Joseph in Egypt

Albuquerque, NM

#23 Aug 5, 2007
Whew! Albuquerque really pisses people off! You know you're a farked-up city when military personnel from Kirtland, guys who've spent decades in the world's worst hellholes, express shock and dismay at how violent, backward and non-functional your city seems to be.

Not to mention the fact that being a white boy in New Mexico is about like being a black boy in backwoods Georgia. As modern Americans, we're all expected to pretend not to notice what everyone knows: that NM Chicanos are the most violently bigoted racists of all, far worse than any white hillbilly.

Muscle Shoals, AL

#24 Aug 5, 2007
I am not trying to be racist but this place is so diffrent from anywhere else I have lived. It is backwards and poor but the local people who have grow up here think it is great. I'm moving to Phoenix at least there is opportunity, culture and civilized people there.
Albuquerque Sucks

Owens Cross Roads, AL

#25 Aug 6, 2007
Chicanos are the most violent and bigoted racist of all as joseph in egypt has express.
its the most true statement i've ever heard and i will never forgive them for thier ills
they need to be back over the border and out of our hair.
i've had my house (well almost) broken into
by thier stupid kids and the 2nd time my 2 rottwielers Musashi and Kojiro tore this one gangbang in ground beef.

I collect military artifacts and it is fun seeing morons trying to break into my house.
you can't beat a man with a thompson

those shit head racists need to go.
but it is funny like a lab rat touching the
electric wires in an experiment.

wait i take that back lab rats learn
these idiots don't!
Anger and rage

Owens Cross Roads, AL

#26 Aug 10, 2007
This is crap to find a group of college students cut down in the start of thier lives
by a bunch of 2 bit hispanic thugs its not just albuquerque or new mexico its our life as
americans being threatend!!!!!in every state and city when will this end!!!!
this i not racism this is protecting our own country.
those bastards were illegals and its only going to get worst!!!!!!
Is it that bad

Murfreesboro, TN

#27 Oct 5, 2007
erm i'm an iraq/arabian and im used to living in white areas but my mom is thinking of moveing to NM and i dont really know if they would accept arabians?
is it as bad as everyone says? i have 2 friends that live there and they called me and said its horrible and that the schools are so getto!
is it true??? o.o
i wanna know badly, my mom wont belive what you guys are posting cause my aunt made it look like its a beautiful place when her daughter looks strung out on drugs.
message me heres my email
[email protected]
new mexico sucks

Las Cruces, NM

#28 Oct 23, 2007
we need to build a wall, i am in highschool currently in new mexico and i am white. Mexicans think they own everything. My brothers car got stolen in the highschool parking lot, later on the beaners went and broke into it again at night and stole his backpack. George bush needs to punish these cruel people that are ruining our country. He isnt doing nothin about it and the public schools r getting worse. THIS IS THE WORST PLACE TO LIVE. MEXICANS THINK THEY OWN THE WHOLE STATE. DO NOT MOVE HERE. Mexicans hate whites and they will not accept u. do not bring your kids here either. They will hate it. I WANNA GET OUT OF THIS SHITHOLE!!!! its hell living here

United States

#29 Nov 7, 2007
I may be wrong, but most of you all who are complaining about New Mexico are from out of state and you are complaining about those that are from out of state. The native New Mexicans are a bit more laxed and it is a bit slower out here. But we are a proud people and this was a beautiful state until "immigrants-Out of state people" came and starting throwing trash in public saying that "it was just a desert amd who cares?" Now if I had so much disgust about where I lived, I think I would have the brains to just leave and let everyone else be happy.

Vancouver, WA

#30 Dec 24, 2007
Follow up to JWP. I lived in New Mexico all my life and it has gotten much, much worse. The so called local people from NM are the problem. Families of gangbangers, dope dealers and murders. These are the facts. New Mexicans are in denial. Texas, Colorado and Arizona have seen incredible growth why hasn't New Mexico. Because it is violent, poor and most of the people here are uneducated.
Zany 8

San Jose, NM

#31 Dec 31, 2007
SHUT UP YOU BARSTARDS (misspelled) because new mexico kicks texas' ass!!! Arizona and colorado are awesome. BUT NEW MEXICO KICKS ASS!!! Just because it became a breeding ground for illegal immigrants, no reason to be mean!!!

Santa Fe, NM

#32 Jan 14, 2008
New Mexico's not perfect, but Jesus almighty, you're either making up your problems, or y'all must have picked some pretty crazy neighborhoods.(News flash: if living in the ghetto doesn't sit right with you, DON'T LIVE IN THE GHETTO.)

I've lived here almost 3 years and haven't had any racial problems at all, my neighborhood isn't the slightest bit dirty, and I've never had Mexicans deal dope in front of me or park their cars on my lawn. I'm about as white a person as you're likely to find. I've lived in several states and several countries, and I chose to come here. I've met racist whites, racist Hispanos, racist Indians, they're out there and haven't had any affect on my life. But if you think this place is some kind of benchmark for racism, you just haven't been around much. Compared to the hillbillies from Texas, elitist snobs from New York, fakes from LA, world-weary poseurs from San Fran, leather skinned monsters from Florida and Phoenix, hopeless inbred morons from Ohio and Oklahoma, treehuggers from Portland and the trustifarians and new age loonies from god knows where, Hispanos are easy to get along with. So are the bikers. You don't know racist until you've been through a drivethrough in Indiana on a Friday night with someone who isn't white.

Complaints about local government? OK, fine. I'm sure you'll be much happier in that city or state where the government isn't corrupt.(Where's that again?) Most of the people complaining about New Mexico seem to hate that it's not like where they're from, or they hate that it's not like "the good old days," and it never was. The whole US is worse than it was 30 years ago, granted, but if you love Olive Gardens and Home Depots, you'll be at home anywhere. If you need a Trader Joes to find your bliss, you can be happy in most cities. If you want to escape all that, you're in for some rude awakenings.

It can be hard to make a living here, and sure there's some litter, but it's cleaner than most places I've lived.(To be honest, that's probably because there are less people to litter, not because the people are any less dirty. The US is a fast-food, everything's disposable, everything is someone else's problem kind of society. Cleaner places are cleaner because they spend more money picking things up, not because the people are better.) If I was younger and singler, I definitely wouldn't move here. If I worked for someone besides myself, I'd also think twice.

But a lot of people move here expecting freaking shangrai-la, and when the world doesn't spoon feed them a living, they get bitter. And a lot of locals spend all their days complaining about how it's "gotten so much worse." New Yorkers move here to "get away from it all" and then complain they have to drive everywhere and how there's "no culture." Culture can mean something other than bagels and subways. If you like the Met and thrive in the Smithsonian, you won't find it here. You never were going to, though. New York and DC are much better places to have the New York or DC experience.

But it's still part of the US, and that means you're free to leave as you please if it doesn't suit you.(You could do that "stay and make things better" thing, but I don't really believe that works anywhere.) I'm not saying "love it or leave it" or any other simple notion, you're free to stay and complain as you please, but you have options, it's a big beautiful world. It's not perfect here by any means, but anyone who calls it "hell" is just expressing the pain of their own failures. I make a good living from my hard work, have made some good friends, have a house I like in some place I enjoy being, and can move somewhere else whenever the mood hits me. America's pretty cool.

Vancouver, WA

#34 Jan 18, 2008
Well RPM you live in Santa Fe in a nice $300,000 house give me a break
John Longobw


#35 Jan 20, 2008
NM is for many, "The Land of Entrapment" vice the state's logo "Land of Enchantment". I have recently departed the local school system as a teacher largely in part to matters related to many of the above observations. If I were to summarize the state's deficiencies, I would address the following issues:

ADD ON ..from a new mexico resident tha came from California

1) Deplorable public schools and state colleges. UNM and NMSU are the equivalency of competent high schools. Listed as noncompetitive schools in Barron's college guide and well deserving of their hideous reputations. NM Tech is the college in the state worthy of the name.
A.Public Schools are Ran By idiots with degrees.Most likly they came from UNM where anyware else you would get a good job..Name a Top CEO in the United States that came from UNM.Grades from 1 to 6 do not have the proper books
2) Crime is out of control, assisted by deplorable socioeconomics.

B.When you are a revenue state where the COPS are as CORRUPT as the POLITICIANS and still believe that the PADRONE lives and there is noting to do but eat GREEN CHILI and the Mayor of ABQ steals 120,000 and gives back 60,000 with no questions asked and is still mayor makes the populist as stupid as the state really is.

3) Taxes are high, to include gross receipt taxes.

C.No real infrastructure just tossing a bone


4) Yes, some pride in our multi-cultural community on my part. However, not always a happy relationship. I hear ethnic and racial slurs daily.

D.Racism is practices more by the Spanish populist in ALBQ.They Still act like Conquistadors. Farmington has Hate Crimes against Native Americans Bu the Po;ice and Public with no repercusions Such as ABQ. Nepotism in the workplace and government nothing is done.

5) Half the state lives in Albuquerque. I submit that ABQ has exceeded its limits to growth; water, jobs and transportation consisting of major factors.

E.Poor planning Too many whineers and Ignorance has been on City So called leaders that cant see the Real picture ..they Live in a shoe Box


6) Major political and graft scandals are almost a daily event. I have no respect for or trust in our local and/or state government.

F. True No Comment

7) Salaries and earning opportunities are very limited here; just not compettive with the vast majority of states.

G. They Still Live in the 1600's scared if the Indians

8) Arts in the parks? What a joke! Expressionism that requires taxation, and for that matter is not appreciated by the vast majority of locals is trash, pure and simple.

H.Never happened Money went to mayor Chavez Pocket to shut His Divorced wifes Mouth

----------I'd love to hear any responses.

Albuquerque, NM

#36 May 2, 2008
Yes indeed. Backwoods, dirty, and nasty.
Things might begin to reverse course when the wave hits Washington DC.
Totally Backwards

Albuquerque, NM

#37 May 11, 2008
I graduated from high school in Albuquerque back in the 70's, and believe me, this was a much different town back then. I joined the Navy and lived all over the country and then came back here in the 90's. New Mexico has slid way down hill since I came back. We didn't have shootings every day back then, and drivers were actually courteous to each other. Right now, I'm planning on getting out of this hell hole in the future. I'm ashamed of what's happened to New Mexico, and I no longer want to be part of a state that doesn't respect people and won't crack down on crime. New Mexico just isn't cool anymore....
La familia car club

Albuquerque, NM

#38 May 20, 2008
Yea whats wrong with all u people us hispanics take pride in are lowriders and are women and are culture and new mexico if you dont like it get the fck out
La famila car club

Vancouver, WA

#39 Jun 22, 2008
Typical response from lowrider hispanic car club, fck everybody get out of NM, we like the crime,gangs and drugs

Owens Cross Roads, AL

#40 Jul 10, 2008
This is it!
a fucking gangbanger punk desides to take the life of a poor Asian girl at a resturant.
I'm sick of this crap!!!!!
I didn't serve this country to see some illegal little prick come here and kill my kind.
We need a wall a DMZ that will keep these low life bastard money sucking greasers out.
We have soldier in the wrong place right now we need them HERE!!!!
This town is screwed up!!!!!
Niles Begay

Lexington, OK

#42 Jul 22, 2008
I am a native of New Mexico and can trace my bloodline back for over 400 years in the Navajo Nation. New Mexico as land is the greatest place on earth, but with so many people moving here they have corrupted the entire state politically. The US Justice Department has listed 34 communities in New Mexico as the most corrupt in the entire nation based on population. The corruption involves both public and private is this order:Truth or Consequences, Silver City, Albuquerque, Mountainair, Belen, Socorro,Estancia,Espanola,Los Lunis, Santa Fe, Las Vegas,Hobbs, Deming, Portales, Rosewell, Carlsbad, Reserve, Gallup, Alamogordo, Farmington, Melrose, Carrizozo,Artesia, Tucumcari, Rio Rancho,Grants, Raton, Springer, Clovis, Moriarty, Lordsburg, Los Alamos, Cuba and Capitan. If you did not make the list you are living in a nice town. Its not the state per sec that is bad but the people in it.
Deming sucks

Las Cruces, NM

#43 Aug 7, 2008
That about sums it all up. This is the worst town I have ever been in, three years too long. Thinking about moving here, DON'T. There ain't shit to do, nothing, zero. Fucked up legal rights (unless your mexican) fucked up police, fucked up in every way. Again unless your a mexican then they roll out the mexican flag carpet for you.....

San Bruno, CA

#44 Aug 18, 2008
New Mexico definitely is has a beautiful and varied landscape, but that's all it has going for it. It is the most homogenous city I had ever lived (even more than Milwaukee). I moved there from Chicago to ABQ for work and was amazed how backwards everything is. Its no wonder why so few bands stop there during tours or the university usually attracts people who could not get into a better school. As for latino pride, most people of Mexican descent labled themselves as "Spanish", as if being labled from the country south of us was an insult. Additionally, the Chicago Metro area now has 1.7 million Latinos living within the region, more than the entire population of New Mexico itself.
The way the Native tribes are treated is deplorable as well. In WI, the Onieda tribe's reservation is light years ahead in amnemities and opportunities compared to what I have seen in NM. Universites and private colleges also give people of Native origin excellent scholarships to attend their institutions. NM is a great place to visit, but a horrible place to live

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