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Miami, FL

#1 Jan 16, 2007
HA HA, looks like even though you guys thought you were so [email protected] because you beat (then)#8 Wichita St., you got what you deserved by losing several games. Thanks for poisoning our best player right before the game.

BTW: No point in responding to this, I'll never come back to read any of your posts. HA HA HA
new mexico

Madison, WI

#2 Jan 28, 2007
new mexico does suck. nmsu is nothing but a big babysitting center that wont transfer credits from better colleges so that they can suck money from you for making you take 4 semesters of a f*ing spanish. What the f* does spanish have to do with computer science, especially when i plan to get the f* out of this s*y hellwhole called new mexico the moment i finish school?
i have lived all over, texas, oklahoma, california, germany, holland, portugal, mexico is the fucking worst place ever. it is so f*ing backwards here. crossing the state line feels like driving through a 15 year time warp. i cant even get an internet connection that compares to what the rest of the world has in this s* hole.
nmsu = sucks a fat one

Madison, WI

#3 Jan 28, 2007
F* new mexico

we should just let mexico annex this shitty place and let the .gov save some money on all the welfare titty suckers here


#4 Jan 30, 2007
Bad air, water, jobs, taxes, superficial people (AND WEATHER), mediocre service, boring - WHERE THE DEAD COME TO LIVE. DO NOT MOVE HERE! Everything is illusory here. Do not be fooled. Live in Texas instead - there are no income taxes. I've lived in many places and New Mexico is the worst. Will leave ASAP and will tell all about this trap. Wanna-be state. Do not bring your children here unless your kids have major karma to work out.


#5 Jan 30, 2007
nunyabiz forgot to add something about the schooling. I use up so much of my hate for my school, so much that i am incapable of hating anything else. Please save me from my educational hell!


#6 Jan 30, 2007
Bad air, water, jobs(low wages), education, taxes, weather, and inflated cost of living. DO NOT MOVE HERE! All good is illusory. Move to Texas where there are no state taxes! NEW MEXICO IS WHERE THE DEAD COME TO LIVE! Save yourself! Will move from this hellhole ASAP.

Cedar Crest, NM

#7 Apr 30, 2007
If you don't like NM then leave. Believe me we could use a few less people who come here and screw up our beautiful landscape.... Plus those of us who are from here appreciate the culture and slow pace.. more of you jerks and our culture changes to be that of everyother American... Goodbye you close minded hateful jerks!!!





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Holy Moly Dude

Los Angeles, CA

#8 May 16, 2007
NM does NOT suck. Backwards are states like California. Fifteen years ago I moved here and California did not have ATM's where NM had them every other block. What's that about? Maybe the wages are not up to average, so get out of McDonalds.





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Albuquerque Sucks

Owens Cross Roads, AL

#9 Jun 21, 2007
Yes this town those suck lack of culture lack of any brain cells i came to Albuquerque 1992.
NOW i want out nothing but racist hispanics who think they're trend setting. I WILL NOT LEARN SPANISH ITS A WASTE OF TIME AND I REFUSE TO SPEAK THAT PIG LATIN!!!!!!!!!!

Albuquerque, NM

#11 Jun 25, 2007
Third world country and some...
I have been around the world, and new mexico is the worst place I have ever been to.

Hey nuevo mexico, CLEAN your state, it is filled with trash; the longest un-interrupted wall of broken beer bottles and random litter, and no it is not the anglos fault.

Albuquerque, NM

#12 Jun 25, 2007
Yes indded, why are hispanics so racist in new mexico? They call all white people anglos??!!!
That shows you how ignorant that place is.
New mexico is the NEW South. That place is so isolated that it get away with the worst of behaviors.
Albuquerque Sucks

Owens Cross Roads, AL

#13 Jun 25, 2007
New mexico is the new south i make a very good paycheck in my job (Japanese interpreter) but in albuquerque its so damn backwards i always get "vato you speak chink" i can't wait to get out of here this place is worst then Alabama in the 1960s!

they hate Whites,Asians and Blacks and it seems they hate progress and people who rise out of there crappy way of thinking.

I guess thats why they Love George W Bush
Hispanics youth WTF

Owens Cross Roads, AL

#14 Jun 26, 2007
A bunch of nut jobs!
Its so hilarious! About a year ago
i lived in a pre-dominatly White/black working class Neigborhood some retired military In Taylor ranch Albuquerque.
nice neigborhood everyone was very nice and then the funniest thing happened. These (i would say something out of a bad "next friday"
stereotype of gangbanger Hispanics moved in 2 house away from mine.
what made it hilarious they all had bald heads
thier lawn was full of beer cans and bottles.
And lowriders and car parts all over!!!!!
my neigbors next to them complained that they can hear music all night and other noises.
Cops called just about everynight.
what made it funny is things were starting to disappear all over the area.
the cops staked them out some arrest were made and they left my quiet neigborhood.
after that my neigbors could not stop laughing!!!!!! they moved into a working class neighbor hood and i guess they did'nt think they were going to attract attention.
They are the funniest at the same time stupid
group of stereotypes that the rest of the USA has every seen.
I wonder this was a nice place to retire
but now i might as well retire in Fallujah
I need to go to Seattle i've had enough of this place.
isn't this where they filmed B-rated horror films back in the 1950s?
well the way Albuquerque is it is a b-rated
horror film.

Gulfport, MS

#15 Jul 17, 2007
I moved to Rio Rancho (just outside Albuquerque) from florida just over a year ago and I'm begging my girlfriend to move back. This place is a S - hole. Mexicans are filthy people that do nothing but litter, gangbang, park their cars on front lawns and raise the entire countries pitbull population.....raised in barns i tell ya. You think I'm racist? Try living in new mexico with the mexicans they are the most racist people I have ever met who truly believe new mexico belongs to mexicans and us whites have no business being don't bother coming here if your white the mexicans run everything and they will spit on you every chance they get. I must have been out of my mind when I agreed to move to this Mexican democrat liberal S - hole.


Owens Cross Roads, AL

#16 Jul 17, 2007
Yup they need to stay in thier own trash hole of a country heck not even a country just a piece of shitty land they occupy. south of this state.
thier own corrupt officials in mexitrash land
are trying to leave and you know thats bad!
Comrade from Florida i agree my fiancee wants to go back to Washington state because these dirty beaners are the worst!
they should just tell people to move to a better state and turn this into a prison state.
And yes they are the most racist thats why i have guns in my house those beaners would fuck with ya and steal the newspaper out of your yard
(if any of them could read)!
We need a revolution

Owens Cross Roads, AL

#17 Jul 18, 2007
Our government has failed us.
Its all over New Mexico.
The trash the Crime its the bad illegal imagration that is ruining are nation.
They call us Racist. THEY ARE SO WRONG!
I live here and i watch this place get worst and worst. I mean this state has to have the lowest graduating class. this place is just a mess and its because of the Racist Hispanics
living here that ruin it.
this is the new south a backwards place where Whites,Blacks and asian are being treated bad by a populace who has no RIGHT TO BE HERE!!!!
Us legal Americans need to start a REVOLUTION.!!!!!

Albuquerque, NM

#18 Jul 29, 2007
Albuquerque Sucks wrote:
Yes this town those suck lack of culture lack of any brain cells i came to Albuquerque 1992.
NOW i want out nothing but racist hispanics who think they're trend setting. I WILL NOT LEARN SPANISH ITS A WASTE OF TIME AND I REFUSE TO SPEAK THAT PIG LATIN!!!!!!!!!!
I agree this is a racist place and the hispanics think they are in style. The place is poor and boring!
Albuquerque Sucks

Owens Cross Roads, AL

#19 Jul 29, 2007
Thank you svabq the last part i wrote was coming from an angry me. my wife suffered a racist insult because she is Japanese. By a bunch of saggy pants gangbang school dropout hispanics.
I got my revenge when i beat the living hell out of one and the others ran off.
a bunch of chicken shit pricks.
why do they come here if they are nothing but waste in our beautiful country.

What is the troops in Iraq fighting for when the government will do nothing about these racist gangbanging Greasers.

Its not that i hate its a proper reaction to a group of people who are taking everything away from us hard workers.

its time for a change


#20 Aug 1, 2007
NM is for many, "The Land of Entrapment" vice the state's logo "Land of Enchantment". I have recently departed the local school system as a teacher largely in part to matters related to many of the above observations. If I were to summarize the state's deficiencies, I would address the following issues:

1) Deplorable public schools and state colleges. UNM and NMSU are the equivalency of competent high schools. Listed as noncompetitive schools in Barron's college guide and well deserving of their hideous reputations. NM Tech is the college in the state worthy of the name.

2) Crime is out of control, assisted by deplorable socioeconomics.

3) Taxes are high, to include gross receipt taxes.

4) Yes, some pride in our multi-cultural community on my part. However, not always a happy relationship. I hear ethnic and racial slurs daily.

5) Half the state lives in Albuquerque. I submit that ABQ has exceeded its limits to growth; water, jobs and transportation consisting of major factors.

6) Major political and graft scandals are almost a daily event. I have no respect for or trust in our local and/or state government.

7) Salaries and earning opportunities are very limited here; just not compettive with the vast majority of states.

8) Arts in the parks? What a joke! Expressionism that requires taxation, and for that matter is not appreciated by the vast majority of locals is trash, pure and simple.

I'd love to hear any responses.
landofenTRASHMEN T

Gulfport, MS

#21 Aug 2, 2007
What's with the people in this state, they think the entire state is their own personal trash can, litter everywhere. I've lived in many states and this is the most backward piece of landfill I've ever lived in. Moved here a year ago for contract work and can't wait to get out. You people derserve each other....LOL ONLY WHEN YOUR STATE IS RUN BY MEXICANS COULD IT LOOK AND BE RUN LIKE THIS.



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