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#109 Nov 18, 2009
I stopped at a Taco Bell in Albuquerque once and ordered a dozen tacos. The girl tells me, "Uh, we don't sell 'em by the dozen, Sir." So, I say, "Uh, can you give me twelve?" "Chure", she says, turns and yells, "Dame dose tacos, Tonto. Muy pronto!"

Rio Rancho, NM

#111 Nov 21, 2009
I went the NMSU and transferred to the overrated business school at the University of Texas after two semesters I transferred back; I ended up graduating with high honors and in the top few percent of my class. Its students like you that give New Mexico schools a bad rap. I would have blown you out of the water academically and your career probably will not even touch what I have already accomplished just five years out of school. Of course your classes did not transfer they have to be passing grades and you have to be accepted into the school before they will accept your credits. A lot of schools require a few semesters of a language. As a CS major that has to know a few programming languages you should have no problem taking and passing and not being upset about a few language classes because they would be easy.

I do agree that New Mexico does suck; but if you are motivated, creative, talented and innovative where one went to school does not make a difference and if you were a talented CS major you would have been able to fix your internet problem. I knew some very bright CS majors from NMSU. You are the one that sucks.

If you were a good student you would have also known that the professors at NMSU have an open door policy and are very accessible, which is not the case at other educational institutions and not in the methodology of popularized rankings How many schools would let students see the college dean and the assistant dean without an appointment?

Take the top 20% of students at NMSU; which you are not a part of and NMSU would be at the bottom of first tier schools, which is in the range of the better schools that you were referring to that would not let you in.
truth kills

Minneapolis, MN

#112 Dec 10, 2009
not just hispcanic but other white hicks, those kind of people obssesed with thier white skin! that's so stupid and so backward!
I really think that we "intelictual people" should spread awarness to free stupid new mexican from thier backwardness,and help them to catch up with te rest of the world! Ofcorse this does apply on all the us except some places where foreigners are the majority!
Land of EnTRAPment

Albuquerque, NM

#113 Dec 12, 2009
New Mexico is so backwards from the rest of the country and world. When you are in an airplane landing in from another time zone, the flight attendants don't tell you to roll back the time on your watch in hours, they tell you to roll back the time on your watch in YEARS!

Alamogordo, NM

#114 Dec 26, 2009
i didnt choose to come here i got stationed here, im from florida, where there are girls, water, trees, grass, fun, parties, concerts, malls, clubs, im pretty sure one highschool in florida has more people than this entire state, everything closes so damn early, you have to drive 2 hours to go anywhere with more than 10k people, oh and the weathermen suck at predicting weather.

Alamogordo, NM

#115 Dec 26, 2009
chili con frijoles wrote:
well all you people come her and think us hispanics just moved here not true.These are the facts the spanish have been here for 500 hundred years ,and came here as conquerors !!!! so all you anglos need to go back to the fuckin east because the southwest will always remain spanish!!!you people come here and act like youre better than us !!I hope the hipanic race takes over this country...because it was ours to began with.
shut the hell up you ignorant fuck, you were not here first, native americans were, listen to the word, native, meaning originating from, not mexican, we didnt play cowboys and mexicans, and you cant conquer shit, you cant even get ahold of your own damn country, and the hispanic race blows(mostly) drug wars, illegal imigration, poverty, sounds like you have achieved so much
Land of EnTRAPment

Albuquerque, NM

#116 Dec 28, 2009
newmexicoblows wrote:
<quoted text>
shut the hell up you ignorant fuck, you were not here first, native americans were, listen to the word, native, meaning originating from, not mexican, we didnt play cowboys and mexicans, and you cant conquer shit, you cant even get ahold of your own damn country, and the hispanic race blows(mostly) drug wars, illegal imigration, poverty, sounds like you have achieved so much
As a Hispanic myself, I am often totally embarrassed by my race (1/2 Mexican), especially the way they act here in NM. Seems like every cholo gangbanging douchebag is in this state, whereas, in your state (FL), they are out making money and contributing to society. I have been to Miami and had a great time there and may even move out that way one day. But the beaners out here fucking suck and are a bunch of worthless scum criminals who do nothing but rape, rob, murder, go to prison, and make worthless, illiterate min-cholos to suck our welfare dollars.

These people here are the cockroach race of people. I fucking hate them.
Land of EnTRAPment

Albuquerque, NM

#117 Dec 28, 2009
newmexicoblows wrote:
i didnt choose to come here i got stationed here, im from florida, where there are girls, water, trees, grass, fun, parties, concerts, malls, clubs, im pretty sure one highschool in florida has more people than this entire state, everything closes so damn early, you have to drive 2 hours to go anywhere with more than 10k people, oh and the weathermen suck at predicting weather.
Gosh, I am sorry to read this. And you're stuck in Alamagordo too? Yuck! We do have girls out here... big & fat with stretchmarks and bullet holes. Their fat hangs over their jeans and they think their shit doesn't stink. Most of the chicks here are stuck up and yet they have NOTHING to be stuck up for. What - so you think you're a model because your worthless loser 'boyfriend' took pic and posted on MySpace? Get fucking real.

You wanna see hot women? Go to FL, CA, TX, MN, NY, LA, and NC. Those are some HOT women - most without pretension. And if you are REALLY lucky, the hottest are in Brazil, Argentina, Venezuela, Russia, Italy, Spain, Sweden, The Netherlands, the Czech Republic and HUNGARY! Makes these NM women look like dogs, which they are anyway.

As for water, trees, grass, fun, parties, concerts, malls, clubs... that shit is non-existent in this state. Water = Rio Grande & Elephant Butt. Trees = Yuccas. Grass = tumbleweeds. Fun = NM state fair. Parties = Cholo shootouts. Concerts = Tingley Colosseum. Malls = Coronado (snicker). And clubs = A room in downtown Albucrackee with every fuckup loser in this state trying to fight, shoot, or stab you and take your girl until it gets shut down.

Fuck this state and fuck everybody in it! The more I type about this shithole, the more angry and depressed I get. I should be in Socal or Florida or Hawaii or NYC or Rome, enjoying REAL culture, fun, and women.

Someone just fucking shoot me!!!!!
Right on

Albuquerque, NM

#118 Jan 11, 2010
I agree with all of you, glad I finally found a place with like minded folks. These damn beaners are so cocky and racist I can hardly put up with it! Someone mentioned poor service, that is also true! You go anywhere else and people are friendly and helpful. Not here. Damn beaners.
Been there too

Albuquerque, NM

#119 Jan 14, 2010
Came here almost 5 years ago to an eye opener!

The place has it's scenic beauty (with plenty of litter), uneducated gangster elite, schools with drop-out rates near 50 percent (that could fill the space port with space cadets in no time!), idiotic drivers that speed, text, and cell phone while waiting in right turn lanes of boulevards that have traffic signals synchronized to stop you even though no traffic exists!

Here, in the land of entrapment, dial-up is still king, and that 56K blazing modem is powered by PIII's (go figure--Intel produces processors in a brain-dead state of losers, gangsters, illegals, and drop-outs---FANTASTIC!

I too have lived in many many places, but the attitude of these stupid Mexicans and land grant offspring of dubious genetic heritage is is par none--What a fucking shit hole!

Scottsdale, AZ

#121 Jan 25, 2010
Populus needs to realize that NMSU is not a great school. I think getting an education anywhere is better than not getting an education at all. I attended NMSU and then transferred to the University of Texas at Arlington. What a huge difference, the school was so much more organized.
I always referred to NM as the "Land of Manana", the land of tomorrow. That's when everything gets done, tomorrow. Everything is so slow and trying to get someone to help you out is difficult. It took me six months to get my financial aid even though I filled everything out the very first day that I could. The UTA financial aid office was there to help me. The professors do not have an open-door policy. NMSU is a grant college and so a lot of professors are their to perform studies. They don't want to be bothered with students.
I think any time you have a certain race that is the majority, your going to see some level of racism. In New Mexico there are a lot of Mexicans and they tend to stick together on issues. They don't look at whats right or wrong, but instead whats black and white. They base so many of their decisions on "la raza". People can think I'm crazy but guess what...I am Mexican, or at least half. I'm giving you the inside scoop. The problem here is that people are blaming all Mexicans. It is never all of anything. It is enough of them that it is a problem but it is not most of them. Remember, a good portion of Mexicans want to be white, that's what they are taught. They would never admit it but like I said, I'm giving you the inside scoop.
The state is very backwards and the funniest part is that a lot of people walk around like their from the big city. What big city, the entire state is smaller that the city I live in. I will give NM credit for being very laid back...too laid back. There are bad people in every race, but it becomes a problem when these bad Mexicans are defended by the other Mexicans just because they are both Mexican. The amount of loyalty in the Mexican community is crazy. They function as one entity.
Like I said people don't have to like what I say, the truth hurts doesn't it? Yes it does. Now go away and let it sting for a bit and then reflect on why so many good Mexicans defend the piece of $hit ones!

United States

#122 Mar 1, 2010
It is a city that has been listed in Men's Fitness magazine as the top city to "Get fit in". Funny how that is! I drove to work one day, about 1 mile from my house. I counted eleven (11) places where alcohol can be purchased. So instead of making more constructive and fundamental programs, politicians give themselves the raise and cut funding for the well-being of others, so know wonder there is that drinking problem again...
Another thing about this place is that there are those "outsiders" who are in a foreign land. It doesn't make sense to us but, makes sense to others. I don't understand...you bought the car, did you forget the signal option? Oh wait, it's just as smart as having car windows tinted midnight black, that when the cops who are there to protect us, get killed because they can't see who or what is inside.
But the cops are a different story in themselves. The reason why they are so corrupt/unjust/etc., is because the shit they experience. It happens everywhere! Just moreso here in the Land of the Lost.
The one good thing about this place is for us "outiders" to learn from our mistakes and GET THE....!

Albuquerque, NM

#123 Mar 7, 2010
I agree NM sucks, but where do you get the idea they love GW. F***ing tree huggers all over the place who probably are in line with your line of thinking. Corrupt DEM governor and crappy ABQ city gov. I actually do not like NM and cant wait to get the heck out of dodge. Democrats have turned this place upside down. Crappy school system, dirty city, crappy roads, High taxes (for those who actually pay them). As for racists; I dont know where you have been living. Whites tend to come into this states and somehow think it belongs to them. Trying to protect everything from what I call progress. Example- That stupid a** petroglyph which is nothing but ancient graffitti. People get arrested for that crap nowadays.... Build something on it. Make another highway on it to relieve the congestion in this ugly ABQ they call a city. I guess I'll stop now.....
Albuquerque Sucks wrote:
New mexico is the new south i make a very good paycheck in my job (Japanese interpreter) but in albuquerque its so damn backwards i always get "vato you speak chink" i can't wait to get out of here this place is worst then Alabama in the 1960s!
they hate Whites,Asians and Blacks and it seems they hate progress and people who rise out of there crappy way of thinking.
I guess thats why they Love George W Bush
ABQ worst City in the USA

Albuquerque, NM

#124 Mar 9, 2010
tis place sucks all stuck up people from chihuahua freaken tight ass bitches dont even like to waste a dolla if u wanna have a fun life move to LOS ANGELES CALI
Native cracker

Rio Rancho, NM

#125 Mar 10, 2010
I noticed that a lot of the people that posted live in Rio Rancho or Rio Rathole as some natives call it. I grew up and I live in the north UNM area. It is one of the better parts of Albuquerque to live in. My neighborhood has always had people that are from different countries and different parts of the United States. There are more things to do in my part of town. I wouldn't like New Mexico if I had to live on the west side or Rio Rancho, because it reminds me of Orange County, CA. and it's built like a boring suburb. I think that one problem new comers have here is that New Mexico doesn't have segregated neighborhoods like other parts of the country. I never grew up in an all white neighborhood in the UNM area. I found it rather strange when I visited one in Chicago, Orange County, CA. or Atlanta to see all white neighborhoods, all black neighborhoods etc. I'm active in trying to make change in New Mexico. The guy from Chicago is right and there are several people in Albuquerque that feel the same way. All they need is some organization and help in forming a movement for better jobs and education. I'd rather be called an Anglo than a cracker. To the guy from Florida that can't find a job the Electricians Union is looking for people to train. it's a job that can't be outsourced.
Is New Mexico too bad

Filer, ID

#126 Mar 14, 2010
I was reading many bad comments about this state. The white people say NM is full of mexicans who are racists and have messed up the entire state. Well that might be true, since mexicans are in everywhere. I'm not mexican, I'm peruvian, so that makes me a latin guy, but I would like to tell to the american people that no all people who come frome latin american countries are like the mexicans. I know that most of them DON'T HAVE education, it's embarrassing that many mexican people have papers, the residency, the green card and all that stuff when many of them, CAN NOT even read, and ok, they are here, why not try to learn good things instead of doing shit, like driving drunk, littering, and having children like a rabbits and let the american people blame to all the latin people who have nothing to do with them? I'm proud where I come from but unfortunately as some american people say and I agree with them, too, I have a bad impression about mexican people, just DON'T put all the latin people inside the same bag with the mexicans. We are not like them...:D

San Marcos, CA

#127 Mar 17, 2010
I visited NEW MEXICO this year and let me tell yoU it wast the worst, most boring, dirty state with the most backwards people I have ever seen. I would never go back to new mexico. It is so bland and ugly and classless that I wonder why anybody would want to live there to begin with. Most of the middle class neighborhoods are reminiscent of slums. The drivers in New Mexico need to be retested as a group because of their non-existent driving skills. What a dump--Don't waste your time and money visiting this ass backwards state. It is not pretty, it is not classy---IT'S A PIT IN THE EARTH.

United States

#128 Mar 20, 2010
mexilitterbugs wrote:
I moved to Rio Rancho (just outside Albuquerque) from florida just over a year ago and I'm begging my girlfriend to move back. This place is a S - hole. Mexicans are filthy people that do nothing but litter, gangbang, park their cars on front lawns and raise the entire countries pitbull population.....raised in barns i tell ya. You think I'm racist? Try living in new mexico with the mexicans they are the most racist people I have ever met who truly believe new mexico belongs to mexicans and us whites have no business being here.....so don't bother coming here if your white the mexicans run everything and they will spit on you every chance they get. I must have been out of my mind when I agreed to move to this Mexican democrat liberal S - hole.

Absolutely right! Messkins are thick as fleas on a dead dog in ABQ. Lazy thieves and druggies, all! WE DON'T NEEEEED NO STEEENNKEEN BADGES -- is their mantra!


To heck with the fence - just shoot 100 of them on Telemundo each night. Maybe they'll get the idea -- on second thought, I guess that would take a brain. Never mind, add a zero and shoot 1000 of them each night on Telemundo! Or, send them to LA where they'll fit right in!!!

Las Vegas, NV

#129 Mar 20, 2010
94% of male sexual assault offenders are Mexican... but yet you are white and sexually offended your step sister?
anglo nazis suck

Huntsville, AL

#130 Mar 31, 2010
Give it back to Mexico since you Anglo stole California,Texas,New Mexico,Arizona, with your excuse war in the 1800 to rob the land from the right full owners.

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