hurricane washout

hurricane washout

There are 31 comments on the Orlando Sentinel story from Oct 27, 2008, titled hurricane washout. In it, Orlando Sentinel reports that:

This one might hurt worst of all. No one expected UCF to topple No. 19 Tulsa, with the Golden Hurricane and their prolific offense entering Sunday night's showdown a 231/2-point favorite.

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Daytona Beach, FL

#1 Oct 27, 2008
Come on. What do you expect. Another 49-19 national television embarrassment

George O'Loser started a quarterback who hasn't consistently driven the offense into the end zone in over a month. When will he figure out that Calabrese is not the man. He has no leadership skills and it shows on the field. The most impressive statistic that ESPN showed last night was his completion percentage. 39.8% Are you kidding me. He completes less than 4 out of 10 passes thrown.

Tribble needs to take action. Going from C-USA Champs to Chumps is not acceptable while other programs in the state are moving forward and in the right direction. Come on George, get you head in the game and start earning you $1.5 million per year.

Orlando, FL

#2 Oct 27, 2008
Does Calabrese have compromising photographs of O'Leary and Salem? Why was he not pulled for Greco when there was a chance to stay in the game? Even as bad as this team is, any QB play would've resulted in a closer contest. I feel bad for Huxtable and the defense, they looked de-moralized because of the ineffectiveness of the offense.

United States

#3 Oct 27, 2008
what a joke

United States

#4 Oct 27, 2008
This is a rebuilding year. Freshmen will get better folks..Go Knights!!

Greenville, SC

#5 Oct 27, 2008
UCiF, O'Leary is just punching his time card until retirement. He doesn't care, just watch him on the sidelines.

Bradenton, FL

#6 Oct 27, 2008
A few points.

1. QB Draw on 2nd and 22.ARE YOU KIDDING ME??

2. Greco should have been in before the game was already out of hand.

3. Why isn't Weatherford getting any chance to try?

4. Without actually counting, it seemed we ran more QB draws than all other plays combined.

5. Checking the rule book, the ball can be legally run OUTSIDE the hashmarks, not just up the middle.

6. By not giving Greco or Weatherford a legitimate chance to play with a chance to win. O'Leary is not only commiting THIS season to the 'Experience Gathering Project' for Rob Calabrese, but NEXT Season as well. If Weatherford gets NO time this year on the field, then how can he be expected to compete NEXT year with the EXPERIENCED Calabrese.

All in all, it seems that O'Leary is willing to throw away this entire season(Along with our best defense in years)so that Calabrese can learn. We shouldn't have to throw away the whole season for this. Rebuilding or not, we should be reasonably competitive every year. The emerging pattern is that we are competitive every other year. Looking around at college football,especially in this state, thats not good enough.

Bradenton, FL

#7 Oct 27, 2008
When the heat is on, Calabrese couldn't hit the toilet and the Offensive line couldn't form a line to the bathroom.

Temple Hills, MD

#8 Oct 27, 2008
U pay that guy, O'Dreary, 1.5 mil a year...jeeeez what a waste. Your D is pretty good, but good god that offense is atrocious...

Oviedo, FL

#10 Oct 27, 2008
When isn't a season a rebuilding and and when haven't we had a "young team?"

At least we can have fun at tailgates...oh wait, UCF some how figured out how to screw that up!!!


Why Not

Orlando, FL

#12 Oct 27, 2008
I feel sorry for Dave Huxtable and the defense too. The offense is horrible and who is to blame? George O'Leary and the chump of an offensive coordinator TIM SALEM, maybe University High School needs a new offensive coordinator, maybe we could pay them to take TIM SALEM. We need a new perspecive for the offense, using a playbook from the 60's and 70's isn't getting us anywhere, I wonder how much money Woody Hayes made off of the sale!!!! We need some creativity in our play calling, I know George O'Leary states that he doesn't like gadget plays, but being creative has a different meaning then gadget. Just look at Tulsa's offense, they spread the field and try to establish the pass to setup the run and guess what, IT WORKS!!! Maybe we should try something different, doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results is the height of STUPIDITY!!!! We could utilize the tightends more and how about a screen pass or two and maybe an option??? I am tired of giving money to the Athletics program and them taking for granted the fans and what the fans do for the program!!! Keith, it is time to buyout O'Leary and get a younger more driven coach that actually wants to win!!!!

Oviedo, FL

#13 Oct 27, 2008
Fact: UCF is in a rebuilding mode and they are a young, inexperienced team. Very few upper classman. The QB fumbles the ball, does not look off when passing, does not sense or looks to see who is coming at him, the front offensive line does not block to protect their QB because they are small and inexperienced.
Fact: I agree with other posters here that George as he has had all year looks disinterested, shows NO motivation and his players look very unorganized. He has acheived his goals of a title, a new stadium, and he is ready to be put out to pasture but UCF can not afford to buy him out. They need new leadership. Tulsa looks motivated, in shape, and they deserve to be where they are. We got our butts kicked. George, you need to be a man and know your time is up. You did what you set out to do now let a younger, motivated coach come in and finsh what you started.
mickey mouse

Fort Walton Beach, FL

#14 Oct 27, 2008
Every year UCF is rebuilding. Never beat a top ten team, never been ranked, never won a bowl, never beat a ranked team, never beat a BCS team with a winning record... what do you expect from a school whose biggest attraction is being close to theme parks. Go Loser U... maybe ESPN will rank you in the bottom 10 again.

Orlando, FL

#15 Oct 27, 2008
Out of 91 players still on the roster (including the injured) there are 64 freshmen/redshirt and sophomores/redshirt. There are only 6 seniors on the two deep depth chart.
No excuse, but there is a difference between 18/19 year-olds and 21/22 year-olds.
And even with the frustration of a 3-9 season nearing the end, the team is still in the mix for the East Division. At 2-5, UCF can still win the East. Its an EXTREME Longshot, but its still there for the taking.
The Boss

Oviedo, FL

#16 Oct 27, 2008
Enough Already wrote:
Nobody cares.
Obviously you cared enough to post
USF owns UCF

Coral Gables, FL

#17 Oct 27, 2008
What a joke of a team, school and fanbase. The Flipping Finger Losers. UCF belongs in Div. 111 football
South FL UCF Fan

United States

#18 Oct 27, 2008
I think that they need to teach the QB's how to throw away the ball. Taking sacks like that are killers. They need to have a clock in their head and get rid of the ball. I do believe we have good WR's but they just need the ball throw to them. I know it's a run first offense but come on!

I hope they start improving the rest of the way! They know how to get your hopes up and then throw a game away.

Looking forward to next game... Go Knights!!
Head Hunter

Barnesville, GA

#19 Oct 27, 2008
Calabrese did okay the first half. Greco should have started the 2nd half.

Calabrese lost confindence in the 2nd half. O'Leary needs to put him on a pitch count. The more he throws the less accurate he is.

Defense gave up after that stupid facemask call.

Why does UCF get screewed every game by the refs?

Where is the fund to pay off these guys?

The fumble recovery and facemask just killed the moral of the team. Tulsa was not that good. Smoke and mirrors. Our players are so conditioned to having refs decide games. They just said screew it.

Does anyone know where the pay the refs fund is? this is destroying our program.

As for O'Leary and Salem. See how passing on first down worked?

Why not try it again?

Team is getting close to packing it in. Offense runs out of brain power by third quarter.
Head Hunter

Barnesville, GA

#20 Oct 27, 2008
My thoughts?

UCF THIS year should be 4-3 or 5-2. Should have won the Miami game. Maybe USF. With good refs we win. Boston college was competitive till the defense was on the field all game.

The solution seems clear. If O'Leary and Salem can't come up with a offense the leave.

Freshamn QB = Short passes, screen passes, longer passes in the middle and once in awhile deep outside. Run pass 50/50. First down pass plays 10% to 20%. Second down pass plays 30% to 40%. Third down depends on situation.

This offense is not that good. Okay we get it. But why are we not mixing it up once in a while?

What was the best play of the game? First down pass over the middle.

And when the refs make the bozo calls tell your players to hit someone hard. Anytine a ref makes a bad call get the 2nd string in there with one goal, hit someone hard. If refs are victimizing you make the other team PAY. Get a goon squad together like in hockey. SEND a MESSAGE that bozo refs will NOT be tolorated. Period.
Hanging in there

San Antonio, TX

#21 Oct 27, 2008
USF owns UCF wrote:
What a joke of a team, school and fanbase. The Flipping Finger Losers. UCF belongs in Div. 111 football
Dude, seriously? No one was talking about USF or even hinting ANYTHING about you guys. Yes, you guys are good and you're playing at a higher level than we are. Good for you guys, honestly. I'd be incredibly proud of our boys if they were where you guys are.
But I find it ironic that the very people (USF fans) that want to squash any sort of rivalry between the two schools are the ones keeping the rival fires burnin'by dropping unsolicited comments like yours! But in any case, I think it could be a really entertaining rivalry someday and hope UCF can pick up their game to make it so. Until then, best of luck to y'all.
USF Rules

United States

#22 Oct 27, 2008
If only we could own our stadium. You guys will be fine next year.

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