there is little to occupy the children, just the same old DVD's are played over and over again. Even so the children are processed into these nurseries day-and-night and left abandoned in the system by DCF because they have no foster homes for the kids. Its not intended to be permanent - and so, the chaos is normal, like you'd find in a bus station. How can that be BETTER than their natural parents? All of these stories that we are being told about how their parents abused them is pretty one sided - we don't hear from the parents - we don't hear about the poverty the parents are enduring - and how they may try very hard to care for their kids - but they just can't. We don't hear how the States' having cut back Welfare, has had a negative impact upon the families who are desperately seeking work, but the only work they can get is at places like McDonalds which does not pay a LIVING WAGE, nor does it give them 40 hours, so they can get medical care for their kids. We are not hearing how the health programs were cut back and how the parents believe they are doing the RIGHT THING by giving up kids they cannot support,and its because they love them that they were given up to the state. We don't hear the truth about how long it takes to adopt a child through the States bungling -- and how kids age out in foster care -- and end up in the streets. We don't hear that only 1% of foster kids graduate from high school, and that most of them end up in prison, on the streets, homeless, on welfare like their parents, on drugs, and in trouble. We don't hear how at 18 years old the state cuts them off - and says "your on your own," when children in private homes are not tossed out. We don't hear how these kids can't even get a drivers license, because whose gonna lend their car to a strangers kid? This story about learning to trust? Ha! As you get passed on from one worker to another with no familiar faces in a crowd - gets old. Children need STABILITY, PERMANENCE, and a life long commitment toward their success. Instead of cutting parents off of welfare and depriving ALREADY IMPOVERISHED PARENTS of the tools they need to care for the children - we need to step up on the subject of education about birth control, and make sure our kids get the education, and counseling they need - while supporting their parents. No child belongs in a foster home. No child belongs in a nursery. No child should wait for years and years in places like these - institutions - yes, thats what they are - no matter how you white wash it - its an institution - where they never learn how to function in the REAL WORLD. If you had been a good journalist - you would have asked to see reports/statistics on what happens to these kids. How long do they stay there? In a few random samples -- life long journey -- through the system - what happens to them - is more important than one day in a crisis nursery. We have to stop blaming the parents - and look at how we can help them - we have to stop cutting off their resources - like welfare - because the people who are punished are the kids - NOT JUST PARENTS - its the old story of the dog chasing the tail - what came first is not important - whose to blame is not important - what is important is helping familes so they can keep their children and care for their children - because foster homes - and crisis nurseries are not good for kids in the long run. They need loving families to care for them and love them in normal settings - not in institutional settings.
Give me a Break

Kissimmee, FL

#2 Nov 25, 2007
This is a nice little story about one aspect of child removal that does not cover the WHOLE picture. Do really want our kids raised in institutions? This is an institution. How long do they stay there before a permanent home is found? What is the impact on that child of having been processed in a group home? Whats the cut off age? What happens if they don't fit the age criteria? Where do they go? What if they don't have enough beds? Then what? How long are they permitted to sit there before they must be removed? What is the criteria for mental health problems, sexual abuse, etc.? What is the worker ratio per child? What if they don't have any clothes? Then what? What about school? Are they taken to school? Too many unanswered questions remain in this article. Try again.

Frisco, TX

#3 Nov 25, 2007
A special thank you to all of those who help children. So many can not reach out for help. If you see or sense abuse please report it. We need more shelters. Thank you.

Winter Springs, FL

#4 Nov 25, 2007
terribal. so sad

El Paso, TX

#5 Nov 25, 2007
The issue here is about donating to the Holiday Campaign Fund so that children being forced to deal with extreme adversity might feel a glimmer of hope through the magic of giving. The purpose of the article is not to brainstorm solutions to a problem as old as humanity itself or to show your uneducated ignorance. Be a grinch or be a santa.

Bringhurst, IN

#6 Nov 25, 2007
An amazing and absolutely true story. I've had the good fortune to spend a little bit of volunteer time at the Crisis Nursery. These kids truly need the help and support of the whole community
Real Aid - not Band Aids

Kissimmee, FL

#7 Nov 25, 2007
What ever happend to "We are the world?" Whatever happened to every program that got a spotlight in the news for 15 minutes worth of fame? The goal here is not to focus on 15 minutes in a childs life -- the goal is the BIG PICTURE. We spend millions of dollars on programs that do not work -- and thousands of children fall inbetween the cracks -- if you want to be delusional and think that a cute stuffy is going to change that childs life -- feel free to do so, but it does not change the facts. Thousands of children are growing up and getting lost in the system and only graduate to live on the streets, and then, in your prisons. A donation here, and donation there does not EFFECT REAL CHANGE. It may make YOU feel good TODAY, but it does no real good in the long run. You need to ask WHERE YOUR money goes every day -- not just during the HOLIDAYS -- when your reaching out and hugging each other -- only to forget -- as the months go by what happened to that child. We need to know what happens to these kids every day. We need to know if what we are doing is working or not, and so far, its not. So the question is: are these little donations FOR YOU? Or are they for the kids? If we really cared we look beyond the simple toys that are mere bandaids to a serious problem that CAN BE FIXED -- if we really apply ourselves to a long term resolution -- which as you said -- is age old. Maybe its time we created a RACE FOR THE CURE OF CHILD ABUSE -- like we have for breast cancer, etc. If we did -- maybe we would succeed. Scary thought, huh? Then what would all of the liberals, and do gooders do with their time? Gosh, you might actually have to close down DCF offices and get real jobs and actually contribute to society, instead of standing in the way of a childs future. Whats that old saying about changing a mans life by giving him a fishing rod, over a fish? Here, these kids need real help that will free them from the chain of abuse so they don't repeat the cycle over and over again. They don't need stuffies!

United States

#8 Nov 25, 2007
Nothing more than a clearing house for the state of Floriduh. the states makes thousands of dollars on these children. I was in one of these group homes when I was a child. it was nothing more than a warehouse. I was nothing more than a source of income for the state. Don't fall for that sob story from the department that will steal your children from you and then point to you and say your a bad parent. i was kidnapped from my mother and she did no wrong.

Since: Sep 07

Oviedo, FL

#9 Nov 25, 2007
What will happen to these babies? They are unwanted by their parents and society. How can we help change this? Birth control, better education and parenting classes. The DCF and the
Adult Protective Services continue to be a joke here in Florida.

United States

#10 Nov 25, 2007
Why does the same person keep posting negative comments with different screen names. You only make me wonder why you find it necessary to keep changing SN's. It is highly unlikely that in 9 posts three would be from the same Michigan Town server. I find it hard to take your complaints seriously when you don't have the guts to stay with one sn and state your point.
Ignoring the bid picture

Miami, FL

#11 Nov 26, 2007
The story seemed to just shed some light on a few kids. This person in Jackson, MI just seems angry about his own life. I have worked in the social service field in just about every areas and have seen it all. Before the bashing begins take the time to go to some of these places and meet the kids. Not all of them experienced what you did. There are some people out there who really care for these kids. These caregivers can't help the situation that these kids come from but many of them do their best to give them love and hope.

Columbia, MO

#12 Nov 30, 2007
this is a story that i can relate to. it made me come cloes to tears becaues of how sad it is. i am glad that Mike was welcomed right away. i just hope that one day he will have a very loving non-abusive family and he will be able to belive that they will be his till the end. i hope the same for the rest of the kids in the nursery.

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