I have seen all of Northeastern's conference games and 2 of the non-conference games. I saw them play the Seahawks last night and it seemed as long as his team fed him the ball they were leading and then all of a sudden it stopped! Pay attention NU bench! When the Huskies get their rhythm between Janning, Adako and now Allen and Ojuogboh, they are unstoppable. They even have a strong bench now. They are young so I am guessing they still are dealing with individual egos issues. I have been in this industry a long time and I know what I know. I was just curious as to why the Huskies do not go to Manny Adako more than they do. This kid is not flashy or anything, but he is definitely a team player and obviously too modest or humble. Adako is also one of the most fundamentally sound and solid forwards in the CAA Conference, and based on the two non-conference games I saw, I think he can hold his own against any forward in the NCAA given optimal circumstances. I am certain this guy is one everyone is sleeping on including his teammates. You can hold me to this one!