Re: Need for Jobs in Sylva.
Maybe I have to be the first one to say it so I will: Folks in Jackson County, it is OK to get very loud and very vocal about the need for public works projects and jobs.
The sooner you speak up loudly, the sooner your voices will join other voices that are still meek and timid at the present cuz they like you feel shamed by the need for fed-funded jobs programs.
There is nothing to be ashamed of.
Naval Yards and aircraft contractors are not ashamed of the federal jobs they lobby for under the guise of defense appropriations for equipment the pentagon never requested but which their congressman insisted be built to create jobs in his district.
And dont let the ACT get away with citing bogus fed stats on joblessness that dont count jobless folks who stopped qualifying for unemployment benefits. Once you tack on folks who took wage cuts or had to settle for parttime work, the jobs crisis hits 19%! Thatís about 1 in 5 adults, not including those on rotating furloughs.
Thatís what the ACT should be citing; it is officially referred to as the U-6 unemployment rate by the Federal bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) and is publicly available to any journalists willing to go to the BLS website.

Jackson County Speak Up!