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Bulldogs lose 4th straight | SPORTS | Asheville CITIZEN

There are 16 comments on the Asheville Citizen-Times story from Feb 20, 2008, titled Bulldogs lose 4th straight | SPORTS | Asheville CITIZEN. In it, Asheville Citizen-Times reports that:

UNC Asheville shot just 14 percent from the field and made only five field goals in the second half in a 62-53 loss at Radford on Wednesday night, the Bulldogs' fourth straight defeat.

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Asheville native

Salisbury, NC

#1 Feb 20, 2008
This is just the most sad happening I have ever been apart of....Am I the only one who is really, seriously disturbed here, that is beside all of the parents that I have had numerous conversations with??? In fact, it's those parents that have drawn me into this "excitement". This "HISTORY" to be exact. One week, the website (UNCA) reports that the team is recording records "First in the HISTORY of the school!!" The "Justice Center is being Sold OUT" "The HOTTEST TICKET IN TOWN"!! These are just some of the headlines that have been published lately. And now what - the coach cannot make adjustments to meet their opponent's play? They (UNCA) must make their own adjustments to re-play the teams again! Is he crazy (actually, I've been told he's really spacie)(like not even recognizing his own players name and such) enough to think that the other teams are going to come out and not play differently? Why isn't UNCA playing differently? It seems to me that they are using the same ol plays - Even tho I am a coach and can recognize this, I've had regular folks ask me this same question. What is up with this coach? He should have gone out a winner, and now...he will go out in history as the man who took the team DOWN from NO. 1 straight to the bottom because of some hang-up he has with those on the bench. He had better WAKE-UP FAST! The season is disappearing quickly....
Also, have any of you noticed that just when we get a great dialog going here in the comment section, the AC-T shuts down the story??? What's up with that? Do we as readers not have the 1st ammendment behind us? Or does Eddie have someone on the Cit-Times staff that's on his side? HMMMMMM..Makes you wonder doesn't it??? Let's just see how long this post will last. I'm posting on 2/20/08 at 9:37 pm...
Asheville Mom

Salisbury, NC

#2 Feb 20, 2008
While I agree to the "native" that this is very sad, we, the true, blue fans need to stick up for our boys who are out there playing their hearts out. No one knows what's going on in their heads, etc. As I've said from the beginning of this season when the games began to sell out..Where were these fans 3 years ago when the team was losing? We've been losing all along and anyone could walk up to the ticket window and purchase a ticket for that day's game. Don't misunderstand, our boys are happy the fans are there, but will they still be there now that the record has changed? And..it appears now that Kenny isn't going to be able to play anymore this season. I'm proud of my son and all of the other "son's" I claim along the way. Hearts of gold they have, but somewhere, something has happened and the last 4 games haven't been great...What is it? Anyone out there have any answers? Signed - Puzzled/Sympathetic Mom.

Taylorsville, NC

#3 Feb 20, 2008
I know one thing that has changed. That is the fact that Smithson is not near 100%. He is injured and it is obvious. He is he leader and not even mentioning before he got hurt almost at 18ppg. Since then he has missed a game and been in single digits the other 3. This is not a coincidence The team is trying to carry on without his aggressiveness and have found it difficult to do. Defenses don't have to guard him the same right now and can move their best defensive personnel on down the line. Also, Kenny not playing has affected some of the chemistry. However, this can be brought back. I think everything will be alright with these guys.

Roxboro, NC

#4 Feb 21, 2008
Asheville Native you are a joke. Worst, you're a bad punch line to a bad joke.

You blame the coach because you don't like Eddie. You are not a coach because you'd have better insights than your pathetic attempts. Oh you talk to parents, you talk to fans...oh, aren't you the center of basketball.

People tell me's spacie, people tell me he forgets names and can't adjust. WHY DON"T YOU GO INTO HIS OFFICE OR SIT ON THE BENCH AND FIND OUT YOURSELF!!!!!!!

What great dialogue do you speak of? You rant about how bad Eddie is but you don't look at the entire picture. This isn't Memphis, this isn't UNC or Duke. These student-athletes wouldn't start in any of those programs. Wow they lost 4 straight. AGAIN, do you look at the stat sheet or just figure it's Eddie's fault??? Does Eddie run on the floor to make a lay up? Those are FUNDAMENTALS that I'm sure if you truly are a coach, you should know are taught in grade school...by apparent coaches like you. So you are failing UNCA. They played great defence but took over 59 shots from the floor and 68 percent did not fall. IS THAT A COACHING FAULT??? Ever think that at the start of the season the other coaches had to plan 2 different games with Kenny and Smithson (read past articles genius, you'd see that) but now they have one??? And smithson is not even 50% healthy? WHy not go to the training room...it's below the offices by the gym and see for yourself.

We get it Native. You don't like the coach. WIth such a pathetic budget at UNCA, do you think they'll steal Bobbie Knight? Some, hot shot assistant? Go back to the dream that's your life and leave basketball and UNCA to people who know college hoops.

I laugh at you Native and encourage you to learn something before you spew. Less people will laugh at you.
Ghost Rider

Great Falls, MT

#5 Feb 21, 2008
The coach is ultimately responsible for good or bad. His track record is not good. Time will tell.

United States

#6 Feb 21, 2008
Jim, again you must be related to Coach B. He is the responsible to make adjustments and he has failed to do so. One good thing is that winning the regular season does not give you a bid to the NCAA tournament. Hopefully Coach B will figure something out by the time BS tournament begins and changes things a little bit. And even if he does win the BS tournament and gets a bid to the NCAA tournament, HE NEEDS TO LEAVE. He is not a good coach. As a matter of fact, I go to school to UNCA and have talked to the players that play for him and others that have played in the past and they all say he SUCKS! You are right about the budget at UNCA, it may not be big but coaching is not rocket science especially when you have a team that is as good as the UNCA team is this year. I am glad to see coach B's tenure at UNCA is coming to an end. I am even happier to see other people talking about it, for the past 3 years I thought I was the only one seeing how bad he is. And just in case, I have attended 90% of the games the past 4 years. I am a basketball fan and love the game. BIEDENBACH OUT OF UNCA!
Basketball Man

Atlanta, GA

#7 Feb 21, 2008
"And smithson is not even 50% healthy? WHy not go to the training room...it's below the offices by the gym and see for yourself."
I think you are a creep! Maybe the school need some real security there. What are you doing trolling around the training room and who are you to make statements on Smithson health? Are you his physician or did his physician tell you the he is less than 50pct healthy? Just exactly where do you get all of your information from?
How do you know what the coaches plans are and were? Are you one of the coaches? If so, you have just displayed a very unprofessional response on this website. Maybe that is what NATIVE is talking about!
Either way...I would say you are a creep and they should up security at UNCA. The school should know about this posting by "Jim"

Franklinton, NC

#8 Feb 21, 2008
Asheville MOM,

I just want to let you know that the fans will be there the rest of the season. WE PROMISE! We back our boys no matter how much of a slump we are going through. You will see a very rowdy crowd of Saturday. Yes, it is very tough to watch but that is no reason to stop supporting our team. I know that in the past UNCA has not filled their gym and I think there are a number of reasons for this. I just graduated from UNCA in May. I know that when I started four years ago, UNCA did not have a "basketball fan" student body. People were interested in other things. Each year the incoming Freshman class was more and more like a "typical" college student. Let me make this clear, I am not making fun of or bashing the past students at UNCA. I enjoyed my entire college career there and have made great friends with so many different people. This is one reason why I really like UNCA. ANYBODY can fit into UNCA. I am just trying to make the point that the newer students are more likely to go to basketball games then the students in the past. As far as coaching goes, only time will tell. But I do think that if we don't make the tournament with the talent that we have this year, a new coach may not be a bad thing.

Woolrich, PA

#9 Feb 21, 2008
Well, another dissapointing loss, but don't lose hope. Like I said all along the only way a Big South teams makes NCAAs is to win the conference tournament, well there is still chance to do that.

We will most likely be going through Winthrop to do it now, but keep resting Kenny for the BSC and I think we can still do it.

The problem is we are now likely a 15 seed with these bas losses.

Basketballknowle dge

Taylorsville, NC

#10 Feb 21, 2008
I think that everyone knows that players get the wins and coaches get the losses. Thats how it has always gone. But, there are some unexpected things that have happened to this team. We still have a ton of basketball left to play. Lets not lose faith in our players or our coaches to early. GOOOO DOGS..
I might talk about some things that i have seen coach B (as i am sitting in the stands) but by no means would i say that he is not a good coach. He is still part of the team that just had the best startever, along with Kj Smithson and George. So lets see what happens. I wil still be at the game guys.

Greenville, SC

#11 Feb 21, 2008
Bubba wrote:
Well, another dissapointing loss, but don't lose hope. Like I said all along the only way a Big South teams makes NCAAs is to win the conference tournament, well there is still chance to do that.
We will most likely be going through Winthrop to do it now, but keep resting Kenny for the BSC and I think we can still do it.
The problem is we are now likely a 15 seed with these bas losses.
Bubba, what is it with your constant fixation about tournament seeding. We've just lost four straight conference games in mostly brutal fashion, have nagging injuries to key players, and all you can think about is the NCAA tournament.

Wake up man from your dream, what in the world makes you think that this team in its present state is gonna run the table, push around Winthrop and reclaim dominance.

Just to clarify before anyone calls me a "bandwagon guy" I am a proud alum of UNC-A, have been going to games since I was little, and have supported the team continually since I was a little kid. For what its worth I do hope we right the ship and turn things around pronto and salvage what was shaping up to be a special season.

I just get sick and tired of such trivial matters such as tournament seeding and what might be or could be. I like to live in the right now, and right now we flat out stink. So please do everyone a favor and can it with this silly talk about tournament seeding.

Woolrich, PA

#12 Feb 21, 2008
Well UNCA Alum, I could be wrong, but I believe you play the game to reach the tournament. Thats the ultimate goal teams strive for. I could be wrong, but just a few games ago we railed Winthrop and when healthy we can do it again.

I believe the whole goal is to make the tourny, so why not talk about it?

Clemmons, NC

#13 Feb 21, 2008
From an outsider's perspective.....Biedenbaugh is a decent coach, not outstanding, not terrible, just ok.

As for your season....you finally hit some adversity, and can't seem to recover from it. You've got some injuries to get around which all the other conference schools have had earlier in the season. CCU hasn't had two guys all year, Winthrop played UNCA with half their team running high fevers with the flu. UNCA also may be feeling some effects or the terrible scheduling earlier in the year. They played an awful non-conf schedule against pitiful teams and ran up a good record--now that they have hit a bump in the road they can't seem to rebound.

Looks like WU is back to normal running through the conference. Going to be tough for anyone to beat them in the tourney on their home court---they haven't lost a game there in conference for over three years.

Since: Dec 07

Location hidden

#14 Feb 22, 2008
The `bloom is off the rose'.

Every team by now has learned how to play against the big guy (George). He's tall, he's not fast or agile; he's just tall!

I agree that Smithson is the team's "energizer bunny"; they're lost and floundering with him not at full strength!

Since: Feb 08

Spruce Pine, NC

#15 Feb 22, 2008
jim wrote:
They played an awful non-conf schedule against pitiful teams and ran up a good record--now that they have hit a bump in the road they can't seem to rebound.
12/1/08: Va. Tech 65, UNC-Asheville 51
12/19/07: Tennessee 86, UNC-Asheville 73
1/5/08: UNC-Asheville 61, South Carolina 58
1/9/08: UNC 93, UNC-Asheville 81

Two SEC and two ACC teams on the road in the non-conference schedule is pretty good. Two teams ranked in the top 5 is also pretty good.

Nagging injuries to Smithson and George hurt. KJ Garland needs to take charge.

Woolrich, PA

#16 Feb 22, 2008
Exactly. I think we can get in, albeit it will be a lower seed, but I think we can go through Winthrop and win, but we need to make the BSC.

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